Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 37

The Magic Family’s Youngest Son 37

Mage Emperor Magnar accurately read Larcen’s movements.

‘He didn’t avoid eye contact.’

It meant Larcen had completely read his niece’s movements. He wasn’t afraid of her fists either.

Larcen casually caught Rosalyn’s punch.


The sound resonated.

It was the sound of Larcen’s palm and Rosalyn’s fist colliding. Rosalyn was taken aback.


This had been entirely unexpected.

‘He blocked it?’

A clean hit hadn’t been anticipated, given their distance. Still, she had hoped to see Larcen fall backward in an unsightly fashion. Instead, Larcen had blocked it far too easily.

Yet, Larcen himself hadn’t found the block easy.

[Attribute. ‘Slow Flow’ automatically applies.]

[Basic Martial Arts Skill. ‘Self-Defense’ is activated automatically.]

His palm felt numb. If not for ‘Self-Defense,’ his wrist might have been twisted. The fist of an eight-year-old girl. A girl who had only trained in martial arts for two years felt as heavy as a rock. It seemed the saying was true that in one-on-one combat, the destructive power of a family specializing in martial arts was unmatched.

‘This is martial arts.’

A movement on a completely different level from the sixth prince.

“Try blocking the next one, too.”

Rosalyn moved. She twisted her waist. Short and concise punches. Her target was Larcen’s abdomen. Larcen tensed his stomach muscles in anticipation.


Another sound.


She nearly felt nauseous. Rosalyn frowned deeply.


Rosalyn was the sole daughter of a martial arts family. She had read Larcen’s movements. He could have dodged, yet he did not. Despite knowing of her surprise attack, he simply took the hit.

‘Did he tense his muscles on purpose just as I hit him?’

It wasn’t just tension.

‘It seems like martial arts magic was involved.’

In magic families, they call this ‘Martial Arts Magic’. Larcen obviously knew and had plenty of time to respond, yet he remained still.

Rosalyn’s frown deepened.

“What are you up to? Why are you just standing there?”

“I’m sorry.”


“Two years ago, I was wrong. I mean it.”

Apologies were difficult for the reckless Larcen Mayten, but for Cha Seong-min, who had lived in modern times, apologies were by no means hard.

Larcen chose a straightforward approach.

“There’s nothing I can say.”

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting!”

Rosalyn twisted her heels. Starting from her feet and passing through her core muscles, the weight of an eight-year-old martial arts heiress punched Larcen’s right side with her left fist.


‘Self-Defense’ took the hit, otherwise several ribs might have broken.

Larcen, as a writer, responded like one. A writer would have made excuses.

“You’re too pretty. That’s how little boys act.”


In truth, there was no other way to explain that moment. It was the best Larcen could do.

Rosalyn, baffled to the point of speechlessness, gazed at Larcen.


“That’s why I teased you.”


Rosalyn slightly shifted her left foot. She then charged her weight into her right foot and struck Larcen’s knee hard.


A loud sound.

Larcen felt as though his knee bone had shattered.

[Basic Martial Arts Magic. ‘Self-Recovery’ activates automatically.]

Only because of self-recovery, the pain was manageable. Rosalyn bit her lip.


Larcen knew Rosalyn would react this way, so he waited silently.

“It’s not fun to beat someone who doesn’t resist. Better you fight back too. It might satisfy me.”

That was the way of a martial arts family. They fight with all their might. If there were grievances, they would settle it in combat. Rosalyn lowered her stance.

“With all your might.”

“I will.”

Larcen grew a bit tense. Rosalyn’s movements were quite light. Surprisingly fast. Even though the attribute ‘Slow Flow’ was in effect, a moment of distraction and the punch would land.

“But not now.”

Magnar clapped his hands gently.

“Yes. It seems this place isn’t right.”

“Why? I won’t feel satisfied until I kill that jerk.”

“Take a look around.”

Suddenly, lots of people had gathered. Their voices were clearly audible.

“This isn’t a good place. If we fight here, people will have too much to gossip about.”

“That doesn’t matter, does it?”

“If we go all out, people here could get hurt.”

Those born into a ‘great family’ exist beyond the scope of normal humans. Even that good-for-nothing Larcen, in a crowd of ordinary people, was considered a genius for his physical abilities and talent.

They were simply different by birth. Thus, their families had special ‘training spaces’ like the ‘Training Annex’ of the Mayten house.

“I can’t let innocent people get hurt because of my past mistakes.”


“That would be wrong.”

Rosalyn fell silent for a moment. There was some truth to Larcen’s words, but it felt odd.

‘A scoundrel like Larcen caring about others?’

Too much had changed from the Larcen she remembered, which was confusing. Even the way he apologized seemed genuine.

Rosalyn felt lost.

“So? You’re going to apologize?”

“I’ll apologize. At a more suitable place.”

Larcen continued.

“We need to go to Seid Hall.”

Rosalyn understood. A safer place. Somewhere they could fight without restraint. Such a place was at Seid Hall.

“The duel arena at Seid Hall?”

“Right. The duel arena. There, we can resolve our grievances.”

Magnar nodded in agreement.

“That would be the best place.”

Magnar stood by Larcen, seemingly on friendly terms. Then, Magnar’s voice whispered in Larcen’s ear. Not actually spoken, but as if directly injected into his ear.

-You stage well.

-For now, pretend we’re close. Unless you want the story of Mayten and Grandel families fighting to death to spread in the news.

Even though it was a children’s fight, it could turn into rumors of a war between the Maytes and Grandels. There was no need to cause global unrest over such groundless rumors.

‘Besides, my brother would nag incessantly.’

He wanted to avoid that. Otherwise, he’d have to endure the endless nagging from that nitpicker. It seemed best to leave this place for now.

Magnar laughed heartily and asked.

“So, had your meal yet?”

Then, Chu’an interpreted the world.

[Character development. The combat king (闘王) Magnar begins to take an interest in ‘Larcen Mayten’.]

[Larcen’s every action is endowed with meaning and interpreted.]

[A variable affecting causality and story has occurred.]

A smile began to form on Larcen’s lips.

‘I can almost predict how it’ll be interpreted.’

It was a moment when the writer’s anticipation was met with precision. However, that wasn’t the end. It wasn’t just ‘Combat King Magnar’ moving as Larcen thought—something else was presented by Chu’an.

[Three instances of ‘variable’ that affect causality and story have occurred.]

[Doubts about the world’s causality have arisen.]

The doubt regarding the world’s causality meant the uncertainty held by the key character ‘Dekatra’.

[Two conditions are met.]

Larcen felt something strange. It was a different feeling from the continuous ‘interpretations of Chu’an’.

[Through ‘intentional staging,’ you have successfully influenced the actions and mindset of an ‘influential supporting character’.]

The celestial mage and the combat king. According to Chu’an’s interpretation, two ‘influential supporting characters’ suspected causality, which led to the creation of something new.

[A new ‘causality’ is being created.]

[A special privilege related to ‘causality’ is granted to the character ‘Larcen Mayten’.]

At the same time, something appeared before Larcen that he did not expect.

[A ‘Creator’s Privilege’ is granted to the character ‘Larcen Mayten’.]

[A ‘Causality Settings Collection’ is provided.]

Something materialized in front of Larcen, visible only to him as if it were an ‘interpretative value of Chu’an’. It was something familiar.

‘Is that my real settings collection?’

The creation settings collection made by the creator Cha Seong-min was visible. Unlike the collection that was shown line by line, it was a fully-fledged notebook form. It was definitely the settings collection Cha Seong-min had made. In other words, it was ‘complete’.

‘It has no physical form, but I can touch it.’

In Larcen’s hands was the ‘settings collection’. He flipped through the pages.

[Chocolate is the best♡]

This was the ‘real settings collection’ including the content Larcen remembered, along with details he could not recall. There were several entries that the writer, who couldn’t remember, had noted down, but there was significantly more blank space than writing.

‘It’s not perfect.’

Larcen realized what the ‘Incomplete Causality Settings Collection’ meant.

‘The settings collection itself is thin.’

Thin. Lacking in meticulous causality.


The word ‘causality’ had been constantly catching his eye. Why had he incarnated in this place, why were these unique ties and settings being created, and why was the settings collection he wrote given to him? What does this ‘causality’ mean for me?

‘Surely… there must be something.’

[Exceeding the time limit for browsing the settings collection.]

The settings collection in his hand disappeared. It could only be taken out for viewing for a certain amount of time. To see it again, he would have to wait a certain period or meet special conditions.

‘The settings collection, huh.’

The incomplete causality settings collection with many blanks.

The settings collection written by Cha Seong-min himself was given to him. Larcen did not know what changes it would bring.

Larcen moved on. For a brief moment, unknown to Larcen, time around him stood still.

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