Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 50

In the 50th episode of “The Last Son of the Magic House,” a man named Magnar appeared at the end of an alley one block away. He was known for his distinguished prowess, akin to a Dual Monarch.

“How did you find the trial?” he questioned.

“The trial has been passed. I didn’t expect to witness such composure in the face of the Red Tiger,” he admitted, surprised at the calmness displayed during the challenge.

Caden, who had been riding atop the Red Tiger’s head, gracefully descended to the ground and politely bowed, gathering his hands together. “I apologize for my rudeness, Young Masters. My behavior was out of line.”

“There’s no need to apologize. After all, it was a scenario orchestrated by the Lady and the Dual Monarch,” came the reassuring reply.

“I’m grateful for your understanding.”

Magnar’s gaze narrowed as he observed the group, particularly focusing on Lasen. ‘So Lasen is the true leader of this party,’ he mused, recognizing Lasen’s exceptional acumen. Placing two clever minds together often leads to the emergence of yet another shrewd individual, and when two leaders are present, inevitably one tends to take charge. ‘I assumed Kashin would be the de facto leader.’

Observing Lasen, Magnar was intrigued. ‘He is entertaining. There’s potential for growth.’

Magnar then commented, “The Grandel Family doesn’t explicitly instruct their heirs to capture the Red or White Tiger.”

“The true purpose of this trial,” he paused, giving Kashin a moment to comprehend. Soon enough, Kashin spoke up, “seems to be to test our resilience in the face of enemies, the spirit we carry, and the courage to not back down.”

“Indeed.” Kashin smiled faintly, aware of the circumstances.

“Our guardian spirits are undoubtedly hidden nearby.”

Lasen, too, understood the situation and had previously discerned the adults’ ‘lies’. When Lasen glanced at him, one couldn’t help but think, ‘But he’s actually just ten years old.’

At that age, one might believe the adults who say ‘we shall not help,’ yet Lasen already suspected the presence of guardian spirits.

‘Would I have been able to see through this if I hadn’t been the author?’

Perhaps one might have been overwhelmed at the sight of that massive Red Tiger.

Yet on the other hand, it felt exhilarating, as if I’m an explorer carving a path within a world, not as an author but as a character within it. ‘Like living a life?’ How to articulate it? If that means feeling truly alive, would it be an overexaggeration?

“To confront the Red Tiger without hesitation, was it because you trusted in the guardian spirits?” Magnar asked.


“But…” Magnar wasn’t completely satisfied with the response. “Isn’t it true that a genuine gentleman stands alone in dignity?”

“And if one possesses the strength to stand alone, they cannot truly achieve success. If there are reliable individuals around me to supplement my deficiencies, then I believe I am leading a meaningful life.”

Kashin wasn’t ashamed of admitting weaknesses.

Instead, he placed his trust in the ‘guardian spirits’ that protected him.

Lasen added, “Those you trust are also Kashin’s strength and assets.”

Ivelia’s gaze shifted towards Lasen. ‘Could such words truly come from the heir pursuing the path of magic dominance?’ Ivelia wondered, still learning that her family, the Mayten House, valued domination but is recently starting to shift perspectives.

While mulling over these thoughts, Lasen was alerted to a new variable impacting the story through his unique ability.

Magnus shrugged, “Indeed. The guardian spirit is part of your strength, Kashin. Not the response I prefer, but still… Did you anticipate their presence, Lasen?”

“Of course. If not for Kashin’s sake, but for mine.”

Lasen saw himself differently within the Mayten House – not as an asset but as something easily discarded. He didn’t hate his family, he simply wished for independence, understanding the ruthlessness of the world in this story.

Meanwhile, Rudy yawned and denied falling asleep amidst the unfolding situation. From a different angle, to stand as a true mage meant to be powerful enough to devastate towns singlehandedly. It was a belief that Ivelia held until now, but a belief also shaken by the words of the children. ‘Why does it stir my heart?’

Lasen could sense the emotional cracks appearing in Ivelia. ‘Am I seen with pity?’

Kashin suddenly declared his will to become Lasen’s family, to look upon him with a warmer gaze than his own household could offer, leaving Lasen perplexed.

After the trial, Lasen wished to visit the Tern Mountains, not merely for leisure, but driven by the discoveries he made within the distorted space created by Ivelia’s magic. He was certain of the trials ahead, prepared to navigate the truths and lies he would face in his pursuit of genuine freedom and growth.

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