Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 8

Episode 8 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Noble Family”

Rasen stood in front of the Starlight Library, struck by a whimsical thought. Names like Maple Annex and Leaf Annex were rather storybook-like.

“Pointlessly whimsical names,” he muttered.

The ‘Mayten Clan,’ with a backdrop so starkly contrasting those from fairy tales,—a wild and unruly magic noble house renowned for their ferocity and dominance. The fairytale-esque names of their buildings were ironic, given that the clan focused on the path of blade and overwhelming force, in deliberate contrast to the protagonist’s swordsmanship noble family.

“Wow, this is the library?” Rasen marveled at the sheer size of the magic clan’s library.

“It’s even bigger than the elementary school I went to,” he assessed, looking up at the impressively large three-story building.

“Could this be a department store?” Rasen licked his lips in awe, amazed first by the strength the Mayten Clan boasted by having such a grand library, and then again by his own character, who had never set foot in it.


“Yes, Young Master.”

“Have I ever been here before?”

“No, Young Master.”

“Not even once?”

“Correct. Not even once.”

“I see.”

The foolish Rasen, it seemed, had indeed never visited the library—not even once, despite being a magician. He stood in front of the first-floor entrance where a mana-reactive automatic door silently opened as he approached.

Entering the Starlight Library, Rasen was dumbstruck.

“Insane. Are these all books?”

He craned his neck upwards as if gazing into the sky. Books filled the space all the way to the top of what appeared to be a three-story building but was, in fact, a single-floor structure with the ceiling height of three stories.

“How many are there?”

A voice replied, “About 200,000, Seventh Son. The Starlight Library might be small compared to other libraries, but it is deeply substantive.”

Rasen tensed up as someone suddenly appeared before him. Through converging golden streaks of light, a figure emerged as if by teleportation.

“Translocation magic?”

The blue-haired librarian with an impeccable bob cut had a pale face, almost ghastly so, and wore glasses that hinted at an air of indifference and ennui. She had a thick book tucked under her arm.

“Who might you be?”

“I am Avian, the librarian of the Starlight Library.”


Rasen had no idea who Avian was—an unfamiliar character from his memories.

[Activating the Heavenly Eye.]

He scrutinized with his Heavenly Eye.

[Name: Larvian]

Suddenly, his eyes stung as if they were burning, a terrifying sensation engulfed him as if trapped in darkness. It was a chilling cold, being locked in a pitch-black ice void.

He hastily ceased using his Heavenly Eye.

[Deactivating the Heavenly Eye.]

The pain dissipated completely; the discomfort Rasen felt seemed almost unreal now.

“Could she have…”

Rasen subtly observed to see if she had noticed him using the Heavenly Eye, but it appeared to be an unfounded concern—Avian seemed oblivious.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing at all.”

Rasen’s mind whirled with confusion. Avian, not Larvian, that’s what it was.

“Did you say your name is Avian?”

“Yes, Avian. It’s an honor to meet the much-talked-about Seventh Son.”

It felt like he saw something he shouldn’t have—like I’m not supposed to know. That she’s Larvian, not Avian. There’s an unease discussing honor with that dispassionate look. I can’t tell what’s hidden behind those indifferent eyes.

‘She’s here.’

He knew of Larvian, even if not of Avian.

According to the setting of the story, she was the vicious sorceress who massacred the brutish lord of Levadon and his knights, freezing the entire Levadon Castle solid.

Though she hadn’t clashed directly with the protagonist, Kashin Seid, she appeared in significant incidents as a top-tier sorceress. Rumors said all who faced her were frozen alive. Known as an elemental magic practitioner specializing in ice, she was told to be nearly a catastrophe, particularly in the forthcoming ‘Northern Sea War.’

Back then, everyone said:

“The ones who incur the wrath of the Ice Witch shall have their souls eternally wander the frozen Northern Sea!”

That was the lore in the novel.

‘She must be wanted right now.’

For this woman to be the librarian of the Mayten Clan. That’s probably why she hasn’t been caught. Rasen Mayten swallowed nervously, even thinking that his reputation was notorious. No doubt, those rumors were not pleasant.

Rasen recalled the setting he created.

[The Mayten Clan’s library is nearly a holy site for mages, housing every conceivable grimoire and manuscript. The librarians managing the sanctuary are all top-tier mages, granted the authority to handle and peruse all books within.]

Thus, even the greatest of mages vied fiercely for the privilege of serving as librarians. That was the setting he remembered.

“But why Larvian?”

Why her, of all people? The legendary witch, known for freezing those who merely caught her gaze, and never forgetting her enemies was standing before him.

Once again, he was struck by the eminence of the magic noble family.

“Over there, please take a seat at the table. I’ll serve you some tea. Do you like black tea?”

He despised black tea, but Avian’s gaze remained frosty.

“Ye-yes, black tea sounds lovely.”

“I will prepare it.”

In this world… it’s far too dangerous. All things considered, coming to the library for the first time was a relief—if he had come before, who knows what kind of folly he might have committed.

* * *

Rasen Mayten sat at the table, sipping black tea brewed by the Ice Witch of the battlefield herself. After setting down the tea and waiting sternly for a moment, Avian adjusted her glasses.

“What kind of book are you looking for?”

“A book about mana cultivation would be nice.”

“Which mana cultivation text shall I fetch for you?”

“The most fundamental one, the absolute basics.”

Avian paused, as if to say, aren’t the best, most expensive ones obvious? The infamous Seventh Son would likely demand nothing less. But, requesting the most fundamental material? Could this figure truly be rational, unlike the rumors suggested?

“Being from the Mayten bloodline, you wouldn’t need elementary texts, would you?”

Mayten blood was coveted by mages; inherent mana cultivation techniques were already infused in their blood. Therefore, learning the basics was unnecessary—a gift from the heavens.

That was Avian’s impression of the Mayten clan members. Yet now, a demand for a basic text?

“It’s like checking a stone bridge before crossing.”

The proverb “check a stone bridge before crossing” was unknown to her. Avian found the words refreshingly insightful, never having heard them before, though they clearly held truth.

‘Is this boy the notorious Seventh Son?’

Could this be the Seventh Son of rumors past? The amiable face, the plump body—those matched, but Avian took a moment to ponder.

“I will use a spell, if you permit.”

With permission, Avian cast a spell.


Far above, from a great height, a book dislodged itself.


In a flash of light, the book vanished before reappearing in Avian’s hand. Rasen Mayten gulped; she wielded magic with ease. At a whim, she could freeze someone like him where he stood.

In Avian’s hand was a book titled ‘Introduction to Magical Studies.’

“You may leave.”

I want to be away from you. Please go.

“Understood. May you have a time of clear and collected thought.”

Avian vanished from sight.

* * *

[Mana is a term used to describe the vital energy distributed in nature. To become a magician, one must accumulate mana in the heart to form a circle.]

He found the general content acceptable.

[This requires Largo’s Eighth-Degree Equation and Plato’s Seventh Mathematical Formula.]

And then came the countless inscrutable sigils, theorems, and equations.

[Resulting in the value of e^648… ]

Rasen Mayten nearly tore the book apart in frustration.

[To avoid two detrimental and to extinguish the two imaginary roots after applying these values to the Eighth-Degree Mana Equation, one can work with the four mana roots to artificially bring about the desired magical effect.]

More incomprehensible symbols. To Rasen, these looked like senseless scribbles, akin to wriggling worms.

‘The most fundamental, you say?’

The book contained the following:

[…the cornerstone of basic magic.]

This was seemingly the foundation, according to the text.

‘What nonsense is this?’

Seemingly impossible for a modern human to self-learn magic—assumed basics like Largo’s Eighth-Degree Equation or Plato’s Seventh Mathematical Formula were realms of esoteric lore.

‘Hold on.’

Rasen resolved to take a different approach.

‘Maybe I can’t, but…’

While he couldn’t see these things with his own eyes, he did possess the ‘Heavenly Eye,’ a unique ability belonging to the protagonist. Without delay, he used it.

[Activating ‘Heavenly Eye.’]

[Translating ‘Introduction to Magical Studies.’]

Suddenly, what was once unseen became visible.

‘Ah, this is simpler.’

The phenomenon was remarkable. He couldn’t read the text, yet comprehended it. Not his own doing, the ‘Heavenly Eye’ seemingly translated autonomously, like a computer performing calculations, providing answers without him understanding the algorithms but implanting them in his head all at once.

A shiver ran down his spine.

‘Such a monstrous ability.’

The issue was that there was a protagonist who could exploit such monstrous abilities much more effectively than Rasen himself in this world.


He reaffirmed his decision not to cross paths with Kashin Seid. To do otherwise might truly ruin his life.

[Translation in progress.]

Bit by bit. Information flooded in, not merely being read but becoming internalized knowledge.

[22 percent completed.]

[Mana is insufficient to maintain active Heavenly Eye.]

He had reached 22 percent completion.

‘At 100 percent, I’ll fully understand this book?’

Good. What could be an easier way to read? Rasen began to feel hopeful.

‘I’m low on mana.’

First on his agenda was to solve this. It seemed urgent. If he could manage his mana, the road ahead would likely unfold much more smoothly, he was sure of it.

‘That’s enough for today.’

He returned to the Maple Annex with Hemton, only to find someone there waiting for him.


A character appeared. Rasen Mayten’s mother was waiting for him at the Maple Annex. Rasen stood dumbfounded, looking at his mother.

‘What kind of outlandish cliché is this?’

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