Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 153

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 153: The Youngest Son of the Magician Family

The Forest of Lions.

It’s not a hard-set rule that one must visit the place, but most of the Meiten bloodline have their own pilgrimage to the forest in their late teens or early twenties.

The exact inception of this tradition is unknown, but Decatra, the current head of the family, made his journey in his early twenties.

“Even Lady Ibelia attempted it at the age of 16.”

“It wasn’t because Lady Ibelia was weak.”

Setting out to the ‘Forest of Lions’ cannot be seen as mandatory. In contrast, the pilgrimage is a must—starting at fourteen and concluding at sixteen. For Rasen, it was unique as his ended at seventeen.

“Had the Lady set her mind to it, she could’ve ventured earlier. However, her focus was on the pilgrimage, so the Forest of Lions remained unvisited.”

“Isn’t the answer evident then?”

Heira’s words were straightforward. Now was the time to focus on the pilgrimage.

“The Forest of Lions only holds a symbolism of successfully harvesting crystals, but it offers no significant growth.”

“I find that odd.”

There is symbolism. Enough for the past, present, and future absolute rulers to make the journey.

How come they, who value time as gold, bother? Why? Just for tradition? There must be something more.

“You don’t know father’s character?”


“He went there in his early twenties, later than others. Perhaps he didn’t see the necessity back then.”

Uninterested, it seemed like a chance encounter that led him there, likely when visiting the ‘Sea of Sands’ for different matters.

“If there was nothing to gain, father would have burned the Forest of Lions to ashes. Its intact existence, therefore, indicates something of value persists.”

Using tradition as an excuse to take Meiten’s time seems improbable for Decatra. Suddenly, Heira twitched.

‘7th Young Master. Are you truly……’

Heira had been with Decatra for a long time, watching him grow from childhood, even before he was born, sharing countless memories.

Early twenties Decatra came to mind.

– How silly to call this place tradition.

He held a crystal fragment, seemingly not quite pleased.

– It was all a waste of time.

Annoyed, Decatra summoned his fiery mana, burning down the ‘Forest of Lions’ instantly.

– Henceforth, the [Forest of Lions] will be erased from the map.

The young Decatra laughed heartily, then returned home. Shortly after, he was taken aback.

– What happened?

Decatra himself had eradicated the ‘Forest of Lions’.

Yet, some days later, it resurfaced unscathed. Tenaciously, he burned it again, and it restored itself once more.

– I don’t understand.

Decatra was enraged, but not without curiosity. He ventured back, trying to decipher what wielded such power.

– It’s beyond me.

Unable to deduce why, Decatra lost interest over the years.

Many a place with similar regenerative capabilities existed, and even after achieving the 8th Circle, the ‘Forest of Lions’ revealed nothing extraordinary.

He let it be, perhaps his descendants might discover something he didn’t, thus preserving the tradition.

Back then, Heira told him.

– All previous heads of the family spoke as you did, Lord Decatra.

– Like me?

– Yes. They all wished for a descendant to unravel this mystery.

– Yet no one has? Is there even a secret?

Considering this phenomenon a natural event eliminates the need for further thought. All the earlier heads, including Decatra, overlooked it easily.

Both the 1st son and Ibelia had gone in, finding nothing noteworthy.

Heira glanced at Rasen. Truth be told, Heira knew more about the ‘Forest of Lions’ than any Meiten bloodline.

Long ago.

One of those served by the Shadow Tribe, Heira’s kind, had prophesied that a Meiten descendent would unveil its secrets.

Could that descendent be Rasen Meiten himself? Observation seemed necessary.

* * *

Rasen submitted a report on the Thunder Dragon. Observing the significantly larger creature, Decatra muttered.

“A curious fellow indeed.”

Such beings are usually detectable without casting detect magic. But this one avoided notice unless intentionally sought.

“Yes. Even Lady Ibelia could not sense the dragon’s presence.”

“Ibelia did?”

Decatra chuckled in surprise.



“Do you really think Ibelia couldn’t sense it?”


It seemed Ibelia failed to perceive the Thunder Dragon. So Rasen had assumed.

“Maybe she really didn’t. Then what would be the reason?”

Decatra’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at his youngest, changed son. Rasen spoke.

“It seems she’s grown rather fond of me.”

“Ibelia’s heart is quite a prize.”

Had Ibelia seen Rasen as a rival or a threat, she’d have been on guard.

In that state, Ibelia would undoubtedly have detected the Thunder Dragon entering the manor.

Her unawareness implied a softened stance towards Rasen, perhaps endearing the young one to her.

Decatra reflected on Ibelia.

‘She swore to have me on her side, didn’t she.’

Despite her proclamation, it seemed Ibelia harbored deep affection for Rasen.

He didn’t think ill of it, though Rasen’s charm did intrigue him.

Ibelia generally maintained a gentle demeanor yet kept a prudent distance from all siblings, but Rasen seemed closer.

‘That boy has an interesting allure to him. Even the Thunder Dragon follows him well. Heira and Evian show much favor towards him, not to mention Shadow Hampton.’

And it didn’t stop there.

‘Even Persha seems to fancy him.’

More intriguing still,

‘Roslyn has forgiven him, and even Kasin Seid appears enchanted by the boy.’

Add to that the peculiar ‘Ralpon,’ newly arrived from the North, who also favored Rasen. An interesting fact dawned upon Decatra.

‘Even I harbor a favorable sentiment towards him.’

The novel realization struck Decatra.

In truth, Rasen hadn’t done anything particularly grand in the external world. He had resolved issues with Drug King Henker, but that didn’t stand out compared to what his siblings accomplished. Yet Rasen continuously attracted attention.

Perhaps that was his strongest power.

“Indeed. Raise the Thunder Dragon well. It does seem loyal to you.”


After concluding the report, Rasen broached the main subject. His intention to enter the Forest of Lions.

“The Forest of Lions?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Why there? It yields nothing. You might squander valuable pilgrimage time.”

“I require a first title for myself.”

Decatra understood. The delay for the 1st son and Ibelia wasn’t due to lack of ability, but because pilgrimage completion postponed their journeys.

However, for the later-starting Rasen, it was different.

“The world remembers the firsts.”

“Of little consequence to us, but it holds significance for others.”


Decatra nodded. To the world, truth is not of the essence.

They value ‘firsts.’ The fact that the youngest son ventured into the ‘Forest of Lions’ faster than the 1st or Ibelia will build his career. A fresh perspective.

“Listening to you, it doesn’t seem like a poor choice.”

“But father, may I pose a question?”

Decatra nodded.

He enjoyed conversations with the youngest. Curious about what question would come next, he was briefly surprised at his own anticipation.

Now, what valuable question will you ask?

“Why did you simply leave the [Forest of Lions] be?”

Replicating Heira’s prior question, Decatra answered as if it was no secret.

“……because it’s a place graced with natural regeneration.”

“With time you left it alone.”

“That’s correct.”

“Is such rejuvenation a normal occurrence?”

“It isn’t conventional, but it seemed natural enough. There are plenty such places.”


Many such places exist? Rasen refrained from echoing.

‘There aren’t many such places.‘

Only a few select ‘self-repairing fields’ exist in the world that writer Cha Sungmin established—like the Holy Land of Akon, where Kasin Seid would rise to prominence.

Yet, according to Decatra, there were apparently quite a few like Akon’s Holy Land.

“Why is that?”

“That fact startled me. I thought of it as an intricately crafted magical field.”

“If so, I would’ve noticed.”

After Rasen’s departure, Decatra sat at his desk, deep in thought. Eventually, he spoke to the void.

“Heira. Following the Shadow Tribe pact, I will pose a question to you.”

From beneath,

Heira slid out from the shadow of the desk. Kneeling on one knee, Heira awaited.

“This marks the last third question. After today, I shall not respond to the pact-bound queries. Your question, please.”

“You are aware of the records only the heads can see?”

“Yes, knowledgeable I am.”

“After becoming head, I was able to check. The first head, Kaisa Meiten, had notes regarding the [Forest of Lions].”

Heira nodded. It was likely. It seemed Kaisa Meiten, indeed, would’ve left something about the forest.

“Though parts are lost, not wholly clear.”

With a serious face, Decatra inquired.

“Is it concealed there, the machinations of the founding head Kaisa Meiten?”

“That’s what conjecture would suggest.”

“Why then have none in Meiten’s bloodline uncovered it?”

Heira briefly sealed her lips. This was the last of the pact questions.

“Please, grant me a moment for my thoughts to align.”

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