Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 70

Rudia exclaimed, “Really?”

“Yes, truly.”



“Shall I then exert all my strength?”

“Give it your all with everything you’ve got!”

With a peculiar chant, Rudia summoned her fire mana. Immediately, the surrounding area began to blaze. Red flames. The acrid smell of burning. Rasen covered his mouth with a wet handkerchief and headed towards the entrance.

Cheonan interpreted the situation in real time. Despite the stinging smoke obscuring his vision, Rasen knew exactly which direction and path to take as if he were looking through an infrared camera.

‘The exit is that way.’

Rasen grabbed Rudia’s wrist and they descended the stairs.

‘Two are lying in ambush by the exit.’

The threat of an assassin or an ambush is terrifying due to their stealth. But in the current situation, Rasen was fearless. His mana circle began to rotate.

Clarity brightened his eyes.

‘We go now.’

He hurled his body towards the exit, tumbling onto the ground in an unsightly fashion. Yet, he managed to evade the masked attackers. Rudia rolled as well, and after a few turns, she stood up dusting off her clothes.

Rasen crouched down.

[Using basic martial magic, ‘Swift Resolution’.]

A technique that rapidly consumes mana but equally enhances physical abilities. Rasen closed the distance with the masked man in an instant. A punch sunk deep into the abdomen.

Rudia cried out, “Rasen!”

It was because a sharp sword was falling towards Rasen’s head.

“You wretched brute!”

In haste, Rudia threw a fireball. It was a wild and uncontrolled cast, but sufficient enough to make the assailant flinch. Rasen twisted his body.

“Nice. Rudia.”

[Using basic martial magic, ‘Skilled Weight Control’.]

The martial magic, which helped maintain balance in most situations, shone in its utility. Rasen sprang up as if catapulted, his head striking the chin of the masked assailant. The impact was significant—the assailant fell.

Both masked men lay sprawled on the ground gasping.

“We won’t bother asking who you are.”

There was no need because Rasen already knew. He had seen it through Cheonan. One of the assailants was named Berento; the other was ‘Brick’, the innkeeper.

[Name: Brick]

[Feature: A small-scale information broker who wishes to maintain his business.]

Rasen understood what judgment Brick had made and which choices had led him here.

“This is the domain of the Meiten family. A magical fire, if caused, will immediately dispatch the magic investigation team.”

Rasen pressed his foot against Brick’s back, pinning him down.

“My family couldn’t care less what I do or where I am, whether I’m living or dead. However,”


“The moment you harm a member of the Meiten family in front of the magical investigation team who are Meiten’s retainers, you’ll be arrested as a criminal caught in the act.”

Rasen removed Brick’s mask and indeed it was him.

“Brick, the information broker belonging to ‘The Night’s Chorus’.”


“I shall hold you accountable for the assault.”

Rasen didn’t kill him. After all, Brick had no intention to kill Rasen either.

“Had you attempted to kill me, you would have been dead now. This will be taken into consideration.”

Rasen channeled a handful of ‘mana’ through his foot into Brick’s back. The mana traveled down Brick’s spine to the tips of his fingers.


Brick’s little finger contorted grotesquely. He realized then that the finger bone had been completely shattered. He would never be able to use his little finger again.

“Let’s go, Rudia.”

Rasen donned his robe and began to walk away.

* * *

Brick and Berento were apprehended by the dispatched magic investigation team and dragged away as suspected arsonists. Brick swallowed hard.

‘Where in the world is this?’

Both blindfolded—Brick and Berento.

“Remove the blindfolds.”

They slid off gently. The great enchanter of the age stood before them—Deckatra. None of them could have anticipated being personally interrogated by Deckatra.

“Why did you attack Meiten’s kin?”

“We believed it was the way for us to continue our business.”

“I remember having already granted you the permission to operate.”

Brick felt a drip of cold sweat run down his back. Did they conspire to seek permission again from Deckatra, who had already granted them the right to do business? A misstep might appear as a disdain for Deckatra’s authority.

“We are information brokers. We decided to ascertain and show what the current family head of Meiten desires. Attacking the Seventh Son was a small gift from us.”

They had performed numerous simulations, yet had not anticipated speaking directly to Deckatra. He grinned as if amused.

“Not a bad gift.”

Deckatra nodded.

“You wanted to demonstrate how the youngest discerns the situation and handles it.”


“You are quite a competent information broker.”

Brick bowed deeply.

“We will work harder.”

“Was it you who caused the fire?”

“No. It was fire magic used by a young girl accompanying the Seventh Son. Her name was Rudia.”

Deckatra was pleased with that too. Simply dealing with the attackers would have earned them high marks, but they went further, setting a fire and prompting the dispatch of an investigation team.


Brick continued bowing, but here ‘impressive’ wasn’t aimed at him. It was the junior’s audacious actions that had impressed.

‘They wanted to show me their understanding of the situation and their dealings, all the while’

‘Not tarnishing the Meiten’s name.’

The mangled little finger of Brick proved it. He had certainly collected what he owed. Deckatra was pleased with everything from start to finish.

“Does that finger trouble you much?”

“It does not.”

“Let’s make it a little more comfortable for you.”

Deckatra raised his finger and a small wind blade materialized at the tip. He tossed it lightly.

With a faint sound, Brick’s little finger was severed.


It fell to the ground. Brick felt no pain. No blood was shed.

“It will be much more comfortable without it.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

It was indeed better to have it removed than to live with a shattered bone. It would also make it easier to fit a prosthetic finger.

Brick actually felt relief.

‘The pain is gone.’

The throbbing pain had disappeared. While the little finger was gone, there would be no further complications from infection. With Deckatra’s abilities, he could have healed the shattered bone, yet he chose not to, which meant Deckatra respected Rasen’s decision.

“Go. I grant you the right to conduct your business. This is the price you’ve proven with your competency.”

Brick muttered quietly as he left the Meiten family,

“We got off much cheaper than expected.”

* * *

Having acquired 3 billion Gran, Rasen, alongside Rudia, embarked on ‘The Seeker’s Path’. Approximately 300 km in distance. They traveled close to 50 km per day, reaching the end of ‘The Seeker’s Path’ in six days.

“Rasen, where are we heading?”


At the edge of The Seeker’s Path, there were three forks in the road. A path towards the Holy Empire of Hollen, a path to the martial family of Grandel, and a road leading to the Red Forest.

“The Holy Empire?”


“And why are we heading there?”

“For what can be gained.”

Surviving until 17—their utmost priority. To surpass the dreaded age of 17, they must make every effort. Fortunately, in the Holy Empire of ‘Hollen’, there were many arrangements laid out by the author, Cha Sung-Min. Utilizing Cheonan and the setting book, Rasen believed he could reap many benefits.

‘First of all…’

He reviewed his plans. Starting with leaving the crossroad, heading to the ‘Hunter’s Tomb’ was the priority. There lay a potion that could enhance mana circle capacity—a unique place that gifted ‘capacity potions’ to travelers who met certain conditions.

He had reached the end of ‘The Seeker’s Path’. There were three forks in the road, each marked by a signpost.

The Holy Empire of Hollen.

The Grandel family.

The Red Forest.

Following these signs didn’t guarantee arriving at Hollen, Grandel, or the Red Forest directly. The continent was vast, after all. These signs were but markers indicating ‘approximate directions’. Yet, they held importance as they revealed what ‘standards’ the world held.

Rasen stood in front of the signpost made of wood.


Approaching the signpost closer, he noticed something odd.

‘What is this?’

Beneath ‘The Holy Empire of Hollen’ was another line of text.

“Rudia. Look here. Can you see these letters?”


“Read it for me.”

“The Holy Empire of Hollen! I can read perfectly well. Granny Witch gave me a hundred points.”

“And below that?”


Rudia scrutinized the signpost attentively. She searched front and back, top and bottom.

“What’s down there?”

It was the same as that time.

[Master, do you see anything?]

[I see nothing.]

Even Emperor Magnar couldn’t read these characters.

‘Why is there Hangul here?’

Hangul was present. However, it was strange that only he could see it. The text had not been described in such a way before.

[I leave arrangements for the successor.]

Successor. The word ‘successor’. He had seen it before.

[With the greatest civilization’s characters, for the successor….]

But then the writing was erased, and he could see no further.

Suddenly, Rasen felt a slight pain in his chest.

‘There’s a reaction.’

It wasn’t with his heart; it was a reaction with the ‘Dragon Heart Breastplate’ currently worn by Rasen. The breastplate was reacting to this signpost.

The Flame Grail complained,

[Bro, is this thing eating up my mana?]

Just let it be.

[Mana is mine! But since I’m a good listener, I’ll let it be, especially for you.]

[But make sure to praise me lots.]

Rasen waited for a moment. The Dragon Heart Breastplate had absorbed quite a lot of mana. There were no outward changes.

“Rasen? What are you doing? Aren’t we going? The sun is about to fully set.”

“Wait a moment.”

Rasen touched the signpost. Suddenly, a burst of white light erupted, visible only to him. The mana-filled ‘Dragon Heart Breastplate’ reacted to ‘the signpost with Hangul’. Suddenly, the world was tinted in shades of gray.

And then, text appeared before Rasen’s Heavenly Eyes.

[Only those bearing ‘Dragon Heart Breastplate’ or ‘Swan’s Golden Tooth’ or ‘Wild Beast’s Eyeball’ or ‘Halan’s Staff’ in addition to having ‘Heavenly Eyes’ can view my arrangements.]

Rasen couldn’t comprehend the text. The grayscale world around him, and Hangul text emerging in the air, were beyond the realm set by the creator, Cha Sung-Min.

[text continues…]

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