Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 17

Episode 17 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic House”

Rasen said,


“Yes, Young Master.”

Hampton took a step forward.

“Find Centennial Grass and spread it around the Hyran region.”

“The Centennial Grass, you say?”

Hampton had already procured a stock of Centennial Grass.

“If you boil the Centennial Grass in Haiyin Water (海銀水) for 18 minutes, it will remedy the plague in Hyran region.”

“I’ve never heard of this medication method, Young Master. Could you explain it?”

Hampton’s expression was serious. How could the Young Master know something that even he, a self-taught student of pharmacology, did not?

“Do not doubt the power of your light.”


The reason was absurd, but Hampton was touched. The power of light. Infinite trust bubbled up in the heart of Hampton, the shadow.

“……Understood. I will follow your command.”

Hampton, simple-minded to a fault, left to gather Centennial Grass.

Curiosity got the better of Haila, who cautiously spoke up. It was a great leap from her first day of petrified acting.

“Young Master. Forgive my impertinence, but may I ask a question?”

“Why? Are you also curious how I came to know of that medication method?”

Rasen rather liked Haila’s transformation. After all, shedding one’s mask was preferable. An assassin is all the more dangerous with many masks.

“Yes. Frankly, that is true. It’s beyond my understanding.”

Rasen chuckled.

“I am Mayten.”


“How many secrets do you think the Mayten house holds?”

Haila dared not ask further.

“Wise teaching. Thank you.”

Haila flinched. That was the right answer. If Mayten doesn’t want to disclose his reasons, he need not. But when the time comes, he must be assertive. Haila was taken aback by that assertiveness. That attitude reminded her of the head of the family in her childhood.

She recalled what Rasen said before.

[Haila. Do you know the Charphis mountain range, the Karutin vein?]

[And my mother has tea with me at this time every day. You understand, right?]

It was an unknown tea that she rarely drank. Maybe Rasen had a hidden motive for requesting it to be brewed. Perhaps further investigation was warranted.

Rasen said,

“Ludia. Are you going to release me now?”

Then, Ludia’s eyes narrowed slightly. A hint of the murderous glare seen earlier at the west gate flickered back.

“How do you know my name? I haven’t told you my name.”

* * *


Rasen was taken aback for a moment.

He knew Ludia’s name too well and let it slip unintentionally. Nevertheless, he did not show any outward sign of panic.

“It is strange that I know your name?”

“Yes. Very strange.”

“Is it not strange for me to dispense a precious medicine like Centennial Grass to someone with nothing?”

“……It’s strange.”

“Is it not strange for a Mayten house, with so many secrets, to confide in someone considered insignificant?”

“……It’s strange.”

“Why do you not find it strange when it benefits you?”

“……It’s strange.”

“You have shown hostility to someone who might become your benefactor. You realize?”


“And my mother was very ill too. That’s why I’m helping. You’re already repaying kindness with ingratitude?”

Ludia bowed her head and whispered softly.

“……I’m sorry.”


“……I’m sorry.”

Her cheeks turning slightly red – simple as she was – she was quick to admit her faults.

“What? Speak up, I can’t hear you.”

“I’m sorry! I did wrong!”

Her face turned even redder, as if she might cry with a bit more provocation. Her embarrassment was written all over her face.

Rasen was satisfied. That was enough.

“Alright. I accept your apology. For now, you stay here.”

“Why? Can’t I go home?”

“You turned the west gate upside down, remember? You’re considered an intruder. Do you think the magical Mayten house would just let an intruder be? Does it seem that lax to you?”

Suddenly, Ludia grew anxious. Thinking about it, that made sense. She had lost her temper earlier.

“That, that was because…”

“I heard you came to save your father, but the gatekeepers spouted nonsense, didn’t they?”

Those gatekeepers were all too visible in her mind, none too bright.

“Yes. They said someone as lowly as me has no place here.”


“They said whether my father lived or died was of no concern to Mayten. Told him to drop dead.”

Tears filled Ludia’s eyes.

“I love playing with my dad. And they said he should just die.”

“Despicable people.”

Rasen addressed Haila again.

“Release her.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Haila untied the ropes binding Ludia. Ludia did not cause an uproar. Carefully, she asked,

“Who are you then? Why are you being so kind to me?”


He had to think for a moment. Should he reveal his name?

“Rasen Mayten.”

“Rasen Mayten?”

Ludia’s eyes gradually widened as she thought.

“The Playboy?”


Both Hampton and Haila flinched. Rasen waved a hand as if saying it was alright.

“So the rumors painted me as a playboy?”

“Yes. You’re said to be utterly rotten.”

“But am I?”

She tilted her head.

“You’re not rotten. You’re a kind person.”

Rasen ended up laughing. From the perspective of his 30-year-old self, 9-year-old Ludia seemed incredibly cute. It was astonishing to think that she would grow up to become the notorious ‘Crimson Butcher’, the nemesis of magicians.

‘Let’s keep her here for a while.’

The talk about intruders was a lie. The Mayten house was a place of people, too. The west gate guards wouldn’t have reported it. They would just get tired for nothing. If things went south, the seventh son Rasen would take the blame. No news is good news. Rasen knew that too well.


The Crimson Butcher.

One-armed Sorceress.

‘The protagonist’s companion.’

What should be done? Rasen felt confident. He could sway Ludia to his side. But was it the right path? He couldn’t be sure.

[An event ‘variable’ that affects causality and the story has occurred.]

The message appeared and disappeared again. His third-eye was interpreting this world in real-time. Even Rasen was unsure how the ‘variable’ would influence things.

‘The variables continue to emerge.’

If he created too great a distortion, all his knowledge as an author might turn to scraps. He had to walk a cunning tightrope – to survive without smearing the walls with filth.

‘Let’s just wait and see for now.’

* * *

Late at night.

Hampton knocked. It was past eleven. He sought Rasen for one reason.

“I have gathered enough Centennial Grass as you ordered, Young Master.”

“You gathered it quickly.”

“As you commanded, Young Master, I had already collected it in advance.”

I did? When? I only talked about Millennium Grass.

“I will depart for Hyran immediately. Looking at the continental map, it is indeed attached to the Dragon mountains.”

“How long will it take?”

“About three days, I believe.”

“Stay here. I’ll be going there soon with Ludia.”

Hampton looked at Rasen’s face. Completely changed from a month ago. The present and past bore no similarities except for two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

“Young Master, forgive my presumption, but may I ask a question?”

“You and Haila both, full of questions lately?”

“I apologize.”

“What. It’s fine. Ask away. What is it?”

“Why do you wish to aid Ludia… may I inquire?”

He used ‘mother’ as an excuse, but he knew well that was a lie.

‘Mistress SoSo is in good health.’

She hasn’t been ill, sparking his curiosity.

Shadow Hampton was tense. The outcome might be slim, but the boy before him was eligible to lead the magical Mayten house. Depending on his thoughts, the world could take a different direction.

He was curious what his ‘light’, Rasen Mayten, was thinking.


He didn’t say, “She’s the future companion of the protagonist. She will become incredibly powerful.”

“If a curable illness is left untreated resulting in death, it’s regrettable.”


“Even more so if it’s one’s father.”

Cha Seongmin lost his mother at the age of 9. The memory wasn’t fond.

“It’s nothing, so I’m helping.”

Ultimately, the main reason was the desire for ‘the Holy Grail of Fire’.

“Wise teaching. Thank you.”

“What teaching.”

Hampton’s chest swelled with pride. He interpreted Rasen’s words as follows:

[We are a distinguished family. Should we not face the struggles of the weak and unlucky? We’re a renowned family.]

There was no logical correlation, but that was Hampton’s interpretation. After all, humans see and hear what they want.

‘The heir proposes a path forward for the magical Mayten.’

A candidate with fine character, unlike any before, who wouldn’t ignore the weak and suffering.

If this was sincere,

‘I truly met a light.’

Ten years of struggles were nothing. Perhaps real light was dawning. The thought that a bit of scorching was merely a glorious memory entered his mind.

In the distant future, he envisioned that person as the head of the family. The thought warmed his heart.

“I’ll be on my way, Young Master.”

Content, Hampton headed to the Hyran region.

Two days later.

A visitor arrived at the ‘Autumn Annex’. From outside the door came a voice.

“Pig. You’ve picked up an interesting toy, haven’t you?”

The visitor was Mayten’s third daughter, Persha.

Rasen tensed. Persha. In the original plot, it was this Persha who took Ludia away. While the exact actions were not set, one characteristic of Ludia was being the ‘One-armed Sorceress’. Missing the left arm.”

“Let’s see. What kind of toy has our adorable prodigal found?”

The door flung open.

“Who are you?”

Persha stopped in her tracks.

“Since when has our family had such a handsome face?”

“Rasen Mayten. Your youngest brother.”

Persha chuckled lightly.

“Fascinating. So curious. You seem to have many secrets too.”

“I’m not hiding anything.”

Except for the fact that I created this world.

“But you know.”

Persha moved a few steps forward and reached out to tilt Rasen’s chin, lifting his face slightly.

“Why did you become so cute? A man should indeed be handsome.”


Rasen suddenly felt breathless. Locking eyes with Persha, his heart felt like it was freezing over. By mere eye contact, his magic was involuntarily activated.

[The elementary martial magic ‘An Even Stronger Will (意志)’ protects your body.]

Eye contact triggered ‘martial magic’ to sense a threat. This was despite no apparent threat or physical force from Persha.

“Hm. Interesting. How did this happen in just three weeks?”

Persha closely examined her youngest brother’s face.

“With this, you might be the most handsome among our siblings.”


“Okay. Your face passes.”

Is this what you say to your 9-year-old brother?

“If you continue to grow up well, I’ll take good care of you.”

“I do not need your affection.”


Cha Seongmin knew.

Each word from Persha was a test. Tests unintended by Persha herself. But failure to pass these tests might put Rasen’s very life at risk. Cha Seongmin was aware of that, having created her character.

“I prefer to be an excellent rival or ally to my sister, rather than a pampered favorite seeking your affections.”

“That makes you even cuter.”

And with that, she uttered a terrifying phrase.

“If I cut off your head, it would make an excellent art piece.”

“Do not jest about such horrid things.”

“Do you think it’s a joke?”

Persha cackled again.

“It’s a joke. Even if you are cute, I couldn’t do such a thing, could I? It was just a tease.”

Chills ran down Rasen’s body. Being called cute twice might mean getting stuffed alive.

Persha smirked and removed her hand from Rasen’s chin.

Then she brought up the main topic.

“I’d like to see this toy you’ve brought.”

A strange longing glinted in Persha’s eyes.

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