Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 65

Episode 65: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

The letter was not long.

[…Thus, you are commanded to return to the main house.]

At the end, there was a personal signature from the family head, Decatra. In this world, ‘Decatra’s personal signature’ possessed a power unlike any other.

‘I have to return to the main house.’

At the age of 14, it was already expected. Members of the Mayton family undergo a 10-year ritual at age 10, and at 14, they earn the title of ‘Pilgrim.’ From 14 to 16, the Mayton heirs undergo a pilgrimage ritual. It’s a chance to grow on their own without interference from siblings, both inside and outside the family.

Rasen’s Room.

Kashin sat on Rasen’s bed. Kashin asked,

“What does it mean to be a Pilgrim?”

The concept was foreign to the Seid family. Rasen explained briefly.

“For two years, you travel the world, acquiring artifacts and growing in your own way. You can explore dungeons, delve into ancient civilizations, or follow the footprints of the gods.”

“So you train outside the world?”


“Why do that?”

“To have the chance to create one’s own unique techniques outside the family head’s influence.”

‘Pilgrims’ are not attacked in any way, at least not by siblings.

“Essentially, I become safe from my biggest enemies, my brothers. Plus, I can get stronger in my own way.”

You have this time to do whatever you want, as long as it’s not just play. If you don’t build a solid foundation now, you’ll be purged before you reach adulthood. Just like the character Rasen Mayton in the original work.

“Having brothers as enemies sounds sad.”

“That’s how our Mayton family is.”

Kashin got off the bed, looking at Rasen intensely.

“Even if you go back to the main house, we’re still friends. You know?”

“Of course.”

Kashin drew his sword. His famous blade, ‘Guardian,’ which he claimed could cut even steel, slid out smoothly with a clear sound. Kashin’s reflection shimmered on the silver blade, like a mirror.

“Care for a friendly duel?”

“Now? In the rain?”

“What does it matter? Let’s fight until the rain evaporates.”

Rasen shook his head.

‘That’s just how Kashin expresses affection.’

Kashin didn’t challenge just anyone to a duel, especially not in the rain; it’s a terrible condition for a duel. Kashin truly felt a sense of closeness; otherwise, he wouldn’t have proposed it.

“I’ve recently mastered a new technique.”

“A new technique?”

By the age of 14, what new skill could Kashin Seid have learned? Rasen tried to remember. Around this time, he should be mastering the Seid family’s Guardian Sword Technique.

“I’ve mastered the first form of the Seid Guardian Sword Technique.”


“Actually, I completed it three days ago but haven’t tried it in real combat yet.”

The reason for this revelation was simple: I want to show you, my friend, the first technique I’ve completed. I wish you to be my first duel opponent. Watch my swordsmanship. You are my most cherished and beloved friend. That was the message.

Rasen sighed deeply.

‘I should be happy, right?’

He could see the affection in Kashin’s eyes. Not romantic love but the love between friends. Rasen didn’t mind this kind of affection, something he hadn’t experienced in his past life in South Korea.

“Let’s go.”

Rasen went with Kashin to the place where they had their first duel and had sparred hundreds of times since, the ‘Changung Sword Dance Stage.’ They had dueled so many times that judges or guardians were no longer needed. There was a strong trust between them.

Beside the duel stage, two women standing with umbrellas were visible.

One was the Shadowy Heira, and the other was the mother, Soso.

“Heira. You were right.”

“Yes. I thought they would say their goodbyes this way.”

Then another person approached.

“Preparing for the last duel, I see.”

The middle-aged man approaching with a light smile was Karshia, head of the Seid family. He was not using an umbrella yet was untouched by the rain.

“Begin. I will observe.”

Rasen and Kashin took their positions. Kashin, as always, drew his beloved sword, Guardian, while Rasen adopted a posture unique to the Grandel family. He lowered his body and centered his balance.

Their duel began, ending in Kashin’s victory. Kashin’s ‘Guardian’ touched down against the fallen Rasen’s throat.

Kashin spoke.

“430 matches. 404 wins, 16 draws, 10 losses.”

They had fought 430 duels. While Kashin won 404 times, Rasen’s 10 victories were often when Kashin tested new techniques risking impractical moves.

The final duel, too, concluded with Kashin’s win. Kashin sheathed his sword and helped Rasen to his feet.

“Are you leaving tomorrow?”

Rasen got up.

“Yes. Tomorrow.”


Kashin extended his hand.

“Tomorrow. I won’t come to see you off.”

“That’s fine.”

Rasen clasped Kashin’s hand, exchanging a light handshake. The last duel ended anticlimactically.

* * *

The head of the Seid family, Karshia, called Kashin to his room.

“You seem upset.”

“Not at all.”

“Do you dislike that he is leaving?”

“I don’t. He’s only returning to the main house, after all.”

Karshia studied Kashin for a moment before speaking again.

“The first form of the Guardian Sword Technique. What is its foundation?”

“To prevent hostility from approaching.”

The ‘Guardian Sword Technique’ sought a more perfect defense. The first form effectively blocked the opponent’s movements, taking the upper hand with swift, powerful thrusts to gain an advantage.

“It seemed your sword path was wavering.”


“Rasen. That child did not hold back in his maneuvers; the last duel would have been your defeat.”

“I am aware.”

Kashin nodded.

“My heart was disturbed.”

“The ebb and flow of meeting and parting are in the hands of the heavens. With every meeting comes a parting, and with every parting comes another meeting; do not grieve too much.”

“Rasen referred to his brothers as ‘enemies.’”

“Such is the Mayton family’s tradition. It is their law. It is not your concern.”

“Still, it unsettles my heart to send a friend to a place swarming with enemies.”

Kashin wasn’t afraid of parting; he disliked the thought of Rasen heading to a ‘harsh place.’ His true feelings were candid.

“Do you realize that friend may one day return as your most formidable enemy?”


Kashin faltered, understanding with his mind but unable to accept with his heart.

“I am aware.”

“Then that is enough. That is a matter for the distant future, uncertain whether it will come to pass. So now, it’s alright to be purely sad.”

Karshia gently ruffled Kashin’s hair. Though Kashin had grown up, to Karshia, he was still the beloved child in need of pampering. To the world, he might be an unparalleled martial genius of a thousand years, but to his father, Kashin was still just a boy.

“I shall take my leave.”

Kashin, his cheeks slightly flushed, left his father’s room.

That night, Karshia’s wife, the Seid family matriarch Leria asked,

“Did our son cry?”

Among the rain streaming down his face, surely Kashin’s tears were mixed in, though unacknowledged, those tears were real.

“It seemed so.”

“You must have a tender heart like yours.”

Karshia and Leria, although married for 20 years, always spoke formally to each other.

Karshia remarked,

“It’s a good experience. It’s fortunate to meet such a friend in youth.”

“Tell me honestly. You’re excited for the next generation, aren’t you?”

“Was it that obvious?”

“Yes. I can tell you’re looking forward to it.”

Leria’s words were true. He was eagerly anticipating the next generation. Not the era of ‘Decatra-Karshia’ but rather what ‘Rasen-Kashin’ would lead. Suddenly, Karshia registered an odd thought.

‘Did I just think of Rasen leading the Mayton family?’

It was an impossible notion. While Rasen’s talent was undeniable and Karshia had witnessed his growth closely, it was still inconceivable. Rasen was merely 14, and the Mayton family’s eldest daughter Ibelia was already approaching the 8th circle of magic.

‘Yet I am still hopeful about Rasen…’

The child’s potential growth was beyond imagination. Karshia mused softly.

“Even if his magical abilities lag, there’s an extraordinarily special power within the boy. Something transcendent beyond words.”

* * *

Rasen’s mother Soso packed his things personally.

“Let me help you.”

“No, I can manage on my own.”

“Then I have no role.”

“Heira, you are not my maid.”

“Allow me to serve.”

Soso and Heira had their typical scuffle over something trivial, with Soso always winning.

“And I’m better at organizing than Heira.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Heira blushed a little. That statement was correct; Soso, a former maid, was more adept at organizing and cooking than Heira. Except for ‘force,’ Soso outshined Heira in nearly every aspect.

“Even after we return to the main house, can we remain close like this?” Soso wondered.

Soso had always been ostracized at the main house. That was Decatra’s arrangement and his way of showing care. Soso understood and even empathized, but understanding didn’t dispel loneliness. Yet, in Heira, Soso found a friend, despite their age difference, the conversations always flowed naturally.

“I don’t really know,” replied Heira.

Frankly, no one knew what would transpire at the main house, how they would be viewed. And Heira’s priority was ‘raising Rasen.’ Her bond with Soso wasn’t as crucial. Yet, it felt significant. Just as Soso cherished Heira, so did Heira cherish Soso.

Soso covered her mouth, laughing. Her eyes narrowed momentarily. Moments ago, the blushing and shy Heira had suddenly wiped her expression clean, standing as still as an ice sculpture.

“Is Rasen coming?”


Heira’s response was curt. She seemed obsessed with maintaining this demeanor in Rasen’s presence, instantly turning cold.

“Rasen would prefer to see a warmer Heira.”

“The Young Master must not become too lax. For the Lady’s sake, for my own, and for the Young Master himself.”

Her tone shifted entirely. Any lingering smile vanished from Heira’s face, replaced with an icy mask.

Knock, knock.

The sound of knocking followed Heira’s prediction: Rasen had arrived.

“Mother. You know we’re traveling through the teleportation gate to the main house tomorrow, right?”

“Of course, I know.”

Soso gazed at her son with eyes brimming with love. Life at the Seid estate had been dreamlike, made possible by her son. It was time to awaken from that dream and return to reality.

“Once we’re back, I need to greet Father and pay my respects.”

It was a given, yet he mentioned it for a reason.

“And when I do, I would like you to come with me.”


Soso hesitated. She believed it best not to meet with Decatra; it felt perilous. The thought was dangerous. The other women, who wanted her dead out of jealousy, would surely retaliate. Retribution was inevitable.

“I will protect you now.”

And one more thing.

“I have a favor to ask.”

For the first time, Rasen decided to ask his mother for a favor. Concurrently, his Heavenly Eye offered a calculation.

[A variable that influences the story has emerged.]

The character Rasen was beginning to change the story.

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