Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 72

Episode 72 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

Cha Seong-min had seen a news article about the “Crow Clan” just before setting them up. There was a related content in the headline about a “magpie repaying a kindness.” With no particular thought, Cha Seong-min set up the Crow Clan as creatures known for repaying kindness, but chose crows over magpies, fearing that magpies might seem too common.

That’s how the “Crow Clan” came to be created.

Rudia kept looking back and forth, fascinated by the Crow Clan and Lasen.

“The Crow Clan repays kindness,” she said with a bright smile. “They seem like good kids.”

One of the Crow Clan introduced himself with a light bow. “My name is Tuma. What’s your name?”


“Pleasure. Me. Knows dung tiger.”

Their walk was somewhat peculiar, wobbling as they moved. It didn’t seem very natural to them.

“Dung tiger. One by one. Roaming.”

The term “dung tiger” seemed to refer to the “Gold Tiger Tribe,” the beastly race Lasen was seeking. Known as a valiant race, their sparse numbers were the only reason they hadn’t taken control of the continent from humanity. Even the famous mercenary king, Dragun, was of the Gold Tiger Tribe.

“Dung tiger. Bad. They. Eat us.”

To the ancient standards, the Gold Tiger Tribe was an object of fear even to humans, considering them nothing more than prey, similar to how they viewed other beastly races.

They despised “the weak.”

This disdain went beyond simple dislike to outright hatred. While the times have changed, and these tendencies have faded, they are inherent instincts of the Gold Tiger Tribe.

Thanks to Tuma of the Crow Clan, Lasen was reminded of a certain fact.

“The unprotected regions’ populace must be frequently preyed upon by the Gold Tiger Tribe.” The protected regions are governed by either the Three Great Houses, the Holy Empire, or others of comparable strength, where humans are absolute. But the unprotected regions? They live out the reality that Cha Seong-min had set up in the past.

“Are there many dung tigers here?”

“Two. One whereabouts unknown. One known.”

The Crow Clan seemed to keenly know the predators’ locations, quite fitting for a clan well-informed in intelligence.

“Guide me.”

“Dung tiger. They. Eat us.”

Lasen looked at Tuma intently, and at that moment, many of the Crow Clan stepped back. Those who had been most eager to snatch the coins were now timid cowards.

“Tuma. Be strong.”

“Tuma. We. Believe in you.”

“Tuma. The best. Tactician.”

Leaving Lasen and Tuma behind, the Crow Clan moved at least ten steps away. Tuma shivered.

“Brothers. Me. Afraid.”

Lasen spoke again.

“Shouldn’t you repay kindness?”

“Uh, kindness. Must. Repay.”

Tuma looked miserable, shivering wings, bowing deeply.

“Me. Kindness-repaying Tuma.”

Under the absolute settings by Cha Seong-min, Tuma couldn’t refuse. Lasen felt once more the immense power of the settings Cha Seong-min had created.

“They’re truly afraid, yet still willing to help.”

Even if Tuma fled, Lasen wouldn’t catch him. The Crow Clan had wings, while Lasen couldn’t fly. They knew they could always escape high into the sky at the sight of humans—it was their nature.

‘This is the setting I’ve determined.’

Countless people in unprotected regions live under threats unimaginable to modern Earthlings. Even those afraid, like the Crow Clan, muster courage to repay kindness. A sense of responsibility weighed down on Lasen, though it didn’t show.

“Let’s go. Kindness-repaying Tuma.”

He gave Tuma another Gran. Recharged by the deposit of one Gran, Tuma cheered up.

“Tuma! Repays! Kindness! Tuma! Valiant! Tuma! Rich!”

For the record, a ‘Gran’ was similar in value to a Korean ‘won.’

* * *

At the Grandell family.

King Magnar massaged his ears, tired of hearing the same thing.

“Ah, really, Brother. Can’t you just stop nagging?”

Magnar had recently wiped out a group of bandits. The problem was that these bandits were just the ‘tail’ of the issue.

“How many times have I told you? It’s not just about catching and punishing them?”

“Then. Why. They all fall down even with a flick of the finger. Who knew they’d die?”

“You brat!”

The head of the Grandell family lifted his fist.

“So? You’re gonna hit me? Is that something you, as head, can do?”


The Patriarch of the Grandell family, one of the absolute powers of the world, ‘Bellatudo,’ sighed deeply.

“Enough. Let’s end this conversation.”

His brother was all muscle, no brain. Too much to complain about him.

“Oh? They said they wanted to take Rosalyn as a concubine because she’s pretty.”


The ground shuddered as if hit by an earthquake.

“Good job. You did well to kill them. Did you make it painful for them?”

“No. They all dropped as soon as I touched them.”

“You should’ve made it agonizing for them!”

“Why would the head of the Grandell family say something like that? Even when killing, you should spare them pain, right?”

Bellatudo cleared his throat. In front of his brother, he often revealed his true self. The two shared a rather special sibling love and chatted about various topics.

“Lasen. How far did you teach him?”

“The Grandell’s four basic wills and three basic physical techniques available in any neighborhood library.”

Focus on strike, movement, and suppression. He taught only these very basic movements.

“Well, I think it’s about time I tell you the truth.”

“What truth? What mess have you made now?”

“Not that.”

Magnar met Bellatudo’s eyes. Occasionally, when they talked seriously, Magnar had such a weighty tone.

“This guy has a very peculiar constitution.”

“What is it?”

“He absorbed strength. That’s the first thing, and secondly, he can draw upon martial arts using mana.”


It couldn’t be. Strength and mana are fundamentally different.

Just as one cannot wield magic with strength, one cannot employ martial arts with mana. They’re essentially different by nature.

“It’s not as efficient as strength, but he manages to imitate it well. The efficiency is terrible and puts a lot of strain on the body, but he is naturally able to cope with it.”


Bellatudo understood. His brother’s words were true.

“We might soon witness a real magic user who wields martial arts. In the not-so-distant future.”


“How exciting is that? He’s absorbing and understanding the Grandell’s four wills at a mind-blowing rate.”

The two talked about Lasen for over an hour. Magnar seemed genuinely excited. After an hour-long conversation, Magnar stood up.

“If anything happens that could harm the Grandell family—”

If it was because of Lasen.

“I will take responsibility as his teacher and kill him.”

Bellatudo closed his eyes. Magnar quietly closed the door and left. Bellatudo understood his brother’s words.

[“I will take responsibility as his teacher and kill him.”]

This meant he’d take responsibility for his actions. It wasn’t a lie about killing Lasen. But after, Magnar would take his own life, bearing the consequences as a teacher. Bellatudo’s heart was heavy.

Now, Lasen had piqued his curiosity.

‘Should I… meet him myself?’

He wanted to see who this person was that brought such excitement to his world-weary brother.

* * *

Rudia’s legs ached. Leaving the well-trodden “Silk Road” for the untouched cliffs’ paths was exhausting.

“Lasen. My legs hurt.”

Although a talented fire mage at 14, she physically couldn’t keep up with Lasen, born with a celestial physique.


Lasen realized she was at her physical limit.

‘Should’ve considered a simple issue.’

Meeting the Gold Tiger Tribe would inevitably lead to conflict. Lasen knew well the dangers of the tribe. It’s better for Rudia to not be involved. There will be at least one battle.

Caught in the thought of meeting the Gold Tiger Tribe, Lasen had overlooked the element of Rudia.

“Rudia. Take a rest.”



Lasen wildly scattered Grans in the air. Some crows of the Crow Clan, circling above, descended. Their caution had lessened.

He continued to scatter the coins.

“Guide us to safety.”

“I. Kindness-repaying Torch. To safety. Let’s go.”

A Crow named Torch took the lead.

“Rudia. Follow Torch.”

“Can’t I go with you? I’ve recovered.”

Lasen shook his head. According to his Celestial Eye, Rudia was at her limit. Her feet were swollen, and she was on the brink of stress fractures. Any further strain could damage her bones. Lacking strength, she wouldn’t be able to handle magic either.

“Don’t push it.”

“It’s not. I’ve completely recovered.”

Lasen met Rudia’s eyes. She was still too weak. Inevitable.

‘Magic’ takes time to reach greatness. Not a gradual increase in power, but in sudden leaps.

“You’re of no help to me. Not yet.”


“Stay back. That’s helping me.”

Rudia bit her lip. She wanted to shout out in protest, but didn’t. Her head drooped.

“Okay. I’ll rest.”

Lasen turned coldly. He felt sorry, but didn’t show it. Rudia watched his receding back with an intense gaze.

‘I’m weak.’

It was true.

‘I don’t want to be weak.’

Suddenly, a circle flared in her chest, spinning rapidly. Unseen by anyone, a burst of fire poured over her head, enveloping her like a phantom flame before fading away.

Unbeknownst to Rudia herself, she had been enveloped in fire.

“I’ll become strong.”

She resolved to prevent such a situation from occurring again.

She didn’t want to be a useless Partner. She wanted to be of help. This intense desire blazed within her like a flame.

“I’ll definitely become strong.”

Then, Lasen’s Celestial Eye interpreted a new value.

[“A ‘variable’ affecting the story has arisen.”]

[“The character ‘Child of the Phoenix’ vows to grow.”]

[“The god of fire ‘Phoenix’ starts to watch over its child with tender eyes.”]

Lasen doubted his own eyes for a moment. He had definitely seen it. The word ‘Phoenix.’

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