Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 55

Episode 55 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family”

Magnus arched an eyebrow inquisitively at Lasen. “You think you understand?”


“Then speak.”

Magnus smirked.

“But if you’re wrong, there won’t be a third teaching.”

“That’s a bit much, don’t you think?”


“Shouldn’t I at least get three chances?”

“That’s up to the one teaching. If you feel wronged, why don’t you become a master yourself?”


Lasen feigned annoyance but was fairly confident, considering Magnus’s tendencies and the current situation. He knew that there could only be one piece of advice that a character like Magnus would give.

“You’re suggesting I hide my special eyes, aren’t you?”


Magnus stroked his chin.

“Why do you think that?”

“There are many who covet my eyes.”

“Aren’t you the youngest of the Mayten family? Are you afraid of those riffraff?”

“My brothers would covet my eyes as well.”

Magnus narrowed his eyes.

‘At least he’s not foolish enough to flaunt his powers openly.’

Some are foolish indeed, possessing some talent or special power but wilting like young sprouts before they can fully bloom, exposing their abilities prematurely. It is better not to reveal your special powers and abilities until you can properly protect and utilize them.

“That’s quite a fearsome notion.”

“Speak candidly, Master.”

“What about?”

“You thought I was the type to brag and blabber, didn’t you?”

“Was it that obvious?”

“Yes. It’s how you looked at me, quite frankly.”

“I apologize. I’ll try to hide such looks in the future.”

Magnus knew why Lasen was saying this. Lasen had been reading Magnus’s mind and expressions all along.

‘The one who notices everything decided to declare that he has special eyes to me.’

One who understands the need to conceal his power.

“Do you think I’d reveal all my cards to you without cause?”

“What do you mean by cards?”

Magnus didn’t consider it all that significant, but internally, he didn’t take it lightly at all. Those were indeed his cards.

“I showed trust in my own way to you, Master, within my means and as fully as possible.”

“Ha! So?”

“Well, just saying.”

Lasen chuckled to himself. Despite turning his head away with a snort, he could get a sense of what Magnus was thinking.

‘My character.’

Because it was Magnus, that’s why he didn’t conceal his power. He had told everything. Because Lasen had set up the character named Magnus, he had created this situation.

[I’ll tell you this in secret, Master. No one else knows. Only you’re aware.]

Since the time Lasen agreed to come search for this ‘well’ with Magnus.

Lasen had been planning for this all along. Magnus must have felt like he was led by the nose.

‘Why does he trust me like this?’

It was almost a blind, unequivocal trust. And Magnus didn’t seem to dislike such blind faith.

‘What kind of bastard mutant is born in Mayten?’

To trust someone so deeply, coming from Mayten? That would seem strange to anyone. Those who are bound up in their belief that they are superior, that they are the chosen ones.

‘Truly an odd fellow.’

It was an incomprehensible situation.

‘Still, it’s these mutant-like ones that change the world.’

It was entertaining. Magnus decided to keep an eye on Lasen’s growth more keenly.

Then Lasen cheekily spoke.

“But as a disciple who trusts you enough to reveal all his cards, I’m pretty decent, right? You just saw it yourself, how I took down that monster in one hit.”

“That’s because the monster was focused only on me.”

“But I still defeated it.”

“Without me, you wouldn’t have lasted a single punch.”

“But you were there, Master.”

“If I hadn’t been?”

“But you were there! Why assume a situation where you’re not? It’s not very manly…”


Magnus’s fist exploded forth. A lump formed on top of Lasen’s head.

“Seems like a beating’s the only thing that shuts you up.”

Magnus appeared satisfied. He then surveyed the well.

“Is this the place Ibellia has prepared for us?”


No, that’s not it. It’s an arrangement set up by the author.

“My feeling tells me that if we enter this well, a different world will unfold before us.”

Wells commonly lead to dungeons. There are two types of dungeons.

“Are you saying that this is an artificial dungeon?”

One type is artificial dungeons. Created by great magicians or ancient humans, or some entities for a special purpose, as a kind of virtual space.

“I believe it’s a natural dungeon, but Ibellia must have slightly modified it.”

The other type is natural dungeons. Just naturally existing dungeons. As there are trees in the mountains and water in the seas – a natural occurrence. Some places have caves. It’s the same concept. In special areas, special dungeons are present. In the world of the novel ‘The Swordsmanship Noble Family Seid’, these are natural phenomena.

“Hiding arrangements in a natural dungeon…”

Magnus cracked a light smile.

“That’s quite the sorcerer’s touch.”

Most people aren’t keen on exploring ‘natural dungeons’ because they are naturally formed places, which often don’t contain much treasure. As Magnus puts it, it’s usually the insane, depraved mages who hide treasures in these natural dungeons. It’s not that rare an occurrence.

“But to obtain that arrangement, we would need to overcome a trial, no?”

Considering the opponent was Ibellia, Magnus softened his words. There was a reason why he referred to sorcerers as ‘insane, depraved mages’ – sometimes it would require risking one’s life. Magnus thought to himself,

‘If you’re going to give something, just give it. If not, just don’t. Why bother creating such things and make people struggle? Sorcerers who enjoy this are definitely twisted psychopaths.’

Such thoughts, such character settings, were also read by Lasen’s divine eye.

“Yes. Since you don’t intend to kill me, there might be some guardian, don’t you think?”

“Well, just try and do well.”

Lasen jumped down the well first. Magnus followed with an air of inconvenience, drifting down slowly unlike Lasen who fell rapidly, as if he were a light feather gently descending to the ground.

Magnus casually thought,


Past memories surfaced.

‘That time, I killed bandits, but it must have been an illusion.’

There were no corpses, no bones. Those past memories were fabrications by the monster ‘Mai’. Then suddenly, Magnus thought it was odd,

‘There was a monster with such aura, why wasn’t it discovered?’

This was Yongdu Mountain, a rugged, deep forest, but surely something with such a strong aura should have been discovered. Indeed, Ibellia’s interventions suggested it wouldn’t be too difficult for mages to locate.

‘Even if young me could have been deceived.’

For 30 years, the well had gone undiscovered. No signs of human exploration. Not even traces left by the ‘Ground Mole Clan’, always eager to dig into such places.

Falling through the well seemed to take quite a while. New information decoded itself in Lasen’s divine eye.

[The character, ‘Setting Destroyer’, begins to doubt the ‘world’s consistency’.]

Lasen flinched.

‘Setting Destroyer?’

Last time, he was called ‘Sorcerer of the Skies’, but now, ‘Setting Destroyer’. Looking up, he saw Magnus descending slowly, deep in thought.

‘Magnus is the Setting Destroyer?’

That was the only interpretation that made sense from the context.


The reason was unclear. It seemed the world itself classified Magnus as a Setting Destroyer.

[‘Setting Destroyer’ doubts the world’s ‘insufficient consistency’.]

[‘Consistency’ breaks down partially.]

Lasen understood what was lacking in consistency. The same phenomenon as before occurred. Time stopped. The world turned grey.

A grey space.

Cha Sung-min’s setup book.

And the black pen.

The setup book opened by itself. Inside were settings actively created by the world.

[Yongdu Mountain is a moderately high peak within the Tern Mountain Range. There is a village of slash-and-burn farmers with a ‘Blood-Dyed Well’, through which one can travel to the natural dungeon ‘Lair of the Millennium Dragon’. And within that well, a phantasmal monster called ‘Mai’ had been dwelling. Since Magnus’s visit, no one has discovered this well for 30 years.]

It was there that Lasen realized,

‘This makes no sense.’

A well home to a monster exuding such aura. A sorcerer, an adventurer, any such party should have discovered it at some point.

Monster hunters who earn their keep hunting phantasms, the exploration-crazed Ground Mole Clan, mages who can’t resist a dungeon.

A den for such a monster, untouched for 30 years, is unnatural.

[No one discovered the well because ___ ___ ____.]

One must match the consistency somehow. Sentences must not clash with other settings, yet must ensure the sentence matches with existing consistency.

‘In the original world, it was Kashin who discovered this place.’

Kashin Seid discovered it. He filled in one sentence, not destroying the existing setting.

[Only he with the ‘Divine Eye’ could see through the concealed Mai.]

Even Kashin, the original protagonist of the novel, has the Divine Eye. Lasen also has the Divine Eye. A clause satisfying the ‘Divine Eye’ while maintaining consistency.

The world’s creator seemed to approve of the consistency.

[The insufficient consistency has been partially secured.]

‘So what’s next? Do I get to add a new privilege line?’

Normally that was the case, allowing new settings to be woven in. But this time was different. The world returned to normal, but no special privileges were granted. From that he sensed it wasn’t the perfect answer. It seemed to have just managed to prevent a wide-open breach of consistency. A stopgap measure, just that kind of feeling.

‘Wow, I need to be careful.’

One mustn’t act recklessly. Fortunately, things went over smoothly this time. But such solutions can’t always be expected.

‘Must be careful.’

If not,

‘The world could crumble.’

Consistency is the scaffolding of a novel. If consistency falls apart too much, the novel itself collapses.

At that moment, Lasen’s feet touched the ground.

Strange things began to unfold.

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