Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 60

In the hands of Ibelia, there was one letter.

[To my respected sister Ibelia.]

The letter that began in such a manner included simple greetings along with the contents of what Rasen desired from Ibelia.

“Respect is nice, but it would have been better if it said ‘dear.’ Better yet, ‘love.’”

At that remark, Rasen honestly felt a little flustered. Ibelia laughed lightly. She was a little pleased to see that child also capable of being flustered. It seemed like witnessing an unexpected side of him.

“So, you’d like to entrust Rudia to me?”

“Yes. As I mentioned in my letter, Rudia can no longer grow in this place.”

Regrettably, this place was the swordsmanship noble house of Seid, and it was impossible to find a great magic master here.

“So you’re asking me, who doesn’t bear the Meiton blood, to raise this girl?”

“That’s not what it amounts to.”

The Ibelia that Rasen knows is someone who could do anything for the ‘Meiton family.’ More than anything, she prioritized the Meiton family first.

“This child is bound to me with a special contract. Hence, she has no choice but to listen to me.”


“I, for my part, will heed your words well.”

Ibelia stared at Rasen intently.

“Are you saying you want to be my man?”

“If you are willing to take me in.”

Ten years later, after a certain event known as Decatra, Ibelia would go missing and the Meiton family’s hegemony would come to be held by Ibelia. If one had to side with someone, it was obvious to side with Ibelia.

Ibelia asked herself.

‘Why do I feel rather displeased?’

Because the presumptuous youngest brother dared to send a letter listing his demands to her?

‘That doesn’t seem to be it.’

Ibelia recalled the first time she received the letter. When she received the letter, she felt a tiny flutter of excitement. It was the first time she received a letter from another family member. That was a new and foreign experience for Ibelia. But that letter was filled only with business-like terms. Not ‘dear,’ but ‘to my respected sister.’ Thus began the letter. Unbeknownst to herself, Ibelia didn’t like the impersonal content of the letter.

“What have you been doing over the past year?”

To be honest, Rasen felt wronged. He was sure that he had spent a tougher year than anyone else. Of course, it is natural for everyone to feel their pain most acutely. However, even for a 10-year-old, the range and hazards of his experiences over the year were too vast.

‘But… Sister’s words are not wrong.’

From a mage’s perspective, he hadn’t grown. His quantity of mana, the quality of it itself, had barely changed from a year ago.

“I have been focusing on creating a vessel to hold purer concentrations of mana within my body.”


This concept was unfamiliar to traditional mages.

“Martial magic. Furthermore, transcendental properties of mana place an immense burden on the body. Unlike elemental magic, it doesn’t draw from the forces of nature and is also destructive, akin to physical techniques.”

Ibelia just listened to Rasen’s words.

“So right now, as I am in my growth phase, I am striving to mold my body to become suitable for martial magic and transcendent mana. You may think that my efforts are misguided in your eyes.”

Rasen met Ibelia’s gaze.

“Just give me a few years, and I shall meet your expectations without fail. I will at least be a factor you can utilize.”


Ibelia’s mood worsened slightly.

‘He’s just spouting right, correct things.’

As far as Ibelia could tell, Rasen was the variable, the arrangement prepared by their father. A variable that, while being unable to shape the main flow, could reverse the main trend at unexpected moments. In other words, it’s alright to move a bit slower, away from the eyes of the other siblings.

‘It’s all correct, but…’

Ibelia, too, knew about martial magic and the transcendent property. Even though it was a domain she had not personally experienced, one does not need to experience something first-hand to understand it. She didn’t think Rasen’s methods were entirely wrong. They might be inefficient, but he seemed to be faithfully growing as a ‘variable.’

‘I really don’t feel good.’

Ibelia spoke.

“So. How have you been doing?”

“I have spent a hellish year. But this hellish year will surely nourish me greatly.”

She grew even more frustrated with his business-like reply. Finally, Ibelia decided to be honest with herself.


“Yes, sister.”

“What do you think of me?”

“A pure-blooded member of the Meiton family and the most likely successor to the head mage, heir to the path of magic, is that not Sister Ibelia?”

“I’m your sister.”


Ibelia glanced over the letter in her hand again.

“The letter to your sister is surprisingly stiff and overly business-like. You are not an immediate subordinate of mine. There’s no need to write letters as if delivering an official report.”

Rasen was once again taken aback.


The reason for Ibelia’s displeasure seemed clear now. Ibelia had not come here as a ‘candidate successor,’ but rather as a ‘sister.’

‘I have misjudged the person.’

Dealing with the third princess Persha and dealing with the second princess Ibelia requires different strategies. Within the Meiton family, I had not realized it clearly, but now that I met her after a long while, I understood.

‘Just like Kashin was starved for affection, Sister Ibelia is, too.’

Why had I forgotten this simple truth? Ibelia is a genius from half a generation before Kashin. However, she is lonelier than Kashin. Kashin has a family that loves him. Ibelia doesn’t.

‘To speak nothing of our father, all my siblings are competitors.’

Such was the situation.

‘And yet, I don’t covet the position of the family head.’

Upon reflection,

‘Maybe I’m the first of her blood relatives to send her a letter?’

If so, wouldn’t that be a rather pitiable life? To be born into this madhouse, where all family members are competitors and to live life as an aloof and cold frontrunner among siblings – without any allies. For Ibelia, this could be akin to a punishment.

‘I need to change my strategy.’

For survival in this madhouse and the world, one must carve out individual strategies for each person.

“I thought that acting this way, Sister would appreciate it.”

“I would?”

“You hoped to see only my role as a variable.”


There is a sister Ibelia and there is the heir Ibelia. Although the same person, both these aspects exist together.

“But to believe that you want to see me as part of the family, that is not entirely wrong either.”

I remembered the time I told her I would gift her flowers, and she liked the idea. Ibelia smiled faintly.

“Family. That’s a good word.”

That smile seemed somewhat self-mocking to Rasen.

“It’s also a warm word. Being here, I’ve often contemplated what family truly means.”


“Yes. This place feels very different from the Meiton family.”

“I’ve heard it’s a much softer environment.”

Rasen knew.

‘She may say that, but in truth, she’s envious.’

Reunited with Ibelia after so long, he could see much more about her.

“Sister, since you’ve come after quite a while, would you like to talk with me?”

“We are talking right now.”

“Not about that. I’ve become a little curious.”

“Curious about what?”

“About how your past year was. Have you had breakfast yet?”

The faint smile began to emerge again on Ibelia’s face, seen by Rasen. He asked,

“If you have time, would you like to join me for a meal?”


“I will gift you some flowers later in the garden. There are some really beautiful blue tulips.”

* * *

Dinner with Ibelia turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. Rasen came to a conclusion.

‘She’s definitely different from Persha.’

Completely different from that inhumanly cold third princess. Ibelia was genuinely human.

‘But still…’

It was undeniable that she was the pure-blood of the Meiton family.

As Ibelia was a warm and pleasant person as a sister, as a successor candidate, she was cold and frightening.

“We shall depart at 6 a.m. tomorrow, so please be ready in advance.”

As Ibelia walked away after dinner, Rasen nearly heaved a sigh. She had said this:

[I do not believe in only verbal efforts. I accurately remember your achievements and state from a year ago. So, compared to a year ago, proof that you have grown.]

One year’s achievements. To prove them. Depart at 6 a.m.

‘Where to? What for?’

She did not reveal that. She only said to depart at 6 a.m.

“Oh. You startled me. When did you appear?”

“It’s good to have tea after a meal, my lord.”

“No, I mean, could you give some warning?”

“You should be able to notice me, Lord. If I were an enemy……”

Rasen interrupted.

“If you were an enemy, I would be dead, right?”

It’s been the same routine for over a year. Hera has been strict, and at 11 years old, Rasen often felt overwhelmed by that severity.

“If I could detect your presence, I wouldn’t be 11 years old, would I?”

Even the protagonist Kashin couldn’t do that sort of thing.

“Hera, you heard all our conversations, didn’t you?”

“Yes. I will ensure to wake you beforehand so that you can depart at 6 a.m. Since we do not know the duration of the journey, I shall prepare emergency food and water in advance.”

“What kind of test might Sister be preparing?”

“She will know your achievements from a year ago accurately. So it will be something impossible then, but possible now for you.”

‘What could it be…?’

We are departing at 6 a.m. A rather early departure. It seems there is a reason for the early start.

‘A year ago, I couldn’t hunt, but after a year of training by Sister’s standards, it seems likely that she’ll choose a magical creature that can be hunted.’

Having reached that conclusion, Rasen felt lighter. He recalled the dinner from earlier.

‘As younger brother Rasen, I passed.’

He remembered the way she cherished the blue tulips. A serene smile was on her sister’s face at that time. However,

‘As the variable Rasen, I have not yet passed. Right?’

He lay down on the bed. 6 a.m. It seemed wise to get a little rest in advance.

The day dawned. The time was 5:30 a.m. Rasen woke up on his own without being roused by Hera.

‘If we had to leave for a long time, he would have asked for the indulgence of the head of the Seid family.’

After all, Rasen currently relies on the Seid family for support.

If something were to happen to Rasen, that responsibility could lie with the Seid family.

‘Can’t go far.’

He couldn’t go far. Since he wasn’t specially prepared for the test, it should be something that could be arranged on the spot.

6 a.m. As promised, Rasen met Ibelia in the annex’s courtyard.

“You look cheerful.”

“Good morning, Sister.”

Did you sleep well? He decided to change it just a bit.

“Did you sleep well?”

Ibelia flinched slightly at that simple greeting. It was a curious feeling. While it was pleasant to not be so formal, it was also unfamiliar. Although an utterly common morning greeting, this was not so common for Ibelia.

Ibelia didn’t show it outside.

“You look good?”

“How could I? I spent all night worried about what test you might give, and got dark circles down to my jaw.”

Ibelia smiled.

“So, do you know what you will do?”

“Yes. I had to figure it out.”

Rasen also smiled equally.

“That, from the very beginning, was your test, Sister.”

Our sister. One who is clear about work and private life.

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