Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 49

Larsen spoke.

“Are you planning to hunt us?”


Kayden looked at Larsen with incredulity, taken aback by his brazen attitude.


The Red Tiger growled with a low infrasound. A threatening breath that was enough to terrify the mountain beasts leaked out.

Unfazed by the Red Tiger, Larsen continued.

“I’m not sure who gave you the authority to hunt in this place.”

“Hunters hunt their prey. They don’t need something like permission.”

Larsen shook his head.

“This is Galon. In Galon, there are seven superior swordsmen who protect the region. So why are you being allowed to run wild?”

Even if Kayden is an exceptional Tamer, he’s still just a kid in his early 20s. And he’s alone.

One person controlling a city of this scale doesn’t make sense.

‘It must be with someone’s permission.’

Or there’s been some backroom deal.

‘Or maybe due to a poorly constructed plot point.’

One of these two. Larsen’s eyes grew cold.

What could it be? At that moment, new information caught his eye in Heaven’s Eye.

[‘Lack of Causality’ has been actively discerned.]

[A special perk related to ‘Causality’ is granted to the character ‘Larsen Mayton’.]

In front of his eyes, a ‘Setting Book’ appeared. The lack of causality within the setting book.

If he couldn’t properly fill that gap, a fissure would form in the world. Small holes could accumulate, eventually causing the world to crumble.

[Even after Kayden made a ‘Hunting Proclamation’, the guards of Galon did not take action. The residents all found this strange. The reason Kayden was able to conduct hunting in Galon was___ ___ ____.]

Larsen was confident that he could perfectly fill in the blank. This time for sure. The Red Tiger lunged at Larsen.

The White Tiger is stealthy. It moves quietly. It slips through unnoticed and breaks the neck of its prey.

The Red Tiger, on the other hand, is violent. It charges openly. But it boasts much greater strength and sharper teeth than the White Tiger.

Larsen didn’t miss the movements of the Red Tiger.

‘But it charges in a straight line.’

He was always ready for an attack. While the White Tiger has a varied attack path, the Red Tiger is straightforward.

It’s fast longitudinally, but changing direction horizontally is slow.

Larsen threw his body to the left and rolled on the ground.

[Basic Martial Skill. ‘Proficient Weight Utilization’ is in use.]

He rolled once and then stood up, not losing his balance.

“Huh? Quick, aren’t you?”

The Red Tiger was enormous. A creature that couldn’t change direction too abruptly.

It had to take a few more steps forward before turning around and looking at Larsen.

Larsen said to Rudia and Kashin,

“As you know, this magical beast is called the Red Tiger. The moment we get hit by its front paw attack, we’re dead.”

Being hit by the front paw would shatter their bodies.

“We’ll die if we get bitten, too.”

But there was one characteristic.

“Right before it charges, it stretches itself like it’s stretching its back. Then, like a spring it launches forward, and the direction is a straight line.”

That’s when Rudia used a fire-type magic spell.


A few small fireballs flew towards the Red Tiger. Kayden snickered and laughed.

“Such juvenile sorcery. Entertaining.”

The Red Tiger opened its mouth. It swallowed a few of the fireballs created by Rudia.


Inside the Red Tiger’s mouth, the fireballs vanished in a puff of smoke.

“Would you like to join the Pine Fragrance? Then maybe we’ll let you live here.”

Kashin glared at Kayden and asked back.

“What is Pine Fragrance?”

“Pine Fragrance is the master of the mountain range.”

Kayden pointed to the mountain range that unfolded like a folding screen in the distance. It seemed to be ‘Teurn Mountain Range’, the original destination of Larsen’s group.

“You mean to say, bandits.”

Kashin had his own calculations done.

As Rudia attacked, the Red Tiger swallowed her assault.

It would nullify any attack like that.

That’s why Kashin decided to lunge into its mouth. It would be difficult to pierce through the thick hide, but he was set on slicing its tongue by stabbing inside the mouth.

“How about it? My proposition sounds elegant, doesn’t it? Call us the mountain range’s owner.”

“There isn’t the slightest chance I would join hands with bandits. You fiends who disrupt the people’s livelihood will be beheaded in front of the will of the sword.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? You could die here.”

“Even if this body disintegrates, I have no intention of becoming one of your kind. I will punish you here and restore peace to this land.”

This time, it was Larsen who spoke.

“It’s strange no matter how you think about it.”

He pointed a finger at Kayden.

“Why haven’t you asked who we are? Logically, the fact that three young kids are standing up to the Red Tiger without shrinking should at least lead you to wonder who we are.”

Even though Kashin mentioned ‘will of the sword’, there was no objection. Not anyone can speak of the ‘will of the sword’.


For the first time, the smile disappeared from Kayden’s face. Larsen didn’t miss it. He added a line to the ‘Setting Book of Inadequate Causality’.

[The reason Kayden was able to conduct hunting in Galon is not really because he intended to hunt, but because he was following someone’s orders to carry out a test.]

A test for the heirs of the Martial Arts Household to hunt Red Tigers or White Tigers ‘without adult help’.

The test was not actually about hunting. If they could stand tall and face a Red or White Tiger without shrinking, they would pass the test.

‘They wouldn’t actually put the heirs at risk.’

The test was designed that way from the start.

‘Rosalyn passed the test that way too.’

In other words, although they claimed ‘without adult help’, there actually was help. Someone as skilled as Magner could secretly accompany them, or hire a Tamer like now.

‘I had enough time when I returned home.’

There was ample time for Magner to prepare such a scenario.

‘No matter how great Magner may be, and even if I have claimed to be a disciple, it’s impossible for the Martial Household to risk the heirs of the Sword Household and the Magic Household in a reckoning.’

Larsen said,

“That means you already know who we are.”

Perhaps Rudia would pass, but he must know the fact that they are the heirs of the Sword and Magic Households.

“The fact that you’re pulling this nonsense on us means you have someone to rely on.”


Kayden was speechless. He was genuinely flustered.

He didn’t expect that a kid could make such a call in the face of a beast like the Red Tiger.

“It fits too well. You appeared just in time, traveling through a warp gate. It seems someone artificially made this scenario.”

Normally, this couldn’t happen.

“Therefore, this place is not Galon.”

So where could this place be? They had certainly traveled through a predetermined route using the warp gate and came here to Galon. Even the distant Teurn Mountain Range is visible.

“This means this place must be a distorted space that’s been artificially created.”

When he first arrived, he felt ‘lifeless’, which seemed to be due to the lack of real living people. Since the space is fake.

“A space this sophisticatedly constructed, with someone who could summon a Tamer to control the Red Tiger.”

Someone who could recreate such a space and had a significant interest in him.

“There is only one person I know of that fits the bill.”

Larsen asked into the air,

“Is it perhaps Lady Ibellia?”

At his words, the space next to the ‘Red Tiger’ distorted. The space warped, and a person revealed themselves. It was the last sorceress from the novel, ‘Ibellia’.

Kashin murmured to himself without realizing,

“Lady Ibellia is here…”

At this point in time, Kashin would be admiring Ibellia. Admiration for the strong. A vague fondness for her noble beauty. Still too young to have reached adolescence, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Ibellia.

His affection was less for ‘woman’ Ibellia and more for ‘adult’ Ibellia.

With an unemotional gaze, Ibellia looked at Larsen. Ibellia, who had revealed herself in midair. Her feet gently touched the ground.

“You’re sharp.”

“It was too contrived.”

“When did you notice?”

“Since everyone started hiding. Like I said earlier, it really doesn’t make sense.”

“Did you intentionally show such effort in fighting the Red Tiger?”

“Yes. I thought it would show respect for the test.”

Ibellia smiled brightly. She truly liked Larsen’s action. After looking at her younger brother for a moment, Ibellia spoke.

“What did you think?”

She wasn’t alone here.

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