Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 41

**Episode 41: The Magic Family’s Youngest Son**

Kashin Seid silently applauded in his heart.

‘This is a meeting between friends.’

To any observer, Lassen was clearly more skilled. His age and physical strength gave him a considerable advantage. Lassen seemed to have taken this into account, shifting his focus to a defensive strategy.

It was an attack borne out of anger from his young friend, Rozaline. Lassen took the hits generously, displaying the magnanimity befitting a nobleman.

‘And Rozaline showed no hesitation in exposing her back.’

The judge, Red Moon Sword, had yet to declare the outcome when she did so.

‘They both exemplified the most admirable aspects of a friendly duel.’

At 10 years old, the fantasy novel’s protagonist, Kashin, felt an eruption of passion like a volcano.

A perfect showcase of a duel among friends, an opportunity to affirm their trust in one another.


Kashin leapt onto the stage of the duel.


For a moment, Lassen felt uneasy. Kashin’s intense emotions were palpable. Suddenly, Lassen’s Heavenly Eyes deciphered Kashin’s feelings.

Normally, Kashin was hard to interpret. As the protagonist, and bearing the same Heavenly Eyes, it was to be expected. But to read him now meant Kashin’s passion and desires were immensely vivid.

[As a child, Kashin adored tales of heroes. He viewed the world through beautiful eyes, interpreting everything positively. Lonely without friends, he found great inspiration and motivation in ‘companionship’ and ‘trust’ and even more so in ‘camaraderie’.]

Lassen understood.

‘Is he inspired by his encounter with me and Rozaline?’

What remarkable insights does this 10-year-old dreamer of heroes have?

“I can feel you’ve grown a lot.”

“Well, the beginner’s growth rate in martial arts is indeed fast.”

Kashin smiled brightly.

“I’m truly happy to see my friend become so strong.”


“That’s why I want to formally request a duel with you.”


“The joy of reuniting with a strengthened friend. I didn’t know such an encounter could be so thrilling.”

Kashin stepped forward.

“Kashin Seid. I formally request a duel with my friend, Lassen Mayton.”

“I appreciate the thought, but.”

I’m not happy. Lassen continued.

“I just finished a duel with Rozaline, and my physical strength is quite depleted. Martial arts consume a lot of mana.”


“I’d prefer to face you when I’m at my best. That’s the courtesy I owe you.”

In his state of excitement, there was a risk Lassen would burn out; he refrained from saying that out loud.

Kashin smiled again.

“Thank you.”

“No need to thank me for this.”

“So, will you duel with me tomorrow?”

It seemed Kashin intended to secure a duel as a birthday gift. Lassen nodded, then turned to Rozaline below the stage.

“Rozaline, I have a request.”

Rozaline looked at Lassen with an irritated gaze.

“What is it?”

“You struck me earlier.”

Her face flushed with embarrassment. That could hardly be considered a strike. Lassen simply allowed it. Even upon reflection, it seemed a movement unworthy of a martial family.

“Do you intend to humiliate me?”

“You know that’s not the case.”

Lassen’s expression lacked any intention to mock Rozaline. His seriousness tinged with a faint smile made Rozaline acknowledge, she had no choice but to accept.

“So what is it?”

“When you hit me, I sensed something.”

“What did you sense?”

“It’s hard to explain. It’s like I could almost, but not quite, see it.”

Lassen spoke with earnest.

“I’m asking you for help. Your martial skills could help me grow.”

[I’m asking for your assistance.]

[Your martial skills could help me to grow, Rozaline.]

The words resonated with her. Rozaline always had a soft spot for being asked for help.

“Why should I help you?”

“Think of it as owing me a favor.”


Rozaline bit her lip slightly. Everything seemed a mess after meeting Lassen. She had vowed revenge against him each night, yet now, his humility made her righteous anger dissipate.

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