Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 2

Episode 2: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

On the first day that Cha Seong-min had not yet come to his senses, he woke up with the dreadful feeling he was late for work and yelped, “What time is it?” To his surprise, he was greeted with apologetic cries:

“I’m sorry. I am so terribly sorry. I’ve committed a grave sin.”

A girl, apparently in her late teens, knelt before him, with orange hair and a pale face speckled with freckles. She was certainly not Korean, not even Western by the looks of it – perhaps belonging to a race from a fantasy world.

“I’m sorry. I foolishly failed to wake you earlier. Please spare my life. It’s all my fault.”

Confused, Cha Seong-min wondered if he was dreaming because it all seemed so vividly real. With concern, he approached the girl, only to cause her to faint with a scream as if she had seen a monstrous cockroach.

The first day was utter chaos, nothing but mental breakdowns for Cha Seong-min.

On the second day, having not slept at all, Cha Seong-min began to suspect that he had somehow been possessed by a character from his novel. But it was yet too soon to accept and figure everything out, especially with strange text appearing before his eyes:

[Current Location: Maple Annex, 4th Floor of Meiton Mansion. Lasen Meiton’s Room.]

“My name is… Lasen Meiton.”

He recalled incidences from Lasen Meiton’s past, like beating his servants with a toy stick at the age of 4, or his insolence towards his mother whom he learned was a maid, despite fearing his father Decatra immensely.

The text continued to sporadically appear and disappear, leaving Cha Seong-min, now Lasen Meiton, wondering where to start fixing his accursed fate.

By the third day, Lasen had come to terms with his situation. It wasn’t a dream. It was his harsh reality. And so he decided to prioritize survival.

The talent for ‘Magical Fighting’ he once casually gave to the character Lasen Meiton now seemed to be a glimmer of hope. As the author of the world, albeit now living as a part of it, Cha Seong-min knew he had to outsmart destiny to avoid the gruesome future that awaited Lasen at the age of 17.

However, as the days passed, Lasen started to see characters that should not exist for a side character. Suddenly, the ability called ‘Heavenly Eye’ activated:

[The will of the character ‘Lasen Meiton’ has been activated.]

[The character ‘Lasen Meiton’ breathes life into his own persona.]

[‘Heavenly Eye’ has activated.]

Bewildered, Lasen thought, “Why do I have this ability meant for the protagonist?”

With the ‘Heavenly Eye,’ Lasen realized he had been inexplicably gifted with the ‘1st Circle’ of magic, something he should not have possessed.

Then, there was a knock at the door. It was Heira, a reminder of the dreadful orders Lasen had once given – to kneel upon eye contact. Now, with the ‘Heavenly Eye,’ Lasen wasn’t just any miscreant; he was someone who had inexplicably captured a protagonist’s power.

And stumbling upon this knowledge sends shivers down his spine.

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