Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

“Lasen! Rudia!”

It was the voice of a child, but the energy within it was far from ordinary. Magner realized who the owner of the voice was.

‘Kashin Saeid. The prominent heir to the Saeid family.’

And a prodigy in swordsmanship, who might be born only once every thousand years. Smiling broadly, he ran towards them.

‘The Saeid family never personally greets guests.’

But this time, they did. And it was the heir himself.

‘Something must be going on.’

Of course, something was going on. But that was Magner’s misunderstanding.

Kashin Saeid had no interest in family politics or power dynamics. That was just the character he was set to be.

The protagonist of a story powerful enough to dominate everything with strength. He had simply wanted to meet his friend and had invited him to the birthday party. That was all.

Still, from Magner’s perspective, it was a natural misunderstanding.

‘Be cautious of everything.’

Starting today, Magner decided to focus on everything that unfolded. This was not a simple child’s birthday party.

There were secretive dealings going on between the Maetun and Saeid families. The birthday was just an excuse.

Lasen spoke.

“It’s been a while.”

“Lasen. You’ve grown a lot, haven’t you?”

“It’s because of magic.”


At that moment, Rudia wedged herself between Kashin and Lasen, puffing herself up.

“The person closest to Lasen is me. Me, Rudia.”

Kashin grinned. Unlike Rudia, he was not obsessed with ‘order.’

“I don’t think there is an order to closeness. Lasen and I have aligned our hearts and decided to be friends. Isn’t that what matters?”

“Still, I’m the closest.”

Kashin smiled brightly, indifferent to her claim, genuinely happy to have met his friends. Kashin asked Rudia.

“We agreed to be friends, right?”


Rudia’s face turned a bit red.

“I’ll, I’ll be your friend as well.”

“Thank you.”

“This sort of thing isn’t a big deal.”

Rudia managed a half-smile but spoke earnestly.

“It’s not like I appreciate hearing ‘thank you.’”

To anyone watching, it would seem like she was pleased, but Kashin let it pass. The conversation didn’t sound like it was between children of the same age.

Rudia appeared particularly young. Still, the atmosphere wasn’t tense. At 10 years old, they had a relaxed conversation among young peers.

Then Rosalyn spoke up.

“Prince Kashin. Please don’t forget me. I was invited, too.”

Her tone wasn’t harsh; it was quite warm. Rosalyn smiled lightly. Kashin immediately bowed his body. His demeanor was completely different than when talking with Rudia. Poise and dignity were woven into that simple act of bowing and rising.

“I apologize. In seeing a friend I missed, I neglected to greet you. Allow me to say hello. The Path of Training. I’m honored to meet you, the noble scion walking this path alone.”

The Path of Training referred to the way of the martial arts.

The statement about a noble scion walking alone meant she was the only child. Kashin, befitting his noble upbringing, greeted her with proper respect.

That made Rosalyn feel as if she was losing out.


It seemed as though he was casual and close with others, but only against her did he seem to put up a firm wall. Indeed, that’s only natural, yet it irked her nonetheless.

“Please be comfortable with me. Since I am younger, feel free to speak without formality.”

“We will get to that in due time. Lady Rosalyn appears to be a person of warm heart.”

Rosalyn felt overshadowed once more.

They exchanged greetings. They traveled through three teleportation gates to reach the Saeid family. The gates led to the front entrance. Although smaller than the Maetun estate, the Saeid estate covered an area about the size of Yeouido in Seoul.

Magner paid close attention to the conversation of the 10-year-olds.

He found the situation amusing and noticed that Rosalyn seemed a bit upset.

‘That brash little girl… It seems like she orchestrated this situation on purpose.’

She was no regular 10-year-old. Inside her, there seemed to be a century-old viper coiled up. That was Magner’s assessment.

‘Let’s observe.’

What kind of unforeseen element the Maetun family had prepared, he would watch closely himself.

Lasen got straight to the point.

“Kashin. I have a favor to ask.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve promised to have a martial contest with Rosalyn here.”

“A martial contest?”

Kashin’s eyes began to sparkle. Martial contest. The word that the protagonist of ‘The Saeid Swordsmanship Family’ truly loved.

“It would be great if you could arrange a place for the contest.”

This would be Lasen Maetun’s official debut stage.

His opponent, the only daughter from the martial arts family. The venue, the swordsmanship family’s arena. The audience, people from the three powerful families.

‘For the debut of the roguish Lasen, what could be more perfect?’

Kashin’s birthday party was three days later.

There was still some time. And under the official sanction of the Saeid swordsmanship family, the contest between Rosalyn and Lasen was agreed upon.

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