Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 66

Episode 66 of The Youngest Son of the Magic House

Having exchanged words with Rasen, Soso returned to her room. The bed looked impeccably tidy, although the corners were a little wrinkled. She couldn’t help but chuckle softly.

“Heyra, is this your handiwork?”

It was obvious.

No matter how many times I’ve said I’d take care of my own bedding, she wouldn’t listen, thus I ended up leaving it be, yet it is always somehow 2 percent short of perfect.

At first glance, everything seemed neatly organized and clean, but through the eyes of Soso, who had been a maid, a touch of something was missing.

Heyra suddenly appeared from the ceiling.

“How did you know?”

“Just felt your presence.”

Of course, that was a lie. Heyra knew it was a lie too.

However, she didn’t realize I noticed the ‘2 percent lacking’ because of her pride in thinking she cleaned well enough herself.

“Heyra, I am glad to have found a friend like you here.”

“Thank you.”

I feel the same. That’s what Heyra wanted to say, but she didn’t. Words like that seemed to foster laziness somehow.

“But Rasen mentioned it. He said we should go to his room together.”

“By ‘he,’ do you mean… him?”

The one in question was the symbol and absolute power of the Mayton family, the head of the household, Decartra.

“He said no more hiding.”


“I don’t know what’s right. Personally, I’ve been fine all this while.”

Heyra kept her words to herself and merely listened. It didn’t seem like Soso was looking for a response.

“Given my humble origins, I can’t be a foundation of support for Rasen.”


“Every action I take becomes a flaw, a crack which will be used as an excuse to tear Rasen apart.”

Soso believed she lacked strength. There’s no foundation for her to protect Rasen. She thought herself an ineffectual mother with nothing to be proud of.

“Yet Rasen says not to worry about him. To follow my heart and do as I please. He will take care of the consequences.”

Four years ago, the wild son who only caused trouble had completely changed.

Ready to deal with the consequences himself, he even told his mother, “Do as you please.” It was a strange mix of pride and sadness she felt for her now grown son.

“So I’ve made a decision.”

“What have you decided?”

“I will become a foundation of support for him.”

“You, my lady?”

Even though Heyra cherished Soso, she knew the intrinsic limits of Soso’s birth. She neither had the magical abilities nor the background to support such a claim.

“I always thought I had no such background.”


“But there was one, in fact.”

“You don’t mean…”

Heyra looked at Soso carefully. There was indeed one thing. Heyra knew that Decartra truly adored Soso.

“That’s right. I’ve been living in hiding all along. Fearing any harm that might befall him because of me.”

There was truth in it. Had she openly garnered all of Decartra’s love, Rasen would have faced a significant crisis. They would have avenged Rasen’s rogue behavior on Soso.

“To protect me, Decartra banished Rasen and myself each to different annexes.”

It was a pretty good excuse. Rasen, the rogue, and Soso, who failed to properly raise him. At least that was the demonstrated reason for the outside world. Decartra probably judged it safer for the future.

“Looking at it now, I see that Rasen can carve out his own path.”

There’s no need to panic about the next generation. Cowering and hiding isn’t the answer. That’s the conclusion she reached.

“I’m going to carve out my own path.”

“Did Rasen suggest this to you?”

“No, Rasen just wants me to be happy.”

That was genuine. Not discounting the fact that Soso could be a ‘trump card’ capable of influencing Decartra, Rasen’s wish for his mother’s happiness was authentic.

“I want my son to be happy, too.”

“That’s what all mothers want.”

“So, I’ll go with Rasen to visit his father’s room.”

If things had remained as they were, Soso would have quietly returned to the ‘Ossori Annex.’ Waiting for the day when Decartra would secretly visit. But things had changed.

‘I have the big support of Decartra.’

Depending on how you see it, that’s the most powerful support there is. As long as Decartra loves Soso. And as long as she loves Decartra.

Heyra read the determination in Soso’s eyes.

‘But she is powerless.’

She has neither assassination abilities nor vast knowledge. She is not of noble family descent. All she has is blind love for her son, but that seemed somewhat magnificent. A strong will was sensed from a person believed to be powerless. Perhaps that’s what being a mother is like.

“You monopolize the love of the family head. It seems Rasen is calling me. I must go now.”

Heyra disappeared after saying those words. She swiftly exited the corridor.

‘What nonsense have I said?’

The one who monopolizes the head’s love. That’s Soso. Heyra knows this. Heyra is one of Decartra’s unsuspected loyal servants.

‘If it becomes known that I said this…’

Perhaps one might face death. For it would be exposing Decartra’s private feelings. She sighed faintly.

‘Why did you give in, Heyra?’

She questioned herself. Why she had given in so easily. No definitive answer came to mind.

The farewell to Magner was brief.

“I will be back, master.”

“Come back my foot. Just go.”

Magner added a few more words.

“Don’t even bother with letters. They just stir up gossip.”

“I know.”

There are no benefits from public dealings with Magner.

“And don’t go around saying you were my student—it would embarrass me.”

“I am a Mayton. If I went around boasting I trained in hand-to-hand combat with Grandell, would my father and brothers just let me be?”

“Then that’s enough. Buzz off. Having to teach you has made my already aging body feel even older.”

“Your muscles have gotten larger, though?”

“Eh! Quiet.”

“I will write to you.”

“It’s always the boys who insist on it that end up not doing it.”

Magner did not explicitly prohibit it. The whole conversation lasted barely two minutes. And like that, the farewell ended. After bidding goodbye to the connections made at the Seid household, Rasen and his companions moved using the transportation gate.

The mages managing the gateway had transported them across the Black Sea. As they reached the deep sea, they were met with the surging dark waters of the Black Sea. However, the shallow coastal waters were quite clear and blue.

The Black Sea’s transportation gate could only be used by special individuals. Only a handful of mages are capable of ‘transporting’ across the ‘Black Sea.’

Rasen was well aware of this.

‘Who will be there?’

His brothers are too busy. It was unusual for Ibelia to seek him out and test him.

‘Ah, it’s Evian.’

A welcome face appeared. The mage dispatched by the Mayton family to activate the gateway was Evian, a mage with a bounty of five hundred million Grang.

‘That speaks volumes about the security here.’

Even so, this place was still Betia continent, the domain of the martial families. His momentary surprise at Decartra’s confidence for assigning Evian here reaffirmed itself.

Evian greeted,

“I am Evian, the librarian of the Starlight Library.”

She took something out of her subspace.

“A gift after a long time.”

A cup filled with warm tea, entirely frozen. Heyra saw it too.

‘The young lord dislikes tea.’

Especially cold tea, which he detests even more than just dislike.

“Thank you, Evian. I’ve missed the tea you prepared.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Heyra was somewhat baffled. What’s more baffling was Evian seemed in high spirits.

“Since the young lord has returned… chocolate…….”

Evian adjusted her glasses.

“I hope you’ll visit the Starlight Library often. Sober reflection is an important virtue.”

Heyra’s sharp hearing caught every word.


Come to think of it, there was a memory of giving chocolate as a gift. Surely that’s not what she meant by chocolate, right?

Over the past four years, Rasen proved to be deeply thoughtful, very intelligent, and a planner who drew large schemes.

‘It seems like he and Evian have some secret slang or code.’

But when did he lay such plans and make such deals?

I secretly felt good. Of course, there’s no such slang. That was Heyra’s misconception. Here, chocolate really means chocolate. Especially, the chocolate from the Verdun mountains, which Evian adores.

Evian declared,

“We will move now. Beware of seasickness.”

The golden magical circle began to activate. The hexagram on the floor was filled with magic sentences and equations.

Since it needed to cover a long distance, the inscriptions were naturally intricate. The mana that rose from the circle enveloped the entirety of Rasen and his party.

“We are moving.”

From the Betia continent, where the martial family Seid resided, across the black waters of the Black Sea to the continent of Luka, where the magical family Mayton was situated. They crossed the sea in one swift moment.

“We have crossed the Black Sea.”

The mana surrounding Rasen and his party dispersed.

“Thanks, Evian.”

After a short rest, they passed through a few more transport gates on their way to their family home.

“We will reach the main house soon.”


“What are your plans once we arrive at the main house?”

“The main hall.”

He decided to go directly to his father’s room.

“Are you ready, mother?”


Soso’s body trembled. It was the first time Soso, ‘without being summoned’, had ever headed to the main house. Rasen and Soso made their way to the ‘main hall’ where Decartra’s room was located.

The Mayton house was vast.

A single family estate equaled a mid-sized city. Many worked and lived here. Rumors had already spread.

“Soso Lady went into the main house.”

“Eh? How will she bear the wives’ fury?”

“That’s the thing. She seems a bit unusual.”

Soso going to the main house was something that had not happened in over a decade.

In Decartra’s room.

Decartra sat, his back turned, silently gazing out the window.

A voice, so calm it was almost cold, reached Rasen.

“Rasen. Is this your doing?”

It was the response Rasen had anticipated, albeit the pressure was greater than expected, as if it might crush his chest. Not a joke—he felt he might actually suffocate. If he remained still, he would indeed suffocate. The force and energy were not a mere whimsical prank.


He managed to muster the strength to speak. He had been trained hard by Magner. He wouldn’t faint or suffocate from just a ‘dull pressure.’ He summoned his willpower.

‘I will speak.’

Even the natural act of speaking required ‘willpower.’ He had to summon all his willpower just to speak.

“It is truly the path to ensuring my mother’s safety.”

At that moment, the oppressing force on Rasen vanished.

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