Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 59

Episode 59: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

“What is that?”

Pale, engraved letters on the wall. Lasen approached them closely. Dust had settled on the surface.

He wiped the dust away with his finger, which felt tingling.

“Not bad for an antidote made on the spot.”

He would have been poisoned more if he hadn’t been chewing on the antidote. Trusting in Hampton’s remedy, he examined it more closely.

“What on earth is this…?”

The words were clearly visible to Lasen. They were letters carved by someone long ago.

[To posterity with the letters of the greatest civilization…]

[Only those who are worthy shall see these words.]

Below that, the letters were too faded to make out. It seemed they had been erased by the ravages of time. There were some legible letters here and there, but not enough to grasp the overall context.

Heira approached him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Heira. Can you make out these characters?”

“The letters?”

Standing next to Lasen, Heira examined the wall. After observing for a while, Lasen realized something.

‘Heira doesn’t see the letters.’

Perhaps even Kashin couldn’t see them.

“Hampton. You don’t see anything either?”

“Yes, young master. All I see are the marks you’ve made.”

Only the pale dust smudged by his finger was visible. Next, he asked Magner.

“Master, you don’t see anything?”

“Nothing at all.”

Magner wanted to ask if Lasen’s ‘special eyes’ saw anything new. He wanted to ask, but he didn’t because Heira and Hampton were near. Magner had no intention of revealing the power that Lasen possessed to anyone. Besides, it wouldn’t be right to expose the powers of his disciple, even if it were merely the disciple’s shadow.

But Lasen knew.

‘Hangul. And letters that only I can see.’

Perhaps this place, this world, concealed many things unknown even to him, the author.

“Then it seems this is something special arranged by Lady Ibellia.”


“Yes. It appears to be a magic that only I can recognize.”

“Is that so?”

Lasen fibbed a bit about the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon.’

“She says she’ll gift it to me.”

“I’ve done all the hard work, so why do you get the gift?”

“Would you be so petty, Master? You are strong enough without such trinkets.”

“I would appreciate having such an artifact in my old age, though.”

Ignoring his master’s jest, Lasen walked towards the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon.’ It wasn’t difficult to acquire the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon,’ as far as he had come. There were no traps to speak of. He reached out his hand.

He obtained the Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon. Lasen said calmly,

“She told me to place it against my chest.”

Then the ‘thousand-piece’ shaped Heart Armor suddenly stretched out – wrapping around Lasen’s chest like a compression bandage.

‘It feels soft.’

It felt like he was wearing a soft compression bandage on his chest. After a bit of time, he couldn’t even tell if he was wearing the Heart Armor or not.

‘The fit is really good.’

The advantage was it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Then he heard a voice.

[Wow. This feels nice.]

The Transcendent Grail seemed to like the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon.’

[Can I eat this?]

No, you can’t. It’s not food.

[Shoot. That’s disappointing.]

He could feel the Transcendent Grail’s disappointment.

“Then let’s return. Thank you for your help, Master.”

Magner chuckled in response.

“If you’re grateful, pay me in money.”

* * *

The Swordsmanship Family Seid.

Having returned to the Seid household, Lasen went to the detached house assigned to him. The Swordsmanship Family dwellings were composed of traditional Korean-style houses—indeed, a great many buildings—spread over a vast area, and the place assigned to Lasen was a detached house called ‘Sarangchae’ (love cottage).

When Kashin heard that Lasen had returned, he rushed out.


Seeing Kashin running over with a cheerful smile made Lasen feel a bit sorry. After all, the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon’ was an artifact Kashin should have obtained.

‘Well, this isn’t even worth mentioning in the grand scheme of fate.’

Protagonist Kashin would consider this as mere child’s play compared to the many fateful encounters and fortunes he would come across.

‘After all, there’s nothing in the story that says it saved his life.’

Better than nothing, but not an essential artifact for Kashin.

“Kashin. I’ve got a fascinating artifact.”

“Really? What is it?”

“It’s armor that protects the heart.”

“Armor? You’re not wearing it.”

“It’s transformative armor. I’m wearing it now.”

Kashin’s eyes sparkled.

“Magic really is amazing.”

“Do you want to try stabbing my heart?”

“Stab your heart?”

Without hesitation, Kashin drew his sword.

“Hey. That’s a famous sword.”

“Yes. It can cut through steel.”

“Anything blunter than that?”

“I’ll control my strength.”

How could he be so gleeful about stabbing a heart?

“Why are you so excited?”

“Because I think I can be of help?”


Surely that’s it, right? You’re not excited because you want to stab my heart? Lasen hid a bit of anxiety as he puffed out his chest.

“Try stabbing me. Gently at first.”

He needed to know how much the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon’ could withstand. Simulation was important. An artifact like an extra life. It needed to be utilized efficiently.


Kashin started with a gentle stab.

“A bit harder.”

A little harder.

“A bit more now.”


And then a bit more. Deeper. Stronger. Kashin gradually increased the force of his stab on Lasen’s chest.

“That’s enough now.”


“Yes. It’s starting to hurt.”

“Got it. I’ll stop if it hurts you, Lasen.”

Kashin withdrew his sword, still smiling cheerfully. Lasen, for his part, felt amazed.

“How much of your total strength did you use?”

“About 60%.”

Of course, it wasn’t a real battle, but Kashin was the novel’s protagonist. The protagonist used 60% of his strength to stab, but the armor could defend against it without a problem.

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

He could feel the sword stabbing him, but something not painful penetrated and then left his body. As if his body had become water, and Kashin’s sword was entering that water.

Lasen activated his heavenly eyes to analyze the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon’ and his body.

[The Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon blocks external attacks.]

[The durability of the Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon is 32/100.]

[The artifact will be destroyed when the durability reaches 0.]

[The durability of the Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon can be restored with ‘mana’.]

‘Damn it.’

He almost wrecked the precious artifact without knowing it. He would have lost it without proper recovery.

“I’ll channel some mana for a while. Stand guard for me.”


Kashin agreed, grinning widely. He was in high spirits today. A friend had asked him to stab his heart. And he did, with sincerity.

This fact made Kashin’s own heart race.

‘This is what father said… the friendship among heroes!’

Kashin, at the age of 10, was deeply moved. Moreover, he was asked to stand guard. A favor one can only ask of a deeply trusted person. Kashin felt he had found a true friend.

‘Lasen doesn’t fear me.’

A person who didn’t fear him, who could see him as a true friend and not just as the next head of the Seid family, but as Kashin himself. He had made such a friend in 10 years. He considered himself fortunate.

Meanwhile, Lasen was channeling ‘Easy to Learn Mana Techniques’, infusing mana into the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon.’

‘It’s consuming more mana than I thought.’

He needed to channel techniques for at least a minute to restore 1 point of durability. To restore 100 points, he would need at least 100 minutes of technique channeling.

‘I guess I’ve checked its capabilities.’

After parting with Kashin, Lasen lay down on his bed in the detached house. He fell into deep thought.

‘It seems like this will give me some peace of mind against any potential dangers or assassinations.’

Then he heard Heira’s voice.

“Why are you looking like that? Do you have orders to give?”

Beyond the sliding-style door. A voice came from the other side.

‘Did she read my gaze?’

Lasen had looked over without even realizing it himself. No matter how you looked at it, this world was teeming with monsters. It’s best to be cautious, even if you’re doing your best.

“No, it’s nothing.”

To avoid any misunderstandings, he elaborated.

“Heira. Would you like to try stabbing my heart?”

Suddenly, from above the ceiling, the silhouette of a person appeared. The sight of Heira, sitting upside down with a dagger in her mouth, was chilling. It was fortunate she was a shadow.

“If I stab it, you will surely die. Are you sure?”

“Oh, no. I’ll ask you when I’m stronger.”

“You must indeed become stronger.”

A year then passed.

* * *

After acquiring the ‘Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon.’

Every day was a continuous training session. The title of ‘Warrior King’ Magner hadn’t earned it by loafing about. He’d only gone through basic physical training for a year under him. As he always said, without physical strength to support you, neither battle prowess nor mana are of any use.

Magner spoke with satisfaction.

“This concludes the basic physical training. However, always wear the Black Garb inside.”

The Black Garb was, as the name implies, a black outfit. Notably heavy, its weight could be adjusted with ‘fighting energy’, and Magner had fashioned it to weigh a staggering 300kg.

“Daily life itself is training.”

“…Feels like everyday life is just too spectacular.”

When he tumbled down a cliff, he really thought he was going to die. Miraculously, he survived. Just as he was getting used to it, boulders the size of houses started rolling down cliffs. Lasen had nearly been crushed. Just as he adjusted to that, Magner sicced an eagle as big as an elephant on him to hunt it. None of this was suitable for a 10-year-old by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow, he endured.

[What sort of training is this madness!]

He had questioned it a few times, but to no avail. Each time he was met with a wildly unreasonable fist.

[True senses develop under the threat of death.]

Even attributes like ‘Flowing Slowly’ didn’t mean a thing in front of the Warrior King. Anyway, for Lasen, a year that felt like hell had passed. Precisely one year after he’d obtained the Heart Armor of the Millennial Dragon, someone visited the Seid family.

A promising successor of the Meiton family. It was Ibellia. She immediately sought out Lasen.


After one year, he met Ibellia.

“Yes, sister. It’s been a year since we last met.”

A letter was in Ibellia’s hand.

“You sent a letter.”

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