Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 4

t the initial level, Demonic Martial Arts are rated as ‘Beginner.’]

[You have utilized the newly bloomed Demonic Martial Arts.]

[A fraction of the missing causalities begins to fill in.]

[The inscription of Beginner Demonic Martial Arts is complete.]

His heart seemed to surge with blood, feeling peculiarly light yet heavy simultaneously. His heart pounded vehemently as if something had changed after defeating the fungal monster.

Lacking causality.

And the newly inscribed Beginner Demonic Martial Arts.

‘Inscribed in the body, Demonic Martial Arts…’

That was something he had never scripted. A completely uncreated realm. His heart thumped, feeling as if he had put real ‘will’ into his previously outstretched fist.

A strange elation.

A sense of accomplishment.

And an enriching feeling as though his character was filling out.

It was merely a punch, but everything about it oddly resonated.

‘This is kind of fun.’

He felt as though something new was beginning within him.

* * *

Training Annex manager Noah blinked in disbelief.


Brought down by a single hit? Unthinkable. Then the delinquent’s voice came through.

“What? Is it over? Was it just the one fungal monster?”

Ordinarily, when one entered the Training Annex, you would face numerous monsters for training. If it ended with just one, what sort of training would that be?

“I will prepare the next one promptly.”

So, he did. This time a stronger creature. Not your average fungus but a ‘Black Fungal Monster.’ Although it looked no different on the outside, this variety was much more agile and ferocious in bite strength. In some mountain villages, it’s feared more than tigers.

‘He has more skill in Demonic Martial Arts than I would’ve guessed.’

But that was as far as he’d admit.

Even the lowest of magical creatures, a fungal monster, can be overcome by a talented nine-year-old from the Mayton bloodline. It was an unbelievable feat for a delinquent, but it made sense if you considered his innate talents. There was room for understanding.

Moreover, initially, Demonic Martial Arts skills can develop suddenly. Noah reconciled with that understanding.

‘So this time.’

Noah summoned the ‘Black Fungal Monster.’ He was confident things would be different now.

“This is the Black Fungal Monster. It’s faster and sturdier than a regular fungal monster.”

The battle began anew.

But once again, something beyond Noah’s expectations occurred.

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