Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 99

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 99 of “The Youngest Son of a Magician”

Rasen spoke up.

“I have a condition too.”

Heira’s body flinched. Typically, in such cases one would say, “I also have a request to make.”

But Rasen’s demeanor was beyond confident; it was almost insolent. What 15-year-old boy in this world would dare speak that way to Belatudo, the supreme ruler of the world?

“A condition?”


“People usually have a request. Don’t they speak with more courtesy?”

“It’s because the one asking for a favor is the Demon King himself. Since I’m the one being asked, I believe I am entitled to some conditions at the very least.”

Belatudo chuckled.

“If you’re going to be so fussy, I may as well just go myself.”

“If you intended to do that, you would have done so already. I’m not very knowledgeable about the Shadow Wasteland, but as far as I know, it’s directly governed by Meiten.”

It is a territory under Meiten’s control. For Belatudo to personally intervene there would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

To go there, Belatudo would need to notify Meiten in advance and make necessary arrangements.

This is why it’s inconvenient to be a ruler. One cannot act recklessly, as every move leads to myriad interpretations and conjectures among the people.

“It seems you can’t go there personally, my lord.”

“There are other ways to retrieve the book without my going. What do you propose?”

Belatudo’s smile deepened. He decided to listen a little longer to what this audacious youngster had to say.

“That would mean you could send subordinates or hire mercenaries, but you haven’t, which must mean you need someone trustworthy.”

He even plans to send his beloved only daughter, Rosalyn, along.


“It’s surprising and an honor that you trust me so much. However, regardless of that, you still needed someone trustworthy, and you even put them to the test to ascertain their capabilities. And you want to send your daughter to a place that is presumed to be dangerous.”

Rasen looked Belatudo in the eye, who silently nodded him to proceed.

“There must be something in that place that Rosalyn needs. And one more thing. Whatever it is that I’m not aware of, it’s highly likely that it will be used up or vanish right there. In other words, my gains from undertaking this job would be extremely limited.”

Therefore, he maintains thatis why he wants to send Rosalyn along. That was Rasen’s assessment.


“Given the situation, it’s clear you’re the one asking for a favor, my lord. Therefore, I believed I had the right to assert my conditions frankly. If my judgment is wrong, please teach me.”

The ‘teaching’ he refers to is essentially an openness to ‘physical violence’. To put it bluntly, it’s akin to saying, ‘If I’m wrong, feel free to beat me up!’ Of course, Belatudo understood the implication perfectly.

“Rasen, tell me truthfully.”


“How old are you again?”

“I turned 15 this year.”

“Do all Meiten children act this way?”

Belatudo shook his head with a mildly mocking expression.

“If all your brothers are like you, the next generation will be quite interesting to watch. Actually, it would be better if they were all like you.”

“What do you mean?”

“If there were seven like you, those seven would fight amongst themselves and exhaust all their strength, wouldn’t they? The thought of a war waged by seven of your kind… it gives me chills.”

Belatudo chuckled mirthfully.

“A family with seven like you in it would surely self-destruct. Now I understand what Magnur means when he calls you a creepy guy.”

Belatudo knew it. That not all seven Meiten siblings were like Rasen. Truth be told, Belatudo was only paying attention to, at most, three successors, and even one of them had gone missing. So the only ones Belatudo was actually concerned about were Ivelia and Persha.

“Are you asking for teaching because you’re sure you’re right?”


“There’s no way you could be wrong, that must be it.”

“You know, Lord Belatudo, that you’re not someone who would forcefully argue against the truth.”

“You must have oiled your tongue three hundred times.”

Shrewd and cunning. Not traits Belatudo favored. Yet, he took a liking to Rasen. Cunning, yes, but never deceitful. He liked the way Rasen could navigate all situations with only the truth.

“To conclude then, your words are correct. What should I grant in return?”

Rasen had made a demand, not a request. The two are different. A request can be refused, but in this situation, a demand can’t be. Belatudo conceded a step without knowing what the demand would be.

“Please find the Gold Tiger clan’s Mirang.”


Belatudo was apparently already aware of Mirang. This was an insight into the information network of the martial artists.

“I’ll find her. She’s a young Gold Tiger girl making quite a name these days. What is she now, about six years old?”


Belatudo did not further inquire about the relationship between Rasen and Mirang. This meant he already knew. Belatudo and Magnur had described Rasen as ‘creepy’, but from Rasen’s perspective, Belatudo and Magnur were creepier. It was a mystery how they seemed to know everything, even unrelated matters. It was Rasen who was curious.

“It seems you’re already informed about Mirang.”

“I know. She’s considered a strong candidate for the next Mercenary King. Recently, she even fought with the current king.”

“…Really? She’s not on that level, right?”

“Barely alive, she was found and healed by priests from Hollen.”


Had Mirang, who used to be too weak to even travel to a village, now grown so much as to challenge the Mercenary King?

‘It’s only natural she lost.’

The current king isn’t titled king for nothing. Although not on par with the rulers of the world’s top three families, the Mercenary King is still one of the absolute powers. It was hard to understand why she’d confront him without fear. Perhaps the divine constraints loosened, and she grew reckless. That was the impression he got.

“This kid. While I don’t know your connection to Mirang, you’re overlooking a simple fact.”


“It’s nice that at least you show some human character.”

Belatudo patted his chest as if in relief.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were a machine made by magic.”

Belatudo laughed, continuing his thought.

“Very few have ever survived fighting the Mercenary King. Do you know who they are?”

“Who would that be?”

“The closest one is Magnur.” He pointed to himself.

“And me.” He gestured far to a place out of sight.

“Your family’s Ivelia, and the patriarch of the Seid family, Karsia. There are a few others not known to the world, like ‘The Silent and Stealthy’ for instance.”

He added, as if just recalling.

“Oh, and Kasin Seid.”

This meant only those comparable to the world’s rulers have survived encounters with the Mercenary King. In other words, they ‘had to win’ to survive.

“Kasin Seid is… Well, it’s debatable if it was a fight. It was closer to a map dispute. Regardless, that girl Mirang survived her encounter with the Mercenary King. He spared her. He’s known for his unmatched cruelty. Why do you think that is?”

“Perhaps he saw potential in her.”

Belatudo clapped his hands lightly.

“That’s why I’m considering her for the next Mercenary King. Anyway, do you understand now? In looking into Mirang, I also learned of her involvement with you. So, finding Mirang is what you want, right?”

“Yes. I intend to act together with Mirang. I am still weak, after all.”


Belatudo was genuinely astonished.

“Weak? Who’s weak? You?”

“Yes. Am I not a 15-year-old boy who still deserves protection?”


Belatudo’s astonishment was not because Rasen claimed to be weak, but rather because Rasen was earnestly convinced of it.

‘He really thinks he’s weak?’

At that age and with those accomplishments, one would likely be boastful and arrogant.

‘That’s the scariest thing about this kid.’

Rosalyn herself thought she was quite strong.

It wasn’t Rosalyn’s fault. It was natural.

She inherited the blood and physique of Grandel, educated by them. She is strong.

‘What on earth is he observing to think that way?’

No matter how you looked at it, he seemed older than 15.

Lacking the brashness and pretense of youth, he instead truly believed he was weak. That was the scariest part. Humans grow stronger when they recognize their own inadequacies since effort follows need.

‘He’s already grasped that humility is the most terrifying weapon.’

But Belatudo was partly mistaken in his assumption. Rasen was Cha Seong-Min, and Cha Seong-Min knew the entire latter part of the novel.

The memories that stayed with him the most were from the book’s latter half, and the protagonist, Kasin Seid, could slash mountains with a single sword swing.

A true protagonist of a fantasy novel.

He could split the sky with his sword and create earthquakes.

One of his colleagues, Rudia, performs the feat of burning an entire island.

Cha Seong-Min knows all this and, accordingly, cannot help but think he is weak.

It’s not that Rasen is extremely humble; he simply knows too much.

Outwardly, he didn’t show it.

“I’ll contact you within two days. Be ready to depart with Rosalyn by then.”

* * *

The Grandle Martial Arts Clan.

Rasen opened the main gate. All on his own. He felt a surge of strength, a 2-star fighting power coursing through his body. Considering Rosalyn was currently at 3-star, his growth rate was phenomenal.

Outside the main gate stood a familiar figure.


In Mirang’s right hand was a leg from the famously delicious ‘Shafran Wild Boar.’ She flung it casually.

“Eat it or don’t.”

Despite Mirang’s cold demeanor, her ears perked up.

“I found it on the way here.”

Rosalyn, remembering how delicious it was when Mirang had roasted a Shafran Wild Boar for her before, licked her lips.

“Shafran Wild Boar? Aren’t those incredibly hard to come by?”

“With your family’s wealth, you could just buy it,” said Mirang, almost mockingly.

“The skilled hunters capable of catching them don’t sell. They’re too busy eating. Hence, very rare.”

This meant that Belatudo, who dislikes unnecessary luxury, would not have spent much money to buy a Shafran Wild Boar.

Mirang’s eyebrows twitched.

“And you are?”

Despite Mirang’s lack of manners, Rosalyn retained her composure.

“My name is Rosalyn. I am from Grandle.”

The true bearing of a descendant from one of the three great houses.

“Oh. Grandle’s only daughter?”

“Yes, that is correct. May I know your name?”

She already knew it was Mirang, asking politely, maintaining manners. Mirang replied.

“What would you do knowing my name?”

Rasen sensed an odd aggression in Mirang.

‘What is it?’

Although Mirang lacked decorum and the cultural nuances between human and her clan differed, this behavior seemed extreme. He had no idea what had happened in the past year.

Then Mirang said something completely unexpected, something even Rasen did not anticipate.

“Are you two planning to marry?”

Whether it was coincidence or not, Mirang’s sharp fangs were on full display.

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