Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan Chapter 82

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan Chapter 82

Magic Family’s Youngest Son, Episode 82

[The arrangement for ‘Great Sage Alberto’ is generated according to the secured plausibility.]

Inside the opened wall, a golden-hued glass case contained a single book.

[Magic Application Volume – Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques]

It was almost identical to the mana techniques that Rasen once read in the Starlight Library. The previous one was titled ‘Magic Basics Volume – Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques,’ but this time, the ‘Application Volume’ had appeared.

The content was filled with nonsense. A series of strange characters and numbers that were impossible to interpret. It was a feast of countless formulas, the likes of which he had never heard of before. However, Rasen had now roughly understood.

‘The reason why “Great Sage Alberto’s” arrangement has not been discovered until now. It means these formulas and content are nonsensical.’

How many intelligent magicians were there in the world?

Maybe the librarian Evian had already read the ‘Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques.’ Indeed, Persha’s confidant Sando described ‘Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques’ as follows.

[The ‘Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques’ is like a B-grade novel written by a lunatic claiming to be a great sage.]

It meant that Alberto already knew of ‘heaven’s eye’ and had prepared an arrangement that could only be interpreted by those who possess it.

‘How genius are Kirtel and Alberto?’

Anyway, Rasen possessed heaven’s eye, and if given enough time, he could understand and master the ‘Application Volume’ however he wanted.

When he suddenly looked around, the space had changed. It was the place they were originally in. The Hunter’s Graveyard.

Ludia’s voice was heard.

“Huh? Rasen?”


“I think I just had a strange dream.”

“What dream?”

“A dream where Rasen was being sucked into somewhere while spinning around.”

Mirang’s body twitched in response. In fact, Mirang had seen the same thing. She dismissed it as a momentary illusion. Rasen was standing right beside her, appearing completely fine.

Ludia murmured, relieved, that it was a strange dream after all and then looked around her.

“Where did Sudra go?”

The tree species. Sudra was nowhere to be seen. Mirang also scanned the surroundings, flaring her nostrils.

“The tombs have disappeared…”

Looking up, she saw a massive tree. The trunk was enormous.

“An incredibly large tree has appeared. When did this happen?”

In truth, Mirang was perplexed. The neglected tombs had disappeared, Sudra was gone, and suddenly, such a majestic tree had emerged. Mirang had never seen such a scene before.

Mirang approached the tree and sniffed around it.

“I can’t smell Sudra, but hey, kid. Do you know what this is?”

“I’m not sure.”

Actually, even Rasen was not completely certain. He didn’t know why this phenomenon had occurred, but he was aware that it was a meticulously designed arrangement.

‘The missing treeman Sudra. And this sudden appearance of a huge tree. The vanished Hunter’s Graveyard.’

What were all these things pointing towards?

“I have a feeling. We’ll be coming back here again.”

* * *

Rasen left ‘The Hunter’s Graveyard’ and entered a small city nearby called ‘Girzen.’ It was a place frequented by miners and adventurers, as gold mines were often discovered around the area.

He checked into the most decent-looking inn and said,

“We’re going to rest here for a few days.”

“Human beings are fragile.”

Mirang frowned deeply and continued,

“You’re so weak that we have no choice but to catch a ‘Heukdokjine’ or something for you.”


“There’s no need to thank me. I’m only doing it because I must—because of your weakness.”

Despite her words, ‘Heukdokjine’ was a monster that belonged to the upper difficulty rank. It had a powerful poison, was exceedingly agile, and could burrow into the ground, making them difficult prey even for a gold tiger clan member like Mirang.

Nevertheless, after saying that, Mirang turned around and left the inn. Ludia jumped onto the bed, obviously missing it.

“It’s so cushy and nice.”

Then she began to use mana techniques while sitting cross-legged. In the past, she would have gone straight to sleep. Ludia had changed too.

Rasen activated heaven’s eye and began translating the ‘Magic Application Volume – Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques.’

[Translation work has begun.]

The method itself was not difficult. Heaven’s eye automatically translated everything like a supercomputer. However, the physical energy it consumed was significantly more than before.

[Bro, I’m hungry.]

The transcendental grail, filled with mana, was drained in an instant. The mana consumed by the ‘Application Volume’ was beyond imagination.

‘It’ll take longer than I expected.’

Three days passed, and Mirang returned in shambles, tossing a centipede the size of an adult’s palm to Rasen.

Ludia jumped onto the desk.

“Eek! It’s a monster!”

She trembled at the sight of the centipede.

“It’s said that if you boil it in a pot for about two hours, it’s very beneficial for humans.”


He never thought she would really catch one. While not considered a spiritual creature, the centipede was excellent for physical recovery.

“Just sit still, it will hurt. You should put it in the pot soon, it’s likely to wake up.”

* * *

Indeed, the ‘Heukdokjine’ had an excellent effect. Rasen realized this.

‘It’s not an ordinary black poison centipede.’

Among them, it belonged to the upper class. The reason why black poison centipedes are good for recovery is that they contain a unique substance called ‘Luten.’ The value of black poison centipedes is determined by the content and purity of this Luten, and this one was of the highest grade.

‘I never thought I’d end up eating such a thing.’

Cha Seongmin, who lived in the 21st century modern era, could not have imagined this. It was impossible for Cha Seongmin, but possible for Rasen. He had to chew and swallow even the ancestors of centipedes if necessary to survive in this world.

‘To this extent… Have I also become desperate?’

Through the mirror, he saw himself, half-devouring the hideous centipede body, boiling and eating it, yet he did not look as terrible as he felt.

‘Did I ever feel this desperate before?’

It seemed not. The earth of the 21st century was a place where you didn’t starve to death no matter what. At the very least, there was no need to worry about purges or the fear of being dismembered. It was a society of infinite competition, but not in terms of survival.

‘Something… This feeling.’

It was peculiar.

‘It’s not bad at all.’

Somehow, living so desperately and earnestly felt not bad at all. It felt like he was doing his best to live.

‘The recovery is quick, too.’

Perhaps thanks to the effect of the black poison centipede, the effect of the mana techniques had doubled. It was only temporary, but it was quite useful at a time when mana consumption was so intense.

Mirang, who usually finished showering in 30 minutes, emerged from the bathroom after two hours, wiping her hair with a thick white towel.

“Seeing your looks, it seems you are recovering well.”

Mirang sat down on the leather sofa, pretending to look outside the window. To her eyes, Rasen’s speed of physical recovery looked incredibly fast. She felt a sense of pride, though she didn’t show it.

She said as she looked outside,

“I will ask you one thing.”


“Have I been helpful to you?”

“… Of course.”

Mirang’s nape turned red again. Rasen recalled that though Mirang was mature in form, she was still just five years old.

‘Looking for praise?’

That seemed likely.

“Thank you. Thanks to you, my recovery is quick, and it seems we can move up the schedule.”


Mirang punched a fist through the windowpane, shattering it.

“I’m not looking for such praise.”

With that, she walked angrily into the room. She leaned against the door and her flush spread across her neck. The feeling of being helpful to someone was new to her. In her childhood, she lost all the adults around her and never received praise. The sensation was quite pleasing.

“Pft. Praise, my foot.”

Without anyone watching, Mirang hummed and lay down on the bed. For three days, she had not slept a wink as she dug tunnels in search of centipedes.


In fact, Mirang, exhausted to the bone, fell asleep in exactly two seconds.

Two more days passed.

Rasen did not move a step out of the inn room, concentrating entirely on translation. Eventually, Rasen completed the translation.

[You have perfectly translated the ‘Great Sage Alberto’s Magic Application Volume – Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques.’]

[Your understanding of fighting power and mana will significantly increase.]

He had fully translated the Application Volume, and it had now become integrated into Rasen’s own knowledge. He could grasp new concepts. He knew by knowledge alone that fighting power split from mana.

‘Fighting power and mana do not mix… That setting is not absolute.’

There were other settings in the hidden world of the work. Although it was known that way in modern times and was treated as the truth, it was not the fact.

‘Fighting power can be mixed with mana.’

More precisely, fighting power is energy derived from mana. Rasen’s body became engulfed in flames. The flame colors continuously changed.

“Ah, it’s hot.”

Ludia moved away from Rasen. Blue flames rose from Rasen’s body. Then there were yellow flames. Black flames followed.

Mirang also pressed against the wall.

‘What is he doing?’

Even she, a gold tiger clan member, found it difficult to endure the heat of the flames. However, Rasen himself was unaware of the fire on his body, focused solely on the changes happening within. He observed his internal universe like contemplating the cosmos, as if he were an outsider. In that universe, there were numerous blood vessels and organs, with mana and fighting power scattering through them, converging toward the heart.

‘Mana goes to the grail.’

Mana goes to the heart—into the grail embedded there. Then the fighting power scattered everywhere began to seep into the muscles. What had been floating energy was turning into something usable.

‘And the separate fighting power spreads throughout the body.’

Every corner of the bloodstream. Seeping into all muscles, Rasen was sure.

‘This is Grandel’s fighting power.’

Previously absorbed from Magnar, that fighting power was now fully anchored in his body.

‘Use fighting power as is, and pass mana through the grail for the safest and most efficient use of elemental magic and martial magic.’



The two grand wizards’ arrangements were now focused on a single body—Rasen’s. He began to follow in the footsteps of Maiton’s first family head, Keyser Maiton. There was a sense of venturing onto a new path. And the new interpretation continued.

[‘Due to the influence of ‘Easy-to-Understand Mana Techniques,’ ‘Inscribed Martial Magic in the Body’ grows.]

[Intermediate martial magic becomes imprinted in the heart.]

Heaven’s eye’s interpretation continued.

‘Could it be?’

But the interpretation that followed was somehow familiar.

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