Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 74

Magic House’s Youngest Son Episode 74

As more information was compiled, Cheonan’s ability to interpret increased. The clue that started from a ‘signboard’ now generated the keyword ‘Golden Tribe’s Altar’.

Mirang said, “We could go there. However.”

Mirang looked at Rasen.

“I might get beaten up badly and kicked out. And you might get eaten.”


Although Mirang had been acknowledged by Rasen, from the perspective of a mature Golden Tribe, Mirang was considered only half a Golden Tribe member.

The Golden Tribe despises the weak, especially those of their own kind. In Rasen’s view, Mirang was strong, but to the Golden Tribe, Mirang was weak.

“Even if I take the Fang?”

“That you can just snatch away. If I had been an outstanding warrior, my acknowledgment could have translated into the acknowledgment of the Golden Tribe.”

That part turned out to be regrettable.

“If you still want to go, I will guide you.”


Rasen pondered.

Was it right to head to the Golden Tribe’s location? Should they abandon Kirtel’s arrangement and seek out the ‘Hunter’s Tomb’ instead, as originally planned? Suddenly, Ebellia and Persha came to mind.

‘Those strong creatures even the mighty Golden Tribe couldn’t face.’

To survive among those monsters, ordinary methods won’t suffice. It means taking on the risk. No risk, no return.

“Let’s go.”

They decided to seek out Kirtel’s arrangement.

“But where is the location?”

“The Dragon Mountains.”

At that moment, Luddia, who had been watching attentively, chimed in.

“I know that place!”

Rasen knew too. It was the place where Luddia and Rasen had formed the ‘Contract of Fire’ and acquired the ‘Holy Grail’. It was also adjacent to Luddia’s hometown, Hyran. Rasen had seen hope there.

‘Kirtel. The Fang. The Transcendent Holy Grail.’

All three arrangements were in the ‘Dragon Mountains’. It wasn’t a coincidence.

‘That’s where I met Kashin.’

Kashin had been with Guardians known as Guardian Knights at that time. Rasen had been with a 7th Circle magician named Jaefel. Even though the Dragon Mountains were vast, wouldn’t the Guardian Knights and Jaefel’s mana detection fail to notice?

[Yes. If my intuition is correct, they seem to be swordsmen. I can feel their unique mana.]

[The approach speed is very fast. We will encounter them soon.]

[It’s hard to judge. However, they appear to be swordsmen of considerable skill.]

At that time, Jaefel had clearly spread his mana detection and swept the surroundings with mana.

‘The presence of the swordsmen neither triggered Jaefel’s magic nor their detection.’

This meant that they were protected by some special power. And that place likely was an area prepared by Kirtel in advance.

In other words, if they properly find Kirtel’s arrangement, they can guarantee some safety at that place.

Luddia’s mouth stretched into a grin.

“I might be able to see Dad!”

Rasen, Luddia, and the half-grown Golden Tribe member Mirang headed towards the Dragon Mountains.

* * *

Hyperion Calendar Year 223, February 1st.

An unnamed mountain at mid-slope. 6:10 AM.


Mirang dropped a large wild boar to the ground. It was unclear when it had been caught.

“I just picked it up on the way here. Eat it or not.”

Luddia woke up, rubbing her eyes.

“Wow. Meat.”

Luddia quickly lit a fire, creating a barbecue on the spot.

It was already the third day traveling with Mirang without using teleportation gates due to Mirang’s extreme aversion to them. Nevertheless, Luddia treated Mirang quite comfortably, and the feeling was mutual.

Rasen also woke up.

Traveling with a Golden Tribesman had its perks. Although his inventory had ‘nutritional supplements’ for food, eating freshly hunted meat was a rare treat. Moreover, Mirang had a gourmet taste, carrying various spices and salt in leather pouches.

‘Not to mention, the safety from beast attacks is a significant advantage.’

Rasen glanced at Mirang, who was slicing the partly cooked wild boar into bite-size pieces with sharp claws. Mirang, feeling Rasen’s gaze, said indifferently,

“Can’t eat a regular boar. It has no taste.”


“This one is a Sharpfang boar. It’s almost the only edible kind among boars. Golden Tribe prefers it because it doesn’t have a gamey smell and the meat is tender. It’s hard to hunt due to its low numbers.”

“I’ve heard that Golden Tribes eat whatever life forms they can.”

“That’s someone who doesn’t understand the Golden Tribe talking. There are many gourmets among us. We do not deal with meat or vegetables that aren’t of good quality. That’s why I don’t like to eat your preserved food.”

Theoretically, time stops in a pocket space. So food stored there doesn’t spoil.

But the Golden Tribe disliked eating food kept in pocket spaces. They said there was a peculiar smell. A smell that humans couldn’t detect but was tasteless to the Golden Tribe.

Mirang’s eyes narrowed.

“Of course, the best tasting one is human flesh. It’s tender and soft.”

“Talking about how human flesh tastes good in front of humans, what kind of attitude is that?”


“Does Golden Tribe meat taste good?”

“It’s tasteless. Tough. The fat is full of toxins, making it the worst ingredient.”


Rasen didn’t ask if Mirang had tasted it. Mirang was a Golden Tribesman. Though categorized as ‘people’, he was not the human Rasen thought of. He belonged to a race similar to humans, with entirely different common sense and culture. Rasen chose not to understand—it was just the way it was.

Mirang spoke.

“Once we cross this valley, Hyran appears.”

“Wow, I’ve never been this way!”

The valley was completely dry. Passing through a cave and down the mountain would lead to ‘Hyran’, Luddia’s hometown.

“Can I go see Dad?”

“Luddia. You’ll stay in the village.”

“What about Rasen?”

“I’m meeting with the Golden Tribe and will return.”

“But you could get eaten, right?”

Luddia bowed her head deeply after saying that.

“Is it because I’m weak?”


It wasn’t necessarily true that being weak at 14 was a given. Luddia was an incredibly talented magician for her 14 years, especially in elemental fire magic, where her talent was unmatched. Plus, she received special training from Ebellia. As time passed, Luddia would become even stronger.

Luddia clenched her fist.

“I’ll go to my father.”


“I’ll go to him. He once said. When I really want to become strong, to tell him then. I’ll become incredibly strong and definitely protect you. I’m your contractee.”

Waving her hand, Luddia decided to go to Hyran.

“Wait there. I’ll come after I finish.”

Rasen and Mirang were left. They entered the threshold of the Dragon Mountains. Mirang put both arms on the ground, standing on all fours like a four-legged animal, and started walking with a slithering motion, repeatedly flaring his nostrils as if sniffing out scents.

“This way.”

As Rasen climbed the Dragon Mountains, realization struck.

‘The direction matches where the Fire Grail was put to sleep.’

They found it. A shabby tombstone. Even more crumbled than Rasen remembered, barely recognisable as a tomb.

At that moment, the voice of the holy grail echoed.

[Ugh. I hate it here.]


[I feel like I’ve slept here for a thousand years. Anyway, I was sealed here.]

But Mirang continued sniffing at the broken tombstone and digging around it.

After a while, Rasen asked,

‘Why is Mirang digging the ground like that?’

[It seems they don’t know the incantation to enter their village.]

‘Is there a special incantation to enter?’

Mirang approached.

“I’m sure it’s around here. I can’t find the entrance to the village.”

“Isn’t there a special incantation needed?”

“Is there such a thing?”

That was the most innocent expression Rasen had seen on Mirang. He saw truly pure eyes for the first time. Rasen’s face scrunched slightly. It wasn’t Mirang’s fault. Mirang was a discarded member of the Golden Tribe and lacked proper care from parents. It’s not strange that he never learned such things.

‘In the end, the Golden Tribesmen in the village need to discover Mirang.’

Would they appear? They were hiding from a crazy magician named Persha. Rasen thought it was quite likely they wouldn’t show up. If that was the case, there was only one answer.

Rasen took out the ‘Fang of Tutankha’. Sitting on the dug-up tombstone, he meditated the entire day.

Hyperion Calendar Year 223, February 2nd, 6:00 AM.

‘They’re here.’

Rasen opened his eyes to a voice.

“Kid. What are you?”

Rasen moved slowly so as not to provoke the Golden Tribe. He put the Fang of Tutankha into the pocket space.

“A Golden Tribesman?”

Even at a glance, he was about 1.5 times larger than Mirang. Mirang’s body trembled slightly, apparently more afraid than Rasen. Rasen, through Cheonan, could interpret Mirang.

[Mirang was frail since childhood. As a result, they suffered a lot of bullying from other Golden Tribesmen.]

Still, it was ironic that they wanted to return to the village. They were scared of the Golden Tribe but wanted to return to them. It was difficult to understand this contradiction.

On the other hand, Mirang struggled to understand Rasen too.

‘Why doesn’t that kid feel any fear?’

With such frail power. Anything could break that delicate body. How could he remain uptight, even in front of a Golden Tribe warrior?


Mirang didn’t understand, but tried to. Understanding it would mean losing the un-Golden-Tribe-like fear they felt. They needed to learn.

“How do you possess the Fang of Tutankha?”

“It’s Kirtel’s errand.”


The Golden Tribesman cocked his head. It seemed he didn’t know the name Kirtel. Rasen, utterly unfazed, said,

“Bring me to the Elder.”

“You’ve lost all sense of fear, young one.”

The Golden Tribesman walked closer to Rasen. There was no sound. Rasen’s Cheonan sent a danger signal. He could almost see the vision of his neck being crushed in those strong hands. However, Rasen ignored the warning.

“My name is Rasen Mayten.”


“I am the descendant of Ebellia. And Persha’s kin.”


“You may not know Kirtel. But you should know Ebellia and Persha, right?”

The fur on the Golden Tribesman bristled. He seemed to fear the names of Ebellia and Persha. However, he soon curled his lips and laughed.

“You must have forged the Fang of Tutankha and brought it here to find this land.”

He puffed out his chest. The Golden Tribesman had apparently shed all fear.

“We are not afraid. We will fight you and die.”

“I came to prevent that. Neither you nor I need to die.”

Although the Golden Tribesmen were strong, their intelligence was not very high.

“I came here to correct my sisters’ mistakes, as one of the heirs of the Mayten family.”

“How can you correct the wrongs of Ebellia and Persha?”

“I will offer the Fang of Tutankha on your altar and inherit the will of Tutankha and Kirtel.”

It wasn’t entirely a lie. He had followed Kirtel’s arrangement to this place.

“To inherit their will and prevent the Mayten family’s senseless slaughter.”

“That is unbelievable.”

“Then let the altar judge that. Whether the Fang of Tutankha is real or fake.”

Rasen glanced behind.

“Isn’t that right, Elder Bakuya?”

At that point, someone emerged from the bushes.

“How do you know my name, boy?”

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