Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 97

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 97 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

Rasen interpreted the phenomena occurring within his body through his ‘Two Eyes,’ utilizing both his heavenly eyes. One focused on the internal flow—the movement of mana and fighting spirit. The other was attuned to the movements of the ‘Decatra Formula.’

The Holy Grail shouted,

[Brother, be careful!]

Rasen knew. He had to be cautious. The fighting spirit coursing through his body began to boil uncontrollably. Making contact with the remnants of mana that lingered everywhere except his heart, a violent reaction ensued.

Boom! Boom!

Invisible to the eye, a formidable explosion ravaged his body.

[Ugh! Focus on the Circle! Mana is leaking out!]

Because of the explosion, mana embedded within the Circle began to seep through his blood vessels, spreading throughout his body.

[Brother! You’re going to burst! Concentrate harder!]

However, Rasen was unable to control the escaping mana; coping with the rampaging fighting spirit within him was already taxing enough.


Ignoring the Holy Grail’s desperate shouts, Rasen focused solely on his fighting spirit. He was employing meditation. According to the interpretation of his heavenly eyes, what he was using was called ‘The Sin Grandel Meditation Technique.’ He concentrated more deeply on it.

[Do you want to die from exploding? No, I can’t let that happen. If you die, I’d have to go back to sleep!]


‘I trust the Decatra Formula.’

The Decatra Formula.

Decatra had once etched this formula onto Rasen’s arm, urging him to discover its utility himself. And now, by this accidental opportunity, he found its effect.

Dark energy from the Decatra Formula seized control of his body.

That force held back the explosion.

‘It can’t erase the explosion itself.’

The explosion was still occurring. Mana leaked from the heart and the frequency and intensity of the explosions increased. Though unseeable to the naked eye, his body was throbbing, bulges forming all over.

‘But it helps endure the blasts.’

Decatra’s oppressive mana created a temporary storm of mana. The fighting spirit, in its explosive state, collided incessantly with this storm.


Rasen coughed up blood involuntarily. Magnar’s body flinched.

“Brother. Isn’t there anything we can do to assist?”

“There isn’t.”

Magnar too understood. He knew there was nothing to be done. Rosalyn was stomping anxiously.

“What if he gets seriously hurt? Please, help him!”

“There’s nothing we can do, Rosalyn.”

What Bellatudo saw was not a typical side effect of meditation.

“In my view, the mana and fighting spirit are causing a series of powerful explosions.”

“We can manage the fighting spirit.”

“Then an even more oppressive mana will engulf his body.”

Ironically, the very ‘dark mana’ currently protecting Rasen’s body would devour him whole if unchecked by the fighting spirit.

“With that mana now bursting forth, all we can do is watch.”

Even Bellatudo felt slightly bewildered. Not being a magician, he could not be certain. However, he had an inkling.

‘This is beyond Rasen’s control.’

This chain of explosions was the result of someone’s forced intervention.

That intervention began on Rasen’s arm, and Bellatudo suspected this was ‘Decatra’s influence,’ a strategic weapon originating from the Mayton family’s dimension.

Bellatudo chewed on his nails and gently stroked Rosalyn’s head.

“It’s okay, Rosalyn. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried. It’s just that if that guy dies here, it’ll cause trouble for our family. If he’s going to die, it should be somewhere else, not here.”

Bella투도에게 Rosalyn이 어딘가에서 다시 어딘가로 자꾸 Rosalyn에게 인쇄에 있을 따라 라센은 말이 되게 길게 되겠지만, 벨라투도에게 있던 것보다는 그냥 걱정을 해주었다.

Bellatudo glanced at Magnar.

“Young man, do you feel it too?”

“Yes. Decatra has undoubtedly intervened.”

Bellatudo and Magnar smirked simultaneously.

“Decatra. That’s manly enough.”


Mayton, at least, did not stab them in the back.

The phenomenon occurring was a result of fighting spirit and meditation. Instead of concealing this from Grandel, Mayton showed them. They were ready for this variable, and it was a demonstration of immense confidence, a truly manly act. Grandel interpreted it as such.

“In his youth, Decatra would not have approached it this way.”

He did not acknowledge any study except magic. Bellatudo concluded,

“Decatra too has grown a few steps.”

Considering the evolution of Decatra, the Mayton household he commanded must have also climbed a few steps. Pride ignited within Bellatudo. The Monarch of Love and Affection. It had been a while since he felt such a stimulus.

“We too must grow.”

* * *

Desperately, Rasen decoded his body. If he missed any part of the flow, it would trigger a rupture that would cause his body to burst.

‘Damn it!’

It was ambiguous whether the Decatra Formula was helping or tormenting him. While it did protect him from the influence of fighting spirit, the embedded mana from the Decatra Formula was so strong that it became a threat.

‘Invisible scars are multiplying across my body.’

Cracks appeared on his ‘Heaven Bone Body (天骨之體),’ which normally didn’t flinch from minor impacts.

This internal disruption was perilous by Rasen’s own assessment. A slight continuation of the shock could shatter his body like a glass pane.

‘Why did Father engrave such a formula in me?’

Father seemed to have predicted it. That he would learn the fighting spirit. The saying goes, there is always someone better. It seemed Decatra had foreseen all this.

It was a planned arrangement. He didn’t understand why; why would he embed such a violent formula in him?

‘It can’t be to harm me.’

There was certainly an intention. His mind felt shattered. He started to grow faint.

[Brother! You mustn’t lose consciousness!]

Thankfully, Holy Grail’s constant yelling kept him from slipping away.

[Brother! Guide the fighting spirit and mana toward me!]

The suggestion was to focus the explosive activities in his body around the heart. Theoretically possible. Since he was interpreting all flows and could guide them. However, if these strong explosions occurred solely in the heart, it may be destroyed.


Staying put would destroy his entire body.

‘Better the heart.’

The Holy Grail would absorb a fair share of the explosion.

[Yes. I’m sturdy. I can repair myself even if I get a bit shattered.]

Ironically, the magician’s greatest weakness, the ‘Circle,’ was also the exceptionally durable part, constantly holding mana, boasting incredible resilience.

He directed the energies towards the heart.

Mana and fighting spirit.

The two forces rampaged, shredding his body.

‘It’s successful.’

Finally, he managed to concentrate everything into the heart. Sweat poured down Rasen’s body as if in rain. Bellatudo said,

“He seems to have concentrated all the mana towards his heart.”

Bellatudo grabbed Rasen’s right wrist, and Magnar took hold of his left.

“Half and half.”

“Yes, brother.”

Bellatudo took charge of the right, Magnar of the left. With a single phrase, they understood each other’s intentions. To suppress the fighting spirit within the muscles and nerves, the Monarch’s and War King’s own fighting spirits flowed into Rasen’s body.

Simultaneously, Rasen’s heavenly eyes revealed a new interpretation.

[Accepting a special kind of ‘fighting spirit.’]

Delirious, with the heart’s dark mana from Decatra and fighting spirit rampant, Holy Grail shouting, and new fighting spirit entering, it seemed to be Bellatudo’s help.


Over the countless, unseen wounds, Bellatudo’s fighting spirit spread. Like a mother’s healing touch, it covered Rasen’s body.

Suddenly, the mana and fighting spirit concentrated in Rasen’s heart exploded in unison.


Coughing up blood, he found his surroundings spinning. His heart felt like it had detonated.

[The fundamental attribute ‘Heaven Bone Body (天骨之體)’ grows due to multiple complex factors.]

[The fundamental attribute ‘War King (鬪王)’ has become active.]

Rasen lost consciousness.

* * *

Rasen was unconscious for a very long time.

About ten days passed.

He faintly heard a voice.

“Are you coming around?”

It was Rosalyn’s voice. She hadn’t left Rasen’s side, clinging to him without fail.

“Hey! Are you conscious?”


Rasen opened his eyes. Everything was still a blur.

“Respond when I’m talking to you.”

“Ah… Yeah.”

Rosalyn let out a deep sigh.

“I thought you were a goner.”


“Don’t get me wrong. I just hate when unexpected variables affect our family. If you died here, imagine how my father would struggle.”

“I didn’t say anything. If it’s okay, could you give me some water?”

“Serve yourself.”

Though she spoke harshly, Rosalyn got up. Rasen couldn’t move his body right now; his muscles weren’t responding. One meditation session had left him debilitated.


Hampton burst in, panting. Rasen warned,

“Don’t hug me.”

Hampton halted. He would’ve embraced Rasen if not for the warning. Wiping tears, he said,

“Thank goodness you’re safe!”

Standing beside them, as if she appeared out of nowhere, Heira stared down at Rasen with a blank face. She knelt halfway; she couldn’t afford to look down at Rasen. Their eyes met.

“I never thought a mere side effect would get you.”

From nowhere, she produced hot yulmu tea (Job’s tears tea).

“Here’s the sweet tea you like.”


Rosalyn returned with hot water, but upon seeing the tea, sneakily hid the cup of water behind her.

“Hmph. Like I’d fetch water for someone like you.”

After saying that, Rosalyn turned and left. Behind her, the misty silhouette of a steaming glass was visible, but Rasen kindly pretended not to notice.

Three days later, Rasen could finally get up.


Magnar’s fighting spirit.

Bellatudo’s fighting spirit.

And the Decatra Formula.

These four elements coalesced to elevate his fundamental attribute, the Heaven Bone Body, into the War King. It wasn’t an unfamiliar setting to Rasen. The protagonist of this novel, Kashin Sayed, also evolved his Sword God attribute into the ultimate attribute of ‘Celestial Emperor’. The ‘War King’ attribute seemed to be a property on a similar level as Kashin’s ‘Sword King’ attribute.

‘The Decatra Formula certainly helped.’

Had the father planned all this? Rasen did not know. Whether it was a coincidence or Decatra’s design, he would have to ask later.

And another year passed. Rasen spent one of the two years of his pilgrimage in the house of Grandel.

March 4th, 224, about 9:30 PM.

After finishing his shower, Rasen received a towel from Heira.

“Lord Grandel wishes to speak with you shortly.”

“At this time?”

“Yes. He says he has something urgent to discuss.”

Bellatudo had been away from the household, immersed in training for the past six months after receiving some stimulus. Recently returned, he summoned Rasen not long after his return.

‘What could it be?’

He normally wouldn’t call at such an hour. Walking the long corridor, Rasen could sense an unusual aura.

‘This is it.’

Rasen smirked.

‘This is how it’s done. Heira.’

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