Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 23

Episode 23 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Noble Family”

Upon confirming the name “Kashin Seid,” Lasen Mayton became fully alert.

‘Why is that guy here?’

Frankly, he was someone Lasen didn’t wish to encounter.

The true protagonist of this world. A genius among geniuses. The kind of munchkin hero you find in typical munchkin novels. The monster created by Cha Seong-min. A young final boss had appeared.

The Law Keeper, Japle, was also slightly tense.

‘Light blue armor. The blue hawk engraved on the left chest.’

He quickly realized who they were.

‘About the same age as the seventh son. Handsome features. Blue hair and blue pupils.’

It was undoubtedly Kashin Seid, the second son of the Swordsmanship Noble Family, Seid. Kashin alone wasn’t too much of a problem, but there were three knights with him. Knights who protected Kashin. By the standards of the Magic Noble Family, they were called ‘Law Keepers,’ and in the Swordsmanship Noble Family, ‘Guardian Spirits.’ Their names differed, but their role was similar.

Lasen’s eyes caught a new passage.

[The world’s three great noble families possess a special power to recognize one another. It is inscribed within the ‘mana’ they are born with, similar to beasts recognizing other beasts.]

This was a description that Cha Seong-min had personally written. Lasen experienced that content firsthand. Even if he didn’t have the knowledge as an author, or even without the Celestial Eyes, he would have felt it the moment he saw Kashin. That the brat in front of him was from the ‘Swordsmanship Noble Family.’

Kashin stood before Lasen, bowing politely.

[Kashin was always courteous and polite. He treated everyone equally, returning goodwill with goodwill, and malice with malice.]

Kashin’s voice reached his ears.

“I felt a powerful mana fluctuation and came here.”

True to the protagonist, he was very polite and courteous. It made you feel that he was born into an ideal family, received perfect education, and lived with idealistic thoughts. Just by speaking, it was evident he was well-loved. Every word was full of dignity and cultivation. It was surprising to get that feeling from a nine-year-old.

“A powerful mana fluctuation?”

“Yes. The Guardian Spirits told me that a surge of fire mana occurred. I felt it too.”

Lasen nodded. He didn’t think it was that powerful. He just drank the ‘Flame Elixir’ for a long lifespan.

Lasen decided to maintain his ruffian position while exploring the situation and asked in informal speech.

“So, you came here because you’re curious?”

“Yes. Out of curiosity.”

[The young Kashin was a boy full of curiosity. If he was curious about something, he had to resolve it, and that became the foundation of his growth.]

Lasen deduced from the description that Cha Seong-min had given, that Kashin approached him out of curiosity.

“It seems like you know who I am.”

“I’m not exactly sure. You seem to be of the Mayton family’s bloodline. Given that you are a bit older than me, I thought you might be the sixth son…”

The young Kashin spoke with precision.

“But I heard that person is learning water attribute magic. And I don’t smell water on you. Then, are you the fifth son?”

Lasen looked at Kashin.

‘Should I let him continue thinking I’m the fifth son?’

Initially, he had no desire to get entangled with Kashin. That was almost an absolute guideline when he first took over this body.

‘But what if I’m found out later?’

He wasn’t sure if he could handle the backlash. There was no reason to betray another brother. At this point, there didn’t seem to be any animosity between the Mayton and Seid families.

‘No, let’s not lie.’

Seeing Kashin, Lasen began to envision a bigger picture. Now it was time to act as the author.

‘Change of plan.’

Kashin is a character of integrity. He’s good. He mercilessly cuts down villains and generously offers kindness to the good. For his friends and comrades, he would risk his life. A really great guy.

He decided on the spot.

‘Let’s get along.’

Not too close, but just enough. If they had a good impression of each other, that would be ideal.

“The fifth brother is a magician who mainly practices earth attributes.”

Kashin pondered for a moment. To consider him the fifth son didn’t seem right due to the difference in age.

“Then could you be the seventh son?”


Lasen saw it. The ‘Guardian Spirits’ flinched. In their eyes was astonishment.

“A bit different from the rumors, right?”

“You are quite different from the rumors I heard.”

“Let’s be friends then. Drop the formalities.”

Nine years old meeting nine years old.

The supporting character met the protagonist.

“Then I shall also speak freely.”


After all, Kashin was still nine years old. There’s a right way to approach a nine-year-old. Even though he was well-versed in etiquette, he also sought freedom like a typical protagonist in a fantasy novel. He seemed to possess all the likable traits.

[The young Kashin had everything. His parents’ love. An excellent teacher. Appropriate education for a future ruler. However, one thing was lacking. Kashin had no friends of his age. Something that the family couldn’t provide. Kashin always felt that absence.]

And that would later play a major role in him gathering comrades. Kashin values ‘friendship’ immensely. It became the background for him to grow into a protagonist with a special bond with his comrades.

‘Well, it’s understandable.’

After all, he’s the scion of the Swordsmanship Noble Family. Who in this world could dare to be Kashin’s friend? Everyone of his age revered Kashin. It would be the unique ones like Rudia who would not revere Kashin and become his true comrades.

In the midst of their conversation, Rudia, who had been quietly listening, suddenly interrupted.

“Is he also a friend?”

Rudia extended her hand.

“I’m also nine years old. You’re really handsome.”

Rudia smiled innocently. Kashin, not used to a magician’s handshake, hesitated, and Rudia grabbed his hand first and shook it.

“I’m Rudia! What’s your name?”

Overwhelmed by Rudia’s ridiculous sociability, Kashin found himself responding, pulled by some force.


He refrained from mentioning his family name ‘Seid.’



“Pretty name. And a pretty face, too!”

Kashin’s face turned slightly red. Even Lasen was taken aback by her amazing sociability. It was surprising she had been silent so far.

Kashin then cleared his throat with a cough and asked again.

“Lasen. You mentioned a mana fluctuation; can you explain?”

“I came to find the ‘Flame Chalice’ that Rudia’s family has been guarding, together with Rudia, who is of the fire clan. Special water was contained in that chalice, and that’s likely the source of the mana you felt.”


There are many clans in the world. The fire clan. The water clan. The wind clan. Starting from attribute-based clans to beastkin and giant tribes. There truly are many races. They all fall under the category of ‘humans.’ They all hold at least one secret. Kashin seemed to know this, as he nodded understandingly.

“You encountered a fateful opportunity.”

“Hm. An opportunity.”

Though it was an opportunity he had sought intentionally.

“What power does that fire mana have? It felt rather unique.”

“It protects me from external harmful influences.”

“Like a poison?”


“That’s a good power.”

Japle remained tense. Although the Magic and Swordsmanship Noble Families were not mortal enemies, they weren’t exactly close friends: they were rivals. Furthermore, the opposing side had the advantage in power. If any harm occurred here, they’d be in a disadvantageous situation as the weaker party.

What the Guardian Spirits on the other side would do, Japle could not predict.

‘And he’s casually spilling details about the power he obtained.’

Moreover, that inexperienced child was now showing friendliness to Kashin, even reaching out to touch the swordsman’s sword—a puzzling act that, under certain circumstances, could be viewed as an attack.

However, Kashin must have felt something unusual.

‘Why are they so casual with me?’

He didn’t mind the relaxed treatment. It felt like meeting friends of his age. Everyone else approached him cautiously, but these children did not. That made him happy.

On the other hand, Lasen thought,

‘Let’s become moderately friendly with Kashin.’

They probably wouldn’t meet again for a while after today. Therefore, it was best to leave many good memories behind. What would Cha Seong-min do in such a situation? What kind of conversations would the characters he created have, and what kind of scenarios would they draw? He thought about it from a third-party perspective, from the creator’s perspective. The answer was obvious.



“I’m meeting someone from the Seid family for the first time. And someone my own age at that.”

“Same here.”

After exchanging a handshake, Lasen said,

“I heard that people of the Swordsmanship Noble Family mix swords before becoming friends. What do they call it?”

“A bout.”

Kashin’s eyes twinkled. Like a proper fantasy novel protagonist, he was crazy about duels. Kashin always had a kind demeanor, but when holding a sword, he became someone else. A common setting, a cliché.

“Yeah, a bout. Wanna try it? I heard it’s an essential step to becoming friends. It’s like affirming trust.”

“It’s not necessary, but…”

“It’s good to do it, right?”

The nine-year-old Kashin hesitated a bit before responding.

“Are you challenging me to a duel?”

At that moment, Japle felt his vision go white.

‘A duel in this situation?’

With three of their Guardian Spirits present? In an unsafe situation, to propose a duel? And he couldn’t step forward. After all, the seventh son was outwardly the blood of the Mayton family. It was something he couldn’t oppose without a reason, especially in front of a rival family. It would be perceived as a disregard for ‘the blood of the Mayton family.’

‘What’s he relying on?’

This discrepancy between Lasen and Japle’s perspectives.

Lasen knew because he was the creator. Those people don’t stab others in the back. The Seid family that the Mayton family perceived was completely different from what the creator envisioned.

Kashin asked,

“Have you also learned swordsmanship?”

“No. I’ve practiced martial magic.”

“I heard martial magic is a rarely learned discipline.”

“That’s the only thing I’m good at.”

“Is it similar to a physical technique?”

“Close enough.”

Kashin’s eyes shone even brighter.

“But why propose a duel? The people of the Magic Noble Family don’t like us.”

“What rumors have spread about me?”


As expected.

“But what do you think of me, based on your observation?”

“You don’t seem like a bad person.”

At least he didn’t seem like a delinquent.

“Rumors often get distorted, especially when we’re continents apart across the Black Sea like you and I.”

“That’s true.”

Lasen added,

“You don’t have friends, do you?”

The Guardian Spirits tensed at that statement. Depending on its interpretation, that remark could be considered extremely rude.

Putting aside that it was children conversing, it could be perceived that the ‘Magic Noble Family’ was disrespecting the ‘Swordsmanship Noble Family.’ If that were the case, the Guardian Spirits would have to act to protect the honor of the Swordsmanship Noble Family.

Japle became even more tense.

‘Why would he say such a thing?’

He couldn’t comprehend why the rascal was provoking the Swordsmanship Noble Family. He prepared to activate the emergency contact mana sphere he kept in his pocket at any moment.

Then, Lasen continued speaking.

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