Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 44

In Rasen’s eyes, an illusion appeared. Rather than an illusion, it was the ‘setting collection’ that imbued Rasen with the memories of Ibelia. The setting of Ibelia.

Ibelia’s heart was read.

[I don’t want to kill anyone.]

She did not wish to kill anyone.

Because she was born with talent surpassing all others, she had to kill many people.

To prove her own strength. To demonstrate that she possessed magical power overwhelming enough to overpower her siblings.

[I want to save them.]

But she killed. The figures challenging the Meiton family. Even the innocent people who denounced the Meitons.

[Still, this is right.]

She did not wish to kill people, but she had a belief that it was the right thing to do.

Thus, she stained her hands with blood. As a sorceress, her achievements only grew with time. At the young age of 25, she had already mastered the 7th circle of magic.

And soon, she would complete the 8th circle.

But as her magic reached completion, her inner self continued to crumble.

Rasen checked the ‘setting collection.’ The setting of Ibelia filled in by the parallel world.

[She loved everything about the Meitons. She detested the succession war of the Meitons. She hated seeing the bloodline she loved at war, shedding blood.

That’s why she resolved to do everything to become the head of the family. She vowed to become the true ruler to stop her siblings’ war. For that, overwhelming magical power was necessary. Power for peace.

Ibelia was a sorceress who yearned for that.]

For a moment, Rasen was at a loss for words.

‘Is this Ibelia’s setting?’

The actions of Ibelia, which he had described without much thought and until the very end, where she, known as the last sorceress, sacrificed her life for the now desolate Meiton family.

‘This setting… it brings plausibility to all her actions.’

Rasen recalled the plot of the 10-year cycle. In the 10-year cycle, Ibelia had been said to hunt the ‘Evil Spirit Balrog.’

It was a mission far more challenging than those her siblings had undertaken. It had to be against magical beasts, not humans. Yet, she hunted beasts instead of killing humans.

‘Many of the things I described thoughtlessly, for them, they were reality.’

Writing ‘she killed people’ wasn’t hard. It was just text, after all.

Because it was just a novel. There was no need to consider the psychology of the characters to such an extent.

[At least flowers don’t hurt people.]

Somehow, that line resonated with him. He felt a slight sense of guilt toward the character Ibelia.

Rasen said,

“Would it be too presumptuous to want to become stronger and protect my sister too?”


Ibelia laughed heartily, Ha-ha-ha! It was the biggest laugh Rasen had seen from her.

“To protect me? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard such a thing.”

It was not at all funny, but Ibelia was delighted.

To hear such words from her own kin, of all people. Anyway, it was enough for a 10-year-old’s reply.

“Please help me. I need to get permission from father.”

“I doubt he will grant it, though.”

Externally, what would it look like if the successor of a magical family were to be held hostage by a swordsmanship family?

It would appear as if the magical family were submitting to the swordsmanship family. That’s how people would judge.

“I will convince father.”

* * *

Kashin’s birthday party took place. Per Kashin’s request, the party was not overly extravagant. Of course, considering the people from both martial and magical families participating, it was already quite grand.

Karushia, head of the Saeide family, said with a smile,

“Enjoy your time here.”

For the children’s party, the adults made room and left.

Thanks to that, only Rasen, Rudia, Kashin, Rosalyn, and the servants helping them remained.

A Korean-style traditional building built over a large pond.

It looked much like Gyeongbokgung Palace’s Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, where Kashin’s birthday party was held.

Rasen felt it again here.

‘I really did make the settings carelessly.’

It was as if this place was Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, but classical music was flowing. Piano, violin, cello, flute, and so on. It seemed there should be a haegeum and gayageum, but it was not bad. The clothing, music, and lifestyle were not so different from the modern times.

‘I thought they would wear hanbok.’

But instead of hanbok, they wore tuxedos. Kashin looked somewhat cute in a red bow tie.

Live classical music played.

And the children gathered here.

Rudia’s mouth dropped open.

“Wow! The cake’s so big!”

Rudia was wearing a red dress, which she seemed to have procured from nowhere. It felt a little warm watching his nieces and nephews.

“The cake has five layers, Rasen!”


“No! Rasen! Aren’t you surprised it’s five layers tall? It’s five layers!”


“Is it magic?”

To Rudia, the cake being five layers seemed more magical than fireworks. While the cake was being cut, the classical melody suddenly changed to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

This world also had a ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Rasen once again realized how topsy-turvy everything was in this mixed-up world.

Then the time to give gifts arrived. Rudia presented a pebble she had found somewhere.

“This is from my dad. He said it’s a pebble that brings good luck.”

Rosalyn, the only daughter of the martial family, handed over a box wrapped in red paper. She spoke with a composure not typical of an 8-year-old.

“This gift contains my heart and the best wishes of our family.”

“Thanks, Rosalyn.”

Rosalyn was secretly pleased at those words.

She had behaved casually towards Rasen and Rudia but always used honorifics towards herself. She disliked it. It felt like being ostracized among peers. But now he spoke comfortably to her as well.

Hiding her joy, she replied,

“Please, it’s my pleasure to give you a gift.”

Rasen quietly waited his turn. Finally, it was Rasen’s turn.

“Kashin, I didn’t prepare a separate gift for you.”


Rasen and Kashin locked eyes. Kashin’s heart began to throb with anticipation. Kashin’s birthday gift was already a promise known to both Rasen and Kashin.


Rasen suddenly felt a chill down his spine. That munchkin novel protagonist kept insisting on duels. He quickly changed the subject.

“Instead, I thought maybe I would continue dueling while staying here.”


Kashin did not understand at first and cocked his head.

“Here? At our house?”

“Yes. I’ll get permission from father.”

“For real?”

Kashin did not think about interests or the position of the family. He did not consider such politics. After all, he was the protagonist in a novel. An unrealistic character.

Kashin happily rejoiced.

“That’s an unexpected gift.”

“Pretty good?”

“Yes, of course. Time with friends is always fun.”

“Tell your father for me. I will get permission from our Meiton family.”

Obtaining permission from the Saeide family is easy. After all, they were ‘designed as an ideal family.’ No need to persuade. The issue was the Meitons.

The goals were two-fold.

‘Turn Kashin to my side.’

That’s something that had to be done from a young age. In the worst-case scenario, it would save Rasen’s life.

‘And leech off of Meiton’s prosperity while here.’

Thus, writer Sungmin Cha began to navigate through the parallel world in his own way.

* * *

Kashin’s birthday party concluded.

Kashin came out to the front gate to see off, waving his hand.

“Rasen! You have to come quickly!”

“Yeah, I’ll be there soon.”

Rasen headed toward the transfer gate with Ibelia. In the meantime, Rosalyn quietly walked beside them, stealing glances at Rasen.

‘The Rasen I knew is definitely not this one.’

He had sincerely apologized, and Rosalyn accepted the apology. Rasen said,

“Next time we meet, I hope to see you smiling.”

Rasen extended his hand. Reluctant as she might be, Rosalyn took it and snorted,

“I’ll see about that.”

“Thanks. For forgiving me.”

Rasen said goodbye to Rosalyn as well. They took the transfer gate back to the Meiton family. Immediately upon arrival, they headed straight for the main hall.

‘Little one, do you know this is dangerous?’

To Ibelia, it was a risky deal. If father was enraged, there was no one in the Meiton family who could handle his wrath.

In Ibelia’s view, Rasen was intent on making an outrageous request.

Therefore, she decided to watch over him. To see how the youngest would deal with father, she would help however she could.

Rasen was making his way to Decatra’s room.

The sound of his footsteps echoed through the long corridor.

It was 10 p.m.

An owl hooted outside.


The sound of its wings came through.

The magical lamps on the corridor walls were bright, but the ambiance of the hallway itself felt dark.

Rasen lifted his hand to knock, but the door opened by itself. He stepped inside. Decatra’s room was spacious.

‘As big as a large apartment.’

There were rooms within rooms.

On one side was a large table, and further in, a large cypress bath was prepared.

He passed the table and sofa and continued inward, spotting a vast dressing room and, across from it, Decatra’s study.

Decatra sat inside the study.

“I’ve heard everything from Ibelia.”

Suddenly Rasen felt mana enveloping the entire room. It seemed that a spatial isolation magic was cast to cut off this place from the outside.

Rasen’s heart began to beat faster.

“No need for greetings. You want to entrust yourself to the Saeide family, correct?”

“Yes. That is correct.”

“And you are aware of how that looks externally?”

A prestigious magical family’s heir sent to a swordsmanship family. It was an act of submission. Giving a hostage.

“Making such a suggestion means you have a justified reason to convince me.”

“That is correct.”

“If you fail to persuade me, I’ll take it as an insult to me and the family I lead.”

Insulting Meiton and Decatra? The result would be death. Rasen swallowed hard.

‘Just stick to the practice.’

Reading about an omnipotent character in text and seeing one with your own eyes are two very different things.

In the novel, I used the expression ‘legs trembling and trickles of urine escaping,’ and experiencing this in person was enough to turn my mind completely blank.

So, this situation was simulated and practiced relentlessly. So that even if the mind went blank, the mouth and body would remember.

“Do you remember the swordsmanship master family?”

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