Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 48

Karsia glanced to the side to see Magner wearing an expression as if he’d been hit. Karsia could tell something was amiss. ‘It doesn’t seem like everything was agreed upon.’ It was a half-baked agreement. It looked like the consensus was ‘to keep it a secret publicly.’ It appears Rasen had set the stage in this situation, creating a position that the Tuwang could hardly refuse. For a scheme cooked up by a mere ten-year-old brat, it was quite sophisticated.

Magner remarked, “A pretty bold one, aren’t you?”

Before the head of the Swordsmanship Noble House, Rasen announced his intentions to learn martial arts. Now, Magner couldn’t do anything unfavorable to Rasen. This place belonged to the Swordsmanship Noble House. Any incident that occurred here was the responsibility of the Swordsmanship Noble House. Obviously, Karsia had no choice but to supervise both Magner and Rasen.

Magner smirked to himself. ‘It’s not bad for me either.’

A successor of the Magic Noble House learning martial arts from the second in command of the Martial Noble House? Becoming something akin to master and apprentice? There’s a huge possibility it could be construed as the Martial Noble House holding an advantage over the Magic Noble House.

‘Did that brat know this and still make it public here?’

Rasen’s intentions were now crystal clear to him. ‘By officially being tied as master and apprentice, I now have the obligation to take care of him.’ It was not just a matter of exploiting benefits from him anymore.

‘Even during our psychological warfare earlier, this young one has an incredible mind.’

Inside this ten-year-old lay a serpent, massive in cunning. This wasn’t a coincidence. This board was crafted, piece by piece, by that kid.


With an amused smile, Magner declared, “Alright. I will teach you martial arts.”

Karsia, the absolute being, acted as a notary of sorts. This very place established that role. Karsia, with a light smile, added to the conversation.

“But will the head of the Mayton family approve of it?”

“It seems that is why the bold lad chose this place as the training site.”

“Ah, now that I think about it, that makes sense.”

Swordsmanship Noble House Seid. A place even unwatchable by the great Decatra. It was where Rasen could freely learn martial arts.

Karsia asked, “Did you get permission from the head of the Mayton family to come here?”

“Yes. I mentioned that we’d foster harmony among the families and exchange knowledge.”

“Decatra allowed this?”


Karsia found it hard to believe. A sorcerer who wouldn’t even acknowledge non-magic studies as being worthwhile had approved this?


There had to be something else hidden. Karsia was certain of it. His interest was piqued. What could the Mayton family be hiding?

Magner laughed heartily. “You’ve got some talent for roasting adults.”

Ever since he met Rasen, he found the boy incredibly amusing. He foresaw quite the entertaining times with him ahead.

“But before you learn martial arts.”


“There is a trial everyone must face.”

Rasen nodded, aware of this information. ‘Cheonan’ had interpreted and presented this information to him.

[The successors of the Granth Martial Noble House must undergo a particular trial before they can learn martial arts in earnest. This is a ritual that must be completed before the age of ten, requiring a ‘Red Tiger’ or ‘White Tiger’ to be hunted. They must achieve this without any assistance from adults.]

It was a task for the children to hunt either a ‘Red Tiger’ or a ‘White Tiger.’ With nothing learned, the children had to hunt down one of the two beasts on their own. They must do so without any safety net; that was the rule.

“I’ll hunt the White Tiger,” Rasen declared.

“You’ve done your homework on our family.”

It wouldn’t be surprising had Kashin said that, but for a successor of the Magic Noble House to know this was remarkable. He seemed like a mutation out of the high-and-mighty Magic Noble House.

“Quite confident, aren’t you?”

“It’s alright to go together with this guy, right? As long as we don’t receive any help from adults.”

Kashin nodded in approval.

“White Tiger? Is that a tough one?”

“It’s tough, alright.”

For Rasen, at the moment, the beast was an impossible prey to take down by himself. It was classified as a powerful magical beast.

“I never told you to choose between the White Tiger or Red Tiger.”

Magner smiled slyly.

“Therefore, I command you to hunt the Red Tiger.”

Rasen returned the smile smugly. It seemed as if he had always wanted to hunt the Red Tiger. The White Tiger would move too stealthily and be a nuisance to catch. It would take more caution, causing more mental fatigue.


Magner felt as if he had been hit once more. No matter how he saw it, that kid’s mind was extraordinary. It seemed as if he knew all along and merely teased about hunting the White Tiger.

“Very good at being crafty, aren’t you?”

Rasen modestly replied, “I hope to learn even more from the master.”

* * *

Kashin was excited as he nibbled on snacks atop the table in Rasen’s room, thoroughly looking his age at ten.

“It’s like camping.”

“Yes, like camping.”

The test was not hard. As long as they stood tall and fought bravely in front of the White Tiger, that would be enough. Magner would take care of the rest.

“This is my first time visiting the Garon region.”

Garon was a mid-sized city located at the eastern edge, consisting of one mid-sized city and several small mountain villages.

“They say the mountain range there is spectacular.”

The famed ‘Tern Mountain Range,’ notorious for its ruggedness, but relative to its immense scale, it had few powerful magical beasts. In fact, the Red Tiger and White Tiger were among the most formidable.

Rudia sat giggling on Rasen’s bed. Curiously, flames were drawing musical notes over her head, like tiny fireworks.

“Can I come along too?”

“It’s not a trip.”

“Still, it’s camping, right? I love camping.”

“If the master allows it, let’s go together.”

Having her there was better than not. Rudia was a magician with a remarkable talent for her age.

The day passed, and they departed immediately. Kashin, filled with wonder, said, “Magic is really amazing.”

No need for bulky backpacks. Everything needed was stored in Rasen’s ‘subspace.’ It was a marvel of magic to Kashin, pure admiration for the utility of magic as he stepped forward.

After walking for a while, Rasen told him, “We can take the teleportation gate to Garon.”

Being a mid-sized city, there had to be a teleportation gate, but from where the gate was located to the Tern Mountains, infested with Red Tigers, it was a four-day walk.

Rumbling noises came from Rudia’s stomach.

“Rasen, I’m hungry.”

“Let’s rest a bit in Garon. Having used the teleportation gate several times can be tiring.”

Multiple uses of the gate could consume a great deal of physical energy and mental strength; the body would be heavily burdened. Having already traversed seven teleportation gates, it was time to rest.

They arrived at Garon’s teleportation gate. As the mana-driven golden magic circle wound down, Rasen and his group fully materialized.

‘It’s strangely unenergetic for a city.’

The windows were shut tight, and the streets were deserted, bordering on eerie. Rasen looked at the gatekeeper. A man in his mid-thirties. He asked the gatekeeper, “Is this Garon?”

“Yes. The usage fee has been paid in advance.”

The man’s tone seemed hurried, almost as if he was being pursued by something.

“It’s the time when bandits come out. Young masters, you must find shelter quickly.”

The gatekeeper rushed off after his statement. Rasen surveyed his surroundings.

“Even if we wanted to find lodging.”

The few people who remained were also dashing inside. Doors shut, windows sealed.

“There’s nowhere that would let us in.”

“My stomach keeps growling. Hee-hee.”

“Wait just a little longer.”

They descended the stairs and ascended onto the main road, heading to an inn. Despite knocking, no one responded.

‘Seems like we came at a wrong time.’

Rasen didn’t expect to arrive in the midst of such events in the Garon region. It was a mid-sized place with decent security, after all. Whatever caliber the bandits were, it baffled him how everyone was so hastily fleeing.

‘They mustn’t be ordinary.’

Then he felt something.

‘Could it be?’

Rasen had never experienced this aura, but he had a sense of it. It wasn’t human; fierce and mighty, it swirled around him. In his mind, an image formed, outlined by ‘Cheonan’, beholding its force.

‘Red Tiger?’

Across the block, he could feel the presence of the ‘Red Tiger.’


This was no ordinary wild Red Tiger. It seemed controlled by another force. Soon, a tiger as big as a house appeared, a tiger with red fur, a beast within the realm of magical creatures. The Red Tiger was in sight, with someone mounted atop it.

Rasen immediately knew who it was.

‘What’s he doing here?’

Tension coursed through his body. This situation would require some caution. Rasen remembered the gatekeeper’s words.

[It is the time for bandits to roam.]

Not ‘bandits’ but ‘bandit.’ Singular. A single person had paralyzed a mid-sized city.

‘That man’s name is Kaiden.’

Though not a character heavily detailed, Rasen vaguely remembered him.

[Name: Kaiden]

[Primary Attribute: Taming]

[Feature: Hunting Instinct]

The world didn’t only consist of three noble families. There were those aspiring to join their ranks, and others reputable enough to be on the brink. Apart from families, ‘factions’ too played their parts.

The holy empire Hollen maintained friendly relations with all three grand noble houses, holding significant power.

‘That man is surely set to become a high-ranking official in [Pine Scent].’

Judging by his age, he looked to be in his early to mid-twenties. He looked down upon them from his Red Tiger mount, a slight grin on his face.

“Hey, what are you kids doing here?”

His purple hair spiked in all directions, emblematic of a fantasy world. What made him more unique was his elongated fangs, much like a wild beast, and a rough voice to match.

“You three kiddos are not easy to handle, huh?”

Kashin stepped forward, somehow having drawn his sword.

“Are you the bandit?”


Kaiden burst out laughing heartily.

“You’re calling me a bandit?”


Rasen knew about Kaiden. The man destined to rise as a high-ranking official within the notable faction ‘Pine Scent.’ A faction that was frankly a bandit group. Therefore, he was bound to be a member of a famously infamous bandit faction. Kaiden had one distinguishing feature.

‘A hunter with a penchant for taming.’

Hence why ‘Hunting Instinct’ was a succinct descriptor for him.

“I am not a bandit. Just a beast who revels in the hunt of humans.”

Instantly, a glint of killing intent sparked in Kashin’s eyes. Rasen lightly tugged at Kashin’s sleeve.

‘Even if Kashin is strong, facing Kaiden now would mean death.’

Rasen stepped forward confidently. He was certain he could defuse this tension.


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