Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 19

Magic’s Last Child Episode 19

[The conditions for ‘Body Reconstruction’ have been met, and your body begins to reconstruct.]

The world seemed to swoon in that instant. It spun around and around, dizziness overwhelming me.


For a brief moment, my mind went utterly blank. The world blurred and my head turned stark white. Even with my eyes closed, the text of the ‘Heavenly Eye’ was visible.

[Body Reconstruction is accompanied by extreme pain.]

Rasen intuitively realized something crucial.

“If I lose consciousness, I may die.”

All he wanted was to live a simple life, sipping honey off money and power, yet these unwelcome mystical opportunities kept finding him.

“Focus, I must focus.”

Agonizing pain surged through his body, every single joint felt like it was pulverized into dust.


Clutching his chest, he collapsed. From Rasen’s ears, blackish sewage-like liquid began to ooze.

[Your body expels accumulated waste.]

Not just from the ears, but also from his eyes, nose, mouth, and even the anus, a black sticky fluid seeped out.


Eventually, Rasen screamed in agony, unable to bear it any longer. The black liquid also began to seep from his pores, his skin feeling scorched.

“I must endure.”

He clenched his teeth knowing that losing consciousness would lead to death, an instinctive realization.

The ‘Heavenly Eye’ analyzed Rasen’s body.

‘Every bone is shattered…’

The shattered bones rapidly healed.

[The basic Art of Fighting Magic ‘Self-Recovery’ activates automatically.]

While recovering,

[The basic Art of Fighting Magic ‘Firmer Resolve’ permeates your reconstructed body.]

The fighting techniques engraved in his ‘Mana Circle’ now infused into his body. Instead of drawing from within his heart, it was as if they were now part of his physical being.

[‘The Easy Mana Breathing Technique’ controls the sequence of processes.]

This technique handled the wild and uncontrollable energy.

“I can do this!”

Harnessing the power of the ‘Heavenly Eye’ and fighting techniques, he fought against the pain. At that moment, someone entered the room.


His peers. The future Red Slayer, Rudia, having heard the screams, rushed in with Heira.

Heira quickly assessed the situation.


It seemed like poison. The stench was too strong. A rotten sewage smell. Swiftly pulling out a handkerchief, she pressed it to her nose.

‘No, not poison. The toxicity isn’t that strong.’

The toxicity wasn’t significant. In fact, it seemed closer to waste than poison.

‘What is this?’

Black smoke billowed out. The waste had created a fog-like mist. Because of this, the seventh child seemed to hover in mid-air.

Unaware of Heira and Rudia’s presence, Rasen placed all focus on ‘Body Reconstruction’.

[Massive amounts of mana are required for ‘Body Reconstruction.’]

The mana that had been relentlessly overflowing from his heart started draining at an incredible pace. And not just that—the mana he had accumulated from consuming Berden Mountain chocolate and millennial herbs felt like it was being sucked away too.

‘The mana… it’s being drawn away.’

But where to?

‘I don’t know.’

It simply vanished.

[There is a shortage of mana.]

Even the mana from Kartiyan and the millennial herbs was insufficient.

[If the mana shortage continues, the Body Reconstruction will be suspended.]

[If Body Reconstruction is interrupted, it will cause significant adverse effects.]

Then a voice was heard.

“I don’t care! I’ll just help you!”

It was Rudia’s voice. New information flowed into the ‘Heavenly Eye’.

[The purifying flame, ‘Crimson Flame,’ begins to rise.]

[A pure and clean mana emerges.]

Even amidst the pain, the scent of the pure flame was palpable. Crimson Flame was a great power associated with ‘Purification’ crafted by Chasung-min.

Rudia ignited the flame, simply because she wanted to do something. In the moment, it turned out to be very helpful. The Red Slayer, Rudia, would go on to awaken this power and attribute.

[The pure and clean mana is absorbed.]

Rasen felt his body gradually lightening. Rudia’s flames and mana influenced his body.

The pain slowly faded.

[Body Reconstruction is complete.]

[A section of the story related to the newly discovered potentiality has progressed.]

[The hidden fundamental attribute ‘Heavenly Bone Structure’ within your body activates.]

[You satisfy the basic conditions for the growth of Art of Fighting Magic.]

Chills coursed through Rasen’s body.

‘Heavenly Bone Structure?’

This was something even Rasen was familiar with since Chasung-min had established it himself.

The Heavenly Bone Structure was the protagonist’s innate ultimate foundation for strength. Later, this ‘Heavenly Bone Structure’ attribute would merge with the ‘God of Sword’ attribute to ascend into the final attribute called ‘Sovereign’.

‘Why do I, not the protagonist, possess the protagonist’s initial physical trait?’

Confused why he, merely a side character, was sharing the protagonist’s characteristics, Rasen aimed to lead a quiet life, accrue wealth and power as an extra.

This must absolutely be…


He decided to keep this attribute secret. Because it’s a remarkable attribute of the protagonist, standing out too much could create problems—a very prominent nail gets hammered down. Too much excellence could invite greater crises. That’s just how fantasy novels go.

‘Just enough to fulfill the role of a person.’

Just enough to avoid being ignored. Just that amount. And enough to live independently. Just that level is good. The ‘Heavenly Bone Structure’ is too beneficial of an attribute to the protagonist. It seemed necessary to keep it hidden.

He opened his eyes. The entire room was engulfed in flames.


A room caught in fire.

‘But nothing’s actually burning?’

The only things burning were the black waste that had leaked from Rasen’s body, now consumed entirely by the ‘Crimson Flame’.

Then Rudia ran up to him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“What was that just now? Poison?”

“If it were poison, I’d be dead.”

“So it wasn’t poison?”

“No, it’s not.”

“That’s a relief! I thought it was poison!”

Rasen glanced at Rudia. It seemed she was unaware that she had awoken the ‘Crimson Flame’ attribute herself.

“Congratulations. You’ve awakened an attribute.”

“Attribute? What’s that?”

Rasen almost laughed at the absurdity of her ignorance.

‘She doesn’t know what an attribute is.’

Perhaps this is what a 9-year-old prodigy lacking formal education felt like. Not only did she not know the word ‘attribute’, but the concept was also already embodied within her – the ‘Crimson Flame’ attribute.

Prodigies are like that—scoring perfect on college entrance exams just by looking at textbooks, slightly annoying indeed.

‘Indeed, I should take care of myself.’

Although he felt like he was thriving from one mystical opportunity to the next, such instances meant nothing.

The prodigy who discovered and awakened her attribute solo without any sentiment was right in front of him. Such geniuses, if allies, could be immensely reliable, but as enemies, quite troublesome.

Rasen turned his gaze to Heira.

‘If it had been before, you would’ve pretended to be shocked.’

Despite the situation, Heira maintained her composure. The ‘Heavenly Eye’ showed his impression.

‘A perfectly trained assassin.’

It was unclear how skilled she was among other assassins without a point of comparison.

‘In any case, treat her well.’

To avoid getting stabbed with a hidden dagger in sleep. Indeed, this world was a dangerous place.

* * *

Hampton brought good news. Rudia bounced with joy.

“Really? My dad is completely cured?”

“I’ve brought a letter as well.”

Rudia read it aloud.

“To my beloved daughter.”

The letter began by saying that her father’s health was greatly improved and that thanks to the secret recipe given by the seventh child, the plague was fading away.


Tears welled up in Rudia’s eyes. Seated in his chair, Rasen watched her with a touch of happiness in his eyes.

He understood her feelings well, as Chasung-min himself had lost his mother at the age of nine.

‘This feeling.’

He lightly touched his nose.

‘Not bad.’

Rudia jubilantly tucked the letter into her embrace. After a while, she said,

“I will repay this kindness.”


“Yeah. You’re my benefactor.”

“That’s true.”

“I’ll become your contractor.”

The Fire Grail was now closer within reach.

“I’ll be a contractor of fire.”

It was a form of pact. The one originally made between the protagonist, Kashin, and Rudia after she survived a brush with death in the ‘Nordanty Grand Canyon’ with Kashin’s aid.

But then, fresh information appeared in the ‘Heavenly Eye’. The world and its settings were interpreted.

[‘The Pact of Fire’ is the solemn binding promise that the fire tribe makes only once in a lifetime. Those who have made ‘The Pact of Fire’ dedicate their lives to the one they are bound to and kindle their flames. The fire tribe holds this compact as a value for life.]

Rasen thought for a moment.

‘If I make this pact with her right now…’

The original storyline would change dramatically. The ‘Red Slayer’, who was meant to be a powerful ally to the original protagonist, would now drift into the parallel world.

He shook his head.

‘What does that even matter?’

At 17, he needed to live his life and free himself from Kashin Seid’s grip. What did it matter if the original story was altered?

“If you truly desire it.”

In that moment, Rudia’s body burst into crimson flames.

“I, the member of the fire tribe, Rudia, begin the solemn oath of life in front of the eternal flame.”

Mana began to surge. An oppressively heavy ‘Fire Energy’ started to suppress the entire room. The ‘Heavenly Eye’ captured it precisely.

Rasen felt as if all the hairs on his body stood on end.

‘This is The Pact of Fire.’

The pact was sealed.


Bride of Fire. It wasn’t just an oath that ended the pact, there was more.

[‘Heavenly Eye’ interprets new information.]

[‘The settings of the parallel world’ are revealed.]

A new setting was revealed. Chasung-min hadn’t set it; it was a new setting with a life of its own.

Rasen had merely considered the Pact of Fire to be straightforward, but there was something more hidden within it.

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