Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 71

In the gray space where time seemed to have stopped, the only creatures with color were Rasen and Rudia. Then a man appeared.

He looked to be in his mid-fifties, dressed in a robe like a magician, and in his right hand, he held an emerald-colored staff. Rasen immediately felt it.

‘A Korean?’

When he first possessed a body in this world, he saw Heyra and Hamton and thought of them as ‘races of the fantasy world.’ But now, the man before him felt like a Korean.

Rudia spoke,

“Ohh? Is that a person? Not a person?”

She sniffed around. She cheerfully exclaimed that there was no scent! Rasen also realized that this ‘Korean’ wasn’t a person.

‘Not a person.’

A magically implemented hologram. It was closer to a video projection programmed by magic than a real person. The Grail spoke,

[Senile old man!]

The Grail seemed to know who this man was. There was only one person the Grail would describe this way. The Great Mage Kirtel. This figure seemed to be the living image of Kirtel.

“My name is Kirtel. Greetings, successor.”


It was not a conversation. The current Kirtel was just a programmed image. Kirtel spoke again,

“I sleep in the Northern Sea.”

The Northern Sea.

The end of the world to the north. A land yet to be conquered by humanity. A forsaken land where fierce cold and blizzards rage, impossible for humans to inhabit.

“I hope one day my successor will awaken me.”


“If my successor refuses to awaken me, that too shall be my fate.”

Rasen was able to hear a few stories from Kirtel.

“For the distant future, I have sealed myself in the Northern Sea.”

“To unseal me, I have prepared arrangements for nurturing a successor.”

“However, there needs to be a test for the successor’s qualifications.”

About 15 minutes passed. Rasen was able to hear a lot from Kirtel. And then the first test was given.

“To carry on my legacy. To follow in my footsteps. There are preconditions that must be met. The first is the [Heavenly Eye] you possess. The second is the [Grail].”

Rasen doubted his ears for a moment.

‘The Grail?’

The first test couldn’t possibly be…

“Bring the Grail. That’s the first test. Go to Hyran. If they have maintained their lineage, they will be living there. If you can’t win their hearts and form a contract of fire, you won’t be able to obtain the true Grail.”

Just as he feared. The test seemed to be about finding the fire tribe, making a contract with them, and bringing back the true meaning of the Grail. Not just a ‘Fire Grail’ but a ‘Transcendent Grail’.

Kirtel disappeared. The gray world returned to normal. The wind blew. The wooden sign creaked. Below it, Hangul appeared.

[Bring the Grail.]

If Kirtel had really been Kirtel, he would have sensed the Grail melted in Rasen’s heart, but Kirtel was a fake. Rasen stood again in front of the sign. He raised mana as he did at first. After all, he already possessed the Grail.

Letters were carved into the air. In Hangul.

[I was waiting. My successor.]

Suddenly, the gray space unfolded again. Kirtel had a slightly kinder expression than the first time he saw him.

“Before we start, I have an astonishing fact to tell you. It’s about my origin.”

“I am from South Korea.”

“It took me 500 years to get here from South Korea, where not even the ‘Ma’ of magic existed.”

“I had no teacher. There were no preparations for me. That’s why it took so long. I wandered a lot.”

The legendary Great Mage Kirtel resolved. I will ensure my successor does not wander like I did. He vowed to show a quicker, safer, and more certain path.

“Finding the Grail means you’re on the right track to becoming a truly great magician.”

Kirtel continued talking.

“More important than the amount and quality of effort is the direction of effort. No matter how hard you try in the wrong direction, you cannot go the right way. You have to work in the right direction to go the right way. Successors will call this the [Path of Magic].”

The information not revealed at first. South Korean origin. 500 years. Teachers and arrangements. And the Path of Magic.

“Now that I have passed my first test and proved my qualifications, I want to bestow my successor with fitting arrangements.”

Kirtel’s form turned to dust and gradually disappeared. From the toes, bit by bit. The knees disappeared, then the waist. The dust scattered here and there, then gathered above Rasen’s palm. It hardened into one form.

‘A fang?’

It was a fang about 15 cm long. Before long, Kirtel’s form had completely vanished and only his voice could be heard.

-If you follow my arrangements, you will know everything.

-Look through the Heavenly Eye. My first arrangement should be here.

The world drenched in gray returned to normal. Rudia asked,

“Rasen, Rasen. Where is South Korea?”

“I’m not sure.”

Was the mention of South Korea a coincidence? No. Clearly, Kirtel was from the ‘Korea’ that Rasen knew.

“Will you unseal it?”

“I don’t know yet.”

He did not yet know. What Kirtel wanted, why he had sealed himself in the Northern Sea. It was still unknown.

“But what’s that? A fang? It’s big!”

The first arrangement as said by the Great Mage Kirtel. That arrangement was a fang. It was somewhat strange. According to Kirtel’s words, Rasen looked through the Heavenly Eye.

[Name: Vowfang]

[Feature: Fang imbued with the oath of the Gold Tribe]

This was all that Rasen’s Heavenly Eye could interpret about the item. Rasen placed the fang in his inventory.


Possessed a long time ago. The fact that the Great Mage of legend is actually from Korea. He sealed himself, and he’s looking for a successor to unseal him. He’s pointing out the right direction for a magician.

‘I suppose I’ll find out if I follow along.’

He was not yet thinking about releasing Kirtel’s seal. There were too many mountains to overcome to even think about that.

Rasen stepped forward.

“Where are you going?”

“To the direction of the Hollen Empire.”

Rasen set off towards the direction of the Hollen Empire. If you follow this road, you will come across the ‘Cliff of the Unknown.’ The Cliff of the Unknown is between the ‘Path of the Seeker’ and the ‘Hollen Empire,’ with two giant cliffs like screens. A road passes between the two cliffs which is called the ‘Silk Road.’

Along the road, there was another wooden sign.


[Silk Road]

It was a very old sign. It seemed to have been neglected lately.

“Rasen. Why are all these signs so worn out?”

“Magic has developed too much.”

“Magic develops and signs get old?”

“Since people can move through transport gates to important points, signs have become unnecessary.”

More precisely, rather than saying magic has developed, it’s better to say magic has been commercialized.

The technology of transport gates has existed for hundreds of years already.

Rather than the technology advancing, it’s more accurate to say it’s become widely spread.

“But why aren’t we using transport gates?”

“I have some business at the Cliff of the Unknown.”

It wasn’t that Rasen had to undertake or acquire all of Kirtel’s arrangements. The actual destination wasn’t really the ‘Cliff of the Unknown’ but the ‘Tomb of the Hunter.’

“Why there?”

“We have to find the [Crow Tribe] there.”

One of the arrangements by the legendary Great Mage Kirtel. It can’t just be skipped over.

* * *

Three days passed.

Rasen and Rudia made camp while searching for the ‘Cliff of the Unknown.’ The giant cliffs stretched out like screens.

Rasen looked up. The cliffs soared high, almost touching the sky.

‘First… let’s check out the first arrangement.’

The arrangement of the Great Mage Kirtel. It seemed like it wasn’t far from here. In this Cliff of the Unknown, he should be able to grasp at least the minimum clues.

Rasen walked with Rudia. The path between the cliffs. The road was well trodden and designed for several carriages to move on, even if now, weeds were growing everywhere.

Rasen tossed coins here and there.

“Why are you throwing away money?”

“The Crow Tribe likes shiny things.”

“The Crow Tribe? Those cowards?”

The Crow Tribe belonged to the beastman species (獸人種). In ancient times, beastmen were categorized as animals, but now they are classified as human.

Depending on the tribe, like humans, they have self-awareness, intelligence, and maintain their ecosystem.

The Crow Tribe was one such beastman tribe. They looked similar to humans but were significantly shorter in stature.

They had the height of about seven-year-old children and had a pair of black wings instead of arms, while their lips had beaks instead.

“Ooh, feels like a waste of money.”

It’s okay. He had 3 billion gran in his hands. Now throwing 1 gran. After scattering money here and there, another day passed. Rasen’s Heavenly Eye caught sight of the ‘Crow Tribe.’ They perched all over the cliffs, looking this way.

‘They are interested in gran but still wary.’

The Crow Tribe didn’t like humans. Long ago, humans would pluck the weak Crow Tribe’s wings for luxury items. The instinct of the Crow Tribe harbored ingrained aversion or fear of humans.

Rudia yawned and spoke,

“My dad said before. You can’t do anything with the Crow Tribe.”


“They are too cowardly. They are scared of people.”

“I see.”

Rudia stretched her shoulders and pretended to be proud.

“So what Rasen is doing now is a waste of time.”

“Do you not like wasting time?”

“No. I like it.”

Rudia lay down on the ground.

“I like being lazy.”

Rasen also lay down, as if showing a complete lack of intent to attack. While doing so, he snapped his fingers and tossed coins everywhere.


1 gran fell to the ground.

Rasen launched 1 gran a bit higher.

Just then, sunlight piercing through the clouds met the gran, making it glitter. Eventually, one of the crows from the tribe spread its wings.

It cautiously landed on the ground and ingested the coins. Its appearance was like that of a pigeon pecking at feed.

Rasen didn’t mind and continued to toss money in various directions. Time passed.

After three days, the Crow Tribe no longer guarded against Rasen.

“Shiny, shiny. Things that shine.”

“Shiny, shiny. Things that shine.”

They continued to swallow the scattered gran.

Accordingly, more and more of the Crow Tribe gathered. About thirty or so. Rasen tossed another gran.

Rudia propped her chin and lay down, observing the Crow Tribe.


Rudia realized. Rasen was being a bit more conservative with the gran. He scattered much less than at the beginning. And she realized something else.

“The cowards are getting closer?”

Another day passed.

The Crow Tribe now gathered close to Rasen, focused only on his fingers.

That day, Rasen only tossed 12 gran. One every two hours.

Another day went by. Finally, one of the crow tribes approached Rasen.

“Human. Gold coins. More. None?”

Rasen smiled broadly.

“Gold coins. Plenty.”

The hardest part was getting them to come closer; once their guard was down, there was much to gain from the Crow Tribe. That was the setup by Choi Sung-min [character from the story?].

Rasen directly offered a gold coin. The Crow Tribe member that spoke to Rasen immediately swallowed up 1 gran with its beak.


“Plenty more.”

He gave another. The Crow Tribe burped softly. It approached Rasen timidly.

“I’m now a rich one.”

It asked cautiously,

“Can I. Possibly. Repay. Kindness?”

Rasen hit the mark he was aiming for. He opened his pocket dimension and took out an item. It was [Vowfang].

“I want to find the owner of this fang.”

The Crow Tribe members gathered together. They surrounded Rasen and observed the Vowfang intently. One of them said,

“I. Know this.”

Simultaneously, the Crow Tribe let out a caw!

“To repay. Kindness.”

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