Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 30

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

In Episode 30 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family,” Cheonan interpreted new information to Lasen.

[Current Location: ‘The Origin Banquet Hall’]

[The area is under the protection of the highest level of security magic.]

Lasen realized that within the main family residence, where Head Decatra lived, the only one who could freely use ‘the highest level of security magic’ was Head Decatra himself.

‘That means Heira was my father’s man.’

All this time, his real identity was concealed by his father.

“Do you know what skills I’m currently developing?”

“Do I need to know?”

“You have been treating me differently recently.”

“I’ve come to my senses these days.”

Heira took a step closer.

“Who do you think put me here?”

Keep your distance. It’s frightening. The current Heira differed from the usual one. His eyes and aura changed completely as if the previous Heira was fake and the current one was real.

‘Why so grim?’

The thought of it made Lasen shiver.

“You were placed here by father, weren’t you?”

“Why would you deduce that?”

Because Cheonan is showing me the interpreted information. But, Lasen couldn’t say that. Whether it’s martial arts or fantasy, no one would reveal their best hand. That’s how fools scream in agony. In those worlds, the rule is to show 7 of your power, but keep 3 hidden.

Lasen skirted around the truth.

“In the main residence, you are emitting your aura without concealing it.”

“Do you feel my aura?”

“Yes. It’s sharp and electrifying. A bit scary.”

“That’s because you are still weak.”

Heira coming from the Decatra family, which employs Ebian in the library, meant if person was directly placed by such a father, their skills were certified.

‘A skilled person who can control their own strength.’

Heira was revealed before, and now not. It meant he could control his power.

“I just turned 10. It’s natural to be weak.”

“That makes sense.”

After Heira removed his mask, his personality changed completely.

“Is that alone how you knew I was that person’s man?”

Heira took another step closer. Lasen wanted to step back, but he did not. If he decided to move, Heira would be much faster. Moving back was pointless.

‘If you are father’s man.’

Cha Sung-min thought.

‘In the end, you won’t harm me.’

That thought provided some relief. If there was harm, it wasn’t the right moment now. Decatra waited, at least until his mother was alive. Lasen still had chances until then.

“When you emit your aura, nobody comes.”


“Monsters are all around here.”

That’s to be expected from one of the three families that rule the world, the Meiton family. This is a place that swarms with 7th circle magicians. It’s no exaggeration to say that it gathers geniuses from all over the world. A holy land for magicians.

“If you emit your aura here, and nobody comes, it means.”

Are they all that foolish? No.

“Someone else is blocking that aura.”

“Someone else, as in…?”

“Like a barrier that distorts mana waves, or a space separation magic that isolates us from the outside.”


“But since we don’t feel the mana waves strong enough to isolate this place, it’s probably a barrier-like security magic that distorts the mana waves.”

“It seems you are certain about the security magic on display.”

“Right. Security magic is in place. The question is, who set it up?”

Now, rather, Lasen steps closer to Heira.

“In the main house, without father’s permission or deceiving father, who can set up security magic?”

Who could it be? Cha Sung-min had not planned anyone like that.

“I can affirmatively say, there isn’t anyone.”


“So, you are indeed father’s man. Father set up a barrier here. At his command, you revealed your true self to me. Am I wrong?”

“You are correct.” Heira nodded.

“Father said if you don’t have the sight to understand this situation, then it’s okay to handle you as I see fit.”

More than just goosebumps, now Lasen felt chilled to the bone.

‘Handle as you see fit?’

If he hadn’t known, he might have just dropped dead, unnoticed, by this assassin’s hand. Though it wouldn’t really happen, Lasen felt that way.

“Is there any kind of reward for understanding this situation?”

“For a member of the Meiton family, this is taken for granted,” Heira replied.

“That’s father-like.”

“You don’t seem disappointed.”

Lasen shook his head.

“I am disappointed, horribly. But, you know.”

Lasen slightly spread his legs and lowered his center of gravity, preparing for an unexpected fight but making it barely noticeable.

“The problem is, why now of all times, has father created this special barrier, and you’ve revealed yourself, after hiding so well until now?”

The timing is a bit odd.

“Think about it, there couldn’t be a more natural timing. It’s the official day I visit the main household, and it’s not strange for father to meet me. On the day father spreads a secret barrier. That day, father…”

Heira didn’t suddenly reveal his true self, did he?

“He wants to test me.”

“That’s correct. I did not expect you to predict even that.”

“What did you think I’d do?”

“I thought you would pee your pants as soon as I released my aura.”

“Don’t you underestimate me too much?”

Heira covered his chest with one hand and bowed respectfully.

“Let me introduce myself properly. My real name is ‘Silently Stealthy.’ But feel free to call me Heira in the future.”

Suddenly, Lasen shivered.

‘Si, Silently Stealthy?’

‘Silently Stealthy’ was a character Cha Sung-min created himself. Of course, it’s not an actual character in the work. ‘Silently Stealthy’ was described like this:

[Ludin! If you don’t listen, will ‘Silently Stealthy’ take you?]

[‘Silently Stealthy’ is an assassin feared even by the world’s strongest.]

[Even the Swordsmanship Family couldn’t find ‘Silently Stealthy’ after numerous attempts. ‘Silently Stealthy’ was exceedingly stealthy, and nothing was known about their identity.]

But now, ‘Silently Stealthy,’ who had never appeared in the work, is right before his eyes.


As a writer, he set him up himself, so there’s nothing to say.

‘How can such an accomplished killer be so young?’

He changed his thought.

‘Perhaps that face is fake, too.’

Aside from being ‘truly stealthy,’ there wasn’t much set up. Therefore, the information about Heira was inevitably limited.

“I heard. The Swordsmanship Family has been chasing you.”

Cha Sung-min did not set it up himself, but the world probably moved to fill the ‘lack of causality.’ Heira did not bother to hide it.

“It’s been over 15 years already. It’s surprising that you are aware of it.”

“15 years ago?”

Heira currently looks like a late teenager.

“So is your current appearance fake?”

“I will not answer.”

“Okay, fine. Then how are you going to test me? You’re not going to have me solve a test paper, right?”

Suddenly, Heira’s figure began to fade.

“You must know my specialty is assassination.”

Heira revealed a dagger from his waist. He showed it and then disappeared like mist. Only his voice remained.

“Just succeed in a counterattack once, and you win, Young Master.”

Heira’s form was not visible. Not even Cheonan could detect it. Only the voice could be heard.

“Father said, if you’re too weak, discard you.”

Lasen raised his right hand.

“Hold on.”

“Please speak.”

“But what will you do for winning?”


For a moment, Heira’s form faintly appeared. It was very brief but visible before disappearing again.

“I didn’t expect a counter proposal.”

With that, he grasped it.

‘He is definitely off guard.’

Heira is not fully committed. If ‘Silently Stealthy’ truly held malice, such a question wouldn’t have shaken them. Heira is going about this half in jest.

“What do you want?”

“For you to accompany me from now on.”

To become independent, approximately a 10-year journey is needed. He would act according to his role and achieve a successful independence. Imagine how many dangers might lurk until then.

“I am the Young Master’s handmaiden. Naturally, I will accompany you.”

That statement carried an unspoken end. If it is not discarded today.

“No. Not just as a handmaiden. Protect me. You said it yourself. I am weak.”


“Until I become strong, protect me.”

It wasn’t time to protect his pride. This is the ‘Silently Stealthy’ that the creator set up. To have such a top-level assassin willingly volunteer for protection would be great. Especially in this dangerous fantasy world.

“I understand.”

Heira’s test began.

* * *

Lasen was dumbfounded.

‘If only I could sense something.’

Cheonan couldn’t even detect a trace. Last time Heira was perfectly visible. He must have been hiding his strength at that time.

‘If I can’t see through Cheonan.’

The conclusion was simple.

‘I can’t read it anyway.’

Heira must be targeting Lasen while hidden. Cha Sung-min is aware.

‘He talked scary, but he won’t inflict a fatal wound on me.’

He used the terrifying word disposal, but Heira won’t do it. Because his father loves his mother. Disposal is merely a threat. He grasped that.

‘So first. Neck, above the neck, heart… he won’t strike there.’

Heira’s location is unknown. Then, ultimately, the counterattack must be done through defense.


Cha Sung-min found a way.

‘Just get hit!’

Give up flesh to save bone. The opponent is off guard. They will only attack certain areas.

‘Arms, or legs, or maybe even sides.’

They will attack to a point that is not life-threatening.

‘I will be able to spot the position at the moment of attack.’

Lasen possesses the attributes ‘flowing slowly’ and ‘Cheonan.’ And he also knows that Heira will soon attack. Reacting to ‘predictable attacks’ is not too difficult.

The strategy is set.

‘When will you attack?’

At the moment the opponent attacks. At that time, get hit and immediately counterattack.

Then, the voice came again.

“If you space out, you’ll be had.”

A message appeared suddenly.

[Property. ‘Flowing slowly’ is automatically applied.]

The property ‘flowing slowly’ is applied. But that’s not all.

10 years later, the body had changed. Cheonan had another interpretation. An event that Lasen himself had not foreseen occurred.

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