Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 67

Magic Family’s Youngest Son, Episode 67

“This is truly the way for Mother to become safe.”

Larsen continued speaking impulsively.

“Father also wishes for Mother to be safe, you know.”


Decatra remained silent. He had not anticipated that this brash child could see through his heart so accurately. However, on the outside, he showed no sign of his feelings.

“Why would you think so?”

“Aren’t spouses supposed to love each other?”

Decatra felt that his youngest was looking at him with clear, bright eyes. He smiled pleasantly.

“Spouses are indeed supposed to love each other. That’s a good saying.”

“Do you love Mother?”

Soso was there. She was waiting for Decatra’s words with her head slightly bowed, honestly hoping. She hoped that Decatra would say he loved her.

But Decatra did not say those words.

“Tell me why it is that bringing Soso here with you makes her safe.”

“Because it is time for Mother to wake from her long slumber and move.”

It was the path Soso chose.

“Father, you worked tirelessly to hide and protect Mother for her safety, preparing for a distant future.”

“That’s true.”

“I learned in Mayten that peace obtained through submissiveness is not true peace. True peace can be attained only when you have the power to protect yourself, the force to subdue others.”

That was Mayten’s definition of peace.

“Humility that belittles oneself shines only when one stands firm.”

“You’re right. Without power, what’s called humility is not humility but submission.”

Decatra, shocked by his youngest’s words even as he spoke them, thought to himself:

‘The way I tried to protect Soso…’

He hadn’t realized it, being so personally involved. Decatra, who had always raced along a fierce path, had failed to do so when it came to Soso. He had only come to realize that now.

‘It was cowardly and inadequate.’

Through the youngest’s words, as if looking from a third party’s perspective, he saw the way in which he protected Soso. It was also a method Decatra loathed the most.

Larsen continued speaking.

“If I had not been such a poor excuse of a child, Father, you would not have had to make this choice. If I had been more capable, Mother wouldn’t have had to live so quietly.”

“That is not entirely incorrect either.”

Listening silently, Soso spoke up.

“I want to have power.”


“I do not have the power to protect Larsen or the background to protect myself. The only power I do have…”

She looked at Decatra.

“…is you.”

Then Larsen said,

“Isn’t that enough, Father?”

The statement fitted his age of 14 well.

“After all, Father, you are the strongest person in the world.”

* * *

Decatra spoke to the air.

“Senkan. What do you think?”

“I never thought the head of the house would have such concerns.”

“As a friend, how would you advise me?”

A man with a long scar on his face, Senkan, among Decatra’s most trusted subordinates and old friend, thought for a moment.

“When you were young, you told me,”

Decatra had spoken a certain phrase.

“Live in the present, not the future.”

“Did I say such a thing?”

“So I lived vigorously in the present. The present has brought us to where we are now. You also said another thing.”

“What was it?”

“Don’t worry. Seventy percent of what you worry about has never happened and will never happen. And for the remaining thirty percent, I’ll take care of it.”

Senkan’s eyes met with Decatra’s.

“The young Decatra who was my friend had no fear in his decisions. He moved forward without hesitation and eventually climbed to this position.”

He had even purged his brothers to get here.

“I trust and respect all the decisions the head of the house has made so far.”

“I appreciate your thoughts.”

“This time will be no different. Do as your heart desires. Your heart is the way.”

After saying this, Senkan took a deep breath. Until now, it had been the words of the loyal Senkan. Now, the friend Senkan would speak.

“My world before meeting Lail was filled with ambition and goals.”

Lail was Senkan’s wife, who passed away a year ago from an unknown illness.

“After meeting Lail, my world was filled with her.”

“What was that world like?”

“It was a world I had never experienced before. A world that richly filled me with countless things.”

That world disappeared a year ago. Gone to the heavens first. Now, Senkan was alone.

“Now, without Lail, I have many regrets.”


“I regret not focusing entirely on my wife back then. If I had focused completely on the present, I might have fewer regrets now.”

There are things that hit harder once they’re lost. For Senkan, Lail was one of those.

“I hope the head of the house’s world can be a little warmer.”

* * *

The current time was 1:12 AM.

In the silent early morning, Hera, who was lying in bed sleeping, suddenly opened her eyes. She got up, still in her pajamas. Surprisingly, even though her blanket fell to her feet, not a sound was made.

Silently –

Hera moved like a ghost.

She passed through the walls as if physical barriers did not hamper her movement. She drew a dagger strapped to her thigh.

In the long hallway, where magic lanterns sprinkled a minimal amount of light, Hera threw the dagger toward the dark end of the corridor.


With a light sound cutting the air.


The dagger got stuck somewhere.

“Hera. You still have the skill. Sneaking in with such intent.”

At the end of the hallway stood a man sporting a wound. The man tilted his head to the side, revealing the dagger stuck in the wall behind him. Senkan carefully removed the dagger.

Thumping footsteps.

Hera approached him. Hera asked,

“Senkan. What are you doing here?”

Surprisingly, Hera spoke informally to Senkan.

“I came to take away Young Master Larsen.”

“Upon whose order?”

“The head of the house’s order.”

Hera hesitated for a moment.

“The head of the house? At this time?”

“Do I seem like someone who would joke around?”

Senkan laughed lightly.

“But still, that youthful appearance, hard to get used to. You could pass as my granddaughter. Well, you’ve always looked younger than me.”


“Anyway, I came here on orders to bring a former scoundrel.”

“I’ll accompany you.”

“Do as you like. Just don’t backstab me.”

Senkan joked around.

“This wound. I got it while protecting you, you remember?”

“I never asked to be protected.”

“That is true.”

Senkan smiled warmly. To him, this scar was a badge of honor, earned while saving his sole comrade. In fact, he appreciated Hera’s attitude even more. If Hera felt burdened by this scar, it would have been distressing for Senkan as well.

Senkan gently picked up the sleeping Larsen. Larsen remained enveloped in sleep. Senkan and Hera moved with utmost care.

At 1:28 AM.

Senkan and Hera reached Decatra’s bedroom.

“I’ve brought him.”

Near the bed, a large round table and two chairs were set. Decatra, sitting in one of the chairs, nodded his head.

“Good work.”

“Not at all.”

“Hera. Why are you here?”

“To ensure the Young Master’s safety.”

“Isn’t Senkan your most trusted colleague?”

“I trust him. After the head of the house, he is the colleague I trust the most. However, I don’t think we should blur the lines between official duty and personal matters because of that trust.”

“That is the correct stance.”

No matter how much you trust someone, they should be subject to scrutiny. Hera was responsible for Larsen’s safety. That was the right attitude. Senkan wasn’t upset by it either.

“Then, Hera, to ease your mind, I’ll conduct the ritual here.”

That suspicion should also include Decatra. That was what Decatra had said, and Hera had agreed.

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

On the other hand, Larsen couldn’t figure out his timing and just spoke up.

“May I wake up now?”


In truth, Larsen had been awake the whole time. Interestingly, Decatra, Senkan, and even Hera all knew that Larsen was awake. They simply saw no need to pretend they knew.

Larsen asked,

“What is this ritual?”

“There are numerous rituals in the Mayten family. The Body Strengthening Ritual is one of them. From now on, I’m going to inscribe the [Decatra Ritual] onto your arm.”

The Decatra Ritual.

Apparently a ritual named by the family head Decatra himself after his own name. Staking his name on it, it must surely be an exceptional ritual.

“I should know what it is.”

“Usually, others would readily accept when I offer. Why do you not?”

“The timing and place are not ordinary. I don’t understand why the head of the house would proceed secretly at such a late hour.”

Decatra laughed.

“I like your way of thinking.”

While Decatra wanted his children to show such assertiveness, it was a problem that almost no child did.

“However, my favoritism could be poison to you. Treasure is only treasure to those who can protect it.”

“Does that mean you intend to bestow treasure upon me secretly?”

“That’s correct.”

“Why bestow it upon me?”

“Because I saw the present in you.”

Larsen could not understand the meaning of those words. However, he could discern that Decatra was offering him a gift.

Decatra erected a barrier. With neither incantation nor formula words required, his will alone made the area a space cut off from the outside world. Even trying to look through it with Heavenly Eye was pointless.

[This space cannot be interpreted with Heavenly Eye.]

A tiny black sphere formed on the tip of Decatra’s finger. It looked like black ink clinging to the end of a pen.

“Give me your arm.”

Larsen offered his right arm. Below the forearm. Decatra started inscribing letters with his finger.

Sizzling noise!

Larsen almost cried out. It was hot—pain as if burning letters were being inscribed.


He clenched his teeth. Crying out here would only lead to Decatra’s disappointment. To survive in this world, he couldn’t disappoint Decatra. That was a rule Larsen had set for himself.

After some time passed.

“You’ve endured well.”

Larsen’s right arm was neatly covered in letters. At a glance, it looked like a tattoo.

“It will be useful someday.”

“How will it be useful?”

“Find out for yourself.”

Decatra grinned faintly.

“You’ll faint soon.”

He released the barrier. Senkan and Hera approached.

“Move him to the bed. He’ll be like this for half a day.”

Larsen had already lost consciousness. Hera carried Larsen away. Decatra watched their retreating figures with a satisfied smile.

‘Not a single cry, huh.’

The intensity of the pain must have been beyond imagination.

‘He’s weak now. But there’s potential for the future.’

Two days passed. Someone visited Larsen’s room. Without a knock, the door flung open!


A girl sobbing profusely, tears and snot clinging to her face. A redhead girl.


Like a hurricane of chaos, she rushed into Larsen’s arms with a hug. It was Rudia. And following her was someone else.

“The witch is coming after me!”

Rudia hid behind Larsen.

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