Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 96

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Episode 96 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Noble Family”

It was beyond absurd. Suddenly appeared and showed interest, then focused arbitrarily, and now to take away the eyes.

“Damn it.”

It was true that I had been a bit negligent for the past three days. After all, there wasn’t any significant penalty. I did think hard, but it wasn’t with utmost desperation.

‘Did Radiyone read my mind?’

Nevertheless, it was saddening. It wasn’t as if I had prayed for it to appear first or demanded a gift, and yet, why was it so arbitrary? Was I mistaken, or was it like being the protagonist of a fantasy novel, constantly faced with crises?

Another voice was heard.

“Answer me, child.”

Lacyn sensed it. Radiyone was not a god of endless patience. A decision had to be made quickly. Lacyn had experienced something similar several times. When adding a line using the Creator’s special privilege, he had to keep ‘the plausibility of the world’ in mind. Now, it was not ‘the plausibility of the world’ but ‘the disposition of Radiyone’ he had to consider in his response.

He recalled the first time he interpreted what it meant for Radiyone to focus.

[‘You can learn martial arts if you interact with Rosalyn?’]


[‘Do you truly think so? Grandel’s martial arts?’]

[‘Do you think it’s impossible?’]

Was the god of deception, Radiyone, actually interested in ‘learning martial arts’ because he had shown interest? Was that why it focused? The answer was simple.

‘It’s not that.’

Then, why did it start focusing when we were having a conversation related to martial arts?

‘It’s not the god of martial arts. It’s the god of deception.’

In that case, it must be incredibly skilled in deception, too.

“How long will you keep me waiting?”

“I will answer you.”

“See that you do.”

It felt as though someone invisible had raised their hand and then lowered it. It was a peculiar sensation. Fascinating yet dreadful. If I hadn’t said I would answer just now, I would have seen an illusion of blood streaming down from my eyes. And it would not have been just an illusion. If I had hesitated even a bit longer, blood would have spurted from my eyes. The person in question would have been, of course, Lacyn himself. Radiyone was not entirely a benevolent god.

“You have granted me three days.”

“That is so.”

“You instructed me to find what I needed most.”

“That too, is correct.”

Despite being a god with limited patience, it didn’t require an ‘immediate answer.’ Befitting the god of deception. It seemed to enjoy creating and directing situations. Lacyn could intuit it.

‘The god prefers patiently taking steps to complete the puzzle rather than straightforwardly announcing what the answer is.’

And perhaps there wasn’t just one ‘answer.’ Whatever it might be, as long as it pleased Radiyone, it would be acceptable.

“I noticed something strange. Why did the god of deception focus on me at that timing, and tell me to discover what I required? And why appear now to make it concrete with a single noun called [that]?”

No answer came. Lacyn continued,

“Why? Because [that] isn’t some specific object.”

“Then what do you think [that] is?”

The god of deception, Radiyone, would want to see deception.

“What I need is your grace, Lord Radiyone.”

“My grace?”

It seemed as though a loud laughter echoed in the empty space.

“You have quite the cunning. It’s a good response.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

For Radiyone, that was definitely praise. Not asking for something specific but saying he needed ‘grace.’

“If you need my grace, does that mean the choice is ultimately mine to make?”

For Lacyn, that was the safest option. He didn’t ask for something concrete, just mentioned the need for Radiyone’s grace. As Radiyone said, the gift had to be given by Radiyone. The ball was now in Radiyone’s court. How to respond wasn’t clear to Lacyn.

Lacyn asked,

“If I had asked for something other than Radiyone’s grace, what would you have done?”

“Regardless of your response, I would have cut out your tongue.”

“I don’t recall you saying you would cut it.”

“I also never said that I wouldn’t.”

Cold sweat trickled down Lacyn’s back.

‘Sure enough, you never said that.’

The thought that there might be multiple answers was a mistake.

‘Radiyone likes set answers.’

The answer was predetermined. Radiyone’s grace or blessing or favor. That was the answer Radiyone wanted.

‘I must be careful.’

Indeed, it’s a fantasy world. Where a maid hides strength, an alchemist hides poison, and a librarian is a wanted criminal. One must survive in this cruel and dangerous world.

“I fancied your answer.”

It felt as though someone covered my eyes with their hand. Unlike before, it wasn’t terrifying or eerie. Warm hands touched my eyes. The world returned to normal.

[The blessing of the god of deception, Radiyone, descends upon you.]

[The god of deception, Radiyone, gifts you ‘Two Eyes’.]

Lacyn understood what Radiyone had given. ‘Two Eyes’ was not the usual concept of human eyes.

‘A special power applied to the heavenly eyes!’

He immediately activated the heavenly eyes. There were two books spread on his desk.

‘It works!’

The Basic Ice Magic Book of Noxran.

The Great Magic Book of Archmage Alberto.

Both books were simultaneously interpreted.

‘Now I can read two books at once.’

That was frustratingly slow—I couldn’t study the ice magic book or the ‘DAGAB’ (‘The Great Magic Book of Archmage Alberto’) exclusively. In fact, I had postponed studying DAGAB because of its slow acquisition rate.

Heira observed Lacyn stuck to the ceiling.

‘He’s reading two books at once.’

It was miraculous. Just before, he was surely looking at one book, but suddenly he was seeing two.

Some time passed. Lacyn stood up. Heira asked,

“My lord, you looked at two books at once.”

“That’s right.”

“Did you read both simultaneously?”


“I assume both are magic books.”

Magic is a very advanced study. Ordinary people can’t use it at all. It’s a cultural element only available to the privileged class, who have studied for a long time. But Lacyn read two magic books at the same time.

Heira asked again.

“May I report… to him?”

* * *

A week passed since Lacyn received Radiyone’s blessing.

Lacyn realized another fact. ‘Two Eyes’ wasn’t simply the ability to activate the heavenly eyes multiple times.

‘It significantly enhances the efficiency when interpreting something.’

It didn’t make the interpretation twice as fast or twice as accurate. It couldn’t be known arithmetically, but roughly increased efficiency by about 1.5 times. That meant an increase in performance by 50%.

‘I can see it.’

Rosalyn’s meditation method. The breathing used in meditation. The path of the energy as it moved. Including the response of energy and muscles and knowing when and how the energy built up and absorbed into the muscles.

Another two days went by. Rosalyn seemed quite displeased, muttering under her breath.

“How long are you going to just stare like that?”

“Just one more day.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. If it wasn’t for my father’s orders, I wouldn’t be bothering with you.”

In fact, Rosalyn hoped to gain something from Lacyn.

While she wasn’t fully satisfied, Lacyn possessed exceptional magic skills.

One should be willing to learn even from an enemy. That was Rosalyn’s attitude, but Lacyn just kept watching her meditate.

Another day passed. Lacyn nodded.

“I think I’ve got it.”

It was much quicker than expected.

“Let’s try.”




Lacyn sat down and closed his eyes, seemingly ready to meditate—the meditation of the Grandel family.

“Wait a minute!”

Rosalyn moved quickly as if spring-loaded, striking Lacyn’s back with her palm.


There was a noise. Focused on ‘meditation’, Lacyn couldn’t avoid her hand.

Rosalyn yelled out.

“What are you doing!”

“What? I’m the one who got hit, why are you yelling?”

“Were you trying to meditate just now?”


“You need the elders for that. If it goes wrong, your muscles can twist, and you can die. Are you underestimating energy?”

“…Ah, right?”

“You really are an idiot.”

“But if I messed up, wouldn’t that be good for you?”

Rosalyn flinched. True, that made sense. Blushing slightly, she said,

“I should be the one to pin you down. I wouldn’t want you to self-destruct. Anyway, wait here. I’ll bring my uncle over.”

Lacyn waited a while. It would be safer and more certain if his instructor, Magner, could watch over him. As he waited, both Bellatudo and Magner arrived.

‘The family head came too?’

The family head is always busy. They wield immense influence on world affairs, so it’s natural to be busy. A single cough from them could potentially erase a small country. Not literally, but their influence is immense. For such a person to be idly wandering around during the day meant they were taking a significant interest in Lacyn.

Bellatudo asked.

“You learned meditation?”

“Yes. I got it after watching for about ten days.”

Bellatudo and Magner exchanged glances. Magner shrugged.

“See? I told you, it was possible.”

He said this, but Magner was surprised himself.

Magner had spent a long time with Lacyn and had personally instructed him.

He somewhat understood Lacyn’s abilities. Lacyn himself admitted he had ‘special eyes.’

But Magner didn’t expect him to learn so quickly. Just ten days.

Rosalyn had taken three years to master what Lacyn did in ten days, which, ordinarily, would be impossible.

Bellatudo said.

“Let’s see.”

Lacyn sat down.

“Meditating incorrectly can twist your whole body and kill you, right?”

“That’s correct. Especially our Grandel meditation method. High efficiency and destructive power come with side effects and risks.”

Lacyn closed his eyes. Despite the risk, the greatest martial artists of the generation were present. There would be no danger.

Closing his eyes, he saw the interpretation in the heavenly eyes.

[Character Lacyn Mayten begins the ‘New Grandel Meditation’.]

Energy hidden in various parts of his body seemed to burst forth. It was like living droplets of energy trying to penetrate the skin and escape. It felt as if the energy was boiling inside.

Bellatudo shook his head.

“It should be visible to the eye that it would end up like that.”

One wrong move, and the energy within could go berserk.

Grandel’s energy is incredibly destructive. Bellatudo was about to shake Lacyn awake from the meditation. But Magner said,

“Brother, please wait a moment.”

“What do you think? He will burst if we leave him like that.”

“Please, just a moment. Wait a little, brother.”

He addressed him not as the family head, but as a brother—a younger brother’s request to his elder. Bellatudo frowned. If something significant happened to a Mayten child invited to Grandel while in Grandel, it would be Grandel’s responsibility. It would inconvenience the Grandel family head. Nevertheless, he heeded his brother’s words.

Suddenly, Lacyn could see his own body.

‘The vessels expand.’

It wasn’t exactly expansion; they turned blue. Cultivated eyes could see that.

It felt like numerous letters were being etched inside his body, concentrating in his arms.

His own arm, but it felt somehow foreign.

‘What’s this?’

While concentrating on meditation, ‘Two Eyes’ took effect.

‘Thanks to ‘Two Eyes’, I can understand the changes occurring in my arm while meditating.’

‘Could it be?’

Invisible to the naked eye but visible through heavenly eyes, Lacyn’s right arm began to shine in various colors. Then it was soon consumed by darkness.

The ‘blackening’ that started from the arm spread all over his body. He felt as though he was being swallowed by shadows, yet it wasn’t frightening.

Lacyn knew what this was.

‘The Decadence Technique.’

It began to activate.

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