Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 6

In Episode 6 of “The Youngest Son of a Magical Family,” Barleur witnesses the seventh son collapsed on the floor. Recognizing the hefty body of the unconscious boy, Barleur’s expression hardens, and he curses his bad luck. This laid-back assignment at the “Leafy Annex” has become complicated.

Barleur has no concern for the well-being of the seventh son; his main priority is his own safety. He wonders irritably why the seventh son had to get injured in this place. The possibilities circle in his mind—if he fails to treat him adequately, he can only imagine the chaos the seventh son would wreak.

Approaching the seventh son, Barleur realizes that the boy must have used magic martial arts (matu-sul) despite his young age, which has likely caused a mana overload in his heart. He laments the misuse of the Meiten family’s powerful mana for such antiquated practices, contributing to this disaster.

Barleur performs his best recovery spell, “Embrace of Mana,” but despite his efforts, the seventh son remains unconscious. Barleur then rationalizes that even if he cannot fully heal the boy, he can pass the responsibility to higher-level mages at the main house.

Meanwhile, Cha Seong-min, who has become Larsen Meiten in these extraordinary circumstances, feigns recovery and enjoys a piece of “Berden Mountain Chocolate” he secured. To his surprise, eating the chocolate seems to increase his mana—an unusual phenomenon for someone who typically doesn’t prioritize chocolate.

As Larsen mulls over the day’s events, including his encounter with formidable mushroom monsters and his newfound ability to gain mana from chocolate, his half-brother, the sixth son Carlton, bursts into the room, demanding respect. Cha Seong-min, sharing Larsen’s body and memories, feels fear due to Larsen’s instinctive terror of his brother.

But in a swift moment, as Carlton moves to strike him, time slows down for Larsen, courtesy of the newly awakened attribute “Slowly Flowing.” This might be his chance to avoid the unnecessary beatings and assert himself appropriately. It’s an opportunity he decides to seize—to stand his ground against the sixth son, who has long tormented him.

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