Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 9

Episode 9 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Family”

Lasen had no choice but to stop in his tracks.

‘What kind of outrageous cliché is this?’

Cha Seong-min had always longed for his mother, as he couldn’t see her. She had passed away from cancer when Cha Seong-min was young. At the age of nine, he had cried bitterly beside his mother who could never return.

[Mom, don’t leave me behind. Don’t go, don’t!]

After that, Cha Seong-min had suffered a lot emotionally. During his childhood, thoughtless and insensitive kids used to mock him for not having a mother.

‘Why does she look so much like our mom?’

Cha Seong-min had memories of Lasen Meiton. In those memories, there was no ‘image of a mother’ – only a hazy afterimage. Now, a clear image had been added to that feeling.

‘Black hair and black eyes.’

Such appearances are rare in this world. This is a fantasy world, and oddly enough, humans here have a variety of hair and eye colors.



The mother who had given birth to the profligate seventh son was also speechless for a moment.

The word ‘mother.’ It was the first time she heard it in four years. She never dreamed that the word would come from the seventh son’s mouth.

And the seventh son Meiton knew why his mother was reacting that way. He was shocked that the rogue himself had called her mother.

“……Come inside for now.”

Soso was confused. Suddenly formal language?

And that polite demeanor, that mature poise, what is all this?

It had only been a year since she had seen her son, but what on earth had happened in that time?

The 4th floor of the Maple Annex.

In Lasen Meiton’s room. Lasen and Soso sat facing each other at the table. Lasen’s face was burning so much that he couldn’t look directly at Soso.

[You, my mother?]

He vividly remembered those words. What the hell was wrong with that insane rogue to have spat out such words?

No matter how he thought, it didn’t make sense to Cha Seong-min. No, that was a realm he should not understand. After all, she was the mother who gave birth to him.

“First…… I’m not sure where to start talking to you.”

Heira brought warm tea. She moved very carefully so as not to disturb the conversation between mother and child.

Thanks to her care, not even the sound of clothes rustling could be heard. She listened intently amidst her care.

Could it be that the seventh son wasn’t really a rogue? Was it all an act? Was it a deep strategy to fully participate in the succession war, starting from the youngest? What was this situation?

‘I should report this to Him.’

Simply watching was pointless now. She decided it was time to make a report.

Then Lasen spoke.

“I am truly sorry for the things that happened in the past.”

Lasen felt a bit wronged. It wasn’t even his doing, but it happened to be filial impiety.


Tears welled up in Soso’s eyes. Lasen felt a heavy heart.

‘Ah, damn cliché.’

Lasen generally didn’t fancy family scenes in fantasy worlds. In some stories, the family is used as a theme to deliberately stir emotions, and Cha Seong-min didn’t like that. But now that it had actually happened to him, things were quite different.

“Though you might not believe me, I’ve come to my senses.”

“…Is that so?”

Heira, who had been all ears, felt her heart pounding.

Lasen Meiton’s age.

Nine years and eleven months.

Once December passed, he would be ten years old. That meant the ‘Ten-Year Ceremony’ was about to start, and it seemed that the seventh son was now ready to take off his mask.

“The me from back then was not myself.”

* * *

Lasen apologized for all the past wrongdoings.

Mother Soso couldn’t believe the situation. As unbelievable as it was, she couldn’t help but hug Lasen tightly. Soso bit her lip. She didn’t want to cry in front of her son, but the tears kept coming. She had heard that he wreaked havoc even in the ‘Maple Annex’, but now it seemed those were distorted rumors.

Heira, standing quietly behind, also found it difficult to believe.

‘It’s as if he has become a completely different person.’

She thought she had to report this to Him. At this point, it couldn’t be seen as just a series of coincidences. What would He think?

On the other hand, Soso bit her lip again.


She barely spoke. If she did, she felt like she would burst into tears again. It was the day when Lasen had called her mother again, but she couldn’t help her tears on such a good day.

“I will come back again soon. I’m a little behind on my work.”

In fact, there wasn’t much work. Thanks to conceiving the child of the head of the Decatra family, she was no longer a mere maid.

Lasen didn’t miss that.

“Mother. You said you don’t have work.”

Damned cliché. Lasen cursed inwardly. Because his heavenly eye (天眼) caught the condition of mother Soso. The protagonist’s ridiculous ability had shone once again.

[‘The onset of the Blue Dot’]

Personal tragedy is too common a cliché in stories. But from the real protagonist’s perspective, how miserable it was.

“Are you not feeling sick by any chance?”

“Sick? I’m very strong. These days, I’m just worried about gaining too much weight.”

Though she looked too thin for that, Lasen chose not to mention it.

‘If it’s the onset of the Blue Dot, it can be cured.’

The Blue Dot was a disease named by Cha Seong-min himself. It was a setting he made up on the spot while reading a fantasy medical novel. An unknown disease with no known cause, considered incurable early in the novel.

[Disease: The Blue Dot]

[A disease that produces three blue dots on the chest]

[The first dot is the initial stage, treatable. The second reduces the chances of treatment significantly, and the third is incurable. Accompanied by high fever and pain, the disease turns the blood blue and stiffens the body.]

So, Lasen said.

“Mother. Would you like to have tea with me?”


“If that’s okay with you.”


For mother Soso, it was too good to be true.

Her son had suggested having tea together. It may be nothing much, but Lasen had never made such a casual suggestion before. She had trouble adjusting, but she didn’t dislike it.

Lasen said.

“Heira. Do we have any tea from the Karutin range of the Chalpes Mountains?”


It’s not a commonly enjoyed tea, but the Meiton family’s ‘tea house’ had it. Drinking Karutin mountain tea steadily for over a month can cure the Blue Dot.

“Two cups of that tea, please.”

Heira wanted to mention that it tastes quite bitter, unlike the tea people generally enjoy. But she held back her words – it was the young master’s command. She decided just to listen.


“And mother, from now on, you’ll have tea with me at this time every day. Alright?”

The Karutin mountain tea had a flavor similar to bellflower tea. Regardless, Soso was happy. She greatly enjoyed the time spent with her son.

Lasen saw her out in person. As he sipped the tea, he realized something. Regardless of how terribly his son had behaved, how unfilial he had been, still a mother is a mother. Even though the son was such a degenerate. Nevertheless, the mother, Soso, had not given up on Lasen.

He watched her retreating figure.

‘Don’t be sick.’

Meanwhile, Soso, who had returned to the Osori Annex, sat on the bed and wiped her tears. It was such a good and delightful moment, yet tears kept flowing.

‘Is this a dream?’

It’s not a dream.

‘What is it?’

People change. As the Ten-Year Ceremony approaches, suddenly everything has changed. It’s as if he’s become a different person.

Well, it feels like something is starting to change. Gazing at the ceiling, she thought to herself. There’s nothing there.

“Are you perhaps listening to my story from up there?”

Of course, there was no answer.

“If you are there now, then you probably know what happened today too, right?”

“I will have tea with Lasen every day from now on.”

“Lasen seems to have changed a lot.”

“It’s so confusing because it’s such a big change. But I’m happy. Isn’t that strange?”

Soso lay down on the bed. Unseen by her, the light on the ceiling very slightly flickered.

* * *

Lasen returned to the Maple Annex.

There’s a little over a month left until the Ten-Year Ceremony. He must do everything possible within that month. He has to start planning to break away at 20 and live a sweet life, far from the mighty protagonist Kashin.

‘I must survive!’

How unjust it would be to die young, given such good circumstances.

He called for Heira.


“Yes, young master.”

She didn’t act as forcibly terrified as before.

“I’m going to have an important conversation now.”

Heira stiffened. An important conversation all of a sudden – had he figured out her identity? Was this some test? What kind of test could it be? Could it be an assassination order?

Lasen spoke.

“Bring me as much of the highest quality Verdun Mountain chocolate as you can.”

Mana was of utmost importance. And one more thing.

“And also the hard candy from Rudon Confectionery.”

And an hour later.

Lasen Meiton was reminded once again of the power of money and authority. Even if he was the lowest in the Meiton hierarchy, he was undeniably a powerful figure.

Heaping on the table was Verdun Mountain chocolate. Heira had gone from shop to shop, cleaning out their stock just for him.

Even if he was a neglected child, he was still the child of a magic noble house. He may have his worries, but not about money – that is a worry he need not have for life.

‘About 200,000 gran each.’

Gran is similar to Korea’s ‘won.’

‘That looks like at least a hundred pieces.’

So, that pile of chocolate was worth 20 million won. At the word of Lasen Meiton, the maid had bought 20 million won’s worth of chocolate. He had spent 20 million won on chocolate in just an hour. He monopolized all the chocolate from the local shops.

‘As expected.’

He resolved.

‘I must use this money and power to live a sweet life.’

He began to carefully inspect each of the most expensive pieces, using the heavenly eye. Then he realized a new fact.

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