Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 20

Magus Family’s Youngest Son, Episode 20

[The ‘Background World Settings’ will now be disclosed.]

Lasen focused on the interpretation of ‘Celestial Eye.’ It seemed that there was something more to the ‘Contract of Fire,’ something that even the author, Cha Seong-min, hadn’t known about, something that had taken on a life of its own within the settings.

[To the contractor of fire, ‘Rampage Control Authority’ is granted.]

In that moment, Lasen realized.


Cha Seong-min had set Rudia as a ‘Super Single-Cell’ character. Extremely simple, with no thoughts of depth. A character with clear likes and dislikes, who hated complications.

‘Sometimes Kasin had to stop such Rudia.’

At the time, Cha Seong-min wrote it thoughtlessly. Rudia would sometimes go on a rampage. There were times when she could not control her anger.

‘Readers used to comment about why she suddenly has an outburst.’

Some understood, while others questioned the outbursts. At that time, Cha Seong-min didn’t think much about Rudia’s rampages.

She’s a super single-cell. If she’s angry, she could rampage. The protagonist is kind, so he would stop such Rudia. That was the thought.

The interpretation value was distinctly clear to him. Not a vague setting like Cha Seong-min’s roughly defined ‘Just really good’, but rather a very specific and detailed one.

The setting the world itself made was much more concrete and specific than what author Cha Seong-min had set.

[1. ‘Rampage Control Authority’ permits the contractor of fire to manage the explosive mana.]

…this setting was just the beginning and stretched out to twelve different points. There was one particularly notable content.

[12. The side effect is the death of the contracted party.]

To put it briefly, the contractor of fire (Lasen) must prevent the contracted party (Rudia) from having an outburst, bearing responsibility for Rudia’s life.

The Celestial Eye showed ‘the content within the novel’.

[“Please don’t rampage, Rudia.”]

[“Why! I’m going to kill all those bastards! Don’t stop me!”]

[“Calm down. If you rampage, you’ll die.”]

A conversation that even author Cha Seong-min hadn’t thought of. But now that he saw it, it vaguely came back to him.

‘That’s right. Such a conversation took place.’

Even Cha Seong-min didn’t remember exactly. As an author, one can’t remember everything. There were times he inserted useless chatter just to fill in the battle scenes.

Perhaps this conversation was one such instance.

‘No consideration was given to why Rudia could die, to why she must control her temper.’

Inserted without much thought or concern.

After all, the novel revolved around the protagonist, and the protagonist would overcome any danger anyway.

So, there was no need for concern. The protagonist would eventually take care of it after a few attempts. Cha Seong-min’s novel lacked credibility and reflection.

But the ‘world’ filled in those concerns for him.

‘This world itself fills in for the lack of credibility.’

He firmly understood that point. Credibility born from the little clues like conversations. The world had filled in the gaps left by the author.

Lasen focused on the ‘Contract of Fire’.

‘If I misuse the power…’

The consequence appeared before his eyes.


Those two characters. Short but profoundly impactful.

“Wait, stop for a moment. Rudia, I don’t want to do this.”

My dream is to live a long, well-nourished life. This kind of contract isn’t right. It’s hard enough to take care of oneself, let alone be responsible for a girl like Rudia, unpredictable as she is.

Declined. He didn’t want to take on the creepy task of being responsible for someone else’s life.

“Why? Why won’t you contract? It’s a good one.”

“Are you sure it’s good?”

“Yep. Daddy said it’s really good.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It is!”

“Why is it good? Explain it to me.”

“That, well…!”

Lasen shook his head. Just as he expected. Rudia herself didn’t know why it was good. Not knowing, she carelessly stepped forward to become a ‘contractor of fire’.

“Listen well. If you become a contractor of fire, you’ll have to sacrifice yourself to me for your whole life.”

“Sacrifice? But sacrifice is good. I like sacrifice!”


“It’s honorable.”

Lasen felt his heart tighten. Yes, Rudia was that kind of character.

“If you rampage, I won’t be able to stop you.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“If I can’t stop you…”

Another setting value.

[6. If the contractor of fire goes on a rampage without using ‘Rampage Control Authority’, the contracted party will die.]

He told her honestly.

“You’ll die.”

And I’ll die. Upon hearing this, Rudia smiled brightly.

“It’s okay to die for a contractor of fire. That’s the glory of our clan. We call that martyrdom.”

So pure, it was more terrifying.

“I neither want to kill you nor bear such responsibility.”

“Ah. Lasen, you worry too much. I won’t die.”

Somehow, the more they talked, the deeper he felt he was sinking into a quagmire.

“That’s only true if I can fully control you.”

Lasen said with a serious look.

“Listen well. You are only nine years old. It’s too young to be someone’s contractor.”

“Age doesn’t matter for a contract of fire.”

“I’m not of the fire clan. You are imposing on me the common sense of the fire clan.”

He tailored the conversation to Rudia’s understanding.

“Imposing. That’s bad, right?”


Rudia thought for a moment before nodding.

“Imposing is bad.”

“Right? I don’t want to be imposed upon.”

“You don’t like being my contractor?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just too much responsibility.”

“You’re also 9 years old. So am I. And I have too much to do. Amid all this, I can’t confidently undertake the sacred contract of fire. I’m not ready yet.”

After pondering for a while, Rudia nodded.

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

The flames that had been rising from Rudia’s body then disappeared.

[The ‘Contract of Fire’ has been canceled.]

Rudia smiled brightly.

“Lasen, you’re a good person, aren’t you?”

“Why all of a sudden?”

I just want to live a long life, savoring the sweetness.

“Daddy said so. The contract of fire is always sacred, but the contractor must always be careful.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right.”

“Rejecting the contract of fire for a proper reason, would mean it’s a good person.”


This doesn’t seem right.

“One should trust such a person. A trustworthy person.”

A brief flame roared from Rudia’s body, and she smiled broadly.

“Don’t ever let go.”

Lasen couldn’t bear to look at that smile.

‘Too innocently bright.’

A shiver ran down his spine.

Rudia tilted her head in her usual single-celled way, muttering something inappropriate naturally.

“It’s strange. They said Lasen is a disaster.”

She smiled brightly. That smile held a hint of killing intent.

“I’ll rip out the tongues of those who spread such rumors.”

A feeling of hair-raising unease crept over him.

* * *

Lasen seated Rudia at the table. Heira brought the ‘Verden Mountain Chocolate.’ Rudia enjoyed the chocolate just as much as Lasen had in the past.

“It’s delicious! Truly delicious!”

Rudia was delighted.

“Daddy fixes things. Gives delicious things. Lasen is nice.”


Lasen cleared his throat with a cough and then called to Rudia.

“Rudia. Now, it’s time to give you something good.”

“Something good?”

Rudia jumped to her feet.

“Oh right! Something good!”

Lasen waited patiently for Rudia to speak. He already knew what she would offer.

‘The Cup of Fire.’

According to the setting, a ‘relic’ managed by the ‘Fire Clan’, which has been cherished for a very long time. Currently, it is being protected by Rudia and her father and is likely to be resting in the ‘Dragon Mountains’ near Hyran.

‘Only the fire clan can activate the small stone tomb where the Cup of Fire rests.

And that’s where the ‘Cup of Fire’ would be. Not difficult to obtain. Just Rudia’s father or Rudia needs to blow the ‘Breath of Fire’ to activate the tomb, and the Cup of Fire would spring up. Looking back, it seems like the setting was hastily made.

“There’s something good in our neighborhood.”

“In the neighborhood?”

“Really amazing stuff. Daddy said it’s really good.”

“It’s good. What’s its name?”

The Cup of Fire. Speak of the Cup of Fire. That’s what Lasen was waiting for.

“Name? I don’t know.”

“Don’t you know?”

“It’s a good cup,” Rudia said with a bright smile.

Lasen, unwittingly, hung his head. A reflection followed from author Cha Seong-min, who had made Rudia so single-minded.

With the Celestial Eye activated, Lasen thought about the ‘Cup of Fire.’ Active use of the Celestial Eye. While creating the text automatically was tough and required much mana, it wasn’t so difficult for Lasen now.

‘Make sense of the Cup of Fire.’

With the will to understand the Cup of Fire, he activated the Celestial Eye. This ‘will’ triggered the Celestial Eye to show the setting of the world to Lasen.

[The ‘Cup of Fire’ can produce a water called ‘Flame Essence’ once every hundred years. This water has ‘Authority of Purification’ and can incinerate and purify anything ‘harmful’ that permeates the body or mind. (It is recorded like this.)]

Meaning, in other words.

‘Won’t die from poison, unaffected by mental magic.’


‘Won’t get sick from spoiled food.’

Water endowed with such power, thin and long. It’s a perfect boost for Lasen, who wishes for a long and healthy life.

‘What’s with the brackets, stating ‘It is recorded like this?”

Lasen stood up.

“Let’s go, Rudia.”

Strike while the iron is hot. He wanted to consume the ‘Flame Essence’ quickly. But there was a slight problem.


Lasen had forgotten. When members of the Mayton family go out, they must always be accompanied by a ‘Protector’, a guarding magician. This was no different even for the discarded youngest child.

Heira cautiously inquired.

“Should I apply for a Protector?”

Why are you going to Rudia’s homeland ‘Hyran’? Truly to obtain the ‘good cup’ that the girl claims? How indeed would the main family receive this?

Lasen fell into thought for a moment.

‘First of all, I can’t lie.’

Protectors are around 24/7. When you eat or sleep. Even when you go to the bathroom, they’re at your side. If Mayton Family kin wish it, they will even follow in stealth. And these protectors are made up of magicians who are at least 7th circle or higher. A 7th circle can, on their own, casually obliterate a small duchy. Such power swarms within the Mayton family.

‘Who should I bring?’

The problem is that all those protectors have ties to one sibling or another. In Mayton family, politics is not bad. Rather, it is a highly encouraged virtue. From an early age, one must build power within the family, recruiting as many talents to one’s side as possible. Such things are included in the succession war.

‘By now, they’re probably in line with everyone from the first to the fourth sibling.’

At least the eldest is away in a place called ‘Redwood’—Cha Seong-min wrote that he just disappeared and did not utilize him within the work—so he’s out of the succession picture.

But the second, Ibelia, is different.

Ibelia herself is fiercely involved in the succession war. It’s true that he didn’t want to draw much attention from them.

Lasen doesn’t want to get actively involved in the succession war.

But now, with the Decade Festival coming up, just asking for a protector to go out?

‘Would probably be seen as political maneuvering.’

Even from a good-for-nothing? It will look like incompetent trash trying to pull strings from the outside. It would not be interpreted as anything else.

No matter which protector he picks, Lasen would get marked by that protector’s allied sibling.

‘But I don’t want to give up on the Cup of Fire.’

It was time to decide.

Whether to accept getting marked to obtain the Cup of Fire. Or just give up.

After much consideration, Lasen finally made a decision. This was less Lasen’s own decision and more a decision made by author Cha Seong-min.

“I’ll choose a Protector.”

“Yes, I’ll file the paperwork right away.”

“The Protector’s name is Jeipl.”

Rarely contradicting, Heira asked for clarification.

“Jeipl, you say?”

Heira wanted to ask. Are you serious? Do you know who Jeipl is?

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