Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 58

Chapter 58 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

“The Bronze Giant’s body was protected by a special oil.”

I was able to clearly confirm that through ‘Heavenly Eyes’. The Bronze Giant’s body was coated with a special oil called ‘Retin’.

[Retin is a special oil mainly used in the humid southern regions. It is often used to protect iron tools from moisture, and when it’s applied, it prevents rusting efficiently.]

The implication was that the oil, which prevented rust, had been applied to its body.

“But there was an excessive amount of rust on it.”


“According to my findings, the oil was, indeed, Retin.”

“The Mayten House does not use it, yet you are well-informed.”

It’s oil used in the distant southern regions. It was surprising and amusing that he knew about it.

“It is moisture-resistant, easy to obtain, and has the advantage of lasting preservation,” I explained.

“That’s right.”

“However, it has a significant weakness against certain poisons.”

Magnus nodded in agreement.

“You have exceptional knowledge.”

It was undeniable. A 10-year-old with little worldly experience knew about oil from beyond the Red Forest, used in the southern regions. Among the 10-year-olds Magnus knew, he was the smartest.

“Indeed. Ahead is a place full of toxic materials. If you were to absorb it into your body, you’d be paralyzed at the least.”

“It seems likely.”

“How do you plan to get through?”

Magnus could simply proceed. Most poisons couldn’t stand against his fighting spirit. But not Larsen. Larsen’s body wasn’t fully grown yet, and he hadn’t undergone any resistance training against poisons.

At least not publicly. He could detoxify with the Holy Grail, but he did not intend to reveal its abilities here. It was decided to proceed in a more conventional and sensible way.

Larsen smiled.

“If there’s poison, we must detoxify, right?”

* * *

Hampton screamed.


Heira was resentful.


Heira had kicked Hampton’s butt. Hampton, who had been looking into the well, fell inside because of Heira’s kick, and now he was living through that moment.

Falling right next to Hampton, Heira was calmly standing and falling.

“Don’t worry. You won’t die.”

“Aaah! Save me, Hampton!”

Hampton was flailing his arms and legs for a while even after hitting the ground. Suffering from acrophobia, he could not recover from the shock of the fall.

“Snap out of it.”

“Sister! Are you trying to kill me?”

That’s why Heira drew a knife.

“Should I really kill you?”

She licked the knife. A blue edge (sharp energy) leaked from it. Hampton hiccupped at the sight.


That seemed to snap him to reality. Heira put away the knife in her bosom. Hampton couldn’t see where that knife went in and out.

“If you’re sober, stand up.”

“Hiccup. Hiccup.”

Hampton regained his senses and walked.

“Sister. Were you really going to stab me?”

“Pain is the best wake-up call.”

“So you were really going to stab me?”

“As long as you don’t die, that’s all that matters.”

Hampton thought.

‘That’s serious!’

Heira’s eyes were full of sincerity. It must be true that being a little hurt and sobering up is no big deal as long as it’s not fatal. She seemed to really think this way.

“Sister. When I think of your past self, I get chills.”

Where has the maid Heira gone, the one who was always crying and frightened by the young master, and now this terrifying assassin has appeared?

“It was me who consoled you with a lollipop when you cried 2 years ago.”


“That was all an act.”

“This way.”

Heira moved on. Far away, she sensed the presence of the young master.

How long had they walked? Heira came to a stop.

“I pay my respects to the Great Warrior.”

Hampton also bowed down in respect.

“I pay my respects to the Great Warrior!”

Magnus glanced at Heira and Hampton.

“Who are you? Are you this boy’s body servants?”

His gaze was especially on Heira. Looking at her, he felt nothing special. She just seemed like a girl with a pretty face.

‘There is no way such a girl lacking any abilities would find her way here.’

That meant she was hiding her abilities.

‘I can’t see her true abilities, even with my own fighting spirit.’

Certainly, she was a possessor of assassination skills, someone optimized for moving secrety and hiding her ki.

“How exceptional of the Mayten House to employ such a girl as a maid. Well, you must be a shadow.”

“I am excessively lacking, so my father specially appointed her to assist me.”

Magnus snickered.

‘So my father specially appointed her?’

That statement likely held truth. Calling her a mere maid would be selling short her extraordinary ability to hide herself.

‘So that’s deliberately being shown, huh?’

Appointed specially by the father. I will not be the true successor, but I am the Mayten House’s variable. He subtly hinted at this. As expected from the Mayten House. At least they don’t stab people in the back. Magnus liked that. That’s how he understood it.

“Decatra has specially appointed you. Amongst the assassins I’ve seen, you are one of the most skilled.”

Heira grasped his meaning.

“The assassins who have met the Great Warrior no longer belong to this world, so I must indeed be the first. I will take it as a warning and be careful on my own.”

“Not being pompous either.”

Those who have reached a certain level have pride. But if they surpass a certain threshold, they no longer indulge in it. That’s what ‘those at a certain level’ which Magnus had recognized were like. Especially for assassins, where pride could link directly to their lives.

“Most assassins who show off and are countered have died.”

“Thank you for your good words.”

Magnus’s gaze shifted to Hampton standing behind.

‘Hm. I smell poison.’

An interesting combination. Poisoner and assassin.

“Are you a poison manipulator?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I am a poison manipulator.”

“You must also be a shadow.”

It didn’t seem like he had the physical capabilities maximized for a poison manipulator.

“There are poison manipulators that have either maximized their own abilities related to poison or have studied poison, building an extensive knowledge base and research. Which side do you belong to?”

“As you can see, I am the latter. I have no abilities of my own.”

‘That must be the truth.’

His trembling legs were proof. It was a completely different feeling from Heira.

“A man so fearful, how useful can he be?”

“If one wasn’t afraid in front of the Great Warrior, that would be truly unusual.”

“Even in such a situation, you have the nerve to answer back, so you have a strong spirit.”

Magnus messed up Larsen’s hair.

“Using such tricks suggests weakness. Had you been truly strong, such maneuvers would have been unnecessary.”

“That’s possible for geniuses like you, Master. I am no such genius, though.”

All I am is Cha Seong-min who has passed the Age of Purge at 17 and wishes to live freely and peacefully at 20, ensuring the plausibility of this world remains intact as I enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Magnus burst into laughter.

“Uh, hahaha!”

For a 10-year-old to demonstrate such behavior, claiming he wasn’t a genius was amusing. He sincerely seemed to believe it was true.

‘You don’t consider yourself a genius?’

The prowess he had shown thus far was sufficient for a genius. He was a talent that could make regular geniuses look like simpletons or average men?

‘Even if you had strived from the womb, it’s only been 10 years of effort?’

Achieving greater than what most spend decades striving for and still not considering oneself a genius? That’s sincere. He’s not joking. This suggested one thing.

‘The Mayten House is teeming with such monsters.’

It meant that in Mayten House, geniuses of such caliber were not even considering themselves as such, due to the presence of such extraordinary individuals. It was a reasonable inference.

“Good. So, will this poison manipulator be able to detoxify this poison?”

He looked at Heira’s bag. It would contain many things. Assassins don’t carry such large baggage, so he concluded that the pack must belong to Hampton.

“Uh, to detoxify all poisons seems impossible. The poison is continually generated naturally.”

“Is that so? What do you plan to do then?”

“I can’t detoxify the entire area, but I can create a temporary antidote to protect the young master. That’s all I have the ingredients for.”

Magnus, seemingly annoyed, said.

“Well, do as you wish.”

* * *

Some time passed. Hampton produced from his large backpack glassware and glass rods, a certain amount of water, and various herbs. He managed to create a round detoxifying pill.

“My Lord, if you keep this in your mouth, you will be able to resist the poison to some extent.”

“Thank you.”

The protagonist, Kashin, would fall ill for three days because of this poison. Larsen already knew this fact. Being aware of the ‘result’ made it simpler to surmise the process. But for Larsen, this process was a fresh thrill.

‘The Retin applied to the Bronze Giant’s body.’

That wasn’t something author Cha Seong-min had established. He barely remembered it, but Retin had briefly appeared in a story about the ‘southern region’ written sometime ago. And now it appeared here.

‘Knowing the result, it’s easy to create the process.’

It was like looking at the answer sheet first and then solving the problem. Larsen really enjoyed it. Larsen started moving forward with the pill in his mouth. Magnus followed.

“Tsck, to think a detox pill is needed even for such a weak poison. You still have a long way to go.”


Since he had the pill in his mouth, he didn’t respond. He just walked. The air was mixed with poison. It was better to get out quickly.

After walking for about ten minutes, it finally appeared. A giant iron door. It was a rusted door, high enough to appear over 10 meters tall.

[There existed a gigantic door with a dragon engraved in relief. As Kashin stood in front of it, the door began to open on its own.]


The iron door began to open.

It only opened slightly. Just wide enough for one person to pass through. Larsen slipped through the gap.

In the distance, light seeped in. Whether it was real sunlight was uncertain, but a beam of light was entering through a hole in the cave. Beneath that beam, there was a piece of cloth.

It was interpreted by the Heavenly Eye.

[‘Emperor Dragon Armor’]

That piece of cloth was the ‘Emperor Dragon Armor’. When that cloth is pressed against the chest, it thinly wraps the whole chest, acting like armor.


At least once. It will protect the heart. It’s like gaining an extra life. He walked towards the Emperor Dragon Armor.


But some things, Cha Seong-min had not set up. And things the protagonist, Kashin, hadn’t paid much attention to. No, Kashin was unaware of them. They were on the wall.

‘What is that…?’

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