Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 63

Chapter 63 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

‘It’s not over even when it’s over.’

Good. It was fun. Strangely entertaining.

“Sir, young master?”


“What is the situation?”

“A dangerous one is chasing us.”

If I hadn’t predicted ‘danger’, the Heavenly Eyes wouldn’t have been activated. It was because I was aware of the danger in advance that I could feel it.

‘It has a frame similar to that of the Red Tiger.’

But it’s much more covert than the Red Tiger. It felt like an experienced hunter was stealthily approaching us.

‘The aura is similar to the Red Tiger’s as well.’

That only leaves one possibility.

‘The White Tiger.’

It’s like an ongoing test from a year ago. A test that hasn’t really ended. Last time, under Rasen’s lead, I faced the ‘Red Tiger.’ But this time, it’s the White Tiger.

‘A year ago, there was no way to beat the Red Tiger by any means.’

What about the White Tiger?

‘The same.’

A lot has changed in a year. I’m beginning to grasp the intricacies of physical techniques, incorporating them into martial magic, Rasen’s way. But still, I’m too young to fight and win against the White Tiger. After all, I’m just an eleven-year-old child.

‘But, it’d be better than back then.’

I ran.

“To the goblin cave.”

Seemingly convinced that it intended to hunt us down, the White Tiger revealed itself.

“Sir, young master! Over there! Something pale is flying around!”

Through the bushes, a tiger as large as a house moved.

“I know. Run. Don’t talk, it’ll disrupt your breathing.”

Together, we ran. Rasen felt the White Tiger moving through the bushes, close by. The Heavenly Eyes read its movements in real-time.

‘Faster than I thought.’

Fast. At this rate, one of us is going to be overpowered before we reach the goblin cave.

“Hamten. Don’t look back, just run.”


“It’s an order. No talking, just head to the goblin cave.”

Hamten couldn’t argue with the word ‘order.’

‘What on earth are you planning to do?’

Hamten could feel it, unless he was a fool.

‘Is the young master intending to be the bait?’

That seemed to be the case. It didn’t make sense. Even as bait, it should be his duty as the shadow. That’s the proper way.


No, Hamten steeled his mind.

‘Over the past two years, the young master has changed tremendously.’

The wastrel of the past was gone. Being a mutant of the Meiton family had its advantages. He thought it good to be that person’s shadow.

‘Let’s trust him!’

So he decided to trust. There must be a plan in place. Act as the young master wishes, that must be the way to help. With that thought, Hamten started to run with all his might.

Rasen blew a whistle – Whew-whew! The White Tiger’s eyes turned toward Rasen. The audacity of such a little human seemed apparent.


The White Tiger roared and charged at Rasen. Breaking through the bushes, it appeared like a single chariot.

‘It’s big.’

It was different from when I encountered the Red Tiger in a safe situation. This one isn’t tamed.

At that moment, an east wind blew. I was facing away from the wind.

‘The wind is good.’

[Activating ‘Beginner Martial Magic – Elemental Utilization’.]

I took advantage of the wind. Learned from Magnero. Martial artists interpret and utilize all the energies around them to their benefit.

Rasen stared directly at the White Tiger. As if to distract Rasen’s attention, the White Tiger moved in a zigzag pattern. Rasen didn’t read every movement of the White Tiger.

‘The zigzag motion.’

That motion indicates it will attack with its forelegs. It shows such movement before attacking with the forelegs.


There was only one spot the White Tiger would attack. No need to focus on its current movements.


The White Tiger raised its paws. Hundreds of kilograms, probably even a few tonnes of destructive force were swinging. Rasen timed it to move his body slightly back.

‘I get hit.’

With the wind’s help and reading the timing…

‘As much as possible, deflect.’

I deflected it while getting hit.


Despite that, an immense pain was felt in the chest. But it was bearable.

[The Thousand-Year Dragon’s Abdominal Armour is blocking the external attack.]

Believing in my own ‘Heavenly Eyes’ and the ‘Thousand-Year Dragon’s Abdominal Armour,’ I was blown away as if I were a rocket.


Rasen’s body hit a rock.


Hit by the rock, Rasen fell to the ground.


The hit gave a distance. If not for the Thousand-Year Dragon’s Abdominal Armour, I might have died, I thought as I stood up.

‘Run again.’

Seems like a rib may have cracked. It was hard to breathe. Nonetheless, I ran. Towards the goblin cave. In the end, Rasen managed to escape. Climbing up to the cave located halfway up the cliff.

“Sir, young master!”

Hamten, his eyes red with blood, embraced Rasen wildly.

“Thank goodness! I knew you’d be safe! Really, I knew! Hamten trusted you, young master, uuuuhhhh!”

* * *

Hamten knelt.

“I’m sorry. How dare I touch the young master’s sacred body…”

“It’s okay.”

Hamten sobbed.

“Please, kill me.”

“Why would I kill you?”

It took a while to soothe Hamten. Hamten sincerely wanted to die. He was ashamed. And he felt his feelings for Rasen once again.

‘I really… care deeply for the young master.’

Things were much different from the past. The past was worrying and attending to Rasen due to the mission of ‘the shadow.’ But now, it wasn’t just due to the mission. Hamten had no choice but to admit that to himself. As a shadow. And as a person. He’s come to attend to Rasen.

“If you had thrown me away as bait and escaped, you wouldn’t have been injured.”

“That would have been the case.”

Rasen didn’t think that suggestion was incorrect.

“But then, you would have died.”

“As a shadow, it’s not a bad ending, young master.”

“If we both can live, isn’t it a better ending to survive together?”

“But you’ve been hurt, young master…”

Rasen wasn’t greatly concerned about the injury. This is a dangerous fantasy world, but also a mystical one. Such an injury is nothing that can’t be healed by a touch of magic.

Outside the cave.


The sound came. It was angry but couldn’t climb up.

Hamten shivered.

“How did you know the cave was safe?”

“It felt strange when I first climbed up to the cave.”

If the goblins had used it, surely there should be some path worn away. Or eroded rocks should be present. But there was none of that.

“Besides, the secretions from the body of the poison goblin have a slight toxicity, don’t they?”

“That’s right, young master.”

“But there was no trace of it on the cliff.”

That was when I was certain. This cave. It wasn’t created by the goblins themselves, but someone had driven them in here. The someone here is obviously Ibelia.

‘It makes sense since my sister wanted to test me by bringing me here.’

So Ibelia set up this situation.

‘A place safe from the White Tiger. It must have been to teach me this place.’

Hamten asked.

“Does that mean we just wait here until Lady Heira comes to assist?”


That’s the safest option, indeed. But the safest option isn’t necessarily the ‘best option.’ The less risk there is, the lower the return, and the greater the risk, the higher the chance of a substantial return. Ibelia set up this situation. If brother Ibelia has prepared this test, then Ibelia as a person will generously grant me a reward for this test. Whatever that may be.

“We could, but it’s not the best. If we were to use such a passive method, we shouldn’t have left the cave to begin with.”


“We’ll catch it ourselves.”

“We… catch the White Tiger?”

Rasen stepped toward the entrance of the cave on the edge of the cliff. He looked down. There, the excited White Tiger was bounding around.

“Prepare a paralyzing poison. Can you do it?”

“I can. But we lack enough ingredients to hunt the White Tiger.”

“I don’t need you to paralyze it completely. Just make its movements uncomfortable.”

“That seems possible.”

Perfect isn’t necessary. Just like even stubbing a couple of toes can make walking uncomfortable, or a slight irritation in the eyes can prevent someone from seeing clearly. That’s the extent of effect Rasen needed.

‘Maybe sister is watching me in a special way.’

This is a fantasy world. Not much is impossible. There’s a very high chance she’s watching this situation unfold through magic, in real-time. That’s why I deliberately spoke out loud.

“I’m going to show myself to that thing intentionally.”

I’ve got the gist of its physical abilities while running. I’ll go down the cliff on purpose. Just high enough that the beast can’t reach.

“It will get even more agitated.”

The White Tiger is already violently bouncing around because it missed its prey.

“The White Tiger is more secretive than the Red Tiger. But now it’s abandoned that advantage of stealth because it’s agitated.”


“Its stamina is also weaker than the Red Tiger’s.”

If it keeps bouncing around like that, the White Tiger will get exhausted before long. A frightened beast is no longer a beast, and neither is an exhausted one. It was the same for Rasen, who had learned the art of martial magic.

“I’ll hunt it down.”

A healthy White Tiger is impossible to hunt, even if resurrected from death. But a White Tiger exhausted and also affected by paralyzing poison can be hunted. It’s not been a year of idling around. I’ve grown far more in martial magic than before. Although weak, I have also acquired strength. It’s just that it’s inherent in my body and I can’t use it.

I sparred with the protagonist Kashin of the original work at least once a day. All those experiences instilled confidence in me, Rasen.

Rasen hung onto the cliff. To hunt Rasen, the White Tiger endlessly repeated the cycle of climbing and jumping down the cliff.

Then, from inside the cave, a voice came.

“The paralyzing poison is ready.”

“Spread it evenly over the goblin corpse and hand it to me.”

I decided to use the goblin meat.

“Make it a pouch for me.”

It can’t be the whole goblin corpse. If it eats that, the beast would rest. I can’t let it recover its stamina.

I received the pieces of goblin meat smeared with poison. Threw them around haphazardly. Much like baiting. The White Tiger kept snatching them up but still occasionally leaped toward Rasen. Rasen carefully watched each movement.

‘But subtly… it’s jumping less high.’

It’s a minute difference. But the subtlety is what makes the difference.

‘It’s completely exhausted.’

The panting breaths. A long tongue, reminiscent of a hot dog’s, dripping with saliva, stuck out from its mouth. Although White Tiger belongs to the cat family of magical creatures, it could pass for a dog family creature given its current condition. Luckily for me, it was noontime, the hottest time of the day, and there were no shades to block the sun here.

‘I’m going down.’

I rotated the second circle of my heart. Mana was distributed evenly throughout my body.

‘With martial magic.’

An 11-year-old wizard hunting a White Tiger? Normally, this is impossible. Even with various factors added, it’s still hard. Magic is a difficult field to master, and one is either extremely weak or extremely strong. A young wizard is inevitably weaker than contemporaries who are martial artists or swordsmen, and surely cannot hunt a creature of such a high caliber.

‘I’m going to hunt it.’

That’s why I’ve decided to show it conclusively. To Ibelia. That any further testing is pointless.

‘Sister, you are watching, aren’t you?’

I’ve figured out the person, Ibelia. There probably won’t be any more tests. If I pass this one, I gain the majestic Ibelia.

‘Swift and decisive.’


‘I mustn’t give it time to recover its stamina.’

I clenched my fist. I lowered my stance.

At that same moment, the martial magic inscribed on Rasen’s body began to react to his will. New interpretations emerged.

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