Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 5

Episode 5 of the Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family

A black mushroom monster appeared. Its appearance was not much different from a ‘mushroom monster.’

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The black mushroom monster came hopping towards them.

Lasen inhaled sharply, slightly bending his waist and knees to lower his center of gravity. He rotated his lower body and waist to shift his weight.


With the sound, the black mushroom monster burst open.

[The basic martial magic ‘Weight Utilization’ has been assimilated.]

The movement Lasen himself had just performed materialized in his mind, as though it was being replayed in slow motion.


It seems I’ve grasped it. The Heavenly Eye had interpreted and revealed what had just happened. The movement of the legs. The movement of the waist. The punch that carried the transferred weight. And the flow of mana to protect that fist. Everything had been analyzed and delivered as information.

[The basic martial magic ‘Weight Utilization’ is now engraved in the ‘Mana Circle.’]

Noah rubbed his eyes in disbelief. It was an unbelievable situation.

‘What is this… exactly?’

What had just happened was unmistakably pure martial magic.

‘Pure martial magic?’

Martial magic involves ‘physical destructive power.’ The black mushroom monster had a strong resistance to that ‘physical destructive power.’ Yet, it was hunted so easily.

‘It doesn’t make sense! What’s going on?’

He struggled to calm his trembling voice and finally spoke.

“Your Highness, the mushroom monsters seem not suitable as training opponents.”

“That’s what I think too.”

Was it because they were set up as the weakest demons? Indeed, they were weak. Being from one of the three ruling noble families, with the blood of a magic noble family, catching such creatures should be easily within his reach.

Of course, only Lasen had thought so.

“Perhaps we could try increasing the difficulty.”

Noah maintained as calm an expression as possible. Now was not the time to focus on feeding trash to the delinquent. The magicians of the Training Annex had the duty to assess the extent of the heirs’ magical achievements and report them to the main house without fail.

‘I never expected I would have to report about this delinquent…’

He had never dreamed that such an event would actually happen.

‘What on earth has happened to this brat?’

What could have happened in the year that he hadn’t seen him? There had been no sign of this a year ago.

Lasen spoke up.

“Increase the difficulty? By how much? It’s troublesome if it’s too high. I hardly have any mana left.”

“It’s a red mushroom monster. Similar to the ordinary mushroom monster, but it moves incredibly fast and has the trait of reproducing quickly if not killed swiftly.”

Noah put aside his personal feelings for the moment. He needed to gather information for the report. His face was much more serious than before.

“It’s very sturdy. With a 9-year-old body using simple martial magic, it might strain the body somewhat. If I judge it to be dangerous, I will stop the training.”

After listening to the explanation, Lasen contemplated.

‘Red mushroom monster.’

He hadn’t set up such a thing himself. It must be just another variant derived from the basic setup. This world, too, had a life of its own, and things he hadn’t written about managed themselves well. That’s what Lasen thought. After all, it was just another kind of mushroom monster, and he thought it was only somewhat straining.

‘It’s not particularly strong.’

Even the ordinary mushroom monster had been too weak. Since even the Sixth Prince, who hadn’t been set up, caught one at the age of nine, it wouldn’t be a big issue for Lasen himself to catch it. But still, his mana was far too deficient. Just in case, he had given a warning.

He decided to start training again. That’s when he heard Noah’s voice.

“Your Highness, the demon will be generated soon.”

Lasen looked ahead. Something was squirming next to a rock. The red mushroom monster. Its entire body was red.

‘A bit faster?’

Its hopping form was definitely different from the ones before.

‘No, it’s really fast.’

It was quick. The speed at which it closed the distance was of a completely different level than before. The closer it got, the faster it seemed.

‘But its attack pattern is really simple.’

It just hopped in a straight line.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The creature’s light hopping didn’t look threatening at all. Lasen felt a tingling in his heart.

He saw it. He didn’t miss the creature’s movements. It was his first time facing this kind of monster today, but it didn’t feel difficult. Like a tiger cub that doesn’t fear a rabbit.

‘Let’s use the powers that have blossomed first.’

Practice is better than theory.

[Using basic martial magic ‘Weight Utilization.’]

It was much more natural this time. The ‘Mana Circle’ engraved basic martial magic ‘Weight Utilization.’ It was a power he could draw out faster and more easily than before.

‘This is the power engraved in the Mana Circle.’

The body responded automatically. It felt natural. This was how to do it. The concentration of mana in his fist became denser.


With a sound, his fist, filled with blue mana, struck the body of the ‘red mushroom monster.’


With a strange cry, the red mushroom monster’s body was pushed back.

At that moment, Lasen felt a peculiar sensation. The timing when his fist touched. The timing when the red mushroom monster opened its mouth. The brief moment as it was pushed back.

‘There’s no mana.’

Any further fight was too much of a strain. Observing the situation, Noah deactivated the field. The red mushroom monster disappeared.

The field returned to its original state. Lasen blankly stared at his own fist.

‘Just now… what was that?’

He had a strange sensation, as if time momentarily slowed down.

[You have exhausted all of the mana in your body for the first time.]

[Due to a lack of mana, the activation of the Heavenly Eye is terminated.]

The Heavenly Eye had terminated. So, he couldn’t know the details.

‘Just now… there was something?’

He couldn’t remember. He clearly felt that the red mushroom monster had slowed down.

‘When my mana is restored, I should reanalyze the situation from a moment ago.’

* * *

Hampton shivered.

‘What have I just seen? Has he been secretly accumulating power?’

Other than that, the current situation was inexplicable. Noah also found it hard to believe the situation.

‘He just activated the mana circle.’

A 9-year-old’s age is too early to even form a mana circle. Moreover, someone with the violent mana of the ‘Mayton family’ already forming a loop in his heart? That’s nearly impossible.

“Hampton. Has the Seventh Prince not undergone his Decennial Rite yet?”

“Yes, he has it next year.”

And he still hasn’t undergone the Decennial Rite. The heirs of the Mayton family undergo physic-enhancing rituals at their Decennial Rite at ten years old. It’s standard to form the mana circle after that.

Hampton realized through intuition,

‘The Prince…’

Tears welled up.

‘He even has a mana circle.’

A mana circle at the age of 9? While the side effects were a major concern, it meant that the Seventh Prince was definitely not just some delinquent that everyone knew.

How many magicians in the world give up, unable to overcome the barrier of the 1st Circle? Without any effort, one could never achieve the 1st Circle. Never. So, he certainly couldn’t be the delinquent that others knew. Hampton believed so.

‘No doubt. In an unseen place… the Prince.’

He clenched his fist.

‘In that unseen place…’

In that place, he must have been rigorously hiding his true abilities, practicing, and striving. All the while, eagerly waiting for the day when the light would shine.

‘Your Highness…!’

His chest swelled with emotions. He had seen a new side of the delinquent prince. He was astonished.

And Lasen roughly noticed their reactions.

‘Did I make too big of a mistake?’

He wasn’t sure what it was, but their reactions seemed too excessive.

‘Ah crap.’

He still hadn’t fully grasped this world. It was bad if he stood out too much before the appropriate time. His main task should be to act like a normal person, just above average, and then naturally gain independence at 20.

Looking at their reactions, he sensed something had gone wrong.

‘For now… let’s put on an act.’

Lasen Mayton screamed.


He pretended to faint. Hampton, in surprise, screamed as well.

“Seventh Prince!”

Noah urgently said,

“What are you doing! Call the healing mage, quickly! To the second floor!”

Lasen kept his eyes closed and thought. The skills he had just displayed seemed overly exceptional for a 9-year-old Lasen.

‘How should I… explain this?’

Hampton moved quickly. He didn’t know what had happened, but he ran anyway.

The second floor likely had a healing potion or a healing mage on standby. After all, the Mayton family, with everything one could want and even what one didn’t, was just the place to be.

On the second floor, there was a mage asleep. Hampton woke him up.

“Are you a healing attribute mage?”

“What’s the matter?”

“The Seventh Prince is injured at the moment.”

“The Seventh Prince?”

The man, in his early forties, named Barrud, woke up looking disheveled. He seemed deeply entrenched in monotony.

“Not the Sixth Prince?”

The Sixth Prince often got hurt here, so it was unsurprising.

“It’s not him, it’s the Seventh Prince!”

“The Seventh Prince? Ah, you must be mistaken… Huh? Who are you?”

Barrud suddenly woke up fully. It wasn’t the Sixth Prince’s attendant?

“I’m Hampton, attendant to the Seventh Prince.”

“No, I mean, the real Seventh Prince is here? That delinquent?”

“He fainted while shouting.”

“What happened?”

“He subdued the black mushroom monster and was dealt a critical blow by the red mushroom monster.”

“What? How?”

“With martial magic.”

It was unbelievable. Even the fact that the Seventh Prince was here was hard to believe. It was even more incredible that the delinquent had subdued the red mushroom monster. What kind of creature was that?

“If you lie, your neck is on the line.”

“It’s not a lie. Noah also saw it with me.”

“Does that make any sense?”

Hampton was pretty good with tact.

“I’m just a mere attendant, so I don’t really know what’s what. All I saw was the Seventh Prince extending his fist, and the black mushroom monster burst open from it. After that, the Prince fainted after fighting the red mushroom monster.”


Barrud shivered. Am I dreaming? How could that delinquent do it?

“Anyway, let’s go.”

He hurridly rushed downstairs. The fainted Seventh Prince was visible.

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