Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 53

[Current Location: Old Bandit Village]

[Thirty years ago, this was a small village inhabited by bandits who had settled on Mount Yongdu. It was incidentally vanquished by a passerby known as ‘Magnus’. He alone faced over ten bandits and defeated them all without using a single weapon. This incident remained unknown to the world.]

Magnus was aware of Mount Yongdu, but I had not expected it to be this.

‘But would he really remember something from thirty years ago simply because of a bandit subjugation?’

The character of Magnus that Cha Sung-min created wasn’t like that. In his youth, he had subdued countless bandits, not just them, but many ‘evils’ in this world that the ‘young Magnus’ deemed necessary to eradicate. In the process, he also acquired the epithet of ‘The Fighting King’. In fact, in the novel, Magnus himself said, “I do not remember. I lived too hurriedly in my youth.”

‘It seems unlikely he’d remember such a small-scale bandit suppression.’

Lasen, the owner of Heavenly Eyes, continued to harbor doubts about the world and its settings. Heavenly Eyes interpreted the backstory a bit more actively.

[Here, Magnus met ‘Mai’. Mai was a bewitching woman who had been kidnapped by the bandits. Magnus fell in love with her the moment he saw her and vanquished all the bandits to save her. However, Mai was already poisoned. Before Magnus descended the mountain, Mai took her last breath.]

At that time, thirty years ago, even Magnus was a fervent young man in his twenties. It’s the story of him falling in love with a woman his age.

‘So, does his remaining unwed and solitary all this time have something to do with that?’

Normally, in this world, a figure with Magnus’s status is certain to marry. It is necessary to leave descendants. It is not unusual to marry several wives. The opposite case is the same. Although not a ‘noble family’, the family head ‘Rose’ of the emerging power ‘Blood House Rose’, for instance, has no less than six husbands.

Glancing covertly at Magnus, he appeared to be lost in thought.

‘Really because he can’t forget his first love?’

Nah, it’s more likely that he has been too busy with life to get married.

“Master, is there nothing special here?”

“It is for you to find, not me.”

“Wouldn’t it hurt to assist me a little?”

Magnus raised his fist. Lasen was well aware of the power behind that fist.

“I’ll look for more clues then.”

Only then did Magnus lower his fist.

“Good. Take a look. I will rest for a while as I am getting old.”

Magnus walked and took a seat next to a small well in the middle of the village. He knew about this well.

‘The well is still here.’

After all, who would care about a bandit village that was annihilated thirty years ago?

‘This well… is a well that has drunk blood.’

Thirty years ago, Magnus was full of vigor and cruelty. He had killed some by throwing them into this well, and broke the limbs of others before tossing them in. About fifteen bandits had died inside this well.

‘It was excessive.’

I’m not even sure if they were real bandits. Memories fade with time. However, it was true that he had gone too far. He slightly roused his fighting spirit. Though he could not ‘search’ as well as magicians with their mana, it was possible for him to probe to a certain extent with his fighting spirit.


But something was off.

‘There are no bones?’

Where there should be a heap of bones, there was none.

‘Did someone collect the bones?’

Who would bother to come all the way to this small bandit village to do that? It’s not impossible though. In cases like these wells, villagers would cleanse the site of corpses to avoid ill omen. That is if there were any nearby houses.

‘But usually, they would place amulets or special barriers… Barriers?’

Magnus grinned.

‘There’s a barrier over this well.’

Who could’ve placed it and why? Was it to contain the ‘malicious energy’ emanating from the corpses?

Magnus turned his head to look at Lasen.

‘Is he sensing it?’

Magicians are more sensitive to such barriers than physical fighters. They possess different capabilities. If Lasen were an exceptional magician, he would easily perceive this barrier.

‘I don’t know what kind of barrier it is.’

If it were a problematic barrier, it could simply be destroyed. That’s the style of physical fighters. If magicians disengage a barrier, physical fighters smash through it. The methods of nullification are different.

Lasen approached slowly. He had known about the ‘well’ from the beginning. Originally, Cassin was destined to acquire the ‘Heart Armor of the Thousand-Year Dragon’ at the site of the ‘well’. Hence, he had been searching for it.

‘It would be suspicious to find it at once.’

That’s why he hadn’t immediately gone to the well. Lasen’s Heavenly Eyes had accurately interpreted it.

[The well harboring a barrier magician’s will]

[Due to the will of a barrier magician, the setting of ‘The Well Stained with Blood’ is currently activated.]

Lasen’s heart raced.

‘I’ve found it.’

Upon arriving at Mount Yongdu for the first time, Lasen had been searching for this place, ‘The Well Stained with Blood’. Cha Sung-min had not elaborated on the details about ‘The Well Stained with Blood’ when writing. It was merely the name of the place, and Cassin was to have a fateful encounter there.

‘If this is ‘The Well Stained with Blood’ then…’

Magnus must have buried the bandits here thirty years ago.

That must be why it became known as ‘The Well Stained with Blood’. It would be a well that has devoured at least ten people.

‘What about the barrier magician?’

That was not a detail Cha Sung-min had created. Although a good number of barrier magicians appear in the story, few would bother to cast a barrier over a well in such a small village. Lasen could recall none. They are individuals with special abilities, and they are too busy living in a world that requires those skills.

Lasen asked,



“Do you know anything about barrier magicians?”

“Barrier magicians? And why would you ask that?”

Seeing Magnus’s reaction, Lasen caught on quickly. Although Magnus had not given a substantial hint, it was just understood. It was merely a matter of intuition.

‘Magnus knows about this place.’

He also knows that a barrier has been cast.

“That’s because you already know a barrier has been cast here, master.”

“Look at you? How would I know that? I am a physical fighter.”

Physical fighters do not concern themselves with barriers. That is their pride and dignity.

“Think about it. Why would any barrier magician go crazy to spend time, money, and effort to cast a barrier over a well in such a remote village?”

“There are a lot of crazies in the world. More than you can imagine.”

“It seems like a barrier that has been maintained for more than ten years. Yet there’s not a sign of human presence here.”


“If it were a barrier magician who had reached the pinnacle of assassination, they could leave no trace, but I see that as highly unlikely.”

At least there was none in the settings created by Cha Sung-min. Even the Fighting King Magnus couldn’t erase his traces as perfectly as an assassin. That’s the world of this novel. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It isn’t possible for barrier magicians to obliterate their tracks so flawlessly.

“That means the barrier has been naturally maintained for more than ten years, which is practically impossible.”

Magnus’s eyes narrowed.

“So, what’s your point?”

“This well itself is generating its own barrier. Certain conditions must have aligned perfectly.”

“Generating its own barrier?”)

“From what I can sense, the barrier’s strength has significantly weakened from the beginning. Yet, it is still being maintained, which implies that it was much stronger previously.”

Little by little, the picture became clearer.

“Perhaps the well itself moved with its own will.”

“Is that possible within the logic of magicians?”

“Yes, it’s possible. There are numerous evil spirits, monsters, and spectral bodies that act human though they’re not. Think about it. We even have the undead in this world.”

Magnus recalled thirty years ago. If Lasen’s words were true, then the well thirty years ago had even more formidable strength.

‘If I think back…’

Other memories aren’t very clear, as if shrouded in a dense fog. The only thing that comes to mind is the subjugation of roughly ten bandits and throwing them into the well. And that he saw Mai there. Just that.

‘Why don’t I remember anything else?’

He thought he had a vivid memory. The Fighting King Magnus focused on the past, trying hard to recall the events from thirty years ago, the first encounter with Mai near here.

‘I met Mai in front of this well…’

Upon reflection, that seemed strange.

‘She was unequivocally a captive of the bandits, and she was so ill that she died while I was descending the mountain. So how could she freely be near the well?’

Lasen said,

“An inanimate object having will and casting its barrier indicates that there’s a special setting in this world.”

“Do magicians refer to it as a ‘setting’?”

“Yes. We call it a setting. Things supernatural and hard to explain through human reason we label as ‘settings’.”

“I see.”

“I’ll tell you a secret just between us, Master. No one else knows. Only you should know.”

Lasen whispered quietly. Magnus was known to be tight-lipped. If the other party demonstrated trust first, he was not one to betray that faith. Magnus grimaced.

“I don’t need to know that. I’d rather not know.”

If he knows the secret, he has to keep it. That’s his self-imposed duty. But Lasen was relentless. He was still learning how to handle Magnus.

“I can read these supernatural settings to some extent.”

“I said I’m not listening!”

“Then knock me unconscious.”

Magnus nodded.

“Alright. I’ll make sure you can’t wake up for at least three days.”

As Magnus raised his fist, Lasen uttered the words he was prepared to say.

“I feel the name ‘Mai’ from this well.”


“The name of this well is ‘The Well Stained with Blood’. It feels like your sister had a hand in arranging this place.”


Magnus couldn’t deliver the punch. He just looked directly at Lasen. The Well Stained with Blood. Lasen was a young boy, not even born thirty years ago, now barely ten years old. It was not possible for him to know of events that had occurred at that time, a story untold to the world.

Lasen continued,

“But what’s strange is…”


“I can’t sense any blood.”

A well stained with blood with no trace of blood. Lasen grinned slightly.

“What do you think? Do you have any inklings?”

Suddenly, a peculiar wind blew from the well. It carried a light pink hue, streaming out like smoke wafting through the air.

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