Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 18

Translation Episode 18 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

Rasen tensed up.


In the original story, Persha takes Rudia away. Although Cha Sung-min did not describe it in detail, Rasen now understood why.

“Is it because Rudia has an exceptional talent for fire magic?”

Persha. The third daughter of the Mayton family. A magician with unparalleled talents in fire magic. It would be natural for her to covet a young girl who possessed talents to rival her own. She must have recognized the attributes of the ‘Fire Tribe’ at a glance.

“I can’t let things go the way they did in the original story.”

I must not let Rudia meet her.

“That toy is mine.”


“It’s a toy I found. I have no obligation to show it to you, sister, nor do I intend to.”

“Continuing to crawl up?”

Persha’s body emitted an aura of dominance. An intangible energy suppressed Rasen.

[Basic Fighting Magic. ‘A More Resolute Will’ resists the external energy.]

At that moment, Persha’s eyes narrowed.

“What have we here?”

Persha didn’t know what Rasen was learning, but she could see mana moving around his heart.


A 9-year-old.

A half-baked magician with just talent in martial arts?

“Against me?”

Against the third daughter of the Mayton house? Even the fifth son couldn’t do that at his age.


She wasn’t displeased. In fact, she quite enjoyed it. It was very interesting.

“Let’s see then.”

She completed the 7th circle of magic at 26, the criteria for a ‘Great Magician’ accomplished in her twenties—a genius among geniuses. She decided to pull her power a little more, using her mana to pressurize Rasen with that ‘intangible energy.’

Rasen felt it, too.

[‘Heavenly Eye’ detects the flow of mana.]

His eyes stung painfully, similar to when he had first seen Evian. But Rasen now was different from before. Previously, he ceased using the Heavenly Eye immediately, but now he was able to endure somehow, thanks to his mana heart method.

[‘Easy Mana Heart Method’ helps activate ‘Heavenly Eye’.]

On top of that, the abundant mana absorbed through Kartiang burst forth incessantly from his heart. Explosively.

He saw through the Heavenly Eye.

‘This is the place under less pressure.’

He stepped to the right. Breathing became easier.

Persha noticed that.

“Wow. He found the way!”

This was truly an interesting fellow. Even when it was difficult to breathe, he found and moved along the ‘path of life.’ Of course, Persha had deliberately created it. She applied ‘mana pressure’ from all directions but left open just one path of life. The youngest had found it well.

“Not bad, huh?”

Rasen’s body was drenched in sweat. It was far more difficult to converse with the third daughter than climbing a waterfall garden. Both the exhaustion of his mental strength and his physical energy were far greater.

“I’m curious about your toy. That scent of fire in the distance keeps provoking me.”


It’s following the original story. Persha is, as expected, interested in Rudia.

“But for now, it’s your toy.”

She smiled slyly.

“I’ll give you a chance.”

“What kind of chance?”

“You’ve learned martial arts magic, haven’t you?”

“Yes, although it’s just at a basic level.”

“I’ll use just one finger to perform martial arts magic.”

Persha raised one index finger. A small flame flickered on that finger and then extinguished.

“I’ll exclude all element-based attributes and only use pure martial arts magic.”

“You’ve learned martial arts magic as well?”

“Just a bit. I looked at a martial arts magic book for about 5 minutes before coming here.”

This was Persha as set by Cha Sung-min. He soon realized what she wanted.

“I’ll try my best to defeat you, sister.”

“Our youngest has such quick wit. I’m pleased.”

Persha pointed at Rasen with her index finger. For a moment, Rasen saw an illusion. The illusion of her index finger turning into a giant ‘fire snake,’ engulfing him.

[‘Heavenly Eye’ detects the false illusion.]

[‘Heavenly Eye’ shatters the false illusion.]

The giant fire snake disappeared.


What was more terrifying was,

‘That Persha didn’t intend for this to happen.’

The illusion wasn’t deliberate. It simply occurred naturally. Indeed, worthy of the third daughter of the Mayton house. An insanely talented magician.

“Come at me. If you win, I won’t touch your toy.”

Her words were again chilling.

“You must do your best.”

He absolutely had to. Persha licked her lips with her tongue.

“If it’s boring, I’ll destroy your toy.”

* * *

Persha was truly amused.

“I’ll try my best to defeat you, sister.”

She never expected such a gallant statement from the seventh child, let alone from the fifth or sixth. And who was this seventh child? The disgrace of the Mayton family, the abandoned scoundrel of a father.

She was excited.

‘To think he’d make it so fun for me.’

One finger. She had decided to use only that. She didn’t even move from her spot. From her finger, an intangible energy extended like a whip.

‘It’s going to hurt a lot if it hits.’


A loud sound echoed.

‘So slow.’

The youngest’s movements were not fast. It seemed as though he didn’t realize the intangible energy, hence his feeble hit.


But that wasn’t the case. Persha realized.

‘It’s not that he couldn’t dodge.’

He chose not to dodge. It seemed like he was developing some special defensive martial arts magic. Rasen closed the distance in an instant. His movements quickened as much as his weight lightened.

‘He just took the hit and charged in?’

Smart assessment. This fight was clearly a no-contest from the start. The difference in skill was too vast. The longer it dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would become for Rasen. Rasen knew that. So he took the hit on purpose. The gap in their skills was too great for dodging and counterattacking. He aimed for a moment’s inattention from Persha.

[Basic Fighting Magic. ‘A More Resolute Will’ protects the body.]

The martial arts magic imprinted in the mana circle shielded Rasen’s body. It withstood Persha’s energy head-on.


He felt his insides turn upside down, even from just a hit by one finger.

[‘Easy Mana Heart Method’ regulates the mana circles.]

[‘Easy Mana Heart Method’ calms the mana turbulence.]

It was bearable. He bent his knees slightly. He clenched his fist.

[Basic Fighting Magic ‘Efficient Weight Utilization’ activates.]

Maintaining that state, optimized for a single charge, his muscles moved and his posture changed. He balanced precisely.

‘The target is the right leg.’

With a somewhat comical stance, Rasen hugged Persha’s right leg tightly. He subdued the right leg. To be precise, Persha allowed her right leg to be subdued. She had said she wouldn’t use anything but her index finger.

‘I’ll knock her down!’

Thanks to the accurate balance in the approach, Rasen was able to chain another move. Tripping her left leg with his right, he pushed Persha’s stomach with his head, using his body weight.


Persha fell with the sound.

[Basic Fighting Magic ‘Efficient Weight Utilization’ applies consecutively.]

Rasen fell with her, but he maintained his balance. He quickly climbed onto Persha’s torso.

His fist rose, mana rippling blue around it. It was deeper and purer than the mana seen previously in the training annex.

Without hesitation, Rasen aimed that fist at the face of Persha, who was lying down.


Rasen almost screamed in that instant. But he endured.

‘It feels like all the bones in my fingers shattered.’

His finger bones had splintered. He clenched his teeth to stifle a scream. He shook his hand.

“Sister. It seems you’ve used a defensive spell.”


Persha smiled faintly. Honestly, she hadn’t anticipated such a situation.

“Did you just recklessly charge in from the start, knowing I’d be careless?”

“Yes. I only have one chance after all.”

“And you brazenly, obscenely clung to me taking advantage of my inattention?”

“Isn’t that the essence of martial arts magic?”

“That’s why I hate martial arts magic. It lacks dignity.”

“It may lack dignity, but you lost to me, sister.”

His hand might have shattered, but a win was still a win.

“That’s true.”

Persha flicked her finger, lifting Rasen into the air. At the same time, he was flung away.


Rasen crashed against the wall.


Blood flowed from Rasen’s mouth.

“You’ve won the bet. I’ll no longer take interest in your toy.”

Persha’s smile deepened.

‘But our youngest, you keep drawing my interest, don’t you?’

Today, she discovered many things. The youngest had accurately read the timing and seized it well.

‘It’s true, as Sando said, his body is sturdy.’

Although she used only one index finger, it contained a significant destructive force. Yet, the youngest withstood it with his body.

That’s why she tried using her hand at the end. She was curious to see exactly how sturdy he was.

She imbued it with a lot more mana. She avoided the vital points so as not to kill him. He spat blood just from that one hit. It seemed his hand had shattered earlier too. He was still weak.


Her interest in the youngest heightened. She used her teleportation magic gleefully and disappeared.

Back in her chambers, she muttered.

“The fun part is, the little bastard absorbed my mana.”

He had absorbed some of her mana. There were ‘Absorption Magicians,’ but the sensation was a little different. That’s why she overused her hand deliberately.

“I’ve pushed in some healing mana as well. He should be able to awaken something useful if he utilizes it well.”

Then, Sando appeared.

“You seem to be fond of the Seventh Prince.”

“He’s interesting.”

“Looks like you’ve given him a gift.”

“Yeah, right. But if he can’t handle it properly, some part of his body will break.”

Persha grinned smugly.

“I wonder? How did he absorb my mana?”

Meanwhile, Rasen stood dumbly on the spot, staring at the empty space where Persha had vanished.


A mouthful.

Blood spilled out.

A mild case of ‘mana turmoil’ had occurred.

But it wasn’t solely agonizing.


It was the same as last time. Last time, when Persha had visited, ‘A More Resolute Will’ was awakened.

[Special conditions have been met.]

Another opportunity had come. Persha was like a golden carriage bringing fortune.

[Imprinted martial arts magic ‘Self-Recovery’ has blossomed.]

The mana that was surging explosively around the heart gushed out at once.

[Basic Fighting Magic ‘Self-Recovery’ begins healing the body.]

Rasen could feel it. The shattered bones of the hand began to find their places, even though no healing magic was used.

[Basic Fighting Magic ‘Self-Recovery’ uses a large amount of mana.]

‘Self-Recovery’ began to repair the internal turbulence.

[Basic Fighting Magic ‘Self-Recovery’ and ‘Easy Mana Heart Method’ cause a resonating effect.]

[A resonance of fighting magic and mana heart method. Along with external factors, a special condition is completed.]

‘The Interpretation of the Heavenly Eye’ began to materialize before Rasen’s eyes.

[Conditions for ‘Body Reconstruction’ have been met, and the body begins to reconstruct.]

At the same time, a new change started within Rasen’s body.

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