Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 3

Episode 3: The Youngest Son of the Magic House

As I used the Heavenly Eye, everything came into focus with precision.

[Name: Heira]

[Main Attribute: Assassination (暗殺)]

[Feature: Indecipherable]

Huh? Wait a minute.

My body trembled abruptly.

‘What’s this?’

Why does the maid have an assassination attribute? Why does Heira, trembling on her knees before me, have the attribute of an assassin?

‘I had forgotten.’

This is the domain of the renowned Magic House Meyton, a place where power and violence run rampant, a beautifully insane world. Truly wild. Lasen was reminded of that reality once again.

‘Someone intentionally placed her beside me.’

And that someone was most likely one of Lasen’s own siblings.

‘I’m the one who’s been pushed aside in the struggle for succession.’

They’ve assigned such a maid to someone like me?

‘If someone like me can have an assassin maid, what about those truly engaged in the succession battle…?’

I swallowed hard.

‘Crazy. I won’t participate.’

An assassin for someone like me? What about those who are waging a real war over succession? The succession war within the Magic House Meyton. Except for the rule that one mustn’t kill their own kin, it’s a lawless battle for survival of the fittest.

‘It’s a mad world.’

Assigning an assassin maid to a powerless, 9-year-old rascal in this crazy world.

‘Sigh… Calm down, Seong Min.’

Lasen had to compose himself.

‘So all of her fear and trembling are just an act?’

Most likely. Even her trembling right now might be… no, it’s real acting. The ‘Heavenly Eye’ is the protagonist’s special ability, after all, showcasing its munchkin-like traits. When activated, I can see all.

Heira is just pretending to be scared.

‘I’m going to go mad.’

She could become a great actress with her skills.


“Yes, my lord…!”

“Get up.”

Heira cautiously stood up.

“Bring me some Verdant Mountain chocolate.”


I want you to leave for a moment. I need to think. I want to be alone. Please.

“Are you arguing with me right now?”

“No, lord. I will bring it to you immediately.”

Heira rushed out of the room. As soon after the door closed, her expression subtly changed.

‘What’s that?’

I can’t quite describe it.

‘Something… subtly…’

I sensed a different vibe than before. I can’t put it into words, but something seems to have changed. A kind of distinctive atmosphere that felt a bit altered. I’ve been feeling it for a few days now.

‘It’s different.’

Heira moved. She walked on the wooden floor, but her footsteps were silent.

‘I need to investigate further.’

It might be premature, but I may have to report to ‘them’.

* * *

Lasen sat at his desk.

‘Let’s organize our thoughts.’

Lasen Meyton. That is, he is currently in ‘exile’ here at the Maple Annex. He’s completely out of his father’s favor and has lost any standing in the succession. The likelihood of Lasen Meyton becoming the ‘Magic House’s’ heir is practically nonexistent.

From Lasen’s perspective, this was a relief. After all, the Magic House is destined to clash with the Sword Houses, akin to playing the villain, so to speak.

‘But to survive, I need at least to be seen as a reasonable person.’

Luckily, Cha Seong Min is the creator of this world. The protagonist has power unique to him. He knows the future and the wonders it holds. He knows where ancient artifacts like the Millennium Dragon’s Heart Armor lay hidden. He’s also wealthy. Anyway, surviving is possible with the resources and power he has.

After checking on Heira’s information, I felt my head cool down.

‘I have to participate in the succession war. That’s the only way I can prove I’m a member of the Meyton family.’

Not participating in the war at all? That would get me branded as the trash of the Meyton family. The fast track to becoming an outcast in this wild world. It’s manageable now at 9 years old, but when the time comes to jump into the real succession battle at 10…

‘The Decennial Trials.’

It’s a whole different story after the ‘Decennial Trials.’ This dumb rascal will still be floundering at 17 before finally departing this life.

‘Souring relations with Said seems inevitable.’

It’s a future event, but I still can’t think of a way to prevent it. It’s something I need to ponder seriously.

Gradually, more specific plans began to form.

‘I was born the youngest of a chaebol family.’

I can enjoy a life filled with luxury and leisure, something I couldn’t do on Earth, such as indulging in delicious food, traveling extensively, and living extravagantly – if only I survive this family.

‘For that, I just need to grow up moderately without drawing much attention.’

Maintaining a middling yet not too neglected position, just above average is ideal.

I’ve been down this road many times. Isn’t it the code of conduct for a Korean soldier?


After reviewing Heira’s information, my mind got even sharper. It helped me clear up what I need to do for the future. I finalized a few tasks that need immediate attention.

[Mana is insufficient. ‘Heavenly Eye’ activation will terminate.]

Just then, I heard a knock on the door.

Tap, tap.

It was Heira.

When ignorant, I had no idea, but now it’s obvious how delicate her footsteps are, not a hint of sound.

“I’m terribly sorry, my lord. It was exceedingly difficult to secure the Verdant Mountain chocolate…”

“That’s fine.”

I don’t actually like chocolate all that much. I just needed some time.

“To commit such an offense… What?”

“It’s fine,” I said.

I looked at Heira. Her eyes, naive and kind, as if she might cry at the slightest provocation. Her face looks just like a girl on the verge of tears.

‘How can she wear such a mask?’

For now, I must act as Lasen would. For a while, it’s best to maintain the role of the rascal. There are certain comforts to that role.


“Yes. Rest well.”

Heira closed the door again. And then in the hall, she thought.

‘What did that rascal just say?’


[It’s ok.]

[It’s fine.]

Unmistakably words coming out of the mouth of a rascal. It’s impossible for the Heira I know to hear ‘fine’ from him.

‘He’s definitely changed.’

Yesterday he didn’t use honorifics, today he says it’s fine. There’s something odd about the atmosphere. Even his gaze towards chocolate seems utterly disinterested, vastly different from before.

‘Let’s observe for three more days before deciding whether to report.’

Meanwhile, watching the closed door, Lasen thought.

‘I need to be careful.’

In the world of ‘Sword House Said,’ all kinds of extraordinary characters reside. Isn’t that the case with all fantasy novels? Wuxia contains countless hermits, and fantasy is full of heroes.

‘Her footsteps were completely silent.’

Honestly, that was chilling. She seemed to be just walking, but even concentrating hard, I couldn’t sense any movement. Though I saw it, I couldn’t hear it.

The protagonist hides his power.

Heroes hide their power.

Even a maid hides her power.

This all-too-familiar cliché applies here. Even cow dung must be treated with caution—it could be deadly poison in this world.

In any case, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

So a week passed.

* * *

During that week, Lasen did a lot of thinking, and he managed to roughly sort through his thoughts. He nearly solidified his plans for survival in this place.

1. He has to throw himself into the succession war and be a reasonable person.

2. To be reasonable, he must train diligently.

3. Somehow, he must survive and gain independence.

Once he turns 20, after a safe passage beyond being purged at 17, he becomes eligible for independence.

‘At that time, independence is non-negotiable.’

Lasen is a candidate for the heir of the Magic House Meyton, one of the three families ruling the world. In other words, he has power and influence. As long as he fulfills the role of a decent person, he could live prosperously anywhere.

‘I’ll go somewhere beyond the reach of Kasin Said.’

That’s the goal – to live off the fat of the land in a place out of Said’s reach. Kasin Said is the world-recognized hero typical of fantasy novels. He ruthlessly punishes evil-doers but doesn’t brush against innocent civilians. Even among villains, he sometimes spares those with a story.

‘Let’s first survive past 17.’

For now, the goal is to get past 17.

He called for his valet, Hampton.


“Yes, yes! My lord.”

This kid is going mad, too.

[Name: Hampton]

[Main Attribute: Poison (毒)]

[Feature: Cowardly Shadow]

An assassin, a poisoner.

‘But, this kid, I once beat him until he had bruises on his behind.’

Since when did he learn about poison? He probably sharpens a knife in his mind. I’m going to go mad.

And just then, another sentence popped into my mind unbidden.

The ‘Heavenly Eye’ interpreted the situation and showed Lasen the world inside the novel.

Hampton wasn’t just a simple valet trained in ‘poisoning.’

[All heirs of the Magic House are assigned ‘well-trained’ stewards. From an early age, they’re prepared and sometimes even brainwashed to serve the heirs, committing their lives to loyalty.

In the Magic House, they’re called ‘Shadows,’ and the seventh son’s Shadow is ‘Hampton’.]


Lasen looked at Hampton again.

[Feature: Cowardly Shadow]

‘A shadow has been allocated even for a wreck like me?’

He felt somewhat relieved. This ‘Shadow System’ was a mechanism created by the author Cha Seong Min. Hampton is said Shadow. According to the setup, these are people strictly managed and thoroughly trained by the ‘Meyton Family.’ Believing cow dung to be soybean paste, they’re absurdly loyal, living only for their heir.

Creator Cha Seong Min set it up this way.

Lasen spoke.

“Prepare to go to the training annex.”

Hampton couldn’t believe his ears. The training annex? He must have heard wrong.

“The, the, the, the training annex… you say?”

Then came an unexpected reply. He hadn’t heard wrong.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Do I have to say it twice?”

His words weren’t soft, but he definitely meant to go to the training annex. It seemed like the sun would rise in the west. Though shocked, Hampton was thrilled. Blissful, almost crying with joy. The heir he served intended to go to the training annex. That was reason enough for happiness.

“I’ll book it immediately, 7th prince!”

For the past few days, he had a sense that his ‘light,’ Lasen, was changing. Today confirmed it.

That ‘light’ who never once sought out the training annex.

‘Prince Lasen has changed!’

Hampton’s steps lightened.

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