Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 69

Chapter 69: The Seeker’s Path

A long journey, approximately 300 km.

With the sun high in the sky, the weather was remarkably cold.

It was mid-January in the year 223 of the Hyapeon calendar, a time when the fiercest north wind blew.

The biting north wind, along with the chill seeping out from the ‘Sunflower Wilderness’ near the Seeker’s Path, invaded the bodies of Lasen and Rudia.

Rudia shivered violently.

“Brrr. It’s cold.”

She conjured a small flame in the air.

“It’s warm, right?”

“Won’t that consume a lot of mana?”

Maintaining ‘Elemental Magic’ in midair continuously requires a significant amount of mana.

“It’s fine. It recharges naturally as we walk.”


Lasen briefly forgot. Though Rudia seemed frail, she was one of those overpowering characters straight out of a novel, a prodigy overflowing with talent from a young age.

‘Surprisingly, I’m not that cold.’

The harsh north wind and the chill from the Sunflower Wilderness brought temperatures close to minus 20 degrees Celsius, but Lasen didn’t feel particularly cold, thanks to the intense training from Master Magner.

‘I thought I’d freeze to death when I fell into the Fairy’s Well.’

Compared to that cold, this was somewhat better. Back then, he had plunged in naked. Now, he was well-dressed in the robes gifted by Ibelia, and a flame floated beside him. The cold didn’t bother him much.

They walked for about two days.

‘Is that the place?’

A journey of 300 km.

There were about three shabby inns along the Seeker’s Path at intervals of roughly 100 km. The name of the inn was ‘The Fat Cat.’

‘It’s much more rundown than I thought.’

Lasen stood in front of the inn, an old two-story wooden building.


He opened the wooden door and entered. Spiderwebs adorned the ceiling, and small lizards, whose names he did not know, scattered about the floor.

An old man with glasses was sitting at the counter.

“Who’s there?”

Before Lasen’s eyes, visible only to him, a compilation of settings unfolded.

[The Fat Cat is one of the bases operated by the third faction ‘The Sound of the Night.’]

Officially, the world is ruled by the three great families and the Holy Empire. However, there also exist covert factions. Set up by Cha Seong-min himself, ‘The Sound of the Night’ was one of the largest groups.

‘And The Sound of the Night is also connected to my father.’

It’s a secretive faction.

Yet behind this secret faction is Decatra, the head of the Magic Noble Family. It’s an ironic situation, but it’s not just Decatra; many factions have ties to these secretive groups. No matter how powerful the three great families are, they cannot rule the world with their power alone.

‘And that man’s name is Blick.’

Lasen strode forward.

“I’m a pilgrim. I plan to rest here for a day.”

“One night costs 30,000 Grant. If you include meals, it’s 35,000 Grant. Checkout is at noon, but as you can see, we have no other guests. It’s fine if you check out later.”

Lasen nodded.

“Could you show me to my room?”

He must get the first step right here. This place was the starting point of his pilgrimage. Blick didn’t stand up.

“Up the stairs and to the right. Room 3. It’s the largest we have.”

Lasen received the key. Just as he was about to leave, he asked again.

“The weather is quite warm, isn’t it?”

“Nonsense, young man. I’ve been losing sleep at night because of the cold from the Sunflower Wilderness.”


It was definitely not warm weather.

“On such a warm day, what kind of food should we eat?”

Blick adjusted his glasses. Rudia looked puzzled, and a question mark of flames appeared and disappeared above her head.

“Well, what would the boy like to eat?”

“On days like this, a cup of beer and two slices of pizza are perfect.”

Blick laughed heartily.

“I’ll prepare beer and pizza for you tomorrow morning. But the boy seems too young to drink beer.”

“Then, I’ll play with a cat.”

This inn was a base for the ‘The Sound of the Night.’ But The Sound of the Night is within a stone’s throw from the Mayton family. Quite contradictory. The greet.btnCloseAs well.

Warm on a cold day.

Cold on a warm day.

The contradictory greetings are actually code.

For a child, ask for beer.

For a grown adult, candy.

These are also codes. That’s why Decatra left The Sound of the Night’s base alone.

Blick knew all along that Lasen was the seventh son. Lasen could make use of this base because the children of the Mayton family who are pilgrims received certain benefits. That was why The Sound of the Night could operate here.

And the last words.

“Then I’ll play with the cat.”

The cat represents ‘The Fat Cat’ base. To undertake the pilgrimage with the cat. To seek the cat’s assistance.

“At our inn, we have two cats. One is Hops, a skinny one that doesn’t eat much, and the other is Belbu, who is overweight from eating too much. Which cat would the boy like to play with?”

Despite knowing that Lasen was the seventh son, Blick showed no sign of it. He didn’t need to. Blick had hoped this day would never come. Once it did, the deal with Decatra was over. It would be difficult to continue to do business here.

“Playing with Belbu must be expensive.”


Blick smirked.

‘Does the child of the Mayton family desire money?’

The Mayton family holds more influence than any other family in this world. They are one of the three great noble houses of the world. And a child from such a family wants money.

‘Even when embarking on a pilgrimage, they usually receive support from their family.’

Lasen cannot get support from the Mayton family, but he can get it from his ‘maternal’ side. That power comes from the maternal family. Most pilgrimages are undertaken with the support of the maternal family. The maternal side considers it a solid investment. When the child of the Mayton family grows up to wield real power, it also raises the standing of the maternal side.

“But it might be more comfortable and enjoyable to play with Hops.”

Playing with Hops.

It’s agile and light. It would provide a few artifacts necessary for the pilgrimage. It also grants the authority to use The Sound of the Night’s bases for two years. In fact, this is much more advantageous than money. Blick made that judgment.

“I prefer the company of the plumper one.”

“Alright. Have it your way.”

* * *

Senkan brought a letter to Decatra’s room.

“Is that so.”

Decatra chuckled lightly. The youngest had found ‘The Sound of the Night’ and had explicitly asked for money.

“How did Lasen know of this arrangement?”

It was a plan known to no one. From Ibelia, who is undoubtedly the best of the siblings, down to the sixth, Carlton, none had visited ‘The Fat Cat.’

“It seems he obtained the information in the Starlight Library.”

“He found it himself among all those books?”

“The archivist Evian may have helped… That is what I think.”

“Evian usually wouldn’t help. Aren’t the librarians committed to maintaining strict neutrality?”

Librarians work contractually. They can study the many magic tomes and knowledge of the Mayton family. Therefore, they try not to get involved in any issues to stay at the library as long as possible.

“Evian has been especially friendly toward the youngest master.”

“He’s an interesting fellow.”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“Both Ibelia and Evian.”

And so do I.

“It’s strange how skillfully he creates allies for himself.”

Decatra was quite pleased with his youngest son’s first move.

“The other children didn’t need to concern themselves with such a shabby inn or bother reading insignificant books at the library.”

Decatra had prepared this arrangement a long time ago, long before Lasen was even born, foreseeing the current situation. A child under the disadvantage of not being able to receive help from the maternal side. He had prepared in advance to assist that child, discreetly, providing equal opportunities to all his children.

“All the clues were hidden in every library.”

“Yes, all your children and their instructors were told not to overlook the library.”

“But actually, it was unnecessary for the other children.”

If they needed money, they could ask for it, and if they needed artifacts, they could request them. Everyone except Lasen. They didn’t need to avail themselves of such arrangements.

“Master. You seem amused.”

Senkan looked at Decatra. It was the brightest expression he had seen in a decade.

“It’s surprising and impressive that the scapegrace found my arrangement.”

“It’s only the first step.”

“The Fat Cat may continue to operate as is.”

“I understand.”

They received Decatra’s permission to conduct business very close to the Mayton estate, physically near enough to quickly grasp the news and state of affairs of the Mayton family. The Sound of the Night made that deal with Decatra for just that reason.

Decatra stood up and looked out the window. The blue moon hung in the sky. To himself, he wondered,

‘Can I look forward to it, Lasen?’

Somehow, he felt like he could hope.

* * *

The next morning.

A leather pouch lay beside Lasen’s bed.


He had felt no presence. The leather pouch was stuffed with gold coins.

‘Approximately 3 billion Grant.’

When he’d seen this in the Starlight Library, he was skeptical. Whether Decatra’s arrangements were real. Indeed, writer Cha Seong-min set up ‘The Sound of the Night.’ But he never explicitly described a direct connection with Decatra.

After finding clues in the Starlight Library and combining the knowledge of writer Cha Seong-min, such a conclusion was derived.

‘For the two-year pilgrimage, there’s more than enough.’

3 billion Grant is equivalent to about 3 billion won in Korean currency. This sum would be a driving force for Lasen to grow during his two-year pilgrimage.

Rudia, who had been sleeping in the adjacent bed, woke up.

“Ughaah! What’s this? Food?”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah. I dreamt that I was playing with a cat.”

“Playing with a cat?”

For a moment, Lasen felt a chill.

“Yes, I dreamt I was playing with a cat.”

Whenever Rudia had such dreams, Kashin, the main character in the novel, would have to be vigilant. That meant an attack would soon follow.

‘Rudia’s prophetic dream!’

There was no certainty that this prophetic dream would be completely accurate, but the heavenly eyes were certainly sending a warning.

Something was out there. But he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was.

After about 10 seconds, Lasen understood.



Lasen gave Rudia an unusual command.

“Set this inn on fire. Make it big.”

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