Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 61

“The very beginning was a test set by you, my sister.”

Upon hearing these words, Ivelyria let out a faint smile. She hadn’t intended for it to be a test. She hadn’t had such a purpose in mind. Ivelyria decided it was time to be honest with herself.

‘But looking back… it seems I really did want it to be a test.’

Could her brother truly discern her intentions or not? She had indeed been curious. Without firmly confirming or denying, Ivelyria posed another question.

“Then, you must have given it quite some thought last night?”

“Yes. Even though my mana hasn’t increased, I needed to prove that I have become stronger. Moreover, I had to fulfill a task that would have been impossible a year ago but is achievable now. A task that would definitively show my progress and could be completed within a day. Additionally, something that wouldn’t encroach upon the Seid family’s territory or their affairs. There aren’t that many tasks that fit this description.”

“And so?”

“I thought you might head to the Byaren Stone Mountains.”

“Why not travel farther?”

“Because it wouldn’t be proper to recklessly use warp within the Seid family’s territory.”

Warp is the exclusive domain of magicians. Using personally operated warp, as opposed to ‘official warp’ via warp gates, is considered an ‘act of hostility’. It makes sense. If a magician were to transport an assassin through warp, they could potentially take the life of an important figure.

“Though a magician of your caliber could use warp without being detected, there’s no need to take such risks.”

“So, what exactly is this test you believe I have set for you?”

“Hunting the venomous goblins inhabiting the Byaren Stone Mountains. That is the only thing that comes to mind.”

A smile spread across Ivelyria’s face.

“That’s right.”

The more she thought about it, the more she valued her brother. Not for his physical or magical abilities, but for his capabilities as a strategist. It was a character the current magic-centric Mayten family did not possess, and it only made her greedier for such talent.

“I had no initial intent to test you, but the more I see of you, the more I want to test you.”

“We share Mayten blood, after all.”

“Does that bother you?”

“Not in the slightest. Just as the blood of Mayten flows through you, it also flows through me.”

This was the world within a novel, and Rassen had created this universe himself. It was not unusual for them to continually test their kin and monitor their development.

“But you got one thing wrong.”

At the moment, Rassen tensed. Although it seemed that Ivelyria cared more for Rassen than he expected, he could not relax. After all, Ivelyria was of the Mayten bloodline, the closest to becoming the family head. If something went wrong, the consequences could be dire. That’s what Rassen thought.

“If I have gotten something wrong…”

“It’s about the difficulty of me using warp.”


“I’ve already received permission to use warp from the head of the Seid family.”


What was the head of the Seid family thinking, permitting a magician of Ivelyria’s standing to use warp on this land?

‘It’s not thoughtless.’

That’s utterly implausible. Carcia, the leader of the Seid family, was also a genius. He wouldn’t have granted permission without a reason.

‘Either it’s a demonstration of his confidence.’


‘There must be some countermeasure to warp.’

Otherwise, the ‘plausibility’ falls apart. If there were anything odd, the interpretations of ‘plausibility’ or the ‘setting collection’ related to the Celestial Eyes should have surfaced. Although it may seem insignificant, this was valuable information. Not bad at all.

“In the end, your prediction was correct. Congratulations, my brother. Let’s proceed comfortably.”

“Are we headed to the Small Crimson Forest?”

“Yes. Close your eyes. You might feel nauseated.”

Rassen made a request.

“Can I bring Hamtton with me? I need someone to carry the luggage.”


Ivelyria used warp as if it was nothing remarkable.

Rassen marveled inwardly at the simplicity of it all.

Warp is an advanced form of transportation; not only was she warping herself but also Hamtton, who was not a magician. Ivelyria moved all three of them to the precise location with just a single warp.

With merely a single warp, she had highlighted their difference in station.

‘Indeed, this world is formidable.’

The Celestial Eyes interpreted the local data and revealed it to him.

[Current location: Byaren Stone Mountains]

[Level: Small Crimson Forest]

Multiple ‘red pine trees’ were visible before his eyes, a mountain where red pines grew in abundance.

“So this is… the Byaren Stone Mountains.”

* * *

Rassen had prepared a detailed setting about the ‘Crimson Forest’.

[A place inhabited by all sorts of magical creatures, counted among the most perilous places on Earth, the Crimson Forest is located at the western edge of the Betia continent. It got its name from the red pine trees that formed colonies within.]

Beyond this detail, numerous settings were made, but the crucial point was the existence of red pine colonies.

[Thus, the ‘red pines’ often served as landmarks symbolizing ‘danger.’]

People began planting red pines at the outskirts of forests where magical creatures emerged. It served as a sign indicating the area was perilous.

“So will you just be observing, Sister?”

“Yes, as long as you do not perish.”

Ivelyria intended to honor her word. Rassen knew this well. Even if his limbs were cut off, Ivelyria would not intervene.

At the entrance to the Byaren Stone Mountains.

A worn-out signpost stood amidst the red pines.

[Venomous Goblin Tribes Inhabiting.]


[No Trespassing.]

Ignoring the warning, Rassen entered further. As befitting the name ‘Stone Mountains’, rocks were prevalent. There were more rocks than trees, and the grade of the slope was quite steep.

Hamtton panted heavily.

‘Just how far are we supposed to climb!’

They had reached midway up the mountain. Venomous goblins hadn’t appeared yet, and they had only encountered a few birds and deer.

Rassen seated himself on a rock, with three nameless trees growing beside it.

“Hamtton, go ahead and scatter what I’ve prepared around here.”


Ivelyria watched Hamtton closely.

‘Are you using Hamtton out of fear of poison?’

She was curious about what her brother had in mind. Realistically, hunting multiple venomous goblins with Rassen’s abilities was impossible. If he managed to hunt one or two, Ivelyria herself intended to finish the rest and leave. She believed that would be sufficient. But it seemed he had drawn a larger plan.

Hamtton took out a significant amount of magically preserved refrigerator meat from his backpack. He began tossing the meat around hapharzardly.

Rassen spoke up.

“Can you climb the tree?”

“I, I…”

“Forget it, climb up on me.”

Without giving Hamtton a chance to respond, Rassen hoisted him up and began climbing the tree. His movements were exceedingly natural.

Ivelyria remarked at the ease of his movement.

‘He claimed to have trained his body.’

It seemed he wasn’t lying.

A bit of time elapsed.

‘Venomous goblins’ attracted by the scent of the meat began to appear. Several of them surfaced, focusing on the meat and paying no mind to Rassen up in the tree.

Realizing Rassen’s plan, Ivelyria remarked.

“Magicians don’t typically resort to such methods.”

“I don’t wish to become one of your people as a magician.”

There were many magicians superior to Rassen. He needed to carve out a different path.

“So, the strategy was based on knowing the goblins lived in tribes?”


Venomous goblins lived in tribes. And they formed close-knit groups. However, they were hostile to other tribes. Rassen had lured them with meat. Now, a war would unfold among the goblins. Tribal wars. All participants were venomous goblins, with similar strength.

Two tribes emerged. Rassen watched the situation from the tree, using his Celestial Eyes. He read the ‘settings’ of Byaren Stone Mountains.

‘These are the two remaining tribes.’

All other tribes had been annihilated by these two. These two were the survivors.

When the tribes clashed, their battle was evenly matched.

With a screech and a growl, the tribes concluded their clash, and a weary Rassen was able to hunt the venomous goblins without much effort. His movements were light, and his fists struck accurately at the temple of the venomous goblins.


With each blow, a venomous goblin fell.

In total, Rassen had hunted 24 venomous goblins. Hamtton, excited, rummaged through the carcasses. He believed he could extract something valuable from the body of a venomous goblin.

Ivelyria felt somewhat hollow. She had intended to see his spirit and generosity, not expecting him to easily hunt down 24 venomous goblins.

“This is surprising in a different sense.”

“I wanted to show you something other magicians can’t, a path they wouldn’t normally take.”

“Certainly, these are not the ways of Mayten’s blood lineage.”

If her father had seen this, what would he have thought? That it was unbecoming of a magician, and become angry? Ivelyria couldn’t know. And inwardly, she was astonished again.

‘He’s wearing specially made clothing inside, right?’

Upon close observation, it was not an ordinary outfit. A robe worn within revealed a separate black garment, which seemed to weigh about 300kg. Without magical aid, he accomplished this through physical ability alone.

‘You’ve grown a lot, my brother.’

Rassen continued.

“Which is why I now aim to show you the path of the magic sword.”

“Don’t tell me you…”

The smile on Ivelyria’s lips vanished, and she became somewhat more serious.

“Yes. To build a community of over ten venomous goblins, they need a leader to command them.”

It was the nature of goblins, especially venomous goblins.

“We passed many caves en route here.”

He hadn’t just climbed up; venomous goblins often settled around mid-mountain. They didn’t have to climb too high to find a suitable habitat.

“Based on the direction they emerged from and the timing, I believe I can trace back to their lair.”

“You’ve figured out that much?”

“Most likely, it’s a goblin shaman.”

“Honestly, you’re doing far better than I had envisioned. My brother.”

“Thank you.”

He had interpreted it with his Celestial Eyes. There were many caves, but only two caught by the Celestial Eyes.

Both had the special designation [Tribe Cave of Goblins]. This detail he did not share with Ivelyria.

“I’ll show you the path of the magic sword there, through my martial magic.”

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