Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 152

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Magic Family’s Youngest Son Episode 152

Rasen chuckled softly.

“Why? Have you managed to learn some great secret technique exclusive for grand spell warfare?”


“You are so predictable, it’s cute.”

Predictable indeed. So predictable that it was almost endearing. Noah, the manager, reluctantly created the sparring field.

“If I determine that the risk of injury during the spar is too high, I may intervene.”

“There’s no need, Noah.”

On the second floor, Ibelia descended.

“I’ll mediate.”

Noah felt like he had met a savior. He had been anxious about this a year ago, but this time, the situation was even more serious.

Rasen and Carlton. Both had grown significantly, now possessing enough power to severely injure each other even by mistake. Both were of Meiton blood, and should either be hurt, Noah would undoubtedly face retribution.

When the second daughter stepped up in such a situation, it was a windfall for Noah.

“It is an honor that Lady Ibelia will mediate,” he said.

“Are both of you ready?”

Carlton raised his right hand.

“Carlton. Do you have something you want to say?”

“Yes, sister. I have a question for Rasen.”

Ibelia’s gaze shifted to Rasen, who had already anticipated Carlton’s question.

“Why? Curious about what element of magic I possess?”

“Yes. I’ve heard that your talent was limited to magic warfare.”

“I’ve come across some good fortune.”

Rasen snickered again, a clear sneer.

“Alright. I’ll tell you. Because even if you know, you can’t do anything about it. My auxiliary attribute is ice. The fundamental is Norse. I’ve mastered Norse ice magic up to the 4th Circle.”

He said it all. Which magic he had learned.

“… up to that level, and recently, I even mastered ‘Ice Waterfall’, a 4th Circle Norse ice magic. I’ve shown you all my cards.”

Rasen glanced at Noah.

Noah would be recording this entire situation. This recording would be reported up, whether to the father or the council of elders. Rasen had concluded that revealing his entire hand and still being able to overwhelm Carlton would be greatly in his favor.

Ibelia also understood Rasen’s intent.

‘Clever boy. He’s deliberately telling everything.’

Ibelia knew just by looking. Carlton could not win against Rasen. There was a massive gap between them. Even though Carlton was a Circle higher.

‘While being completely secretive about his main talent, magic warfare.’

With the spar, he was catching two rabbits at once.

Unfortunately, Carlton, the sixth prince, was too caught up in his desire to beat Rasen to show any noteworthy response. If the younger brother Rasen had done this much, elder brother Carlton should at least have shared about his auxiliary attribute, the fire element.

That’s the Meiton family’s way, valuing thoroughness and pride.

‘Rasen has already won.’

Ibelia smiled faintly. The spar began. Rasen immediately created distance.

“I will only use up to 3rd Circle magic.”

Rasen’s eyes saw it all. What magic Carlton would use. The flow of his mana was readable. It was the privilege of the ‘Heavenly Eye’.

‘He’s trying to seize the upper hand right from the start.’

Carlton would use the 1st Circle fire element’s [Tiny Flame] to disrupt the view, then immediately a 5th Circle water element’s [Water Spout].

‘I can ignore Tiny Flame.’

It’s just a feint. It won’t reach.

‘And the range of Water Spout is…… up to here.’

Rasen finely adjusted the distance.

Heavenly Eye could see it. As if reading the future, it was clear at which point the Water Spout would rise.

‘As soon as I enter this range, he will trigger [Water Spout].’

He cast the spell pattern with his right hand. Soon the Water Spout would be created. Rasen took a step forward. The Water Spout rose.

It engulfed Rasen. The swirling mana of water seemed poised to devour Rasen.

Ibelia was impressed.

‘He predicted precisely where the Water Spout would arise and moved to the weakest point of its force.’

It was a minute movement, but in reality, the flow of mana itself is a series of precise and nuanced patterns.

These tiny details can change outcomes. If Rasen had wanted to, he could have completely evaded the Water Spout. But he didn’t. He deliberately took the hit.

Rasen used the 1st Circle ice magic ‘Ice Crystal’.

Magic is the flow of mana. And it is created by the pattern of ‘spellcasting’, which controls mana artificially.

‘Spellcasting’ is all about how well the caster can manage mana, control it, and at which moment, which formula is calculated and applied.

Rasen interspersed disruptive patterns throughout the mana spellcasting that created the Water Spout.

Ibelia watched the scene with serious eyes.

‘He inserted Ice Crystals into the Water Spout, didn’t he?’

While Ice Crystal wasn’t a complicated magic, Rasen was using it to mess up the sophisticated spellcasting of the Water Spout. He was nullifying a complex magic with a simpler one.

‘Rasen seems to cast without any mental calculations.’

It wasn’t through calculation that it was manifested.

‘It’s instinctual.’

In truth, it’s not so much instinct as the special ability of ‘Heavenly Eye’ helping him. However, Ibelia couldn’t grasp that much.

Now she truly admired him. While before it might have been half cuteness and half-admiration, now it was pure admiration.

‘At fifteen, he accomplished this purely by instinct?’

Calculation-driven magic is achievable through effort. Anyone can do it, given enough time. But that was different. It’s a realm only geniuses can reach.

Rasen himself might not be aware of it.


The Water Spout disappeared. Having expended quite a bit of strength on it, Carlton was already out of breath. Rasen spoke as if it was ridiculous.

“You’re already tired?”

“Not at all.”

“You lose sight of the consequences when you focus only on hitting hard with a single shot.”

Rasen had used 1st Circle magic, while Carlton had resorted to 5th Circle magic. Carlton had used up much more energy.

“Besides, the magic wasn’t even complete. If the spellcasting is this sloppy.”


“Thought I’d be flustered by 5th Circle magic, did you?”

“You’re becoming too arrogant. The match isn’t over yet!”

Carlton too had grown. He used the 1st Circle water spell ‘Water Arrow’. Firing off multiple Water Arrows, he found his own range.

About 6 meters. Carlton put some distance between himself and Rasen. He thought he had a breather. But it was a miscalculation.

His eyes widened.

‘It’s fast.’

The distance closed too quickly for his body to respond. 6 meters was not a safe distance from Rasen. His movements were much faster than that of average mages.

Even without using magic warfare, his inherent physical capabilities markedly outstripped typical mages. Add to this the ‘Time Flowing Slowly’ attribute.

4.5 meters.

Rasen entered his striking range.

[I will use 3rd Circle ice magic. ‘Icy Wind’.]

It wasn’t just any Icy Wind.

[I cast 1st Circle transcendental magic. ‘Interaction’.]

Icy Wind. A wind containing ice crystals swept through, ensnaring Carlton in its grasp.

His fingertips and toes began to freeze – the effect of ice magic. Carlton’s body stiffened for a moment. In that time, Rasen drew closer and used 1st Circle ice magic ‘Ice Crystal’ again.

Rasen’s palm came to rest on Carlton’s heart.

[I cast 1st Circle ice magic. ‘Ice Crystal’.]

The proximity mattered. Rasen’s mana circle whirled furiously. Although it was 1st Circle magic, it was empowered by the transcendental ‘Interaction’. The destructive force was equivalent to that of the 3rd Circle or higher, and, at such a close range, the magic released would be at maximum output.


Ibelia caught Rasen’s wrist.

[Ice Crystal of the 1st Circle ice magic is forcibly cancelled.]

Though interrupted abruptly in the middle of casting the spell, there was no backwash of mana. It was thanks to Ibelia’s intervention. Rasen looked at her.

‘As expected from my sister.’

She controlled even the mana backwash perfectly as she unraveled the magic.

Rasen did not particularly understand the concept of ‘spellcasting’. He used magic through instinct alone, in contrast to other mages there.

While it was instinctual, it was no different from other magics. Magic is computation, a continuation of patterns. She had mathematically reversed and decomposed the formed magic back into mana.

“Were you aiming to destroy your brother’s mana circle?”

“It was 1st Circle magic, sister.”

“But its destructive power was at least 3rd Circle. Ice magic grows stronger the more it accumulates. Taking that hit directly to the heart, already affected by your magic, could damage the mana circle. It was too aggressive for a spar.”

Rasen nodded and took a step back.

“I won’t count that as our spar.”


“There’s nothing to gain from winning that match.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Carlton clenched his teeth. He knew perfectly well what it meant.

The spar wouldn’t add value to his career. Winning against the sixth prince means little.

“You know what I mean.”

Rasen smirked and turned away.

“What a waste, to have squandered precious time with my sister.”

* * *

While Rasen mentioned it was a ‘waste’ to Carlton, he did not truly think so.

‘Having diligently used attribute magic……’

He had used Ice Crystal repeatedly and even Ice Wind. He had concentrated to attack someone. It felt very different from when he practiced alone.

‘A practical spar immediately following the one with my sister.’

Just prior. He had attempted to combine martial magic with ice magic. That gave Rasen an epiphany.

‘I need to focus more on attribute magic.’

It seemed beneficial to set hypothetical targets and practice directing attacks towards them.

‘Once I’ve mastered attribute magic completely, martial magic can be incorporated easily.’

He had realized the true path. It wasn’t the concept of layering martial magic on top of an attribute magic base. It was more akin to perfecting attribute magic first and then adding martial magic to it. While it might not look much different from the outside, the process was distinctly different.

‘The way forward is clearer.’

Learning differed when sparring with the strong versus the weak. Facing the weak, details seemed to become clear.

Two days had passed.

The time for Decatra to return to the family was approaching.

Heira entered, carrying a tray of fruit. Normally, such tasks are left to the maidens. Now, Heira was a shadow. She needn’t do such tasks, yet she personally brought in the fruit.

Seated at his desk, Rasen spoke.

“It seems you have something to say.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

“Although we’ve secured a year’s grace, the pilgrimage is precious time. Even if it’s just two days.”

“I know. It’s a period of unfettered growth, and a crucial chance to build external renown.”

“Yes. Renown can’t be bought with money. It’s earned through effort, and it will lay the foundation for your position, lord.”

“I am aware.”


“Your look is asking why I’m wasting my time here, isn’t it?”


Rasen stood up.

“Perfect timing. Let’s go see father.”

“To the family head?”


There were things to report about the Noryeong, but now there was another matter, one more pressing than Ibelia’s ‘request’ to address.

“I plan to enter the Lion’s Forest.”

“The Lion’s Forest…… do you say?”

Heira, usually unexpressive, widened her eyes in shock.

“Do you know what kind of place that is?”

“I know. A forest managed by Meiton, filled with magical beasts. Historical heirs have all succeeded in obtaining a portion of the central crystal.”

The currently missing first prince, and the second daughter Ibelia as well, succeeded at the age of sixteen.

Rasen, at fifteen, had resolved to challenge it.

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