Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 7

[Spirit Engraved Attribute ‘Slow Flow’ is automatically applied.]

The sixth brother.

Carlton Mayton’s fist seemed to move incredibly slowly.

Ideally, Lasen wanted to catch that punch and subdue Carlton for good, but he couldn’t. The ‘Learned Fear’ etched in Lasen Mayton’s body slowed his movements down.


Lasen deflected Carlton’s punch.

‘I would have been hit in the face if I was any slower.’

He hated being hit. He hadn’t been punched in the face by anyone since middle school. It hurts not only physically but also deeply hurts one’s feelings.

And it would feel even worse to be hit by such a brat.

“What did you… just do?”

Carlton glared with eyes swollen with anger. How dare this worthless thing deflect his brother’s hand?

“What did you do!”

He yelled angrily. A normal reaction would be to cower in fear. That was the authority of a brother, the power he held.

But today, Lasen Mayton was somehow different.

“I simply exercised my right to self-defense.”

It’d be weirder if I just took the hit.

“Say that again.”

“What should I repeat?”

“Say it again, you trash.”



“You said to speak.”

Carlton’s body trembled. It seems this crazy younger brother has lost his mind.

“You filthy bugger!”

Lasen was currently activating ‘Heavenly Eye’. Thanks to Heavenly Eye, he could interpret all of Carlton’s movements.

‘He has a ring in his heart, too.’

He could feel it.

‘Looks like he’ll draw power from that ring.’

It was briefly visible.

[Name: Carlton Mayton]

[Main Attribute: Water]

[Trait: Furious Child]

Though the author, Cha Sung-min, didn’t set these elements, characters without explicit settings still live with their own given traits. This is a world where everyone has their individuality.


And then, Lasen saw what Carlton was planning to do. It was the ability of the Heavenly Eye.

‘He’s going to create some water droplets.’

The droplets would materialize on either side of the face. And one near the stomach.

‘That’s going to be a nuisance if they form.’

Above all else, it was definitely attack magic. If getting hit by a fist hurts, being hit by attack magic would hurt even more.

He bent his knees slightly. “Oh, my knees.” His nine-year-old body felt so heavy. The hardware is quite disappointing. Lasen also activated the ring in his heart.

‘Let’s turn off Heavenly Eye now.’

It consumes too much mana.

[‘Heavenly Eye’ has been deactivated.]

In that state, he sprung forward.

‘The temples.’

With his right hand, he struck the left temple.

With his left hand, the right temple.

Then clenching his right fist again, he drove it into Carlton’s abdomen.

Still, considering the opponent was ‘human’, he controlled his strength. He did not use the ‘Beginner Martial Arts’ engraved on his heart, nor did he wrap mana around his fist.


There was a sound.


Carlton Mayton bent over.


Carlton Mayton fell to the ground, coughing again.


But something was strange.


Damn it.

‘Why is there blood?’

He significantly controlled his strength. He didn’t hit that hard, but blood was being coughed up. This is the first time seeing someone cough up blood in real life.

“Hampton. Call a healer.”

Then, a sentence came to mind unbidden. Heavenly Eye interpreted the world.

[Kashin Seid could be said to be the nemesis of mages. It was because his ‘Heavenly Eye’ ability could read all magic.]

As soon as he saw this sentence, he could remember it.

‘Ah. Maybe.’

He hit the body where magic was about to manifest, before it fully formed, seizing the spot where the tangible magic was to appear and striking there, shaking the mana inside.

‘Mana exploded inside his body?’

An experienced mage would take that into account when using magic, but apparently, Carlton did not. Magic is a sophisticated field of study that takes a very long time to master, and it’s a very difficult discipline for someone of Carlton’s age.

“Hurry. Run!”

“Yes, yes! Understood!”

It seems he’s gone too far beating up his brother. And separately from that…

‘I might be able to understand the most effective way to deal with mages.’

The first goal is to survive until the age of 17. The path seems a little clearer now.

* * *

A separate space is designated for servants and maids in the ‘Maple Annex’. There, Hampton relayed everything he had seen and heard.

“…And that’s what happened.”

Heira couldn’t believe it.

“That’s impossible!”

“It does seem so. I wouldn’t be telling you this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

That wastrel seventh son knocked down a ‘Black Mushroom Monster’ with one punch and knocked out the intimidating sixth son until he passed out.

Hampton continued speaking.

“Sister. I would like to have an honest conversation now. May I?”

Heira shrugged her shoulders.

“Why? You’re going to say you’re a shadow?”

“…No reply.”

Hampton was silent for a moment. Heira grinned.

“Everyone knows except that wastrel. That you’re a shadow.”

“It makes sense. Only you and I advise ‘him’, after all.”

Hampton said.

“I think you’re more than just a regular maid. Your footsteps are too light, and your movements are too stealthy.”

Hampton laid out his hand first.

“Right. Everyone knows that too, apart from that wastrel.”

“Do you really think he’s still just a wastrel?”

Hampton lowered his voice.

“The official ten-year ceremony is coming up. Perhaps the seventh son is beginning to make his move? That’s what I think.”

“Go on.”

Heira is also aware that the wastrel has changed a lot lately. He still complains, but there’s a gentler, more restrained feeling about him. But not to the extent that Hampton mentions.

“You’re saying he prepared in advance for the official ten-year ceremony? Hiding himself completely?”

That’s unbelievable.

“Do you think that makes sense?”

“Imagine for 10 years, hiding one’s temperament under a cloak.”

“That reminds me. You think quite spectacularly.”

The shadows are as stubbornly foolish as one might think, and that seems to be fitting.

“I saw it clearly. He had completed the 1st circle.”

Heira closed her mouth.

‘1st circle?’

Completing the 1st circle at the age of 9?

Hampton continued talking.

“Does that happen overnight?”

“It doesn’t.”

“But he had done it. He’s been preparing for a long time, in secret where no one else looked.”

Of course, that’s not the case. It was all thanks to the power of Verden Hill Chocolate.

“Think about it. The Seventh Son was never even considered for succession due to his behavior.”

“That’s true.”

“The only one watching him is you, right? How comfortable must it be for the Seventh Son?”

That’s also true.

“That’s why the Seventh Son has been able to keep a low profile, hiding and having time for himself here, in this quiet place.”

“Even so, it doesn’t make sense. His talent is, after all, limited to ‘Martial Arts’.”

“But didn’t he knock down a Black Mushroom Monster with one punch at the age of nine?”

“It was a mana backflow, wasn’t it? If he overexerted himself, then that’s possible.”

Hampton shook his head.

“I think the Seventh Son deliberately showed me that.”


“He showed his skills to me, his shadow, glimpses of the future.”

Heira was speechless for a moment. How could that be interpreted in such a way? For a moment, she was at a loss for words.

“He’s demonstrating his capabilities, implying he’ll join the succession war, to show me.”

“Why? Why go to such lengths?”

“Because I’m his shadow. He showed me the future.”

Heira didn’t respond. Hampton had a different perspective, but he was not inclined to tell her the truth.

“If that’s the case, I’d better choose him, who can show such profound planning at that age, who clearly presents a vision, wouldn’t you say?”

Heira shook her head. Hampton was slightly out of his mind right now. He only sees what he wants to see, interpreting things in the way he wants. That guy is a wastrel, a total waste.

Heira said,

“If that’s the case.”

A wastrel would never do certain things. Such as going to the ‘Library’ or gathering information about the succession war.

The official ten-year ceremony is coming up. If he’s really a child with deep thoughts, now is the time to start moving.

“If he goes to the library sometime soon, I’ll think about it a little more.”

‘He’ had said it. If Lasen goes to the library, keep an eye out.

“The library?”

“Because that’s where all the past records are. Members of Mayton House preparing for the succession war inevitably study on their own in the library. They devise their strategies there.”

Heira doesn’t know, but something is in the library. If the Seventh Son was really a genius who has been playing a wastrel all this time, really preparing for the succession war and gearing up for the official ten-year ceremony…

Then he will definitely move. He’ll head to the library. And it’ll become increasingly clear that it’s not just a coincidence.

‘Let’s… observe a little longer.’

* * *

Lasen Mayton lay on the bed.

‘Before magic manifests. Targeting that point.’

How to put it? It’s entertaining. Like finding a calling that fits perfectly. Discovering talents and inclinations that couldn’t be found in modern times.

‘This will be known to the main house as well.’

It was Lasen, the previous wastrel. At least if you’re going to appear human, you need to prove some level of achievement. He couldn’t reveal all his strengths, but he had to show enough to convince others.


As time passed, he grasped a little more about Lasen Mayton, who had the characteristic of ‘lacking causality’.

After using martial arts a few times, a new sensation emerged. The alien feeling of being under ‘Mana’s Embrace’ and the flow of mana when using marital arts became tangible. The Sixth Son made a fine test subject.

‘I can condense the mana scattered throughout this body…’

The statement referred to the possibility of gathering the mana scattered throughout this body into his heart. Mana hidden in Verden Hill Chocolate is scattered throughout his body.

“Given my chubby physique, it seems like a lot of mana is contained within.”

The mana was all dead mana. Inoperable mana. To run when he wanted to run, he had to pull this fuel to the heart, a good fuel tank.

‘Should I give it a try?’

He closed his eyes and concentrated. He attempted to extract the mana hidden in the folds of his flesh and bring it out. However, it wasn’t easy. To do so without any knowledge, just by feeling, felt somewhat inadequate.


Looks like he needed some study. Lasen touched the crystal sphere next to his bed. It was a magic crystal for contacting Hampton.

“Hampton. Come up.”

Soon, Hampton, who had been waiting, entered the room.

“I want to study mana arts.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

“Where can I go to study mana arts?”

Hampton’s heart swelled with excitement again. The place to study mana arts? Of course, the library. The library holds all kinds of magical texts and books on mana arts.

The Seventh Son is saying it now. I’ll head to the library now. I’m actively preparing for the succession war. You, my shadow, should trust and follow me. I’ll show you your future.

“I will guide you to the library, Your Grace.”

Now Hampton was certain. It was not just blind faith, but a belief with justification.

‘I shall be a loyal shadow.’

Lasen felt a bit strange. Why was he so solemn just for saying he’d go to the library?

Regardless, Lasen and Hampton headed to the library, unaware of who was waiting for them.

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