Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 25

Jayple had definitely seen it.

‘Just before Count Kashin’s sword reached his side, the seventh son parried the sword with his arm.’

But that wasn’t purely martial magic.

‘There was clearly a burst of flames from that arm for a moment.’

Those flames contained quite potent fire energy. Thanks to that, Kashin faltered with his sword. At the same time, it allowed the seventh son to aim for the neck again and secure victory, though that’s beside the point.

“When did you learn flame magic?” he asked.


Rasen found himself unable to respond for a moment.

‘Me? When?’

Rasen had never learned flame attribute magic. Element-based magic and martial magic are nearly incompatible. Mastering martial magic makes it difficult to learn element-based spells, and vice versa.

Rasen asked calmly, hiding his agitation.

“When did you see it?”

“When you blocked the sword. Didn’t you use flame attribute mana? Not for defense, but offense.”


Rasen activated his Heavenly Eye, focusing for an active interpretation. He recalled the situation when he blocked Kashin’s sword, and his Heavenly Eye analyzed the scene.

It felt like reading a novel as a third person. His frequent use of the Heavenly Eye had improved its proficiency.

[Rasen conjured flame mana to block Kashin’s sword. Pure and clean energy, threatening Kashin’s body, if only briefly and fiercely. It startled Kashin into retreating.]

The analysis from the Heavenly Eye took form in his mind, playing out like a slow-motion scene.


Rasen of that moment was contemplated by Rasen of now.

‘I feel mana… near my heart?’

Though not overwhelming, it was unmistakably there. Mana imbued with ‘fire energy.’

‘Through the Easy-to-Understand Mana Heart Method, my inherent mana blended so seamlessly I hadn’t noticed.’

Like salt dissolved in water. To the eye, it looked just like water. In Rasen, born with innate mana, the ‘flame attribute mana’ had indeed seamlessly integrated as if they had always been one.

Rasen thought back.

[The ‘Pure Flame Essence’ has taken effect…]

[Due to lack of mana, the Heavenly Eye deactivation process will commence.]

Now that his mana was replenished, he refocused through the Heavenly Eye.

[The ‘Pure Flame Essence’ causes the integration of ‘flame attribute mana’.]

[Thanks to the ‘Easy-to-Understand Mana Heart Method,’ the integration of the two types of mana succeeded.]

That’s when Rasen realized.

‘It’s not just any flame essence, but by consuming the Pure Flame Essence, I’ve become capable of handling element-based mana as well.’

That’s what caused this occurrence.

‘It’s almost impossible to add attributes to martial magic, isn’t it?’

Even a high-ranking mage, like the Lady of the Third, could manage it, but even then, it was inefficient and rarely used. Fusing two distinctive types of mana was highly inefficient. It wouldn’t be possible under normal circumstances, yet seven-year-old Rasen had done it.

Jayple asked again.

“How did you… do it?”

“I don’t know.”

Jayple silenced himself at the blunt reply.

‘That can’t be.’

It had to be a lie. How could he perform such complex multi-attribute control without knowing? That ‘I don’t know’ truly meant ‘I don’t want to teach you’, a direct command to shut up.

‘Today’s outing… it was conducted under the seventh son’s meticulous planning.’

The seventh son lied about seeking chocolate at the main house and came to the Dragon Mountains to finalize his plan.

‘Could the encounter with Kashin Seid have been part of the plan, too?’

Jayple shook his head by himself. Even if he was the successor of a famous swordsmanship family, how could he have known when and where Kashin would move? Yet, the timing was strangely coincidental.

‘Something… something I don’t understand is happening. Things that have been kept from the knowledge of almost the entire Mayton family.’

His thoughts became complicated.

‘This needs to be reported.’

But then again,

‘Should I make this report?’

Someone had intentionally distorted the information about the troublemaker.

‘It was deliberately manipulated.’

If the jailers hadn’t noticed, it meant someone high up was involved. At least the Lady of the Third or perhaps even the clan elders.

‘I must navigate carefully.’

With a serious face, Jayple said,

“I will escort you back to Mayton.”


They returned to Mayton.

Afterward, the jailer Jayple met with other jailers. He talked about Rasen.

“That troublemaker. Really went and came back just to eat chocolate.”

“Always the lucky one.”

“I wonder why the head of the family leaves that guy be.”

The head of the Mayton family, Decatra, was strict, even with his own blood. In fact, the jailers were puzzled over why Decatra had left the troublemaker Rasen alone.

“There are plenty of ways to kill him and make it look like an accident.”

“That’s what I’m saying. I find it strange, too.”

That’s when Jayple became more certain.

‘It’s definitely odd.’

Before, it was ‘just strange’, but now it turned into ‘extremely strange’. Rasen’s changed attitude, as well as the false reports he had submitted, accentuated this feeling.

‘The head of the family is keeping him alive. Just in exile.’

A shameful blight to the Mayton family, that troublemaker.

‘There must be something.’

It wasn’t a minor issue to be overlooked. Maybe even beyond the elders, the head of the family himself might be involved.


The seventh son’s claims, once thought to be merely boasting, might actually be true.

[You’re loyal to my fourth brother, but don’t want to be loyal to my second sister, do you?]

[Someday, I might be able to help you.]

Now that it had come to this, the thought that these words were not just a bluff seemed real. He looked at the jailers who were gossiping and thought.

‘I need to stand in the right line.’

A secret was hidden within the magical Mayton family. Jayple was certain of it.

* * *

December 31, 218th year, at midnight.

In other words, January 1, 219th year, 00:00.

There was a small party at the ‘Maple Annex’. Basically, it was just having dinner with his mother Soso.

For Soso, this little event was moving. She almost cried. The miracle of eating with her son on the new day, January 1st, was the most beautiful gift in the world for her.

“Thank you, Heira.”

“You flatter me too much.”

Heira served the dishes. Rasen then felt it again. Heira’s light footsteps. They were so silent, they were almost inaudible.

[Main Attribute: Assassination (暗殺)]

This darn Heavenly Eye keeps activating on its own. Hastily, he deactivated it, deciding to forget the assassin maid for the moment and to focus on the food.

The main course was a calf steak, slightly blushing with a warm hue. The steak, served in a specially made iron dish that preserved the heat, was surrounded by the appealing fragrance of steam.

Rasen cut the steak with his knife and asked.

“Mother, what kind of person is father?”

Rasen’s memories, not those of Cha Sung-min but of Rasen, lacked a father figure. He almost never met him, and it seemed like ‘Rasen’ had been very afraid of his father. As if the memories had been deliberately erased, leading him to that impression.

‘The 10-year rite is coming soon.’

That’s when he would meet his father, head of the Mayton family, Decatra. He needed to be prepared for that.

“He is…”

Mother’s perspective on Father. What kind of person would that be?

“A lonely person.”


Rasen couldn’t reply. In his mother’s eyes, Decatra seemed to evoke pity and a touch of love.

At that moment, the Heavenly Eye activated on its own again.

[Head of Mayton Family, Decatra, loved only the maid Soso. In other words, Soso was the one and only woman who received Decatra’s true love.]

Just two sentences. Yet, they implied so much.

‘Father? Loved mother?’

Decatra was conceived by Cha Sung-min. He was initially designed as a heartless and terrifying mage. But love? A man who saw his children only as potential successors for the Mayton family’s prosperity.

‘What setting is this?’

Perhaps humans inherently have feelings. It seemed that the settings established by this world were autonomously applied.

Just then, space trembled near the wall. The portrait hanging there distorted wildly, followed by a voice.

“I am a lonely person, you say.”

Soso immediately jumped up and took a respectful posture.

“I greet the head of the family.”

Rasen followed suit.

“I greet the head of the family.”

Saluting in this manner was a long-standing tradition of the Mayton family. It was required by all, be it one’s wife, son, or daughter. It didn’t matter who you were.

“You speak too freely, Soso.”

“I’m sorry.”

Head of the family, Decatra, appeared. Rasen felt his breath catching in his throat. Simply by one person’s arrival, the room seemed to fill with an oppressive air.

‘Is this the pressure a person can exert?’

The term ‘pressure’ was often used in novels. Feeling it in reality made breathing difficult. Every hair on his body seemed to stand on end, like a frightened cat.


Why did Decatra suddenly appear in the Maple Annex? He wasn’t a person of leisure. It didn’t make sense for him to visit the Maple Annex where the troublemaker seventh son stayed, especially on the morning of January 1st.

‘The interpretation of the Heavenly Eye about mother’s love is strange, too.’

And his unexpected appearance here was bizarre as well. Was it the ‘variable in the story’ that Rasen had created that caused this situation? It was uncertain.

Decatra didn’t press further with Soso’s mention of being lonely.

He sat and looked at Rasen.


“Yes, head of the family.”

A cold sweat ran down Rasen’s back. The feeling was akin to a predator sitting before him, with no semblance of affection for his son. The emotionless gaze held the command of an absolute ruler.

“There was an unfortunate incident with your brother, I hear?”

“If you’re referring to the affair with my sixth brother… yes.”

He swallowed hard.

‘He’s not the type to dwell on such matters.’

Then why? The mind of Cha Sung-min, not Rasen’s, whirled wildly. Rasen might be bewildered by Decatra’s appearance, but Cha Sung-min was not.

‘I created this character.’

As one who took great care in crafting the character of Decatra, he knew him well. It might be easier to deal with Decatra than with Persha.

‘Have confidence.’

As seen with Avian, ‘setting values’ wield significant power. And Cha Sung-min knew these values well.

The pounding heart from fear settled down somewhat.

‘The situation is… under my control.’

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