Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 76

Chapter 76 of “The Youngest Son of a Renowned Magical Family”

“The prologue to a great journey has begun, my successor.” The Holy Grail grumbled. “Senile old man! I will certainly pluck out all your beard hairs.” Of course, the Kirtel right now is not the real Kirtel. There’s no actual conversation happening. So the Holy Grail’s words remain unheard.

“By now, our cute Songsong must be whining about being sick.”

“Who’s Songsong! This… this body is the great…”

“I suppose the great transcendent Holy Grail must be flaunting its cuteness.”

The Holy Grail wanted to say more, but the past Kirtel had already read the present Holy Grail inside out.

“Damn annoying.”

Kirtel bestowed a faint smile.

“Well then, my successor. If my prediction is correct, you may be walking the path of magic, yet not the path of magic at the same time.”

It wasn’t the wrong thing to say. The martial arts magic was indeed not traditionally considered the true path of magic; it was closer to physical fighting, and currently, Rasen was using mana similar to fighting energy.

“Let me keep it short. Once magic has been completed, it’s impossible to then create a body.”

“But it’s possible to first create a body and then endow it with magic.”

“Your finding me here means you’ve laid the foundation.”

Various explanations followed, but Rasen couldn’t fully trust Kirtel’s words.

‘Was there such a setting?’

He had never detailed the character named Kirtel before. The more he heard, the more astonishing the story became.

“In summary, a human’s body is finite and cannot contain all the power.”

Despite how exceptional a human could be,

Even if one possessed special abilities like an extraordinarily strong backbone.

Still, there are limits to being human. So the method Kirtel had devised involved implanting ‘attributes’ in a place other than the body.

“The Holy Grail will help you with that.”

The protagonist, Kasin Seid, also obtains the Holy Grail in the original story. However, this Holy Grail had never functioned as the ‘attribute storage device’ that Kirtel spoke of.

‘Maybe it’s an artifact that suits me much better than Kasin.’

The Holy Grail grumbled.

“Tch. Like anyone would listen to an old man’s ramblings.”

Then, the Holy Grail’s body was engulfed in flames. The fire rose with a whoosh! and then was extinguished. Rasen could feel it.

‘Even if I could handle all attributes, the most familiar energy for the Holy Grail is still fire.’

Hadn’t it first appeared as the Fire Holy Grail?

“So now, has the fire attribute been added?”

“I am great. I already possess all attributes.”

“Just wait a second. This is a totally different topic but how do you even talk?”

There’s no mouth or vocal apparatus.

“Isn’t it odd in itself that a cup should have a will and wield powers?”

“That’s also true.”

In this fantastical world filled with magic, where drivers and maids conceal their powers, what’s so odd about a cup speaking?

Kirtel patiently waited, as if anticipating this very banter. Rasen asked again.

“Anyway. So my question changes. Of the powers that the great transcendent Holy Grail possesses, am I able to draw upon and use those related to the fire attribute?”

Summoning a non-primary attribute magic is incredibly inefficient. To put it extremely, a 5th circle spell would only have the effect of a 1st circle spell. It consumes mana equal to a 5th circle spell, yet the outcome is only that of a 1st circle. It’s an excessive waste of mana.

“Yes. I hate this thing, but this elemental stone serves that function. I can awaken one of my many attributes and synchronize it with you.”

As if he had read the flow of the entire conversation, Kirtel interjected with perfect timing.

“By now, I trust you’ve understood everything. The first attribute to emerge will undoubtedly be the fire attribute. You, as my successor, will be able to master the elemental magic of the fire attribute. I have prepared the soil, so now it’s your turn to cultivate and harvest.”

Kirtel’s figure began to blur.

“Oh, I almost forgot one thing.”

His feet disappeared, followed by his knees.

“Because the attribute is fused with the Holy Grail, others won’t be able to detect it. Quite an excellent merit. It allows you to hide your affinity.”

His upper body vanished, and soon, he was scattered into dust.

“After some time, seek out the next arrangement. If you follow my footsteps, you’ll gain much. If possible, I’d also like you to find the footsteps of my beloved friend.”

Meeting with Kirtel felt like a dream to Rasen. Before long, the Holy Grail also vanished, melding into his heart. He could slightly sense the Holy Grail’s emotions.

“Are you disappointed?”

The voice of the Holy Grail was heard.

[What, what, what! I am the great Holy Grail. I have no such feelings.]

There was a sense of lingering unspoken disappointment after parting with Kirtel. The Holy Grail felt somewhat deflated.

“Your name was Songsong.”

[Don’t call me by such childish names. I am the great transcendent Holy Grail. Such a name does not suit a noble being like me.]

“Alright, Songsong.”


The Holy Grail said it was annoyed, but it seemed to be quite pleased. Like a puppy that has just received its real name.

‘Being able to conceal the fact that I’ve acquired a flame attribute… that’s a huge advantage.’

The power of 7 shows while the power of 3 hides. However, that’s for protagonists in the story. Extras like myself actually need to show the power of 3 and hide the power of 7. Lead characters don’t die no matter what they do, but for side characters, one wrong move can cost them their head. It’s better to hide their power until they gain a formidable …

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