Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 73


An extraordinary being created by author Cha Seong-min.

I trudged along the perilous path between the cliffs known as the ‘Unknown Edge’, lost in thought.

‘Why has Phoenix suddenly appeared?’

An extraordinary being. A ‘god’, that’s what I had positioned it as. The name Phoenix was derived from the mythological phoenix, a bird that symbolizes immortality.

However, it doesn’t exactly make an appearance in the work, though it is mentioned a few times. It doesn’t exert a direct influence.

[‘The Fire Tribe’ had once possessed the power to rule the continent in ancient times, but as their worshipped Fire God ‘Phoenix’ began to exhaust its divine power, the tribe entered a period of decline.]

This was roughly the extent of the deity’s role within the narrative. But now, ‘Phoenix’ began to look upon Rudia with warm eyes. And there was another oddity.

‘I’ve never seen this interpretation in the novel.’

Kashin, the protagonist who possesses the divine eye, and Lasen, who has reincarnated into this world with the same divine eye. There seemed to be a difference between the two.

‘My divine eye… is different from the one Kashin has.’

A different divine eye from the protagonist.

The great mage Kirtel.

The Fire God Phoenix.

There was still so much I didn’t understand about this world. My heart raced at that realization. If I had previously been weighed down by a sense of responsibility with the settings, now I was intrigued. Responsibility and enjoyment flooded me simultaneously.

Just then, Tuma flapped its wings violently and shot up into the sky with a ‘flap!’

“Over there. Far away. Between the trees. A dung tiger.”

Tuma was terrified and flew high into the sky.

“I have repaid my debt.”

It flew far away. Among the winding stone paths, a figure from the Kimho Tribe was visible near the pile of rocks. The Kimho Tribe does not form groups, except in special circumstances, as they are strong enough on their own.

She had a feminine form, similar to a human but distinct in appearance. Her skin was a shade of yellow with black stripes. Though concealed by her clothes, her muscular physique capable of immense strength was surely there.

“To think I’d find a human child here.”

Kimho Tribe members did not flock together, it was a matter of pride.

“Where are your parents?”

“My parents are at home.”

“Surely a little one like you isn’t traversing this place alone?”

“I came to meet a member of the Kimho Tribe.”

“A child has no business with us.”


“I will spare you this once.”

The Kimho member curled her lips and smiled, sharp fangs visible.

“Good thing I’m not hungry right now.”

She then turned her back.

“Come back with an adult next time.”

As if to say, she wouldn’t harm a child, but she would take down an adult. Lasen roughly anticipated the Kimho’s response and had already considered how to effectively reveal the ‘Fang of Oath’ to gain what he wanted.

“Wait. Stop.”

I could show her the ‘Fang of Oath’ right away, but I chose not to. The Kimho only converse with those they acknowledge. To converse without recognition would be to challenge the Kimho’s temper, and in this situation, that meant death.

The Kimho stopped in place, slightly turning her head. Her pupils narrowed, filled with murderous intent.

“I’ve changed my mind.”


“It’s better just to catch and eat you.”

Lasen was prepared – this was the expected reaction from a Kimho.

Suddenly, the Kimho planted all four limbs on the ground and charged toward Lasen like a four-legged beast, agile and swift, darting through the shrubs.

As she drew closer, she lifted her right hand.

[Attribute: ‘Slow Flow’ is applied.]

Lasen remained calm. If hit, he’d die, but if not, then it was all fine. He had witnessed the might of King Magnur’s fist.

Although the Kimho was bold and powerful, she was incomparable to the King.

‘The trajectory… I see it!’


‘I can dodge it.’

He slightly dipped his head, hunching his upper body just a bit.


A sharp sound split the air as the Kimho’s right hand grazed past Lasen’s head, the destructive force palpable. It felt as though his hair stood on end.

The Kimho woman curled her lips up again.

“Quite fast indeed.”

Her fangs grew a bit longer. Lasen could predict her movements and respond.

‘The next attack is the left hand.’

It didn’t seem like she was aiming for the head. The endpoint of her attack was Lasen’s flank—not a fatal weak spot like the head, but a strike from her powerful arm there could still leave him breathless.

‘Slow Flow’ still applied. He felt the approach of the Kimho’s arm.

[Strength (强) pertains to fortifying both body (身) and soul (魂).]

Not martial arts, but physical combat skills. One of the four wills of Grandel, spoken aloud by Lasen.


The Grandel language held power, as they taught that words play a crucial role in elevating one’s will.

He toughened his side and left arm, pulling the finesse of physical combat skills with mana.

‘Let it hit slightly and flow with it.’

Now, the Kimho’s fingertips bore long, sharp claws. Not just the destructive force, but the claws presented a problem.

‘I won’t die if I’m cut by a claw.’

He would sustain some injury but not death.


He was hit, brushing it off as he pressed forward, drawing closer to the Kimho to dodge the direct impact, but the shock was immense. It felt as if his organs twisted inside him.

Lasen burrowed further into the Kimho’s embrace.

“How dare you, where do you think you’re going!”

She tried to grab Lasen with both arms, but he ducked lower, nearly hugging the ground as he avoided her embrace. His head slipped between the Kimho’s legs.

Grabbing her thighs, he stood up, relieved that the Kimho wasn’t extraordinarily heavy.

The Kimho’s balance was shattered. Her rear end was raised; an ungainly sight for both. Lasen quickly exited from between her legs.


He grabbed the Kimho’s tail.


The Kimho cried out, her body trembling.

“You’re not the one who should be screaming right now.”

Breathing was difficult for Lasen. His ribs might be cracked, breathing brought pain.

“Drop my tail this instant and apologize, and I might just spare your life.”

“And what if I don’t let go of the tail?”

A Kimho’s tail was practically their sole weakness. That’s why Kimho typically cut it off when young.

Kimho cubs under one aren’t affected by tail amputation.

“Should I cut off the tail for you now?”

But past a year old, a Kimho’s tail becomes their greatest weakness. Losing it as an adult could mean death.

The Kimho quivered. Her elongated claws and fangs had returned to normal.

“I’ve been defeated.”

“Do you admit it?”

“I let my guard down. But even negligence is a part of one’s skill set.”

Hearing her acknowledgment, Lasen let go of her tail immediately.

“So, shall we talk now?”

“You’re quite the interesting child.”

The Kimho stroked her own tail.

“I could easily kill you right now.”

“But an honorable Kimho wouldn’t do such a thing, right?”

Her pupils narrowed again. She hadn’t seen a human child like this before; usually, they cried and wailed.

“Where did such a monstrous little one spring from? Anyway, my name is Mirang. What kind of conversation do you want to have with me?”

The Kimho revealed her name, indicating a degree of recognition for Lasen. There would be no backstabbing or dishonorable killing now. Enduring the pain in his side, Lasen spoke.

“Do you recognize this?”

He took out the Fang of Oath.

“This… Is this the Fang of Tutankha?”

* * *

The Fang of Tutankha.

This was one of the treasures that the Kimho had been seeking. A relic left by the Kimho hero and great chieftain, Tutankha.

“The great mage Kirtel is said to have cast a perpetual preservation spell on it.”

“The Kimho scattered across the world in search of it… or so goes the tale. I’m not sure if it’s true.”

“It’s fascinating. You recognized it as the Fang of Tutankha immediately. I’ve never seen it before, but it matches the records.”

Lasen asked,

“What would you have thought if I had shown this to you straight away?”

My side ached terribly. ‘Self-recovery’ was healing it, but it needed more time. Perhaps I was too reckless.

“I would have eaten you and then taken it.”


That was a relief.

“Why do you want to steal it?”

“It allows you to enter the Kimho village.”

“The Kimho have formed a village?”

That was new. Kimho typically were solitary warriors, leading independent lives.

“Yes, it’s been about six years.”

“Why? Why would Kimho need a village?”

Mirang shrugged.

“The initial gathering of the Kimho was due to a huntress. That woman killed every Kimho she found.”

Mirang shuddered.

“For the first time, Kimho had to worry about survival, and so the adults started to form a village.”

“What about the Mercenary King?”

“He doesn’t particularly care about the survival of other entities.”

Kimho usually live independently, unconcerned with one another – that’s the norm.

“Anyway, the Kimho began to unite their forces to escape that woman, Evelia.”


While Lasen swallowed his saliva, Evelia no longer seemed to be the same person he knew.

But Mirang continued,

“Evelia was okay, though. Strictly speaking, the adults provoked her first. She didn’t kill Kimho without them striking first. Then the next woman came and she was truly mad.”

“The next woman?”

“Pershia Mayton.”

Lasen felt a headache coming on. After his second sister, now his third sister was involved too.

“To withstand that crazy woman, the adults formed several villages. But soon many were massacred, leaving only the current village intact.”

He learned a few other things. Mirang’s surroundings were decimated by Pershia, and Mirang alone survived. That’s why there was no adult to cut her tail as an infant.

“So your tail remains.”

“Right. The village elders could remove it.”

Lasen asked cautiously,

“Don’t you hate Evelia or Pershia?”

“The adults were weak, and they died because of their weakness. That’s all.”

She seemed to hold no particular grudge. The strong survive, the weak perish – it was the natural order to the Kimho.

“But why can’t you enter the village without the fang?”

Mirang’s expression dimmed slightly.

“Because I’m weak.”


Mirang explained that being weak wasn’t shameful, but refusing to admit weakness was.

“I was born much weaker than other Kimho my age. It’s congenital. Kimho do not tolerate weakness.”


The Mirang that Lasen had met was a strong individual. Yet she referred to herself as a weakling. Nonetheless, that ‘weakling’ suggested that even a strong Kimho was nothing more than a post-meal exercise for Evelia and Pershia.

‘What kind of insane world did I create?’

Lasen suddenly felt something was off.

“Six years ago?”

It began six years ago when Evelia hunted Kimho for the first time.

Then, there was at least a year gap until Pershia showed up.

So Mirang’s village would have been devastated no more than five years ago, at most. Five years back, Mirang was an infant.

“How old are you?”

“Me? Five years old. I’ve only recently reached adulthood.”

His head hurt. Even if Kimho’s concept of age differed from humans, Mirang claimed to be five.

“Anyway, if you have this fang, can you go to your village?”

“It’s not our village, but the Kimho village. We don’t use the term ‘our.’”

Indeed, Mirang had not once used the term ‘our.’ She referred to the Kimho as just Kimho.

“So, can I go there?”

Lasen’s divine eye discerned a new interpretation value. The information obtained from Mirang created a fresh interpretation. The name of the ‘Fang of Oath’ had changed.

[Tutankha’s Fang]

[Features: A fang imbued with Tutankha’s oath.]

[When ‘Tutankha’s Fang’ is placed on the Kimho altar, Kirtel’s arrangement will be activated.]

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