Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 98

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

During my year at Grandel, I witnessed many changes. I finished translating every part of Nostlan’s Beginner’s Guide to Ice Magic.

First circle ice spell ‘Ice Crystal.’

Second circle ice spell ‘Ice Spike.’

Third circle ice spell ‘Ice Wall.’

Through the Nostlan’s beginner guide, I mastered these three spells.

Heira couldn’t help but feel proud of this fact. However, she never bragged about it anywhere as elemental magic was considered a trump card for Rassen. She was content to enjoy her accomplishment in solitude, a fact well understood by Rassen himself.

Rassen smirked to himself.

‘What Heira wants to test isn’t magic.’

He was now on his way, summoned by the head of Grandel, Bellatudo. He was in the corridor of ‘Yachagwan’, where Bellatudo’s office was located—essentially Bellatudo’s territory. In Bellatudo’s domain, Heira prepared her weapons, intending to launch a surprise attack while in hiding.

‘Bellatudo has given his permission.’

It seemed Bellatudo too was intrigued to witness something from Rassen.

That ‘something’ coincided with what Heira wished for, which possibly explained why she was taking action in such a manner.

‘To be able to detect Heira’s position with my current skills means…’

Heira was skilled enough to deceive even divine sight. A powerful figure capable of controlling her abilities at will. The fact that I could sense her presence meant she was allowing it deliberately.

‘Or she underestimated me.’

A blue light began to ripple from Rassen’s body. Heira, concealed by the wall, was slightly startled by the sight.

‘Blue light?’

The mist-like energy emanating from the body is a phenomenon that occurs when one’s fighting energy is fully activated without restraint. Most people suppress this energy—after all, the blue energy indicates one’s level of proficiency.

‘Has he reached the realm of two stars already?’

It had barely been a year since Rassen had learned the ‘Shin Grandel Meditation Technique.’ Yet now he was already a two-star.

While it’s said to be easier to increase one’s ‘rank’ in martial arts than to elevate one’s magic circles, it was impressive to achieve a two-star level within just a year.

Heira, still hidden, spoke.

“The ability I was originally going to use was akin to when the young master first mastered the Ice Crystal spell.”

“Was? You speak in the past tense?”

“Because now I know that the young master has reached the realm of two stars.”

Heira knew well. Rassen was not hiding his abilities. He displayed his two-star fighting energy on purpose. Heira felt truly touched. It was as if he was asking for even greater pressure. Rassen Mayten had undoubtedly grown, both physically and mentally. This fact delighted Heira.

Rassen activated his divine sight.

‘I need to find her position.’

He was unsure what Heira and Bellatudo wanted to see.

But one thing was certain—there was ulterior motive behind Bellatudo’s actions, likely something that would benefit them as well. Bellatudo wasn’t one to act frivolously.

‘My right rear?’

Perhaps over there.

‘No. My left rear.’

His divine sight pinpointed Heira’s location. The afterimages overlapped and confused the senses, but he could roughly determine her whereabouts.

‘An attack will come soon.’

The pattern of these mock battles with Heira was always similar. Heira, a talented assassin, would aim for a stealthy surprise attack and avoid fatal blows.

As usual, the target areas would be limited to the arms, legs, or flanks.

Rassen was confident. If Heira only deployed the abilities she was currently using, he could pinpoint her location. This time was no exception.

‘I focus.’

Using the ‘Shin Grandel Meditation Technique’ required the divine sight.

Without divine sight, the ‘Shin Grandel Meditation Technique’ would act like a destructive bomb to the body.

He kept his divine sight active to execute the meditation technique, which improved his proficiency with it. Rassen could feel the results beneath his skin.

‘I read it.’

He successfully read Heira’s movements.

‘Making a feint as if attacking from behind my left…’

Rassen thrust his fist forward.

[Intermediate martial technique activates. ‘Body’ (身) is energized.]

The punch was a feint to counter Heira’s advance, followed by the use of the intermediate martial technique, ‘Body,’ to move.

Vitality surged through his body. He managed to move swiftly.

The transcendental mana held within the Holy Grail spun ferociously.

The martial technique significantly improved his ‘movement’-related physical abilities.

As his proficiency in bodyweight utilization evolved, Rassen’s movements contained no flaws.

He raised his left hand.

“Strength solidifies both body and soul.”

He deliberately spoke out loud—one of Grandel’s four wills.

Perhaps Bellatudo was watching from somewhere.

He voiced the essence of ‘Strength’ verbally, intending to show it to Bellatudo, and he could utilize this essence in his intermediate martial technique.

[Intermediate martial technique. ‘Strength’ (强) is energized.]

An arm empowered with the essence of ‘Strength’ blocked Heira’s dagger. Through that arm, he activated a martial skill rather than a martial technique.

[Using the secret martial technique from Tutanka, 1st form – Maneater.]

An ability that savagely tears at everything it touches. A myriad of teeth devouring the opponent.


His arm was penetrated by the dagger.


It hadn’t been a complete block.

It felt like his arm was being severed. However, it wasn’t his arm that was cut but the dagger itself.

‘Maneater’ chewed off the blade’s edge, finally snapping it. Heira had no choice but to drop the knife and move backward.

And that was the moment Rassen was waiting for.

[Attribute ‘Slow Flow’ is applied.]

In an instant, Rassen thrust his right fist.

Toward Heira’s face. Heira couldn’t dodge the punch.


Rassen’s fist met Heira’s jaw. She took the blow and tumbled to the ground, rolling several times before collapsing.

Rassen pulled a handkerchief from his inventory.

He swiftly removed the dagger embedded in his left arm. Applying pressure to stop the bleeding, he approached Heira.

“Thank you, Heira.”

Heira was struck by his punch, not because his skills were superior.

She just let herself be hit. Though she tumbled across the ground, her clothing remained pristine, and her face bore no injuries. Indeed, her abilities were monstrous.

Heira slowly stood up.

“You’ve grown much more than I anticipated.”


“The combination of your martial skills and magical techniques seems quite exceptional. It’s a remarkable discovery.”

Rassen narrowed his eyes. Heira had always been at his side. He had been training his body with martial skills and applying practical techniques with magical martial arts. Rassen had realized that this approach was the most beneficial for him and had continued to practice it.

Heira had been watching this all along from his side.

‘In the end, she’s not talking to me but to Bellatudo.’

Rassen nodded.

“It’s difficult for a mage’s body to handle martial techniques. That’s why I need to draw on the support of martial skills and fighting energy.”

Then, a voice came from the end of the corridor.

“Martial skills sound like they’re just an auxiliary ability from what I hear.”

Rassen looked towards the end of the corridor. He had expected as much.

Bellatudo was walking over.

Rassen had anticipated this scenario from the moment Heira was knocked away by his punch. He also anticipated Bellatudo’s response.

Bellatudo took great pride in his martial skills, and rightly so, as he was an excellent martial artist.

“Martial skills are indeed auxiliary.”

Bellatudo’s body emanated a mist of energy.

It was invisible to the naked eye. The colorless fighting energy exuded by a ten-star martial artist was also an indicator of his level.

Though invisible, the distinct colorless fighting energy was palpable.

Without meaning to, Rassen almost stepped back. The pressure was different from Decatra, another kind of oppressive feeling.

“Martial skills as auxiliary? You’re saying something that you wouldn’t dare to in front of the head of a martial skills household.”

“It’s because I’m innately a mage.”

“Do mages consider only magic as a higher pursuit? Are you implying you think the same?”

“That’s not what I meant, and I believe the head of the household knows that as well.”

Bellatudo was probing him at the moment to see how Rassen would react and respond.

“As a mage by birth, of course, I have more talent for magic than for martial skills. It’s only natural that I invest more in and focus on the talent I excel in, isn’t it? If I had been born a martial artist, born under the Grandel name, then it would be the opposite.”

It wasn’t about whether martial skills or magic was better.

It was about ‘what one’s most suited talent’ was. In fact, Decatra lacked martial skills, and Bellatudo lacked magic because they had different innate abilities and directions for their efforts.

Rassen pointed that out.

“Martial skills are an excellent discipline. However, I find it challenging to master them completely, especially without the full support of a martial artist. That’s why my primary focus is on magical martial arts, while using martial skills as an auxiliary. I believe you’ve seen the results in my combat with Heira.”

Bellatudo smiled broadly. He withdrew his colorless fighting energy. He had deliberately pressured Rassen just now. He had exerted the energy of ascent to weigh down on Rassen, intended to disorientate his thoughts. When pushed to a corner, a person’s true nature tends to reveal itself. By applying pressure intentionally, Bellatudo ensured Rassen couldn’t play tricks—so his current words were likely sincere.

“Anyway, an unusual Mayten you are. A Mayten that recognizes a discipline outside of magic has been born.”

And Bellatudo acknowledged it.

Rassen, who had only properly learned martial skills for a year, possessed a level of skill comparable to Rosalyn, not considering his magic abilities.

If he were to use magic as well, Rosalyn would stand no chance against Rassen now.

“Alright. Rassen, I have a request for you.”

“A request for me? It doesn’t seem right to make a request while conducting a test like this.”


His remark was technically correct.

“I had to test your minimum qualifications. I couldn’t just drive you to death in a corner, could I?”

“That implies I was in a place dangerous enough to get me killed?”

“The test results suggest it won’t come to that.”

Bellatudo apparently had something to request of Rassen. Rassen didn’t know the content of the request, but he wasn’t feeling bad about it.

‘If it’s Bellatudo, he’ll give a fitting reward. Perhaps he could even give something beyond that.’

Bellatudo was that type of person.

“What’s the request?”

“Will you listen?”

“I’ll decide after hearing it.”

“It won’t be a bad proposition for you.”

He listened to the story. There were a lot of background explanations, but in short, the request was to bring back an ancient book that lay dormant underneath the ‘Shadowy Wasteland’.

“And one more thing.”

Bellatudo grinned.

“I think it would be nice if you went with Rosalyn.”

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