Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 52

Episode 52 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

[The ‘Beginner’s Magic Martial Art – Elemental Utilization’ engraved in your body blossoms.]

[Within ‘Beginner’s Magic Martial Art – Elemental Utilization’, ‘Wind (風) Element Utilization’ is activated.]

As this announcement echoed through his mind, Lasen felt his body becoming lighter.


It wasn’t the sensation of running alone.

“Is the wind aiding me?”

Though it was a strange way to describe it, he couldn’t find a more fitting phrase. His body felt significantly lighter than when he just ran.

“Elemental Utilization, huh?”

It was like the first time when his ‘Beginner’s Magic Martial Art’ had bloomed. The mana circle whirled fiercely.

[The Beginner’s Magic Martial Art ‘Elemental Utilization’ is now engraved on your heart.]

Lasen intuited something.

“With the right enlightenment at the right time, I should be able to utilize other elements as well.”

A Fire Mage handles fire, a Wind Mage lords over the wind. It doesn’t mean they can’t manipulate other elements, only that the efficiency might drop.

“I can’t become a full-fledged Fire Mage like Rudia.”

He was different from Rudia. His inherent mana was ‘Transcendent Element’ mana. It encapsulates all elements, but conversely, it means his essence could be seen as neither here nor there.

‘Transcendent Element mana is a double-edged sword.’

He cannot handle elemental magic as proficiently as the elemental mages. However, he can receive a bit of aid from ‘all elements.’ Since he was learning magic martial arts, there was no need to master elemental magic to extremes. The key was to use martial arts as his main power but with the added support of elements.

He had an epiphany.

‘That’s the path a wizard who has learned magic martial arts must take.’

In other words,

“To master magic martial arts to extremes, one must possess Transcendent Element mana.”

Only then can one truly master it.

“Moreover, the body must be robust.”

You should at least be at the level of ‘Heavenly Bone Structure’ as described in the novel. Abandoned knowledge, Heavenly Bone Structure, Transcendent Element mana – these hard-to-get conditions all combined allow the birth of true magic martial arts. Lasen realized this.

“I see.”

So that’s why magic martial arts have been neglected in this world. He gained a new insight.

Meanwhile, Magner, who had stopped in his tracks, observed the transformation occurring in Lasen’s body.

“This kid, seems like he’s had some kind of realization.”

He had been startled by the immense rate of recovery, and during that time, Lasen seemed to be pondering something else, surprising him once again. The concentration was fearfully amazing. He had been standing motionless, lost in thought for ten minutes straight.

Master Magner, who’d somehow gained a disciple he’d never asked for, frowned slightly as he continued to watch Lasen.

“I’m dying of curiosity.”

At the fifteen-minute mark, Lasen had done nothing but stand there. Magner wanted to shake him out of it but refrained. An epiphany could come unexpectedly or might never come at all.

“The energies enveloping the kid… they’re becoming more attuned to him.”

How to describe it?

“Elemental magic? Elemental affinity?”

He was a martial artist. He didn’t know much about magic. However, he was one who had reached the apex of his path. Though he couldn’t know it precisely, he could sense the general flow.

“It looks like his affinity for wind has increased substantially.”

Magner could feel that Lasen’s ‘circle’ was whirring intensely.

“It looks like he’s in the process of accepting a new ability.”

Before he realized it, Magner also became engrossed in observing Lasen.

“I’m not sure what’s happening, but something seems to be helping the kid integrate his new powers.”

When it seemed he was slightly unprepared to embrace new abilities, something invariably seemed to assist him. Something was making up for the mana that was woefully insufficient for mastering new skills.

More time passed.

Lasen opened his eyes. Seeing this, Magner asked as if he had been waiting.

“So? What did you realize?”

“Do I have to tell you?”

“Of course, you do. I’ve been standing here for 30 minutes guarding over you.”

“I never asked you to.”

“Look at this.”

“Didn’t you want to do it yourself, Master? Why brag about it now?”

With that, Magner bopped Lasen on the head.


Lasen tried to dodge Magner’s fist, aiming to take advantage of the wind’s support and his skilled weight distribution, but it seemed the Fist King’s punches weren’t so easily avoided.

“It would take you a hundred years to dodge my punches.”

“I thought my skull was going to crack.”

“Want me to really crack it for you?”

“Is it okay for you to be this violent, Master?”

“Want to truly experience violence once?”

Magner raised his fighting spirit. Lasen’s body began to quake. More precisely, it wasn’t his body that trembled—it was the ground beneath his feet, quivering as if a minor earthquake was happening.

Lasen hastily retreated, creating distance as the wind blew.

[You use ‘Beginner’s Magic Martial Art – Elemental Utilization’.]

With the wind’s assistance, he moved further back. Magner’s eyes narrowed.

“Ah. So you’re using the wind’s help.”

Though there were instances when martial arts took assistance from the wind, such use wasn’t actively pursued. Rather than relying on external energies, it was more effective to cultivate one’s own strength. In the case of fighting spirit, using elements was not seen as a particularly favorable energy.

“But this kid has mana.”

That’s different from fighting spirit. He can handle Elemental Sphere attributes much better than fighting spirit. In that sense, Lasen’s ‘Elemental Utilization’ seemed to have quite a good utility, at least in Magner’s judgment.


Magner’s index finger flicked Lasen’s forehead.

“Do you think you can dodge my finger if you get a bit better at ‘Elemental Utilization’?”

“The disciple who brags about his enlightenment for the whole town to know is a great master indeed.”

“You never lose a word battle, do you?”

Seemingly dissatisfied, Magner swiftly turned around. However, a subtle smile lingered on the corners of his mouth.

‘Martial arts that utilize mana!’

It hadn’t been long since Magner had met Lasen. His observations of the boy had been brief. Yet strangely, his heart was drawn to Lasen.

‘I want to see it.’

Martial arts that utilize mana.

‘What would it look like if magic martial arts reached the pinnacle?’

He was independent of the family’s competitive relations—a pure curiosity from the martial artist Magner. Historically, no one had ever reached the peak of magic martial arts. Perhaps he’d met a genius of magic martial arts.

‘But I must not forget that the kid is a variable placed by the Meiton family.’

It was necessary to be cautious to some extent. Nonetheless, Magner truly wanted to teach Lasen with all his heart.

‘What’s the big deal?’

What’s to fret over a variable?

‘That’s an issue for my brother to consider, not me.’

The head of the family is my brother, not me. Magner decided to take it easy.

‘Well, if I mess up, it’s only proper for my brother to clean it up!’

Haha! He laughed. Isn’t that what the head of the family is for? With that thought, he burst into laughter. He felt inexplicably cheerful.

* * *

Lasen had ‘Elemental Utilization’ engraved on his heart. His steps became much lighter, and conserving his stamina became easier. Yet, keeping up with Magner was still a long shot.

“Heave… Heave…”

Even keeping up was overwhelming.

[I’m dizzy from hunger, bro.]

All the mana kept by the Transcendent Grail was exhausted. He had covered 100km in barely 50 minutes.

Lasen grasped the hem of Magner’s garment.

“Master…. I can’t… No more…”


He collapsed.

Magner glanced at the fainted Lasen, casually picked him up, and laid him on a rock.

“This monster of a kid.”

Cover 100km in 50 minutes? That’s insanity. It’s absolutely not a level a 10-year-old could handle, let alone a ‘mage’.

“He just fell asleep?”

It seemed that he had fallen asleep from exhaustion of strength and mana, not from fainting. The fresh shock was that he didn’t pass out, but rather, fell asleep.

“But well. If you keep working hard, a path will reveal itself.”

Right now, the kid is sprinting using pure physical strength and mana. Even with the help of elements, it’s only ‘auxiliary.’ It cannot be the ‘main’ thing.

“If you don’t find it, blame your talent.”

Truly, this is how one learns art of Body Strengthening, by rolling and struggling. Magner thought so. He had learned that way, as had his brother, the head of the family.

“When I was 10 years old…”

Magner too belonged to the ranks of geniuses, a genius who had worked hard.

“100km… in 50 minutes?”

He recalled his memories. No matter how he thought about it, it seemed impossible. If he had done that back then, his body would be wrecked, unable to withstand the expansion of his fighting spirit.

“Anyway, that’s good.”

He chuckled to himself.

“As you roll and struggle, your body will become lighter.”

Lasen slept soundly for two whole days. Only after two days passed did he finally open his eyes.

“Eh? Master?”

Lasen came to terms with his situation.

“Isn’t this too much?”

Dragged along the ground, one leg began throbbing painfully.

“I wasn’t even expecting you to carry me.”

But being dragged like luggage, by the ankle, no less? What kind of method was this to transport a person?

“I’m all scraped up on my back, and my head feels like it’s about to burst.”

“Oh. Your back isn’t scraped up, and your head isn’t about to burst.”

Lasen stood up.


Indeed, there was no scrape on his back.

“My body is sturdier than I thought?”

Lasen dusted off the dirt from all over himself.

“Even if I am sturdy, we’re still talking about carrying a person.”

Though it seemed like he was dragged carelessly, this was something unimaginable without Magner’s help. It seemed that Magner had protected him using his fighting spirit.

“Looks like you’re totally fine since you’re talking back so much. While you were asleep, I had to drag this old body all the way to Yongdusan.”

“Old? Body?”

Those well-defined muscles, what could be old about them?

“Phew, it’s tough. From now on, you’re on your own. I was just out for a stroll anyway.”

The arrangement with Ibelia.

There had never been such a thing.

‘I should pretend to search.’

He must acquire as much as he knows of the secrets writer Cha Seong-min holds as naturally as possible.

‘I need to find a well.’

The first clue is in a ‘well.’


Other than that it’s named for the peak that resembles a dragon’s head, there wasn’t anything special about it. It wasn’t a dangerous lair of magical creatures either. It was simply another tall, deep mountain. Deep within the mountain range, there were scattered villages—too extensive to simply call them villages, just a few huts clustered together, really.

“This looks like an abandoned village.”

“It probably was a swidden farming village.”

They came across numerous deserted villages.

“This one looks more like a proper village.”

Deep in the mountains, still an abandoned village. At least there seemed to be some effort put into making an entrance fence, and a signpost labeled ‘Bumia Hunter Village’ hung there. The sign had withered away over time.

“I sense no signs of life here. I’ll scout around a bit.”

“Do as you wish.”

Lasen’s divine sight came across an interesting setting. It was a world behind the scenes, a setting relevant to the King Magner.

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