Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 29

[Chapter 29: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family]

“I will help you.”

After hearing that voice, the world changed. A completely dark space.


Only Rasen existed in this place. In the pitch-black darkness, strangely, he could see his own body.

‘Hands. Feet. All still there.’

The body was intact, but he felt as if it was missing—a bizarre sensation, as if the connection between his brain and body was severed.

‘Ah. It’s like the feeling of being anesthetized.’

It was exactly the sensation of local anesthesia.


“Ha, huh!”

Rasen jumped in surprise. A fireball had suddenly erupted in front of him. He struggled to understand this baffling situation.

‘What is this?’

Even thinking as author Cha Seong-min, he couldn’t figure out what this situation was about. Not even the creator knew. Meaning, this was the netherworld.

Upon closer inspection, the fireball was not just a fireball. It was a burning chalice.

‘The Chalice of Fire?’

The golden cup had floated gently above a humble stone tomb. Borrowing the words of Rudia, it was a ‘fine cup,’ and it was fiercely ablaze.

“Do you remember who I am?”

“The Chalice of Fire?”

While he was in the midst of receiving a body enhancement magic formula, close to dying from agony. Where is this, and why has the Chalice of Fire appeared?

“Hmm. You’re wrong.”

The Chalice of Fire shook its body (?) vigorously from side to side.

“I am not the Chalice of Fire.”

Rasen regained his wit. It seems he hasn’t died yet. There was no pain in his body. The ‘strange cup that claims it’s not the Chalice of Fire’ seems not to be harmful to him.

Rasen, regaining a bit of composure, asked,

“Then what are you?”

“My real name is the Transcendent Chalice.”

“What did you say?”

Even activating his Heavenly Eye, he couldn’t decipher the cup. With Rasen’s current abilities, interpreting it was completely impossible.

“Due to a misunderstanding by the Fire Tribe, Kirter injected me full of fire mana. Oh, you don’t need to know who Kirter is. He’s a senile old man.”

The Chalice muttered to itself. But Rasen knew of ‘Kirter.’

‘The legendary archmage.’

Literally, a ‘legend.’

If Albertho was merely a self-proclaimed sage in fiction, many believe Kirter had actually existed.

He never appears in the story. Only in the dialogues of magicians is there a mention of ‘Kirter’ a few times.

For example, when the protagonist Kashin said, “Even if Kirter himself was resurrected. The path of magic cannot break the will of the sword.” Just a great sorcerer who existed in the past. That’s the only way he was set up.

“Anyway, I want to help you, brother.”

Why the cup was calling Rasen ‘brother,’ he didn’t know. Why a cup even had a gender was also unclear. He wanted to ask but it didn’t seem important enough to bother with now.

“How will you help me?”

“You have a rather special body.”

“A special body?”

“In the era I was created, a body like yours would be called a ‘heavenly bone structure’.”


“Your body is very robust. But to accept the mana you’re trying to take in now, it’s not enough. Because.”

Again, an exclamation point [!] appeared.

“Your magic circle is already saturated. If such destructive power enters in this state, what will happen?”

“I’d die.”

“That’s right. But I don’t want you to die.”


“It’d be boring. Then I’d have to sleep again for over 100 years.”

“How will you help?”

“I will absorb the mana for you. That’s precisely what I prefer.”

If he couldn’t absorb it, his body would burst and he’d die.

‘Should I take the Chalice’s word at face value?’

Then, the Heavenly Eye activated. He couldn’t interpret the Chalice, but the settings related to the background of the Chalice were decipherable.

[‘The Chalice of Fire’ was desperately seeking its true master.]

Originally, the ‘Chalice of Fire’ ends up in the hands of Kashin Said. When it came into the hands of Kashin Said, the Chalice of Fire never showed this form. The original work has changed.

The Chalice said,

“It’s complicated to explain, but you are worthy to be my master.”


“Because you are riddled with holes. That will allow you to accept me.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’ll know when you go through it.”

He had no idea what that meant.

“Anyway. Just one thing I will tell you. The conclusion.”


“Become my master.”


Suddenly, fireworks burst forth.

“I am now melting into your heart.”


“I will consume that mana.”

“What happens when you consume the mana?”

“I will be reborn as a proper Transcendent Chalice. There are many weird Magic Formulas, but you can just engrave them on me. Don’t worry, that scary sister will take care of it for you.”


“Then I will melt back into your heart to rest comfortably, and come out when needed.”

“When needed?”

“Yep. You will definitely need to actively use me. In the not too distant future.”

The conversation with the ‘Chalice’ continued to provide new clues and settings. The Heavenly Eye interpreted the settings of the netherworld further.

[The ‘Transcendent Chalice’ melts into the ‘true master’s’ heart to act as another ‘mana circle’.]

In other words.

‘Does that mean there’s another circle aside from the mana circle?’

It’s awkward to call it a circle. And it’s also awkward to express it as a ‘cup.’

‘Melted in the heart, it’s invisible to the eye.’

It’s impossible to grasp with ordinary magic. The heart itself becomes a circle. The ‘Transcendent Chalice’ circle. Another storage tank. Plus, it’s willing to absorb the ‘destructive formulas’ and melt into the heart. A kind of buffer.

‘Anyway, without the help of this guy…’

Light gradually returned to the world formed of darkness. At the same time, a tingling sensation began in his fingertips and toes. He knew this feeling. It’s the pain from when the formula first started to be cast. Although a very slight pain, he could tell that it wasn’t long before this pain would consume his entire body.

He tried lifting his hand. His fingers were disappearing. His fingers, back of the hand, and wrist were gradually vanishing.

‘If I disappear completely…’

He was certain.

‘I’ll die.’

He didn’t want to die.

“I will become your master.”

“Okay. Now you are my master.”

The flames erupted everywhere. The Transcendent Chalice swelled up immensely.


Like a black hole, it began to rapidly absorb the surrounding darkness.

The Transcendent Chalice inflated hugely. When it had sucked in the last remnant of darkness, it disappeared.

Rasen sensed,

‘It has melted into my heart.’

Then he heard a voice.

“Body enhancement spellcasting is complete, Father.”

“Thank you for your efforts.”

He felt gazes upon him. Rasen came to his senses. His entire body was drenched in sweat.

‘What is this?’

He felt not a single ‘piece of clothing’ on his body. He had become naked. Even the towel covering his main parts had vanished.

Then Heyra approached him carefully and handed him clothes.

‘I’m alive, aren’t I?’

It seemed he had fainted.

‘But it wasn’t a dream.’

The conversation with the Chalice was not a dream. He felt it in his heart. A different sensation from before.

Ivelia continued,

“We have finished the body enhancement spell.”),

“But it was not successful.”

“You mean it failed.”

“That’s correct, Father. Due to unique physical characteristics I failed to notice, the mana and reinforce spell stored in the scroll extinguished. I am unworthy.”

No. It didn’t extinguish, the ‘Transcendent Chalice’ had absorbed it. Ivelia was mistaken, and Decatra stood from his seat.

“That, too, is his own fortune.”

After all, the physique and talent of a wizard are innate. That Rasen was born with the talent for magic tools is ultimately the realm of the gods. Just an aspect people refer to as ‘luck’ or ‘fortune.’

“With this, I hereby cancel the ten-year formula for Rasen Mayten.”

“Father, you promised you would call Mother.”

Decatra glanced at Rasen.

‘That guy. He’s changed a lot.’

He has changed too much. What made him change so significantly? He barely felt a faint hope. He had changed too much. Though he had changed dramatically, he decided not to have too many expectations. Rasen is still far too inadequate to protect Soso. So he spoke coldly.

“Promises are to be kept only with those who are necessary, those who deserve it.”

He stood up and turned away coldly and left. Rasen watched his departing back.

‘I achieved something.’

Although Mother did not come, there was still progress. It seemed he had succeeded in shaking Decatra’s heart. Everyone began to rise. One by one, following the head of the family, they started to leave ‘The Origin’s Banquet Hall.’

Rasen could read the atmosphere among his siblings.

‘They seem pleased that the body enhancement spell failed.’

Especially that sixth one seems delighted. He tries hard not to show it, but,

‘He is grinning ear to ear, the rascal.’

It’s so obvious.

‘It’s for the better.’

Ivelia, who oversaw the spellcasting herself, may very well know the truth. However, for now, she pretends not to know. Whether she truly doesn’t know or not, Rasen isn’t sure.

‘It seems like even Decatra is pretending not to know.’

Regardless, it’s not been revealed. A hidden blade is more terrifying than one that is exposed. For author Cha Seong-min, it’s an exceedingly satisfying ending. Power is maximized when it is obtained without being exposed. The writer, Cha Seong-min, knows this all too well.

‘I’ve gotten an extra card.’

The body enhancement spell was a success. Rasen was sure of it.

Before long, only Rasen and Heyra were left in ‘The Origin’s Banquet Hall.’

Rasen said,

“Let’s go back.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Rasen began to walk first.

Step. Step.

The sound of small footsteps echoed in the empty ‘The Origin’s Banquet Hall.’ They were Rasen’s footsteps.



‘It’s quiet?’

An eerily calm silence lingered. What’s this? He sensed something strange and looked back. Heyra was walking directly behind him, but something about the vibe was unusual.

Suddenly, Heyra stopped walking.

“Young Master 7.”

This has never happened before. Without any warning, she stopped and started talking.

How should I describe it? The atmosphere felt threatening, like confronting a sharpened sword.

He felt the momentum.

In other words, Heyra was slightly letting her presence show. And in the ‘The Origin’s Banquet Hall’ located in the main residence no less.

“To display such spirit in front of Decatra, where he resides?”

What does this mean?

His heart began to beat rapidly.

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