Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 75

Chapter 75 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family”

“How did you know my name, boy?”

The name Bakuya. The reason he knew it was simple.

[Name: Bakuya]

It was because his name was caught by the Cheonan (Heavenly Eye). Lasen answered.

“Kirteul told me. He was an excellent seer and a great sage, after all.”

“Kirteul. That’s a name I haven’t heard of.”

“He foresaw the future. A world where the offspring of Mayten run rampant. And I was born with the fate to uphold his will and stop my siblings.”

Of course, that was just something to say.

‘No matter what you say, you’re going to make way for me.’

The content of the words themselves is not important. Even a quick glance tells you that Elder Bakuya is strong. Lasen is currently not even capable of touching him with a finger. Yet information about this Bakuya reads smoothly.

[State: Filled with anticipation]

With his current abilities, Lasen is able to read Bakuya’s presence and state. It means that Bakuya showed himself on purpose.

‘You know something.’

While he didn’t know what it was, fulfilling that anticipation would suffice.

“I don’t know a man named Kirteul. But I’m well aware of the old legends of the Geumho tribe.”

The young Geumho warrior tilted his head.

“Elder, is there such a thing?”

“There is. The very things you young warriors dismiss as pointless tales.”

The young warriors of the Geumho tribe don’t believe in legends. Young warriors take them as mere stories, nothing more than interesting tales.

“Are you talking about the legend of Tutankar?”

“That’s correct.”

Lasen focused on the conversation between the two. The legend of Tutankar. It was not set up by Cha Sung-min.

It sounded like a folktale passed down amongst the Geumho clan. Through the keyword “legend of Tutankar,” the Cheonan read out the legend.

[Tutankar was a legendary tribal chief of the Geumho tribe who ruled over the entire world with his shout.]

The legend of Tutankar started this way, filled with content that would be liked by children.

It was the story of a great warrior named Tutankar who ruled the world with many companions. Even a terrifying Demon King appeared in it.

[Tutankar pulled out his fang and swore. I shall protect this land.]

The world ruler Tutankar built an altar and made a hole just the right size for the ‘fang.’ A story tells that on the day in the distant future when his fang meets the altar, the great hero Tutankar would reveal himself.

Lasen felt something strange as he heard this.

‘The Geumho tribe don’t make companions.’

That famous Mercenary King acts alone unless absolutely necessary. They’re loners. If not for the threat to survival, they don’t even form a village as independent entities.

Lasen spoke.

“It’s odd that the great tribal chief Tutankar made companions to rule the world.”

He turned his head and looked at Mirang.

“Mirang. Don’t you find that odd?”

“That is… indeed.”

Even a weaker individual like Mirang moves alone. Why would the great Tutankar need companions?

“And another strange point. Haven’t you noticed?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Tutankar and the fang. And something happening when they meet the altar.”


“That’s magic.”

Clearly, it’s magic, but the Geumho tribe does not know how to handle magic.

How did the tribal chief of the Geumho, who do not know magic, set up the magic on the altar?

And one more thing. They’re currently under ‘special protection’ from a barrier. Even protector spirits and guardian spirits couldn’t find this hidden barrier.

The Geumho tribe, including Mirang, felt no strangeness about this secretive barrier.

“The strangest thing is that you aren’t aware of the oddity yourself.”

After saying that, both Bakuya and the young warrior shut their mouths. Lasen continued.

“I came here a long time ago. It was due to the arrangement of the great sage Kirteul.”

“It’s no lie. The scent of this place clings to you.”

“I belong to the Mayten family. I did not come here alone at that time.”

“You came with a guardian wizard.”

“Not only that, but here I met a member of the Seid family. He, too, was with a guardian spirit.”

“Was there such an event?”

“And one more thing. Why can’t sister Persha find you? Do you really think your barriers or your stealth are superior to sister Persha’s search magic?”

Bakuya was a little confused. Hearing and seeing it, things were strange.

“But no one has felt the strangeness of your situation. Even though you’re aware that a special barrier is cast over your village.”

As natural as breathing, they used the barrier. Without noticing the strangeness.

“One more thing. Why did you immediately feel that it was Tutankar’s fang when you saw it? It’s not like fangs of this shape are extremely rare.”

“…That’s also true.”

What they naturally thought was ‘obviously just so,’ began to look different. Lasen’s words weren’t wrong. Bakuya couldn’t find anything to refute Lasen’s words.

“That was the arrangement of the great sage Kirteul.”

“Kirteul. Who exactly is he?”

Lasen thought for a moment. He roughly realized the essence of the ‘legend of Tutankar.’

Tutankar isn’t an absolute ruler who reigned over the world. Rather than an absolute ruler, he was merely a subordinate beside the absolute ruler. And in Lasen’s judgment, the real absolute ruler was Kirteul.

All the circumstances would make sense if you replaced the name Tutankar with Kirteul.

‘Telling them that Tutankar was actually Kirteul’s subordinate… no one would believe that.’

So he said this.

“The great sage who left collective hypnosis in your blood. The one who arranged Tutankar’s fang.”

Honestly, whether ‘collective hypnosis’ was used or not is unknown. Lasen had no way to verify.

It would be nice if Cheonan could interpret it, but it couldn’t interpret that far.

Anyway, the Geumho tribe acknowledged that they were strange, and ‘plausible reasons’ were provided for that strangeness.

“Why did he cast a collective hypnosis on us?”

“Because that was the will of the great chief, the proud hero of the fighting race, Tutankar.”

Bakuya extended his hand.

“I’ll guide you to our village.”

He glanced behind at Lasen.

“You come along too.”

Mirang’s tail went stiff, pointing straight up.

* * *

Lasen stood on top of the tombstone, feeling the strange sensation of moving through space-time.

It was dizzying. He felt slightly nauseous. It was a different feeling than moving through a portal. If a portal move felt like ‘space’ only, the passage through this barrier felt like it also moved ‘time.’

‘The time here is different from the outside time.’

A secretive barrier. And a barrier that the ‘chosen’ Geumho tribe could freely move through. Plus, those who are recognized by the Geumho tribe can enter this barrier without any hindrance. It was hard to tell how profound the magic was. Though unknown, it seemed like an extremely high-level magical formula was set.

“Is that human?”

“Elder Bakuya, is that human?”

Elder Bakuya led the way.

“That’s a human. He brought Tutankar’s fang.”

“Tutankar’s fang?”

Several Geumho came out of their huts to look at Lasen. They snorted loudly.

“It really smells like Tutankar!”

“The scent of Tutankar is here!”

They exclaimed with each step as Bakuya’s heart raced.

‘They too… can sense the scent of Tutankar. We have never seen Tutankar even once.’

It felt too natural. They accepted the fact of ‘Tutankar’s fang’ naturally. None of the Geumho found this odd.

‘This was… collective hypnosis imprinted on our blood.’

Chills ran through Bakuya’s body. What kind of arrangement had the great chief Tutankar made?

In the center of the village, there was an altar made of stones piled high. About 5 meters tall, a stone staircase leading to the top was visible.

“Over here.”

Bakuya climbed the stairs first. Lasen followed. At the top of the altar, there was one hole. It was an altar designed to insert Tutankar’s fang.

Bakuya spoke.

“According to the legend, if someone unworthy puts Tutankar’s fang in the altar, they will die. Hit by a bolt of lightning.”

Wait a minute. That wasn’t mentioned.

“However, you seem to have enough qualifications. Since you’re the one arranged by the great sage Kirteul and the great chief Tutankar.”


“Over there. Put the fang into that hole.”

Bolt of lightning. Being struck would mean death, wouldn’t it? Suddenly, Cheonan interpreted.

[Kirteul was meticulous. In the event someone met by chance with Tutankar’s fang without meeting Kirteul, he made an assumption. The condition is ‘one must meet Kirteul.’ If one approaches the altar without meeting Kirteul and tries to obtain his arrangement, Kirteul’s ‘Man-to-man Decisive Technique’ lightning will strike.]

Lasen swallowed nervously.

‘What’s that again?’

The name sounded so grand. A man-to-man decisive technique.

[Kirteul’s man-to-man decisive technique could not be classified as normal circle magic, so Kirteul arbitrarily classified it as 9th circle.]

Bakuya asked.

“What’s wrong?”

His eyes narrowed.

“Are you scared? To carry on the will of the great chief?”

“No, why would I be. I was just feeling the breath of Kirteul and Tutankar.”

Lasen walked boldly to the center of the altar. He could feel it. If he showed any sign of weakness here, Bakuya would eat him first. For insulting the Geumho tribe.

‘As calmly as possible. As boldly as possible.’

He lifted the fang. Lasen breathed deeply. Carefully, he pushed Tutankar’s fang into the hole. Instantly, just like at the ‘signpost,’ a person appeared. Rather than a person, it was closer to a hologram.

Below in the distance. The Geumho below the altar exclaimed with a cheer.

“Great chief! Tutankar!”


They shouted, stomping their feet. Lasen felt something odd.


It looked nothing like the Geumho tribe in stature. There wasn’t a tail or a sign of a cut-off tail. The typical aura of the Geumho tribe wasn’t there. No matter how you looked, he was human.

That’s when Lasen realized.

‘Tutankar is not a subordinate of Kirteul.’

Kirteul was Tutankar himself. To the Geumho looking on, Kirteul seemed to be Tutankar. It was unknown what kind of magic had been used.

‘A legendary great sorcerer was the setting.’

It didn’t seem that simple.

To practice such a level of collective hypnosis and magic that transcend the ages, just how accomplished was this great magician? Why did he have to sleep in the North Sea?

Kirteul spoke.

“You have brought the Holy Grail.”

It wasn’t a conversation like before. It was just unraveling pre-set values.

Lasen listened quietly to Kirteul’s words.

“…and thus I bestow my first arrangement upon the later generations.”

A red aura gathered in Kirteul’s hand. It turned into a small gem. Then, a small scream was heard.


The Holy Grail flew out. The form of a golden goblet. The golden chalice trembled.

“Are you going to torment me again, you senile old man!”

The red gem pierced into the body of the Grail.

“Ouch! It hurts, I tell you!”

The gem became embedded in the body of the Grail. Kirteul smiled faintly.

“The prelude to a great journey has now begun, later generation.”

At the same time, a new interpretation began to unfold.

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