Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 42

Episode 42 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

The guesthouse Aslan of the Said family, renowned for swordsmanship.

As befitted the expansive domains of House Said, Aslan was a villa-style guesthouse surrounded by the ‘Tulip Garden.’ It was where Lasen’s party was receiving exceedingly gracious hospitality.

Someone came to visit.

The third floor of the guesthouse Aslan.

Knock, knock—

The sound of knocking on the door roused Rudia, who had been dozing off in the sunlight by the window.

“Who is it?”

She opened the door without checking who was outside.

“Who are you, sir?”

Rudia did not recall Magner’s face.

“I’m Rosalyn’s uncle. Where is Lasen Meiten?”

“Why are you looking for Lasen?”

Rudia eyed Magner with a hint of suspicion.

“Are you here to bother Lasen?”

“Do I look like a bad man to you?”

Even as the leader of a warrior guild, there were things he couldn’t do in the swordsmanship family’s estate, and he had no intention to harass anyone.

At that moment, Lasen emerged from the bath. His upper body was bare and his lower half was wrapped in a long towel.

Magner examined Lasen’s physique.

‘Really well-trained body.’

A different kind of power from mere fighting spirit—the mana was evenly spread throughout his body. Definitely an odd one. Typically, magicians concentrate all their mana in their ‘heart.’

‘And too much muscle mass is said to hinder the use of mana, so magicians usually don’t train their body.’

That’s the norm. A skilled magician’s mana automatically optimizes their body to be ‘fit for a magician,’ usually resulting in a slim figure. It’s rare for someone like Lasen to train their body so robustly. In that sense, Lasen was indeed an aberration.

‘Martial magic. Certainly, an intriguing discipline.’

Rudia giggled.

“Lasen’s body is fascinating. It’s super solid, and there are like eight dumplings on his belly. Can I touch them?”



Lasen greeted with a light bow as a sign of courtesy.

“Heyra, bring some clothes.”

Heyra, who had been on standby in the next room, brought clothes for Lasen to wear. Once attired, they sat opposite each other on a sofa arranged in the room.

Magner watched Heyra’s movements.

‘That maid’s movements are also top-notch. First-class indeed.’

To think such an impressive woman is merely a maid? It seemed increasingly absurd the more Magner contemplated the enigmatic nature of Lasen. To Magner, unaware of the relationship between Decatra and Soso, everything seemed quite peculiar.

Heyra spoke up.

“I’ll prepare some fruit.”


Magner and Lasen faced each other. Lasen was the first to speak.

“The reason you came to see me must be your curiosity about martial magic, right?”

“True. The Meiten family and you provoked me first.”

“I too am very curious about physical techniques.”

Their conversation proceeded. What they both wanted was simple: Magner was curious about ‘martial magic,’ and Lasen was curious about ‘physical techniques.’

“You seem to be certain that I will teach you about physical techniques.”

“Yes. I believe Tuwang has been sufficiently stimulated.”

“Alright. Suppose I teach you about physical techniques. Have you considered the repercussions?”

This was an important question. It wasn’t clear whether Lasen’s statement about being curious about physical techniques was his own personal opinion, or whether it was backed by the Meiten family. The Meiten family would certainly be against learning physical techniques, referring to other disciplines as ‘heretical’ and ‘the wrong path,’ at least officially.

“That’s why I am speaking with Master Magner Tuwang here at the swordsmanship family’s estate.”

Even the formidable Decatra couldn’t peer into the Said family’s estate. While the swordsmanship family was the stronghold of their greatest enemies, conversely, it was also the safest place.

Magner snickered. This was too amusing.

“You’re out of your mind.”

Definitely not your ordinary fellow.

‘I thought he was someone trained in-house by the Meiten family, but maybe that’s not the case?’

Still unsure about Lasen Meiten, Magner decided to delve deeper.

“First, I’ll thoroughly examine your body.”

Lasen nodded. He had expected this. Magner was a man of decisiveness and initiative, impelled to resolve his curiosities on the spot.

“Take off your shirt.”


Lasen removed his shirt and turned around. His back was remarkably firm and smooth, not what one would expect from a ten-year-old. He boasted a back well-trained enough to fit seamlessly even in a family renowned for physical techniques—and certainly not something achieved overnight.

Magner laid his hands on Lasen’s back.

“My fighting spirit will scan through my body. Don’t resist this energy; embrace it naturally. As long as you trust me and comply with this energy, you will experience no adverse effects.”

“Are you certain there will be no side-effects?”

“Trust me.”


“What can you do if you don’t trust?”

“I will trust you.”

Magner thought Lasen was incredibly sly. By creating a situation where no mischief was possible, he insisted on saying ‘I will trust you.’ Magner was amused by this cunningness.

‘You crafty kid.’

Magner couldn’t see Lasen smiling at that moment, nor was he aware that ‘a new line’ had been added to ‘The Creator’s Setting Book.’

* * *

When Lasen recognized the world’s laws related to ‘plausibility’, he saw this interpretation.

[‘Insufficient Plausibility’ has triggered the Creator’s privilege ‘Add One Line’.]

[The power of ‘Add One Line’ will last for 10 seconds.]

Those 10 seconds felt incredibly short to Lasen. What could he add to benefit himself the most? What phrasing could he insert that wouldn’t clash with other settings? He thought a great deal in those 10 seconds about what a writer would give to their protagonist.

[‘The physical technique family’s ‘fighting spirit’ resonates with the character ‘Lasen Meiten’s’ mana, promoting growth in Lasen without any side effects.’]

He felt it. The ‘fighting spirit’ entering through his back. It felt as if the fighting spirit was wrapping around his entire body. When that energy touched his heart, Lasen’s mana reacted with it.

He could view his own heart as if he were a third party. He saw how the mana and fighting spirit were interacting.

‘The fighting spirit has entered my body.’

And it felt as if his body was generating its own fighting spirit, as if it had been transferred to him.

Magner also noticed this reaction.

‘Has he absorbed some of my fighting spirit?’

This possibility hadn’t crossed his mind.

‘Is this what the Meiten family wants to show us?’

Apparently, the Meiten family has created something new. And that subject of creation was none other than Lasen Meiten. The justification was adequate—a descendant of the Meiten bloodline, yet not a key figure. If the ‘creation’ failed and was discarded, it would be okay. There, Lasen was the most logical choice.

‘And the gamble has paid off.’

The phenomenon of absorbing the fighting spirit of the Grandell family. This was a first for Magner. It was unclear what would come of the absorbed fighting spirit. It might dissipate within the body or cause adverse effects. From Magner’s perspective, nothing could be discerned.

‘The gamble is the foundation for the serious development of martial magic.’

The intent was clear.

‘They’re directly targeting our Grandell family.’

In a world where each family has built its own domain and is maintaining a delicate balance, the sudden development of ‘martial magic’ by the Meiten family was an entirely new variable.

‘A variable that enables the use of fighting spirit in any form.’

It wasn’t a declaration of war, but it was as good as one. Magner Grandell’s blood boiled.

‘This kid is the Meiten family’s declaration of war.’

At least the Meiten family hadn’t stabbed them in the back. They’re saying that they’re preparing this and letting them know through Lasen in advance. This was a respectable form of declaration. Magner liked this honest and forthright approach.

‘Like the Meiten family.’

While pushing his fighting spirit, Magner asked,

“Who did you learn martial magic from?”

“I’m self-taught.”

“So, self-taught.”

It meant he meant to keep it secret.

“I have ascertained your body. The fighting spirit has settled within you. That a magician with circles can absorb fighting spirit into muscles is new to me.”

“Yes. It’s new to me as well.”

“You’re acknowledging that an heir of the Meiten family is learning and advancing through fighting spirit and physical techniques?”

The implication was significant. The Meiten family does not recognize disciplines other than ‘magic.’ While they can’t overtly ignore them, they no doubt think otherwise. Swordsmanship as the blade art of riffraff. Physical techniques as the brawling of beggars. Both are regarded as inferior sciences lacking nobility. That’s the Meiten family’s view of ‘other disciplines than magic.’

Lasen said,

“Yes. If there’s something to learn, you should learn it.”

“From me.”

Magner asked,

“Are you truly of pure Meiten blood?”

“If you’re asking for my father’s name, it’s Decatra Meiten.”

Magner burst into laughter. In his life, he never expected to meet such a person. A magician who says he should learn if there’s something to learn? From a physical techniques expert? Magner had never expected such a day in his sixty years.

“Now, why don’t you state your request?”

“May I?”

“Aren’t you obviously going to make a request anyway? Don’t delay, just say it.”

Lasen smirked subtly. Magner had no choice but to listen. Lasen had created a situation in which Magner had to be curious about him.

“Please, become my master.”

In that moment, he was certain. Physical techniques and martial magic—or rather, ‘Lasen’s martial magic’—were undeniably related. Lasen instinctively understood.

‘Martial magic was a half-baked discipline.’

That’s why it was discarded and doomed to obsolescence. Perhaps out of the magicians’ arrogance.

‘Martial magic is perfected when fighting spirit exists and with the aid of physical techniques.’

He couldn’t find logical plausibility. But this much felt certain. It’s not enough to have mana alone or fighting spirit alone. Both must be used appropriately to master martial magic. Martial magic required ‘physical techniques’ for it to become a complete science.

‘That’s why martial magic was a half-baked discipline.’

Why martial magic fell into disuse was unknown. Even Lasen, the creator, hadn’t set that. This piece of plausibility would have to be fitted later.

Magner frowned.

“Did you just say ‘master’?”

“Yes. I said ‘master’.”

“Do you think the Meiten family will allow it?”

Those with pride soaring high. If Lasen was operating under the Meiten family’s orders, he would never make such a proposal. It was preposterous, but pleasantly so.

Yet, Lasen’s next response was even more interesting.

“I’ll make them allow it.”

“You’re insane. Who are you, really?”

“I am Lasen Meiten. The seventh of the Meiten family.”

“No. Who doesn’t know that and asks?”

“And I’m also a magician who wishes to learn physical techniques.”

“The craziest thing I’ve heard. A magician learning physical techniques. Do you realize what you’re saying?”

“Yes. I’m one of the heirs. This could signify the Meiten family bowing to the Grandell family if handled improperly. People would be sensitive to that.”

Lasen laughed lightly, making a pointed remark.

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